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ID#8604 d.f., 2007-02-05 [ Hanover, in]

need me? im waiting.

ID#8606 w. ., 2007-02-06 [ peekskill, ny]

i have read all three books and find very intereting and informative. the only problem is the world is not ready for immortality and everlasting life. the bible also talks of everlasting life but i wander how many people want to live for ever. its all because of poverty and dependency. i find myself lucky to be given a second chance to study neo-tech. finding my FNE is tough. I feel good helping people and flare for reading and maintenance of equipment .i love designing buildings. but i work in the electonics field and also good.

ID#8608 M.M., 2007-02-06 [ Glendale, AZ]

I think I may be needing a Neo-Tech Lawyer. The Authorities want to have me court ordered into a psyciatric hospital. They have not served me papers on this yet, but, my impression is that their intention is to have me commited. I think it is the News Team of Channel 12 here in Phoenix. I can stand on the law of Title 9 - Section 501. They are claiming Stalking against me. The stalking law is written in such a way that anyone could be charged with this crime. I have written two letters to channel 12 in the past two years. They sent the Police to my door twice. The Judge at that time ruled that my letters where not threatening and there was no need for arrest. There may be new judges now. I think they are buying the court. I was verbally abusive about ten years ago, that was settled with a restraining order of one year. I think they are intruding into my personal life. They are actually stalking me.

ID#8609 W.A., 2007-02-06 [ Ordway, Co]

some of the most wonderful litereture i have ever read

ID#8610 S.S., 2007-02-06 [ , ]


ID#8612 k.h., 2007-02-06 [ south derbyshire, ]

I purchased the manuscript about 7 years ago and have only just got down to reading it fully. Just need to catch up on what the latest develpments over the past years have been.

ID#8615 T. ., 2007-02-06 [ , ]

Follow the Light! Deception is as black as night. A darkness that covers and blinds ALL. Follow the Light! There is only one Truth, one Way. Neo-Tech and it's subsidaries are not this Truth or this Way. Your heart knows the Way. Do not follow this path(Neo-Tech, Nouveau Tech). YOU must choose. THIS is your power.

ID#8616 R.B., 2007-02-06 [ Brooklyn, NY]

i will like to say that through Neo-Tech it have opened my mind to a lot of things that are happening within this world that i live in.I am saying this to say that when i read anything i like to go through them with a fine teeth comb,so i tried out some of what i have read in the three books that were sent to me.I found out that people really like to be told they think that thinking is to hard.They also don't like questioning stuff although it makes no sense to them and when you try to show them they become disturb angry and loud, to intimidate you as to make you afraid but i found that i can handle these types of people without a sweat. These has also prompt me to think futher about life and i am thinking of writing a book title "LIFE" what does it mean to you. I am presently doing my reasearch through talking to people.Now this is election time again in this country and all the illusionist career politions are surfacing. I will like to know if Neo-Tech has a canidate for the presidential run because or i hope this is the time for such a canidate to run.Also a few months ago i recieve an email relative to a book i have lost that email can you send me the name of the book again thank you.Neo-Tech is the greatest revolution ever and i am proud to be associated with it.Still awaiting those meetings.

ID#8632 B.T., 2007-02-06 [ Locust Grove, GA]

At first, I wanted to say NO! Most people are not ready to be "un-plugged." Then I saw how many people need to express themselves on the web. I know that Honesty in Reality equals Happiness. I have only read my first package but I am so excited about my next two installments and of course my first private meeting( we'll yea :-)~ ) The sleeper has awakened. Of course, I want evryone to experiance what I have experianced(It would be in my, thier, and societies best interest.) I would love to have a way to talk with other fellow members. I have not had so much honesty shared with me, and that is attractive. My life has changed in a deeply profound way. I have to remind myself that most people don't know what I know. I have never been so honest before, and I have never been so attractive before. I was an Astrologer for 26 years and thought I would use it as a shortcut into helping people under the disquise of psychology and (went to church most of my life) really did care about people(that is why I got my first A.A. with a strong focus in psychology) but I have chosen not to use mysticism to make a living. I simply cannot do it. I know now that I have to do more than "be" honest, I have to "do" honest. It is not a choice anymore. I have found Honesty, Reality, and Happiness. I had honestly been waiting for Neo-Tech. I had broken through a long time ago but didn't really understand what I had broken through to.

ID#8633 . ., 2007-02-07 [ , ]

There is nothing on this site that is of intrest or help in understanding who or what you are.

ID#8634 M. ., 2007-02-07 [ San Jose , CA]

You said that all your books can be accessed on the web. What happened to this information? I would like to know more about your publications! Mike

ID#8637 B.M., 2007-02-07 [ Richmond, Victoria]

As I said 15 years ago I was given a book by a man I did not know.What I was reading felt good and close to the heart than someone stole the book.I have no idea who,but my life has turned for the worse since than I have know money and debt is building.I feel like someone has pulled the wool over my mind.I want to wake up and start living. Please help me get my power back,in return I would give back what it takes and spread you knowledge only to where you want. Yours Faithfully Blashko Magusic PS .Please reply.

ID#8640 A.M., 2007-02-07 [ San Antonio , Texas]

Grettings; Where is the chat rooms

ID#8642 S. ., 2007-02-07 [ , ]

It is good to see such passion over this website. That is what life is about. The passion. Take this site away and we all lose some passion. I have a passion and this site or any other site will not be able to take it away, but I realize not everyone has that strength. If you have it you have it but I see there are plenty who rely on external beliefs to create passion and if they only knew about the real passion which lies in each and everyone of us.

ID#8643 D. ., 2007-02-07 [ Brakpan, Johannesburg]

I am desperately, looking for a neo-tech book made 2300 yrs ago. I have gone through many site, I wonder where could I find it. Please help me as speedy as possible please.

ID#8644 D. ., 2007-02-07 [ Brakpan, Johannesburg]

Kindly, assist me to get in touch with A.B.R 1868, who is in South Africa, please. Pass my e-mail address ( ) to him alternatively assist me with his/hers, please.

ID#8646 B.G., 2007-02-07 [ Mordialloc, Victoria]

I have some of the Neo-tech products am interested in seeing other offers and more information in the Neo-tech Literature

ID#8647 W.J., 2007-02-07 [ Arvada, Co]

Almost ready to reach the x facter, and help to achieve I & Os goals, which are also my goals. remove neacheats, gain immortality, become part of commercial biological immortality movement. I need more knowledge on matter and energy. I need members who are more advanced to help me to harness my power to accomplish my first goals, gain more knowledge on matter and energy. And to cover cost of living to gain plenty of time to concentrate on creative ways to stop neocheats and to gain resources for the conscious super ultimate goal. I need some financial assistance, the neo cheats have really squashed and delayed my persuit of happiness in so many ways they have even gone so far as to rail road me for things I did not do. Now I must warn all of us that they will make criminals out of those who wish to bring down thier corruptness! I'm happy to be a part and wish to contribute. Need closed door meeting in Colorado. Thank you William Juarbe We must be very careful and use wisdom in our cause.

ID#8649 J.C., 2007-02-07 [ Kansas City, KS]

It is amazing to me how such religious people can so eagerly condemn an organization that preaches enlightenment and empowering the individual. It has been my observation in all religion that the anti-good or “Evil” arises from the suppression of thought, and the exploitation of the individual. With that said the negative comments display not only a lack of understanding for this organization but also for the individuals own religion. Good luck putting the pieces together.

ID#8650 T.M., 2007-02-07 [ london, ]

i have ingested a lot of neo-tech material over the last 12 years. A lot of the information has been life changing and challenging. I have learnt that you have to be willing to lay aside your old ways of thinking in order to even begin to integrate any of the vast information. you cannot underestimate the amount of self effort required to do this. Total honesty with oneself is not so simple to achievve when you are surrounded with dishonesty from childhood. neo-tech taught me to fully take responsibility for my own life with no room for excuses or blame on anyone else for my failings. i was implicitly aware before that my life is in my own hands,but neo-tech taught me how to realise my potential as a free thinking individual.PS HOW CAN I ACCESS 'THE STORY' ONLINE?' i cannot find it anywhere and its becoming frustrating!! heeelp!!

ID#8651 M.n., 2007-02-07 [ Redding , Ca]

It is vital that this information remain on the web. What I would like to know is, why offer this option? Does my reply make me someones target?

ID#8653 k.m., 2007-02-07 [ kampala, ]

it should remain on the web

ID#8656 . ., 2007-02-07 [ london, ]

The neo tech is the greatest thing to ever enter into my life very valuable books thank you neo tech. A m L

ID#8657 . ., 2007-02-07 [ london, ]

The neo tech is the greatest thing to ever enter into my life very valuable books thank you neo tech. A m L

ID#8658 m.f., 2007-02-07 [ Sidney, ohio]

Really interested in getting to know more about the Neotech. Looking foreward to hearing back.

ID#8659 A.F., 2007-02-07 [ SLC, UT]

I wrote before. I heard this is a neat site. I can't find out anything about it. I was told it went along with the economic irrigation ideas I have, or Econosphere consepts. I would like to see more and understand more. How do I get into more of your website or get to find out more about what you are doing?

ID#8664 . ., 2007-02-07 [ , ]

Thank you so much for this web site, I was sent a letter and told that this would help me to come from sturgglen to getting up on my feet, I hopping for this to happen to me in the next few weeks of my life, If it happens I will let you know if it works. Again Thank You.

ID#8665 G.K., 2007-02-07 [ Souderton, Pa]

I'm looking foward to this exicting new world.

ID#8666 T.T., 2007-02-07 [ Allentown, PA.]

its easy to find out whats going on the neo-tech world

ID#8668 s.a., 2007-02-07 [ columbus, ohio]

can not fine sign in page for meeting and password 2rd meeting

ID#8669 T.B., 2007-02-07 [ Brookfield, WI]

of course it should remain on the internet

ID#8670 s.a., 2007-02-07 [ columbus, ohio]

can not fine sign in page for meeting and password 2rd meeting

ID#8672 J.S., 2007-02-07 [ Summerville, ]

Neo-Tech is a very important part of my life.

ID#8673 B. ., 2007-02-07 [ , ]

i think seeing those "negative" comments just show how right i am thinking most "crhistians" i've known are some of the worst people you can meet. they have no open mind what so ever and i havn't even seen this book yet but i will soon hopefully i'm not even sure what it's about.

ID#8675 K.G., 2007-02-08 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I recently received my first letter from neo-tech last wednesday, and I sent it back with my response an hour later. I'm concerned as to whether it was received or not because it's been a week.

ID#8676 m.b.,@aol,com 2007-02-08 [ terrell, tx]

i got a letter stating i was special and there was alot of other words too. but the whole point is i got it later than the date i had to reply by. so does that mean im out of the loop now, i will never be able to read this so called precious material. that really no other word to use except "sucks". then i saved it i liked what it said. and was cleaning out my paperdrawer and happened upon it. and i was again curious. so i looked on the internet. please shed some light. i missed a chance by some other fault.

ID#8681 R.D., 2007-02-08 [ Highlands Ranch, CO]

Hello, I was 19 when I got a postcard in the mail about the Book. I purchased it and only read maybe the first chapter. I kept the book for many years, and then somehow misplaced it while moving. I finally found your website after searching high and low for the book on the web. I could not find it anywhere. Then I found something similar on I saw the words Neo-Tech and did a search. I found Neo-Tech on Wikipedia and followed the link to your website. I have started reading the Advantages and want to purchase more material. I just need to know where to buy it. Thanks.

ID#8683 N.K., 2007-02-08 [ Carbondale, PA]

I like everything you have to say i would like to lern more about Neo-Tech

ID#8686 R.R., 2007-02-08 [ Cedar Ridge, CA]

Intriguing material. Fundamental idea behind it is that mysticism is the cause for many of the sufferings of humankind. And yet mysticism appears to be the method of selling the Neo-tech books, e.g., have a better life, win at everything: romance, money, etc. An obvious paradox. But let's not be so quick to judge. There is something in us, that wants to believe at all costs. Are our fundamental beliefs nothing more than the echo of prehistoric man's superstitious mind? Also known as "magical thinking" it frequently is prevailed upon to bring comfort in an unruly and predominantly, uneducated world.

ID#8688 J. ., 2007-02-08 [ west milton, pa]

i have my second package waiting for my third and would like to talk to mark

ID#8690 B.B., 2007-02-08 [ kiethville, la]

I would like to see the web site continue due to the basic rights of all of us, It is not any one person or group of peolple's right to dicide what the rest of the world can or will be able to see hear read and do in this life time. I for one like the idea of prosperity, love, frienships and sucess in general and would like to know more. Is this a true secret society? If it is how can I get the honest truth without spending a lot of money and not violate any of your bye laws rules beliefs? And would like to let you know that I am not against you but the info. I recieved in the mail has now confused me to what you are and I am very interested in knowing the truth. please help me know the truth!!

ID#8691 S.L., 2007-02-08 [ Austin, Texas]

FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! "TODAY ONLY" Five steps to becoming a better person. Yours today only! 1- You should seek professional help. 2- You should get a real job. 3- You should tell everyone you have scammed who you really are. 4- You should give back all the money you have taken from your mentally challenged followers. 5- You should send a large sum of money to me for saving souls, (after you get real jobs of course).

ID#8693 g. .,@yahoo.god 2007-02-08 [ , ]

how did you find me?

ID#8694 . ., 2007-02-08 [ , ]

answer me

ID#8696 B.T., 2007-02-08 [ Locust Grove, GA]

This is my second message. I have found honesty deep in a sea of truth(sometimes used for lies or omissions.) When I believe a lie, I pay for it. Honesty in(+) Reality Results in(=) Happiness. What does that mean? When I believe an untruth, my body language expresses this. With my enlightened self, I know what my body is saying. If I repeat any mysticism, my body language tells me and everyone else that "I am a liar and you cannot trust me." In the past when I would say something that I really thought was true but in fact was not, my subconscious could not accept it as truth. My findings were that "I pay for a lie even if I honestly believe that lie to be true. (e.g.) A)1+1=3, or B)1+1=1 A)1 mom(person) + 1 dad(person) = 1 child(person)),(1 mother(person) + 1 father(person) + 1 child(person-born or invitro) = 3 people), or B) 1 mom(person) + 1 dad(person) = 1 child(Person)). This is cheating! We know that 1 + 1 = 2 (1 egg + 1 sperm = 2 sets of chromosomes for reproduction.)(Meiosis) I will Neo-Thank Neo-Thinkers through sharing what I find while Neo-Thinking. With the use of vinh-diagrams and other ways of expressing thought, I am formulating a lot of Neo-Tech Honesty. I will power-think for myself, for my neo-tech friends, and for society. I would like to hear other thoughts as a result of Neo-thinking.

ID#8698 e.t., 2007-02-08 [ las vages, nv]

i think so far in reading the neo-tech book has great info toward man and woman of all kind, keep up the great work/.

ID#8699 . ., 2007-02-08 [ , ]

1st amendment...and most of the negative comments sound like scared dogmatists who have been mislead by thier own religeons. lack of listening to anothers views and adhereing the good points to thier own is a "sin" in itself. i dont agree with neo-tech 100%, but like any other philosophy there is always a nugget or two that make sense.

ID#8703 j. ., 2007-02-08 [ standish, me]

could someone please get a message to susan rhodium with neotech... My name is james dennis and i am on the second installment of neo-tech lit. very objective and thoroughly enjoyable. I reside in standish Maine 04084 and had to travel out of town unexpectedly and did not want to miss the opportunity to read the third and final installment,,,i know timming is critical but i do so ever hope i am afforded this latitude. thanking you in advance, James Dennis

ID#8705 J.E., 2007-02-09 [ Rio Rancho , NM]

I don't know what to say, really. I am new to this group and am searching for answers. How large of group is this and from where does it originate?

ID#8706 M.A., 2007-02-09 [ , ]

I wish to find out more - to buy the book, the most recent version.

ID#8709 j.J., 2007-02-09 [ Cahors, boredom]

This site should remain online untill something more enhanced shows up (more like a web 2.0 with a wiki or CMS sort of perspective.

ID#8713 v.e., 2007-02-09 [ chicago, illinois]

They are the best there no other way to put it.if you want knowledge understanding the plain truth. here it is

ID#8722 j. ., 2007-02-10 [ webuye, ]

we are now in the information age and i believe that getting to know what happens around the world is very important particulary to me.therefore with democract space we have around the globe u got to proceed.

ID#8725 H. ., 2007-02-10 [ , ]

Yes definitely, this information has to be available to all.

ID#8727 G.L., 2007-02-10 [ Guaynabo,P.R., P.R.]

Iam about to move into mainland U.S.A. SOON and i would like to speak to any one of you.My search has been a very long one believing that there certainly has to be a more wiser and powerful way to acess meaningful life and pur- pose. Phone#413-386-7610

ID#8733 s.m., 2007-02-10 [ , ]

outcompete god and government

ID#8734 R.C., 2007-02-10 [ Las Vegas, ]

I would really like some of your material(information) I can feel this is something for me. Thank You, Renee C. Cook

ID#8735 R.C., 2007-02-10 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I would really like some of your material(information) I can feel this is something for me. Thank You, Renee C. Cook

ID#8738 t.p., 2007-02-10 [ birmingham, alabama]

one love to neo -tech please keep inlighting nonmystical minded people thats looking to change this anticivilization world that we live in today!keep this website up!

ID#8739 M.B., 2007-02-10 [ Mansfield, Oh]

I feel that The Book will become a life force for me when I finish reading it I have had this book for sometime and never read it until just last week as I was cleaning out the closet there is was I have been studing it every spare moment

ID#8741 H.F., 2007-02-11 [ Richmond, Va]

Neo-Tech is a wake up call. Since reading the books, I see things differently. Even before I read the books I had my doubts about the world and neo-tech has just confirmed them and more. I wonder if the creator of the Matrix movies were really trying to tell the world something. hmmm.

ID#8744 T.E., 2007-02-11 [ Grant, AL.]

Since Neo-Tech will become the way of life for the future of many, it should remain accessible on the Web.Only those who fear it are the ones who want to remove it.

ID#8746 R.M., 2007-02-11 [ smethport, pa]

good deal for those that can't commite to a mariege contract.

ID#8748 . ., 2007-02-11 [ , ]

It gives the people the ability to choose for themselves what they trully want to believe in.

ID#8749 j.D., 2007-02-11 [ coshocton, oh]

I love noe-tech, and am a new member of the society. The ideas and philosophies are incredible and genius. I plan on using all the knowledge I get from the books and the meetings.

ID#8750 J.D., 2007-02-11 [ Coshocton, oh]

All you "christians out there, it's funny how you can judge something after saying "only God can judge me". You're all full of it. Tearing down anything that threatens your beliefs is all you do. I'm not saying I don't believe in God, I'm just saying you can't judge us for what we think, believe, or do. You who have to go to church every sunday to repent your sins of the previous week, how pittiful you are.

ID#8832 . ., 2007-02-12 [ , ]

nice!-from alex baptiste of miami;P.S. I lost the paper about my free meetings for the year.i dont have a computer. all well. but You could bet that i will check up every time i hit the net, and'll use the knowledge for good.thank you

ID#8834 . ., 2007-02-12 [ , ]

The IRS can do anything it wants to do. I am a full time student. I owe past taxes, yes, but I have been paying them off slowly. However, this year the IRS took my student loan money to pay off the back taxes. I live below the national mein. My 'income' is my student loans! THis should be illegal.

ID#8836 J.W., 2007-02-12 [ Baltimore, Md]

It changed me against death and gave me new life.

ID#8838 j.m., 2007-02-12 [ NEW CUMBERLAND, pa]

very informative information thank you

ID#8842 . ., 2007-02-12 [ , ]

mr.m.hamilton please send password,will i get it today

ID#8843 v.m., 2007-02-12 [ hoffman est.., ill60169]

mr.m.hamilton please send password,i am at the library,i will wait. 6013348643

ID#8844 . ., 2007-02-12 [ , ]

Hello, I am completely taken by this philosophy, it is trully a new way of thinking.

ID#8847 G.D., 2007-02-12 [ Ellenwood, GA]

The way to understanding is knowledge. Without knowledge one is powerless. Walk the path of your destiny with success, knowledge and understanding. You will find that there is nothing that can keep you from the success waiting for you in ALL areas of your life. Believe it, see it and live it.

ID#8854 R.L., 2007-02-13 [ Melbourne, FL]

dear mr. Hamiltom i have just retired from my job which was air conditioning and heating.i am having a bit of aproblem finding my friday night essence. i like playing the lottery and doing scratchoff and helping the elderly obtain better health and free from pain through good vatiman and fish oil. i really would like to get goingyours truely robert durant

ID#8857 t.s., 2007-02-13 [ , ]

hi there and thanks for the space you give me. i just want to say that this "literature" is to a great extent filled with imperfections, omissis and fantasies. most of the discussion, for example, on the FDA is hilarious. even if to some extent one could agree with the basis argumentation, the page is filled with non-sense (like the finding of a cure for cancer and so). and by the way, if there were not "controls" on the chemofarmaceuticals industries probably there would be not such things as safe drugs.

ID#8858 C.J., 2007-02-13 [ Jersey City, NJ]

Im still on the process of discovering my friday night essence, the power to see through appearances and forging ahead to do what I know at its essence is right and become a powerful dreams doer in the world of reality,I believe Neo-tech/illuminate societies will help me develop my true potential as a Beyonder.

ID#8859 m. ., 2007-02-13 [ painesville, ohio]

iam checking into this website for pros and cons

ID#8860 B.H., 2007-02-13 [ Tucson , AZ]

I finally found a philosophy that fits my beliefs! It seemed as if I was on a fringe of society, accused of being too selfish and foolish for shunning some traditional beliefs, but I did not care. Now I found others who feel the same as I do. Please keep up this site and maybe expand it. The only negative comment is the website is difficult to navigate and I would like to find the link to purchase/receive literature

ID#8861 P.S., 2007-02-13 [ , ]

The web is for everyone! After reading your flattering letter, I went to the web to find out about you. The letter is a thinly veiled insult; a more forthright approach would be received more willingly.

ID#8864 R.S., 2007-02-13 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Please e-mail me back about how to log on to the secret mettings.

ID#8865 W.S., 2007-02-13 [ Findlay, oh]

At last the truth will be told. I am looking forward to the day when all will be free of mysticism. Please maintain this website, the world needs to know the truth.

ID#8866 K. ., 2007-02-13 [ USA, USA]

My decision is still pending until I receive literature. I will let you know what I think by 3/07

ID#8867 M.A.,@AOL.COM 2007-02-13 [ port charlotte, fl]

can't find the NTN BOARD ON WEB SITE

ID#8870 B.D., 2007-02-14 [ anywhere, or]

I want my free book as promised!? Please forward my copy as promised and if I honestly make any money as a direct result of your book I will gladly give 50% of any money eared as a result of your info!!! You know who I am and where I live?!

ID#8871 J.T., 2007-02-14 [ Kansas City, MO]

Hello, Making another attempt at recieving some information. I'm disappointed that I'm unable to read any info on the site right now, but I understand. Fortunately, my friend reads to me from time to time. He owns quite a bit of your literature, and I'd like to purchase my own. If you are able to mail me something or email me something, please do. I'd really appreciate it.

ID#8876 f.a., 2007-02-14 [ rancho cucamonga, ca]

i dont know much about neo-tech but i think that any website containing information on how to be succesful, happy and have romance should stay on the internet. i hope to learn more about the neo-tech system.

ID#8877 n. ., 2007-02-14 [ albuquerque, New Mexico]

i would like more info.

ID#8879 S.R., 2007-02-14 [ Tunnel Hill, GA.]

Hi, my name is Sharon Reyes I read the first two books and I am on the thrid book I want to be part of your group please tell me what I can do. I don"t have my G.E.D. but I do belive I can still help in some way I know you all can give me and my girls a better life. Please write me at 3346 B Oscar Nance rd.Tunnle Hill,GA. 30755 or call me at {706}673-3410 from 11:00am to 2:30pm Please let me know if their is anything me or my girls can do my oldest April just turn 22yrs. I need her to go to college but right now I can't afford it my youngest just turned 17yrs.she wants to be a chef but April wants to be a doctor I have been reading the thrid book I'm almost through with it then I will go back and finish the other two I am looking forward to meeting you all at the meeting you all keep telling me about I am still wanting for the pass word so we can meet and I have been doing the week amd a glance it helps some but I deliver pizza's for a living the pay aint much I just want something better for me and my girls April is working in a carpet mill which is hard on your back and Ashley just got fired because the manger doesn't like her I taught my girls not to lie so when someone does lie she thinks they should be honest but she is learning their are neocheaters everywhere we go April my oldest found out the hard way she was in the Army Resevers and they lie constancely. But if you have anything to come up please let us know Thank you Sharon Reyrs

ID#8882 . ., 2007-02-14 [ , ]

I was trying to find book, breakthorugh to enlightnement. The web sit is not responding, nothing is available to read

ID#8883 e. ., 2007-02-14 [ Caledon, ON.]


ID#8887 R.o., 2007-02-14 [ allendale, sc]

No comment yet just trying to live a good life.Everyone needs help in life sometime or another.I was going through problem because of bad expereince.I just want to work and serve the true god and help pepole.I make mistake just like everyone else in life.Just trying to get my life together and back on track.

ID#8888 D.W., 2007-02-14 [ Mesa, AZ]

Why be afraid of information? We have agency to accept or reject.

ID#8890 b.l., 2007-02-14 [ , ct]

How does one determine if the letter is real or not?

ID#8898 C.N., 2007-02-15 [ Portland, Or]

I would like very much for you to remain on the web, for you have very valuable information to share, even if some people don't want to acknowledge it. Of course that's understandable....It is hard to deal with mentally. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. How much can they really handle? I would like as much free information from you as possible,please and thank you. In fact, you can send me all your books for free.

ID#8903 O.M., 2007-02-15 [ Bagdad, ONTARIO]

THIS SITE SUCKS BALLZ! Plz Prevent all people to read positive comments and read comments like myn the bad ones. This site should suck your bosses mangina

ID#8904 f. ., 2007-02-15 [ 54y4y4y4, y5445ytg]


ID#8906 J.F., 2007-02-15 [ Peralta, N.M]


ID#8907 W. ., 2007-02-15 [ , ]

As A seeker of wisdom and knowledge,this was given to me to help in an ever changing world.

ID#8908 T.G., 2007-02-15 [ Longmont, Co]

I have read your materials in the past and found it to be quite powerful and really made me think. I can't seem to access more than the homepage and would like to know how I can get access to the materials or even a catalog.

ID#8909 F.N., 2007-02-15 [ Irvine, CA]

I'd like to find current information and to be brought up to date.

ID#8910 M.K., 2007-02-15 [ Aurora, CO]

I'm not sure why there's an option to vote to have this site remain on the Web, when, for months now, it's been little more than a screen saver? I was at one time a subscriber(quite a while ago), of I & O's Consultation Packages, which were taped(cassette tapes)weekly board meetings, and some even rare personal meetings between the Wallace's. As well as a subscriber to the Neo Tech Report. All of these served as invaluable tools and insights into the next step for mankind, and as a personal "lifeline", if you will, to the Neo Tech globally unfolding empire, and individual empires. Then, several years ago, I stumbled on to this Site. It again was keeping me up to date with the latest and the greatest from the top minds at Neo Tech. I hope all is well and that the business at Neo Tech is accellerating to newer and greater breakthroughs, and that all is well with the originator and his familly of brilliant minds and spirits. Finally, I hope to see this site fully functioning again, and to know that in this sea of information there is a compass of open ended consciousness and wonderment.

ID#8913 J.B., 2007-02-16 [ , ]

Just curious, but I don't see why it should go.

ID#8916 T.B., 2007-02-16 [ Westland, MI]

I think the information is very interesting.

ID#8918 W.N., 2007-02-16 [ Honolulu,, Hawaii ]

I would love to hear from you.

ID#8919 N.o., 2007-02-16 [ nevada, ]

Yes, there are many things that are interesting and new in the books and ideology. Yes , there are too many areas in our lives that are hindered by ineffective traditions that are no longer relevant in our society. Yes, opening your mind to new possibilities is a gift to be enjoyed. HOWEVER. I found it interesting that this philosophy had such a powerful sway over the reader. Perhaps too powerful. Perhaps too much thinking is done for us, too much is erased and written anew BY NEO TECH, not by us individually. I cannot help but think , that the Bible that the Neo-Techies descry so much, held the same sway, same POWERFUL explanatory influence over ancient civilization. For them, paganism was something to be descried against, to be found, to be released from and have everything the explained. Though I support reading the material, for it does indeed have some reasonable and mind expanding , I caution everyone, to remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF, and not let ANYONE, regardless of how glorious it seems think for you. If you do, you are in the same stagnant nest, just in another tree. Good luck everyone, and happy thinking!

ID#8921 L.T., 2007-02-16 [ Mountain Home, Idaho]

it could just be me, but i'm having trouble accessing some sites. i'll try harder to learn the system, since i'm not computer literate yet.

ID#8924 L.Z., 2007-02-16 [ Johannesburg, ]

At last the truth is exposed, the is no space for neo-cheaters on this universe.I am also spreading the good word of Neo-Tech in my community with a view to heal peoples mentality. WHO NEEDS TO BE LED aNYWAY ?

ID#8925 r.h., 2007-02-16 [ margate, fla]

Like to hear from you

ID#8926 S.B.,@ 2007-02-16 [ Eloy, AZ]

Neotech thinking is not new. I have been using this avenue for years,but never knew it! After reading the books, I can honestly say that there are others out there who share my same beliefs and I am very excited about that. I had horrible things happen in my life because of political power hungry animals. They destroyed my business, made my wife sick, and ran me out of town.Why?? Because I was becomming sucessful and creating jobs and becoming a powerful leader. The people sleep. Nouveau society is a wakening jolt to anyone with half a brain. I'm proud to be a member and associated with my kind--at last.

ID#8927 M.A., 2007-02-16 [ Woodville, AL.]

I agree with the concepts that Neo-Tech has to offer. I have borrowed and read both books and I am anxiously awaiting to read the third book. I would love to have a set of the Neo-Tech material of my own, to refer back to in these troubled times of this world.

ID#8929 R.H., 2007-02-16 [ Miramar, Florida]

From one of your three books I've read so far. I am now waiting for my password, after finishing the book on Ms. Annabelle's Secrets. This volume put me on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride, which I hated to end. Is there a list of your other publications? Please let me know. Thank you.

ID#8930 M.M., 2007-02-16 [ Glendale, AZ]

I think Frank R. Wallace was stored by the use of Artificial Intelegence Computers. However, that does not store the Self of someone. His Self is probably traveling the existence field. He is probably in his Own Universe. As he has stated Let the be A Universe. Let there be a Galexcy. He most likely Created his own world and is in that world now. The question is; does he want to return to this world. I have no idea where he is. Maybe in the existence field.

ID#8931 B.H., 2007-02-16 [ Tucson, AZ]

Please show me more to this. I cannot find anywhere to buy these manuscripts.

ID#8932 J.s., 2007-02-16 [ salt lake cty, Uyah]

would like to sit in on discussion boards.

ID#8935 C.V., 2007-02-16 [ Lewisburg, Pa]

This book has opened my eyes to everything i believed that was the right thing to do. This book has uncovered so many things in my life i look at the world totally differently. Thank you you have enlightened me!!!

ID#8939 l.m., 2007-02-17 [ earleville, md]

I'm so happy to find out that they're are others in this world that's not so willing to always play follow the leader without questioning-tech and it's plans and insight for the future civilization and the universe are really great.since reading the neo-tech decovery! it toke my understanding to a new level. now when I watch tv and see my political busy creating confusion,and at the same time creating an allusion that they have just saved your life. Other times I see ordinary people and value creators making aadvances and doing great things,I jump for joy saying my god they are really going to make this work. LM MD

ID#8940 S.M., 2007-02-17 [ Stratford, CT]

I just Finished reading the Neo-Tech World. It is fascinating. It is making me excited about the future. Just like fairytale. I am looking forward to the journey to my future neo-tech world.

ID#8942 D. ., 2007-02-17 [ , ]

This is the way the world will eventually move. It will scare alot of 'controllers' but it WILL happen, inevitable

ID#8946 J. ., 2007-02-17 [ Toronto, Ontario]

Keep it online, Please, Jacques POTVIN

ID#8947 H.C., 2007-02-17 [ Lake Arrowhead, Ca]

Time is now and now the time to act more vigorously than ever before. Neocheaters, pips and the like don't sleep. We can not be lax in our vigulence, for these are the times to battle those who seek to destroy consious life on this planet. Where is Savage, et. al? ps I want the Neo-tech Reference Encyclopedia to clarify and complete my neo-tech study. Please advise. Harry

ID#8949 d. ., 2007-02-17 [ perth, wa]

its amaising i never useto read abook befor now ilake it

ID#8952 G.N., 2007-02-18 [ Queen City, Texas]

This is my first visit to your website. I missed the deadline to obtain Book 3 as I work 3 jobs and attend college online to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies. Please do not take it down until I have had an opportunity to explore it for myself.

ID#8956 S.A., 2007-02-18 [ Elkridge, Md]

I am a very trusting person and these dogs know it.They need to be sued via a class action lawsuit. The unsuspecting people that were sucked into their web of deception need to demand that these people be held accountable. I would do anything to help this cause.

ID#8958 s.j., 2007-02-18 [ Cumberland City, Tn]

I've absorbed the knowledge but feel a little lost. I don't know if it is from overload or not. My e-mail is I would appricate and answer back.I'll check my e-mail either Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for answering this.

ID#8962 H.L., 2007-02-18 [ Augusta, Georgia]

I find the philosophy very interesting and enlightening. I must admit that it is causing me to be more observant of theologians and politicians.

ID#8965 m.e., 2007-02-18 [ suffolk, va]

Iam not a very god reader so it is taking a wile to read but Iam enjoying in tremendesley.Thankyou neo-tech you have changed my life for the better.

ID#8966 b. ., 2007-02-18 [ , ]

inspiring and clarifying

ID#8967 Z.B., 2007-02-18 [ Grove Hill, al]

I read Miss Anna Bell's secrets

ID#8973 K.R., 2007-02-18 [ Auckland, ]

I recieved information through the post mid-month of the year 2oo6 from neotech,so i read this. After reading this information, i could not believe the power of strenghth within me. My first books i sent for were NEO-TEC DISCOVERY & BREAKTHROUGH TO ENLIGHTENMENT, 'WOW', since then i have purchased THE NEO-TECH SYSTEM, THE NEO-TECH WEAPON & THE NEO-TECH World. Keep up this great and excellent works of Thruth and Values. I have never been so humanly happier and able to apply through your great and powerful knowledge, values, thruths. My life has done a 360 turn around leaving behind my old life and replacing my new life with neo-think&neo-tech. At 52yrs old i made the move into the neo-tech world, THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.NEO-TECH has given me my chance to make it in this anticivilization corrupt nocheating world. Since day one of reading that powerful information im not aqble to go 1/2 days without reading these manuals, they are my bibles of reality, my children,partner,bros&sisters,friends have desserted me but thats the sacrifice. I have a real new lease on life.KIA ORA from (AOTEAROA Land of the Long White Cloud)New Zealand.

ID#8974 h.t., 2007-02-18 [ jackson, mi.]

someone sent me the book. don't know who but thank him or her for the gift and thank you neo-tech for opening my eye's to the possiblies of the future.i'm trying to start a business in real-estate and trying to be a landlord not a slum-lord trying to give people a good clean place to live. thanks again ironman744t

ID#8977 m.b., 2007-02-19 [ edmonton, alberta]

I come to this site for a reality check it's good to read intergrated honesty in it's purest form.

ID#8980 k.o., 2007-02-19 [ HOKKAIDO 061-3776 JAPAN, ]


ID#8983 K.C., 2007-02-19 [ , ]

I am very much interested in the Project Life program regarding Aging and Death (promoting quality of Life that may be disease free and immortality).

ID#8986 m.b., 2007-02-19 [ middletown, ohio]

i thank neo-tech is the best thing for all mankind and will help man to rech his full goals for all the world to come. ps think goodness for neo-tech

ID#8987 M.P., 2007-02-19 [ fayetteville, Ga.]

I have always felt that there was more to life than we knew. Over the last 35-40 years following poltics it is without adout that we are being lead astray. good men and god would never allow such attusaties to happen if it weren"t for evil (lazy) people. How could men (poltics) get away with the waste of our money (taxes) if we all werenot blind by our own mind. I have noticed it in everything, education,smalland large gov. The older a person is the harder it is for me to talk to the about the corruption in gov.. S/l scandle of the 80's enron, even the Katina were two people come on TV and asked for support. In only a few months later millions of our money was missing. I am looking foward to becoming my on boss in life. as soon as I can I will obtain any and all lititure on neo-tech. thanks DR. Wallace and Mark Hamilton. for invititing me in as soon as I can I want to obtain the next step to my inner self.

ID#8988 A. ., 2007-02-19 [ , ]

Neo-Tech, Zon, etc. are interesting concepts. Without a lot more information, I won't be able to fully understand it or determine what, if anything, to "do" with it.

ID#8989 d. ., 2007-02-19 [ austin, mn ]

just finished the ntpoics, i found it interesting. i found the marketing concept to be one of the best i have read in a a while, kudo to eric. i found the political and mystical to be informative and delightful, kudo to mark. frank i find you as a intriguing intellectual that i would like to meet someday, maybe play a round of golf or just drink a few glasses of lifes living waters, kudos to you. dm aka im

ID#8991 T. ., 2007-02-19 [ Elizabethton, tn]

My what is this outburst "religious" people, catholics christians,evangelists,etc...they can't get the concept of God, let alone believe in Him enough to know what it is they're to do I've completely been down religious road and at the end luckily was Neo-Tech explaining what i had just found out! so for now at least let them continue to stubble around in the dark!

ID#8992 T. ., 2007-02-19 [ Elizabethton, tn]

My what is this outburst "religious" people, catholics christians,evangelists,etc...they can't get the concept of God, let alone believe in Him enough to know what it is they're to do I've completely been down religious road and at the end luckily was Neo-Tech explaining what i had just found out! so for now at least let them continue to stubble around in the dark!

ID#8996 a.a., 2007-02-19 [ Kalibo, Aklan]

I have lived my life and use some of the advantages that Neo-tech opened my mind and enjoy its benefits.Therefore it must remain in the web for further enhancement.

ID#8999 a.s., 2007-02-20 [ Roswell, GA]

It will be too costly for the human race to delay the implementation of Neo-Tech ideas and its inevitable deployment into our society. Each day we are without Neo-Tech kills our loved ones, make puppets out of our children and rob us of the life we are meant to live. The world needs to be aware that there is a better way to living life and that is by changing the way we are programmed right now. We MUST adopt a better way of doing things and, there will be none -ever- better than the Neo-Tech way. I am an African and honestly I do habor the thoughts of ways to bring awareness to the poverty-hardened people of my region. There are just too many dying out there due to ignorance, bad educational system and bad politics. There will never be a substitute for Neo-Tech awareness in Africa as all the Charity organisations are a big part of the problem. Most -if not all- of them are political. The Neo-Tech society will continue in history as Man's greatest savior. Please continue to remain on the web for the benefit of mankind. I applaud your energy, hardwork and dedication. The world would do the same very soon.

ID#9002 L.R., 2007-02-20 [ Thayer, MO]

Hi, my name is Larry S. and I am ready for the main event to begin. I am having trouble getting past step 1 I am in possession of my personal NC number. Would you help me?

ID#9003 N. ., 2007-02-20 [ , ]

this website is crazy and needs to be removed immediately these people are SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID#9004 . ., 2007-02-20 [ , ]

get a life!!!

ID#9006 . ., 2007-02-20 [ , ]

They should be hanged

ID#9007 G.M., 2007-02-20 [ Lansing, MI]

Alternative thinking is always feared by some, neo-tech is no exception to the rule.

ID#9010 T. ., 2007-02-20 [ winter haven, fl]

I am interest in finding out about Neo-Tech, my sister received a letter about Neo-Tech and she was not sure why or how they got her address. I went on the net and looked up your site. However, I was already aware of your existance my husband knows a bit more about your organization than myself but I was able to assure her that she was in no harm. However, I am a bit disappointed that you do not have a place for us to view your thoughts remember we are still in America we can have views and thoughts. Exercising those rights is important I have paid for doing that but I will never stop, that is when those rights will be gone to us. So I would like to see more about you so I can study your views and thoughts that is what free thinking is all about and a fundemental right!

ID#9011 N. ., 2007-02-20 [ N/A, N/A]

I will say anymore than whomever is trying to vanquish Neo-Tech. Better keep their distance!

ID#9012 S. ., 2007-02-20 [ Trenton, GA]

Every person has the right to knowledge, truth, love, money, and happiness.

ID#9013 j.s., 2007-02-20 [ ft worth, tx]

please tell me more as i have thought some of this stuff for a while

ID#9017 m. ., 2007-02-21 [ allegan, mi]

It sounds to me like these people at neo-tech are full of bullsh-t.they either want to show you how to screw people or go to prison for the rest of your life.As far as im concerned neo-tech can go f__k themselves.I cant afford to give my hard earned living away.If its trouble they want they just sent a letter to the right person.The only thing there gonna get from me is a pound of sh-t.

ID#9019 L. ., 2007-02-21 [ corona , CA]

I want to get more understanding of all this,Neo-Tech literature. I would like to read a real book of illuminatti text.

ID#9020 M.A., 2007-02-21 [ Germantown, MD]

Some extremely valuable information. Much more up to date and thorough than typically available material.

ID#9023 t.k., 2007-02-21 [ kaneohe, hi]

very interesting

ID#9024 C. ., 2007-02-21 [ jhjh, jhnj]

Too Many Religous People Bitching

ID#9025 N.J., 2007-02-21 [ Arana Hills, Qld]

How do i find out when i will receive my NT Discovery Manual as you guys received my money on the 11/01/2007. Its is now the 21/02/2007 and i still don't have it yet.

ID#9026 L.S., 2007-02-21 [ San Antonio, Tx.]

I read the original text in the eighties -- it changed my life for the better. Glad to see it on the web.

ID#9028 A.C., 2007-02-21 [ Portsmouth, Va]

We must keep Frank R Wallaces dream alive. I've been reading a lot of the neo tech books that I own. I'M over looking something here. Making things start working for me are not working. Maybe it's something I'm over loking and have not yet found the key to opening the God-Woman within yet. I am stick at a job that has know means in life.I've been working at Tidewater auto aution for 10 years now ,no raise unless your a lier.I have lots of things in my head but know one seems to understand me. I see things different then most people do.Sometimes I wish I had someone I could talk to about this that has a higher understanding of what I say and think of things here on this planet we live on. Thank You

ID#9030 . ., 2007-02-21 [ , ]

freedom of speech - everyone is entitle to their point of view

ID#9031 M.a., 2007-02-21 [ Santa Rosa, Ca]

Like Jesus uttered his last words, forgive them, Father for they do not know... As my duty to my fellow man, do not fall into this scam, save you money, for Jesus gives all that you found attractive in these writings, free!

ID#9034 t.f., 2007-02-21 [ Romulus, mi]

Truth is truth. To suppress truth is to be unfaithful to your message and principles. The web is the great equalizer and prevents the truth from being suppressed by the (sn)ooze media whores. The web is the best and most cost-effective way to reach others with truth. I think that we are ready to start a Plebiscite and offer voters an "Alternative Government".

ID#9035 T.D., 2007-02-21 [ , ]

the books r very interesting

ID#9036 T.D., 2007-02-21 [ , ]

the books r very interesting

ID#9037 T.D., 2007-02-21 [ , ]

the books r very interesting

ID#9038 T.D., 2007-02-21 [ C.C., T.X.]

the books r very interesting

ID#9040 E.A., 2007-02-21 [ concord, nc]

Great job people.Keep up the good work!!!

ID#9041 C.R., 2007-02-21 [ BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA]

I need some answers to a lot of things.

ID#9043 . ., 2007-02-21 [ , NY]

the site is intellectually stimulating and "value producing" as a tool to make those defined as "mystics" think outside of their mystical boxes-- at least those who choose to think and read beyond where they normally world. however, i "know" that the mind is powerful and if purposely educated and intentionally focused, can create powerful, positive approaches that lead to a productive, happy, and interesting life…i suppose even for a mystic. words like: honesty, power, prosperity, and love, have never been "dead words” as certain writings on your site posit... at least not to me and i suspect to quite a few other “thinking” individuals as well, but i know that the "vitalization of the entire language" that is also spoken of, could possibly and effectively endow these words with their proper weight. i would suggest that you add other words and phrases to your mix -- like: respect, integrity, conscious cooperation, responsibility , expanding knowledge, wisdom, and tolerance. also -- it is curious to me how “love”, even as just a word on a page can be devoid of what it means. love is emotion, feeling, action, being – a metaphor for living; power is also a feeling and a state of being born from individual “effort” and “taken” as an individual right from that effort, so “emotion” is, in my opinion, a sacrosanct component within the context of these particular words. tolerance allows for the growth of “individual endurance” and can be practiced and mastered rather than ignored in favor of pronouncing judgments against “mystics” and “neocheaters”, -- this might even lead to neotech mastery of a few of the ancient, rational, technical principles of the universe: -- the principle of cause and effect, and the principle of mentalism and finally, cheaters have always existed, so in my mind there is nothing “neo” about them, only the means they employ to adapt through the ages. i hope that neotech, from its’ indestructible matrix of personal, financial, and business advantages, are the transparent masters of the crystal-clear world of prosperity and happiness of their construct, and are living examples to all – by the wisdom of their actions...not just by their words. thanks for the delightful opportunity to share my thoughts.

ID#9045 J.R., 2007-02-21 [ Bolivar, Buenos Aires]

Acepto los conceptos de neo-tech.por muchas razones, pero existen cuatro razones especiales. 1)que es una filosofia para poder seguir siendo honesto conmigo y para con los demas. 2)y que puedo decidir yo,en busca de mi futuro. 3)lograr mi maxima meta, que es la felicidad. 4)cuidar mi parte fisiologica. Jorge R. Spagnuolo

ID#9047 . ., 2007-02-21 [ , ]

I was going to give this a chance, but after eading all of these letters from irate people and thinking farther on it,i find that this is a corrupt group of people with no morals. To put yourself higher then God is a real shame. They need to be stopped before many people who believe their hype get ruined for life**

ID#9048 M.R., 2007-02-21 [ sherman oaks, Ca]

I like neo-tech, I like what it has to say, it helped with my confidence and learning to understanding business more. I am painting contractor in L.A.Ca PS the negtive people will all ways be, there must be a balance in order for Neo-Tech to work.

ID#9051 J.R., 2007-02-22 [ Redwood City, CA]

I bought your 1000-page book and i left it back in california. I wanted to go to the website to see if i can continue to read it but i can't get in anywhere on your website exceot on the feedback button. Where can i find you for free and continue to read your book. I am presently in chile, southamerica. Many thanks, Jaime

ID#9054 S. ., 2007-02-22 [ Springfield, OR]

An'it harm none do as thou wilt!

ID#9056 t. ., 2007-02-22 [ nowhere, nm]

While trying to find some answeres to a letter I recieved a while back I decided to check it out. I'm an avid reader so I was surprised by what I found here. To be totally honest I would have voted yes to take the site down, but why? The internet is a place where you can go to look up information...after all this is information. But that is not what changed my mind. I read both negitive and positive comments regarding this site and was taken back by the negitive comments. They seemed less thought out then the positive and these people are supposed to be religous. There comments did not ring true to me. In all honesty neither did the positive but at least they did not sound like finatics.

ID#9060 . ., 2007-02-22 [ Kampala, ]

I really want to find out more about this strange neo-tech tdiscovery. Its findings and effects on the human race really amaze me.

ID#9061 l. ., 2007-02-22 [ oakland, ca]

I am excited and about every thing neo-tech is doing,and bleive amercia should embrase & support everything neo tech is doing .

ID#9062 d.d., 2007-02-22 [ ellensburg, wash]

TO Cange or NOT to Change True Happiness Don"t Create Killers True Love Don"t Create Killers True Wisdom Don"t Create Killers True Freedom Don"t Create Killers True Prosperity Don"t Create Killers The Killers in Reality Can"t Have True Happiness or True Love or True Wisdom or True Freedom and Worst of all True Lasting Prosperity -for Them or Humanity and to Kill is a Failure Because True Wisdom of Today Has Proven so that is Reality and We all Have to Live With it for Now Unless We Want to Change Our Ways and to Make that Change All You Have to do is to Start Where the Real Truth is and then you Got What you do Need to Move Forward With your LIFE BY DIRK DAHMS of ellensburg wash

ID#9063 K.P., 2007-02-22 [ Los Angeles, CA]

Brutal, Scary, Beautiful, Indescribable, Euphoric, are some of the insufficient pre-Neo attempts to describe you and now US! My wait and honesty to myself was worth the wait. Now, I can go all-in. Deal me in.

ID#9064 p.d., 2007-02-22 [ detroit, michigan]

i read some of the things that you wrote.i think that if you have a way ,anyway to help someone to enjoy their life then you should do is hard enough.i just had a break in.after recieved your book.tuesdaynite while at work.and they stole my computer/labtop/scanner/camcorders,they also took my blanketoff the bed to wrap the look like there has to be somthing in what you say because all the rest of my home was still in tack.thank you.for what ever you did.i hope that you are still here.i can at lease read some of your good books that you have wrote.thank you for allowing me this time.

ID#9065 M.B., 2007-02-22 [ P.O.Box 700, NEW YORK]


ID#9066 M.b., 2007-02-22 [ .PO. box 700, new york]

Dear Members, As a neo-tech member iam having a difficult time accesing the computer.I NEED HELP! PLEASE WRITE TO ME. AT Shawngunk corr fac. po box 700. wallkill,12589 thank you.

ID#9068 k.d., 2007-02-22 [ rochester, ny]

i love it'

ID#9069 T.K., 2007-02-22 [ Knoxville, TN]

I was unable to get to the networks. I'm interested in the neo-tech party, and the bible with the correct use of the metaphors Jesus used. Tom Kennedy

ID#9070 q.h., 2007-02-23 [ portsmouth, va]

thank you for sendingf me your info on this society i wish to meet this sercret society soon your best friend quincy

ID#9073 j.m., 2007-02-23 [ Garden Grove , ca]

i don't know much but thiers more that i need to kown about neo-teach!

ID#9077 . ., 2007-02-23 [ , ]

When does a person in a nother state in (IDAHO) have the right to think they will use tactal agenst others in other states to make a person submit to there personal gain. Does this state stand with these people to commit acts of injustice to be a part of (THE POSSIE) does these people understand that there way of life with what they think they have will make them (GODS) with there want to be power can have and will understand they to can learn also about (THE LION OF THE EARTH)-"Generations of the future" will there economie be stable with the choices they are making today. How stable do they think they can make it when they rub there monotery$$$$$$ in a not so bright way.

ID#9078 G.L., 2007-02-23 [ Guaynabo,P.R., Puerto Rico]

Although i am a firm believer in a Higher Power,i still believe that at sometime, somewhere,we as human beings distorted the truth about our existence and purpose in Life.Beyond all the mumble jumble and psychobable that our so called religious teachers have been trying to brainwash us with ,i personally believe that there is and always has been a very personal and intimate Power that has always been reaching out for us. By the way,i received your package today and am about to open it.Thank you for such a quick service:)

ID#9083 D.K., 2007-02-23 [ Orange, CA]

The same sort of benefits are claimed to come from reading the Bible and following its teaches. Our Culture considers this a sacred book, with mystical powers that can not be explained with rational proof. Why then is there such a negative outcry againt the Neo-Tech claims? And why do they come, without exception that I know of, from people who never did get involved enough to even read the basic introductory literature. Those who have become involved seem to be supportive of the society. None of them have become some kind of superman, with magical powers and consistent good fortune. But they all are grateful for the benefits they have received. Isn't this similar to the stories from "born again Christians"? Why then do the majority believe that Neo-Tech is a fraud and believers are fools? I don't know why, but my perception is that my statement is accurate. Think about it. D. Kennedy

ID#9089 J.D., 2007-02-24 [ Las Vegas, NV]

I love neo-tech!!!

ID#9091 C.I., 2007-02-24 [ Kernersville, NC]

I have recieved and read two Neo-Tech manuscripts so far and have read both thoroughly. I believe Neo-Tech should definetly remain on the web because it just one more way for the people who want to uplift humanity to communicate.

ID#9096 J.B., 2007-02-24 [ Muscatine, Iowa]

I love Neo-Tech. At first I found it too perfect and unrealistic, vbut now I look forward to becoming part of its future. I see it asa the only way to preserve life on planet Earth. I have read 4 manuscripts (one book- 1100 pages- twice. I can;t put them down. And I was a devout Christian, although I always felt something was lacking, I needed to accopmplish something worthwhile with my life. I feel that Neo-Tech will eventually lead me there. Thanks for its development.

ID#9097 P. ., 2007-02-24 [ Limassol, ]

It is an excellent site. Yes I would like it to remain on the Web. It contains precious information that can be used by anyone to get rid of all manipulators in his/her life. By extension it can be used to change the destructive course of the whole world. If we do not react quickly and practically I think we are soon heading for a new era of "cold war". I would appreciate if the site included links to other sites which talk about how we can achieve peace and prosperity in this world, but in more practical terms. For exemple a site telling to the people:"Invest your money in this profitable technology which is life enhancing and not in war technology which is life destructive". Or, you can promote on your site contemporary international personalities who, in your opinion, are trying to change the world for the better. It is an excellent site but it looks to me very lonely. Thank you for the information.

ID#9099 . ., 2007-02-24 [ , ]

sorry, i just don't see anything uplifting at all just bla bla bla and no hope at all for anyone like me. i can't compete, they crushed my creativity. i don't think you are any better than the politicos or the religious fanatics really, just the same old crush or be crushed bull. and animals have more love and soul than yall. crush us all kill us all and profit, it is just the same old same old

ID#9100 J.B., 2007-02-24 [ reykjavik, ]

Of course this is a force of infinite love and will become the only force working on us if let be by us who believe in it let alone the others who probably will try and fail to master it by any other given force the odd world has to offer,there is a cave nearby my home in Reykjavik wich bears the bone of an native american who didn´t know of the country only this cave´s atrribute to Neo-Tech,come and check it out if you will

ID#9103 J.G., 2007-02-25 [ BRACKENRIDGE, PA]

I cme acroos your site while researching the Bicameral Mind

ID#9110 D.P., 2007-02-25 [ Elk Grove, CA]

I am a repeat customer of Neo-Tech products and an owner of an original NT manuscript and numerous other NT products. NT absolutely should remain on the web. It is the only island of sanity in an insane world.

ID#9112 N.R., 2007-02-25 [ , ]

Neo-tech should remain on the web

ID#9113 N.R., 2007-02-25 [ KAMPALA, ]

Neo-tech should remain on the web

ID#9114 N.R., 2007-02-25 [ KAMPALA, ]

Neo-tech should remaim on the web

ID#9117 A. ., 2007-02-25 [ , ]

I purchased the original book around 9 or so years ago. I had no idea there were so many peple against it. unevolved people clearly. I was just looking for any new writtings by frank wallace.

ID#9122 C.R., 2007-02-25 [ Bloomsburg, PA]

I have owned an earlier copy. I wasn't ready to read and accept what was inside and got rid of it. I now have a new copy and can't put it down. Very interesting material.

ID#9123 D.R., 2007-02-25 [ Edmonds, WA]

Once I read through two of the manuscripts, I have become a free individual, and given up my religion and started to live my own life, I'm slowly opening my mind, and I am understanding more and more as I reread the manuspcripts.

ID#9124 D.R., 2007-02-25 [ Edmonds, WA]

Once I read through two of the manuscripts, I have become a free individual, and given up my religion and started to live my own life, I'm slowly opening my mind, and I am understanding more and more as I reread the manuspcripts.

ID#9125 T.S., 2007-02-25 [ Long Beach, CA]

Your writing is empowering and inspirational.

ID#9126 b. ., 2007-02-25 [ Franklinville, NJ]

not enough info and would like to see 2300 year old manuscript

ID#9134 D.W., 2007-02-26 [ Detroit Lakes, MN.]

I Just want to thank you for believeing in me. Donna

ID#9135 T.F., 2007-02-26 [ Carbondale, KS]

I just want to say what a wonderful job you've done over the years. Thank you for helping to clear the junk from my mind! Please send an updated list of books for sale. A PDF copy is fine if you have one. THANK YOU!

ID#9136 L.P., 2007-02-26 [ 1108 HS Amsterdam, ]

Dear Sir, Madame I have read a small part of your manuscript Neo-tech during a visit at a friend. This special book gives me a different look on the world and everything what happens around us. I also red a book of Julian Jaynes “The origin of Consciousness in the break down of the bicameral mind” I have also red a couple of books of Peter Russell, which are connected particularly on your vision. My question is if it is possible, as a large fan of your vision, to receive your Neo-tech book.

ID#9139 S.K., 2007-02-26 [ Vancouver, WA]

I think you should absolutely stay on the web. People will be drawn to your site. I was. I have practicing the Laws of Attraction for a short time and my life has changed in so many positive ways. I believe Neo-Tech will only inhance this gift I have been given. Bless you are your writers. I am believer.

ID#9140 D. ., 2007-02-26 [ barnegat, nj]

I understand and feel the same - I like your thinking and im sure it can evolve to encompass the whole human consciousness as it is. Consider this an acknowledgement and acceptance of your invitation :D thnk you! p.s. ill also try to mail in that form by 3/2/7

ID#9141 J.T., 2007-02-26 [ Tooele, Utah]

I believe that everyone has their own beliefs irregardless. I have gotten two of your books and they remain under my couch. I have always been taught to believe another way, but everyone should have a freedom of expression. I feel that your site is simple, but leaves your universe unknown.

ID#9143 . ., 2007-02-26 [ , ]

Do whatever the hell you want. I don't care.

ID#9144 m. ., 2007-02-27 [ jersey city, nj]

it is so obvious that the human race is veering away from common sense and reality. and the biggest culprits are our political leaders from the president down to the lowest elected is sickening. neo-tech is the antidote for this disease .

ID#9145 L.M., 2007-02-27 [ Modale, IA]

I have been reading the books you have sent to my husband, and I have always felt that I was different from other people in what they think and how they react to society. Now I know why. You have opened my mind to things I never knew were possible. I continue to read and learn and open my mind to other possibilities, and I know that I will never be able to stop what you started in me! What an extraordinary way to Neo-Think! I will encourage my husband to continue to read and learn so he can become the man he is supposed to become.I saw so much potential in him when I met him 24 years ago, and just now I think he's beginning to believe what I have always believed about him. He is a compassionate man,extraordinarily intelligent, and I love having the privledge of being right here beside him watching all of his potential flourish before my eyes! Thank you for everything!

ID#9147 E.F., 2007-02-27 [ Bedford, TX]

I am a Neo-Thinker and I truly appreciate what you are doing. We have been living in a world blinded by the Neo-Cheaters and filthy politicians that rob us of our own wills. You have finally opened my eyes and confirmed what I have always known! The Bible story is a very nice story, but in reality, that's all it is. It is history - just like the Chinese have their story, and the Islamic have their story - etc. etc. If you really open your eyes, you will see the truth. Thank you for coming forth and helping us think for ourselves and move forward in life full of happiness and peace.

ID#9149 B.S., 2007-02-27 [ Fayetteville, NC]

All I can say is....May GOD have mercyon your souls for trying to lead sdo many of his away from him. Do you know that GOD loves you?He created Hell for the devil and his demons,he did not intend for mankind to follow A FALLEN ANGEL. BUT TO FOLLOW HIM...THE ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD.One prayer can save you from an eternity in hell. "Father,forgive me because I am a sinner.I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and I believe he died on the cross and rose on the third day for all the sins of the world and everyone in it. AMEN." PLEASE SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!

ID#9151 Y.B., 2007-02-27 [ TUCSON, Az.]

I'am not convence as of yet,I don't the book And as stated in the letter it is FREE.On the Negative coments made by these people. Who suppose to be reglious and the wordind used,they cannot be good christians,Jews and Islamist.

ID#9152 J.G.,@comcast,net 2007-02-27 [ detroit, mi]

NT was like someone turned on a light in the darkroom of my mind and i saw things in a new light. i am a slow reader,so it took me longer and the info is so deep that i have to read it again. now i see in reality the things mentioned in the books and able to reconize neocheaters in government, tv and news media. it's like the movie "the matrix". i have been unpluged. THANKS

ID#9155 T.M., 2007-02-27 [ Casselberry, FL ]

I believe that Neo-Tech should remain on the web so that others will have the chance to weigh the information seen on this site versus others and make an intelligent decision based on all information availabe.

ID#9156 R.C., 2007-02-27 [ Orange Walk Town, ]

I got mail from you and even bought some literature that I found dificult to understand. As a result I went to the website but not of much help.

ID#9161 K.L., 2007-02-27 [ Terre Haute, In]

I believe that peoples minds will open more through the help of literature such as this and others. I have read your hierloom book and I cant set it down. I am seeing how the world of the Neo-Tech society will futher our civilization greater than any other. Thanks. K.C.L

ID#9162 N. ., 2007-02-27 [ Begone, Been]

Your letters prey upon those who do not think for themselves. First of all if you really care and love people why try to commit them to silence if you really want to get the truth out to people so that they can be empowered. Everybody has certain abilities that they are born with. Everybody is wired differently from the conception process. I would like to have checked both yes and no but your program only allowed the choice of one or the other. Your letter was selfish. But alas the nature of the human creature is to portray things to their benefit or what it is that they think they want ie: (NATURAL MAN) if you really knew anything about me your letter would have been a little more revealing with facts. In the final analogy everyone is going to get whatever it is that they choose to want or to believe. People can only actually live what they believe their choice of actions in their lives shows what they believe. They can hide their thoughts they can lie they can duck and dodge. Man can do nothing about death. The appointment is inevitable. By death comes separation from life it does not mean non existence the human spirit is going to exist somewhere as determined by the individuals choices. There is only one who can change that. RGARDS

ID#9168 J.J., 2007-02-28 [ , ]

I have read several of your books and find them intriguing enlightening and refreshing. I am angry that your web site is being threatened. More positive proof that what you refer to as the anti-civilization is ever present and as arrogant as ever, otherwise why would they care to close it down? Please keep me informed and send me the latest information on neo-tech. I may want to network with neo-tech folks, especially in the areas of love, law,and medicine.

ID#9169 J.J., 2007-02-28 [ , ]

I love neo-tech. Send all information on law, love, medicine and all the rest.

ID#9170 C.C., 2007-02-28 [ Etna, WY]

Freedom of Speech

ID#9171 D.Z., 2007-02-28 [ WEST PALM BEACH, FL]


ID#9174 . ., 2007-02-28 [ , ]

you are great con-artists and should be ashamed of yourselves for taking money from people who trust just a little too much. What goes around comes around! Karma can be a bitch!

ID#9175 J.R., 2007-02-28 [ Pine Island, NY]

I have found some of the material very imforative and inspirational

ID#9176 w.g., 2007-03-01 [ sheldon, mo]

neo-tech has not worked for me yet.i have alot to learn! i can't catch my many many thoughts. my mind runs too fast and i can't catch it......HELP ME!?!?....

ID#9178 E.L., 2007-03-01 [ La Puente, CA]

Someone sent me information on the Novas Tek Society and ask me to join, and that they would only ask me once.

ID#9179 M.L., 2007-03-01 [ OKC, Oklahoma]

Definitely Leave It On The Web!!!!!I've Been Reading The Comments Regarding Mark Hamiltons Book "The Story". Hundreds Of Suggestions About Making It Into A Movie,Several People Even Offered to Help Finance It. I Too Was Deeply Motivated By That Story, I would Love The Opportunity To Be A Part Of The Making Of This Film.I Have A Few Ideas How To Get The Ball Rolling And Also Who To Present The Idea To- To Help Insure It To Be The Blockbuster Movie "The Story" ( Novel ) Deserves.. It Needs To Advance Into The MainStream Public!!!!I Am Dying To Get This Into Action ,I Can Direct It, Act In It. I Don't Care As Long As I Can Be A Part Of It, I Just Need Permission To Get Started !!! Will You Help Me? ,..

ID#9180 m.r., 2007-03-01 [ campdouglas, wi]

just pretty much as depicted in the original, well one of three anyway, brown leaflets with the green and gold writing. absolutely positively one is almost able to smear it on wheat bread like PBandJ,litterally vertextually,or an 4,, type dealy thing .be einstinian or wallikian and know the definition of "the fullness Level" Keep up all the good stuffyou started, and hope your dodging the "croupe" thats going around here up mid north. Michael A.

ID#9182 B.M., 2007-03-01 [ Toledo, Ohio]

Death has been an epidemic. Aging is a symptom. Thanks to neo-tech we as a civilization now and have been gaining unity in the fight for people not against us. I would like the site to be esier to navigate thru.

ID#9183 A.C., 2007-03-01 [ Portsmouth, Virginia]

To Mark Hamilton, We must keep Mr. Frank Wallace's dream alive. We can not let the neo-tech world die.I still say that their is more then meets the eye. And I know your father is watching you and helping you in your minds eye for all the break thoughs you have accomplished in your life. I thank you for your work you put into your book about Miss Annabelle's life to show people how cruel these people hear on this planet are.And yes I agree it should be a movie of that book you wrote about Annabelle's life.I ameant to you I do hate the IRS,FDA,INS,and ect.holding people back from progress.I own about 7 or 8 of the neo tech books. It's still something in me that seaching into self so I to can fully release the God-Man with self.It is time for my life to turn around in my favor now so I can be weathly, happy,and make a differtent's in peoples lives for the better. Thank You So much for your hard work and effort you put out for all of us to see.

ID#9185 . ., 2007-03-01 [ , ]


ID#9186 . ., 2007-03-01 [ , ]

i think it has as much right to exist on the web as any other site... there are much nastier pornographic ones. i found the comments most entertaining on the one hand the ones who found your site delightful, and interesting and on the other a lot of loving christians who had stepped in for God and judged you for HIM. so many hateful people coming to a site that they hate. i read neo tech and really i dont love or hate it , its just a lot of opinion not gonna save or destroy the world.. some people just need a life so badly.

ID#9193 D.B., 2007-03-02 [ , ]

Keep up the great work, We'll be there soom! The society is growing daily, and more people are becoming aware of the truth about religion and governmental influences on society as a whole. What we do about educating others to learn the truth, we hold us accountable for our's as well as their actions. Nouveau Tech Society's Brother DXB/IBM (2007)

ID#9194 D.B., 2007-03-02 [ , ]

Keep up the great work, We'll be there soon! The society is growing daily, and more people are becoming aware of the truth about religion and governmental influences on society as a whole. What we do about educating others to learn the truth, will hold us accountable for our's as well as their future actions and progress. Nouveau Tech Society's Brother DXB/IBM (2007)

ID#9196 D.B., 2007-03-02 [ Amarillo, TX]

especially interested in biological immortality

ID#9197 t.s., 2007-03-02 [ reno, nv]

i have info. relevant to neo-tech........ neo-tech update available from terryseed. neo-tech , new technology mandatory-high-priority update........update........

ID#9198 S.W., 2007-03-02 [ Kansas City, MO]

My name is Shania and my mother from my youth has prepared me for this day . I appriciate the creator in you to give such information. A person must know themself to give so much to the people.I gained so much more information from the movie Ilumanti The Creator graced me with the chance to see with my third eye.Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Shania P.S. Fill free to reach me at ( hm. #816-569-6013 hm. My cell 816-308-5975 anytime. I love from a pure heart!!!!!!!

ID#9201 G.G., 2007-03-02 [ Campos Novos Paulista, SP]

Do you pubblish in any other language?

ID#9214 q. ., 2007-03-03 [ qxlpmuevbx, qxlpmuevbx]

Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! vlchdytjckxogu

ID#9216 E.J., 2007-03-03 [ Las Pinas City, ]

To continously impart the overwhelming truth about the universe and revelation of new knowledge to overcome the danger and deception of religions, politics, human rights violations and all other parasites that control and kill innocent people as a results of corrupt governments and the few malicious people who control this world.

ID#9217 s.j., 2007-03-03 [ , ]

i do not own any of your literature as i have not them means to afford them because i am disabled with extremely limited funds

ID#9226 v.s., 2007-03-03 [ williamsport, ohio]

i thank you .for iam one that would have spent money on this 1,000 pg. money that is needed for my bills i live so dam poor my son dont want any thing to do with me and to fall for this sh__. well needless to say he would never talk to me again,SO THANK YOU ONCE MORE........... VERDANA SPEAKMAN

ID#9227 . ., 2007-03-03 [ , ]

Hi! It's been awhile since I reveiwed this site, so it was a shock to find that Dr. Wallace had passed away. My sincerest condolences to Rosa Maria and her whole neo-tech "family". The man will be sorely missed, but his legacy will continue to grow far into the future. Although, to the best of my knowledge, he did not find those 3 people he sought who fully understand Pax Neo-Tech, that goal may be closer than he knew. I strongly believe I will be among them, due to a Neo-Tech compatible learning process, developed seperately from Neo-Tech literature. If he agreed, I'm sure he would be greatly pleased to find that a mind as dis-integrated as mine has been in the past*, has experienced increasing periods of fully integrated thought since being introduced to his work. Prior to my Neo-Tech "discovery", this had happened only under "survival pressure" on the ego, produced by confrontation with external authorities, as when I developed the term "anticivilization" at a parent-teacher conference in 1978. This happened only when anger at a lack of active listening on their part, was converted into determination to be heard. It worked, but it relied far too much on emotional energy to be sustainable.

ID#9228 M.M., 2007-03-03 [ Granada Hills, CA]

I sent for the 1,000 page 2nd installment and I'll reserve judgement untill I receive it. I have an open mind about it and I hope the claims are true. Mark

ID#9229 C.R., 2007-03-03 [ Fresno, Ca]

I am reading Miss Annabelle's secrects and am so involved with the story.. Yes, I have the three books... It is truly worth your efforts in keeping your site going... Where these ideas came from, I don't know but it is so on the mark in my view that as many people as possible should have the opportunity to at least have a chance to ponder...

ID#9232 D.W., 2007-03-03 [ Clio, MI]

After going through some mail that had become buried in my drawers I found a letter from John Finn, and decided that even though the date on the letter had passed I would look into this further and see more. Regrettably I should have acted. I think that this site should remain, as people should be encouraged to learn.

ID#9238 k.y., 2007-03-04 [ fremont, oh]

i am a fast reader so i have been waiting for 3 weeks for you to send me my password please hurry i am anxiously awaiting to hear from you kathryn

ID#9241 J.G., 2007-03-04 [ Riverside, CA]

Yes because it's America and I feel that we need to have a free press ... I would like to get new books from NTP ... but did not get any info about "Neo-Tech" in my mail ... and it's been about 2 years now ... Thanks! James King

ID#9245 . ., 2007-03-04 [ , ]

I think its sick

ID#9246 r. ., 2007-03-04 [ brooklyn, ny]

without neo-tech this world is lost. i believe neo-tech is the only way that this world can survive prosper and live in peace, love, harmony, and honesty . without neo-tech being honest and open minded is imposible. neo-tech is for all those who dare to be honest.

ID#9247 J.Q., 2007-03-05 [ Mesa, AZ]

Still not sure what I think of it yet. Definitely like the section on business and attacks on present system of government and thought. Haven't read the entire manual yet, but I'm working on it!

ID#9250 R.S., 2007-03-05 [ Spring City, Utah]

I bought the Neo-Tech book and must say that it is a waist of money. The mystical name ZON or ZON Power originated from a set of Aramaic/Hebrew books called the Zohar where the real informayion is and with perspective. As I see it, the claims are not real and so is a fraudulent scam to exact money from people. In short no I do not think Neo-Tech should remain on the web except for a warning or historical comment. Cordially, Robert Shrewsbury

ID#9251 R.S., 2007-03-05 [ Spring City, Utah]

I bought the Neo-Tech book and must say that it is a waist of money. The mystical name ZON or ZON Power originated from a set of Aramaic/Hebrew books called the Zohar where the real informayion is and with perspective. As I see it, the claims are not real and so is a fraudulent scam to exact money from people. In short no I do not think Neo-Tech should remain on the web except for a warning or historical comment. Cordially, Robert Shrewsbury

ID#9254 K.D., 2007-03-05 [ Lexington, SC]

none at this time

ID#9255 M. ., 2007-03-05 [ , ]

It is not on the web unless I am missing something as your splash page does not and has not connected to any content for sometime. What is going on? As if this world was not a big enough mess not to have something to counter the mystics is life, health and wealth threatening.

ID#9256 D.N., 2007-03-05 [ Gilman, Wi]

your web site is a mess. what happened?

ID#9258 D.D., 2007-03-05 [ Buchanan, MI]

Glad just to see your out there.

ID#9263 o. ., 2007-03-05 [ Dallas, or]

I forgot my secreet coad name to get into the serett meatings. How can I get into them.

ID#9265 j. ., 2007-03-05 [ , ]

errrr. how on earth do you site this site? the informaton is great....but i can't figure out fo rthe life of my how to site it.

ID#9267 S.M., 2007-03-05 [ Winston-Salem, nc]

I need to have this book.

ID#9268 L.C., 2007-03-05 [ Escondido, CA]

i got the manuscript a couple of yrs ago but didnt start to focus on it until now...because i am ready to hear it now...i cant tell you how the brainwashing of my upbringing damaged me....after reading the negative comments i know now even more than before that this is the path to take...after just reading a short section on releasing fears & doing the exercises i feel like a new woman...and it can only get better!!!

ID#9269 e.t., 2007-03-06 [ columbia, sc]

i think that if your information is beneficial to mankind then kudos to you, unfortunaletly we cannot all afford this book, as i am very curious about its contents, i cany buy it. Is there any way some one out there can send me theirs or help me with a few questions. Any help would be appreciated. thanks gapch

ID#9276 L.C., 2007-03-06 [ Tooting, London]

This information is the most important information that can be given to humanity. It has helped expain a lot of things about myself, I have always felt very different from everyone around me for as long as I can remember. I have been able to completely relate to the theories of the neo-tech age as these are theories I have had about humanity since I was young (I've always been a deep thinker). I think if more people (that were mentally capable) read these works then maybe we can reach this age quicker and stop the nonsence of the current political leaders we have. This site should most definitely remain online in the hope that like minded people find it and look into the theories a bit more

ID#9278 k.b., 2007-03-06 [ johnstown, pa]

if there were no neo-tech on the web how would the average person servive

ID#9279 . ., 2007-03-06 [ , ]

I think that they should be on the web. why can we have other points of view regarding any and every thing, and freedom of speech. I am a thinking women and I can make decison of my own. I dont need or want every thing hand selectd for me. leave them on the web.

ID#9288 A.W., 2007-03-06 [ Winder, GA]

I have enjoyed what I have learned so far. I have always been convinced that there is more to life than what I have already seen. It is time for new thinking for a new age. I believe Neo-Tech may have the answers I have been seeking.

ID#9289 H.M., 2007-03-07 [ Bossier City, La]

I cannot go to any of your pages...non of the links are working

ID#9291 W.M., 2007-03-07 [ n/a, CO]

I strongly believe that even I under-estimate the power of America's positive influence on the future. I have met and spoken to America hating Muslim idiots, and I have argued with the "global warming" morons that unwittingly support them, and I am telling you the competition is already not as effective as they seem. Their power is often an illusion. The reason 9/11 was successful was that it was so absurd, and a typical hardworking American was unaware of the possibility. I believe there will come a day, VERY soon, when the energy it takes to destroy Western Civilization/America will reach critical mass, and implode. I see a day when we will look at the threat of Iranian and North Korean nuclear threats as silly. It might come in the form of the United States neutralizing Iranian capacity to build nukes, via military action, or it may come in a big surprise as Iran just gives up (ala Soviet Union). But, it will happen, as long as we don't stop moving forward. As a side note: I have heard many "pundits" exclaim that it is not practicle for America (or Israel) to destroy Iran's nuclear weapon production.... Maybe I am a bit too optimistic, but I believe that a well planned (American) operation could stop Iran from ever contemplating one more split atom for many decades. It is simply too difficult to build nuclear bombs without facilities; not to mention the fact that soon you will be hearing about the radiation poisoning of many Iranian nuclear scientists. (Don't get me wrong, I do not want to waste even one American's life attacking Iran. But relative to the cost of domestic nuclear attacks, the dozen planes that would be shot down over Iran, will astonish the most fearful anti-war activists.)

ID#9297 M.W., 2007-03-07 [ Coventry, West Midlands]

certanly helped me see things clearer wish I understud more about Neo-Tech

ID#9301 J.E., 2007-03-07 [ , ]

I have only read the three books and I have found them to be enlighting and informational about the life I am now leading and I can't wait to get my free meeting invitation so I can contribute my knowldge to the group.

ID#9302 J.E., 2007-03-07 [ Findlay, Ohih]

I have only read the three books and I have found them to be enlighting and informational about the life I am now leading and I can't wait to get my free meeting invitation so I can contribute my knowldge to the group.

ID#9304 P.R., 2007-03-07 [ OCALA, FL]

would like to find out more.

ID#9307 J. ., 2007-03-08 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

Please continue the Neo-Tech Website

ID#9308 W.B., 2007-03-08 [ Wheat Ridge, Co]

I am investigating their integrity(or lack thereof)I've been ripped off tooooo many times!!!!!!

ID#9311 W.B., 2007-03-08 [ Wheat Ridge, Co]

researching validity

ID#9312 P.G., 2007-03-08 [ NYC, NY]

Yes I feel the site should remain on the Web, because it gives me the opportunity to get more involed and deeply conected in my leap from bicamerial mind. The Website is a helpful tool. The electronic mode offfers fast saft and easy access as well as time efficiency. Thanks you for creating it!

ID#9317 S.F., 2007-03-08 [ Ypsilanti, Mi]

I have all of your books, the last being Miss Annabelle's Secrets. I have misplaced my letter with my password during a move. Can I have that information mailed to me again? I also noticed on this website there is nowhere to sign on. Is there a different website to access the meetings?

ID#9319 w.s., 2007-03-08 [ allentown, ny]

There is the way things are,and the way they should be. NT is the way it should be

ID#9326 M.R., 2007-03-08 [ ShermanOaks, CA]

this is great stuff, the 10-second Miracle? help me understand thank you. P.S. I don't have computer at home I use the library computer when i get a chance,so please write me.

ID#9327 R.L.,@sbcglobal.nen 2007-03-08 [ CHICAGO, IL.]


ID#9330 W.B., 2007-03-09 [ Wheat Ridge, Co]

to research

ID#9331 . ., 2007-03-09 [ , ]

Yes,please let others see and hear about this irs agency.

ID#9334 R.D., 2007-03-09 [ Gilbert, Az.]

About 20 years ago I had a copy of Dr. Wallace's writings. At the time I paid no heed and discarded the book. Now that I have matured, I find that what you are telling us is reassuring. I've always thought something was wrong, but could not put my finger on it. Thank you for the enlightenment. I have read everything and can hardly wait for the exciting changes to come.

ID#9335 j.W., 2007-03-09 [ green bay, wi]

after reading the books and koging on the web site I start to understand the concepts of the andvantages and i start to see the diference in my frame of thought and my actions.Plus the abusse of society and the goverment.I am still working at intergrating the advantages in to my life .

ID#9337 K.J., 2007-03-09 [ Susanville, Ca]

I have been waiting patiently for my password to get into the summit meetings. It has been way past three weeks. I can't wait!!!

ID#9338 R. ., 2007-03-09 [ , ]

I have an open mind. I was put on this earth to learn as much as I can,no matter how young or old I am. And I do want to learn more about this web site. please let it expand. R. N.

ID#9342 G.P., 2007-03-10 [ East Elmurst, New York]

Keep up the great work!e

ID#9344 H. ., 2007-03-10 [ Morayfield, qld]

neo-tech and the authors are certainley open minded and wide thinking people,Iam just blown away by their concepts, i don't see them as a threat to anything that is positive in the world,in fact i think it would be great to live in a world where everyone gets harmony,love,honesty,freedom,prosperty and the chance to eternallife.

ID#9345 H. ., 2007-03-10 [ Morayfield, qld]

neo-tech and the authors are certainley open minded and wide thinking people,Iam just blown away by their concepts, i don't see them as a threat to anything that is positive in the world,in fact i think it would be great to live in a world where everyone gets harmony,love,honesty,freedom,prosperty and the chance to eternallife.

ID#9347 F.S., 2007-03-10 [ Long Beach, CA]

Hello, I have been trying to find recent information regarding Neo-Tech. I owned practically every product offered back in '91, and I desperately need to brush up on the teachings. My old address was: Fred Smith 1007 Lincoln Street Chester PA 19013-3739 Neo-Tech has definitely been the only technology that was and still is valid in this insane world.

ID#9348 B.w., 2007-03-10 [ Grovecity, 43123]

Everyday is a learning experience. Job well done!

ID#9350 J.S., 2007-03-10 [ , ]

Neo-Tech helped me to remain a totally free individual, Neo-Tech was probaly a threat to the criminal regime that is in power, they could not have the general population being constantly confused by facts. PUT IT BACK ON THE WEB.

ID#9351 J.S., 2007-03-10 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Neo-Tech helped me to remain a totally free individual, Neo-Tech was probaly a threat to the criminal regime that is in power, they could not have the general population being constantly confused by facts. PUT IT BACK ON THE WEB.

ID#9353 R.D., 2007-03-10 [ Edgewood, KY]

I am researching the library as a Level 3 student of NT literature. At this point I most want to read as much up-to-date information about the existence and formation of Church of God-Man.

ID#9354 R.R., 2007-03-10 [ Miami, FL]

I am interested in learing more about Neo-Tech. When I received the invitation in the mail the offer was already expired. My mailing address is a Mail Boxes Etc., But I live in Venezuela

ID#9356 H.C., 2007-03-10 [ Windhoek, ]

I've been a reader of NeoTech for years and have received invitation letters from Kirsten Hart to join the NT Society. Nothing has been fortcomming. I am very disappinted with the turn of events. Can this be clarified, please?

ID#9357 M.M., 2007-03-10 [ Medfield, MA]

I am a new person to this information, however, I have an open mind. I believe you are coming from a good place, and all of a sudden, I am looking at life and the world differently. Thank you, Mary

ID#9358 D. ., 2007-03-10 [ Petah-Tikva, ]

The Neo-Tech message is very important. Men, you are free and don`t you forget it. It`s true that enslavement is very convenient sometimes but happiness it is award of those who dare to be free and to fight for their freedom.

ID#9362 W.C., 2007-03-10 [ New York, NY]

Neo-Tech's phiolosphy coincides with some of mine.

ID#9366 W.T., 2007-03-11 [ Idabel, OK]

looks like this is really worth the information provided

ID#9367 M.A., 2007-03-11 [ Pensacola, Fl]

I am so glady that there has been this information out there. From the age of 15 and still at 49. I was never one to fall for the Mysticsim of religion. And the Crap that the so called goverment has been messing up off and on for all these years. I have always felt that we are resposible for our own actions. And that if things do not change in this 21st century. Then, yes the world wil have faild. Yet now that there is the truth out there. And BIG CHANGE IS GOING TO PUT THINGS RIGHT. Keep up the good work. And All of us will pass on the truth to make sure it happens!

ID#9369 R.D., 2007-03-11 [ Mandurah, Wa]

From what I have read, Neo-Tech apears to speek the truth and is heading in the right direction! I have Neo-Tech Discovery and Breakthrough to Enlightrnmrnt! And have paid for the next Manuscript but haven't receved it, Must have been lost somehow. I receved a letter of conformation saying it had been sent. I have also changed my mailing adress-[ 58 tuckey st Mandurah 6210 ] Thankyou and all the best Russell Dyer. Member Number 1924664-9075348.

ID#9371 J. ., 2007-03-11 [ Chandler, Az.]

From your intuition, you sent me a letter to begin with, and I am so grateful that you were so inspired. Thank you, I have had many life times in this one life, and I am ready now to work with you and help to Create this New Heaven on Earth as I have established it in my own Being. I have studied much, prayed a lot, searched all religions, found many light centers. And studied their truth to learn about myself. It's all right here in ME. "All that the Father has is mine now, because I know Who the Father is!" Around the world I've searched for you, I wondered on til hope was gone to keep a rondeveous. I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow, I'd look at you, and I would see the smile, you're SMILING now. It must have been in County Down, or in New York, in Scottsdale Az.or even Chandler Town, No more will I go all around the World, for I have found my WORLD IN YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 'NEW TECH WORLD IN YOU'. THE SUN-ZON IS SHINNING FOR ALL OF US, IT WILL JUST TAKE TIME. And we will be here forever. For I am AGELESS, .......... Immortal,HAPPY,HEALTHY, UNSTOPABLE, and I live to BE! NOT TO HAVE! I now welcome all the Wealth of the Neo-Tech World. Yes, after all said and done

ID#9372 M.K., 2007-03-11 [ Loveland, CO]

I started to read your Neo-Tech books about four to five years ago. I kept getting new books regularly at the beginning of my reading and then they stopped. I don’t know why? Then in May of 2005 my wife died. Even though I had experienced the deaths of several other close family and in-law people it was my wife’s death that has had a real eye opening view of the waste that death is. In January of 2007 I received your “The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets” and in February received your “ The Nouveau Tech Package of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets” and I have read the first one completely and I am several chapters into Miss Annabelle’s book. It was a good time to get the boost of your insights. I could not get my wife to read any of the books I had gotten earlier. Now it is just I and my children and family. I want to get copies of these books to my family and children for their own.

ID#9374 S.P., 2007-03-11 [ Brampton, Ontario]

Neo-Tech gave me the tools to effectivelty deal with neo-cheaters and give me the power to be the strongest person I could have ever possibly imagined and then some. I used to be taken down big time by neo-cheaters on a regular basis almost to the point of annihilation. My term for that is soul murder. Then when I came to the ) tolerance level for the umpteenth time, I re-connected with Neo-Tech and it gave me boost I needed to get myself out of the mystical bubble you so aptly describe. Through Neo-Tech I recaptured my real essence and now it is an unmovable foundation where I draw all my strength. Quite literally it saved my life. If you want my story on that I have already sent an e-mail this day Sunday, March 11, to and it is from Sandra Paulen Also every day I am on the net promoting Neo-Tech advantages and now I am creating a domino effect with all the networking I am doing. So much so, that someone I do not even know who, decided to create a website on a review I did on Mark Hamiltons' book "Godman: Our Final Evolution" If you want to read it is in Google. Type in "Zonpower through cyberspace" and it is the fourth one down. Then scroll down to the section from Shiva Las Vegas, and that is where you will find my review. This forum (from the comedienne Roseanne has a lot of readers. I usually post my information in the forums of Politics or Books. Wow. What an acknowledgement. People are starting to pay attention and validate what I write as a writer and social activist. Most of my work so far has been done on the net and I am always urging people to get the message out to create a domino effect. It is starting to happen and my intention is to help create a wave of realization to show us the way out of the nightmare world of the neo-cheating disfunctional corrupted system. If anyone wants a copy of my personal story with Neo-Tech than you can write me at My life feels like a miracle is happening everyday. I just met the most amazing man I could ever possibly imagine and his name is Leo. Rhymes with Neo. How perfect is that! Thank you, thank you again!

ID#9375 C.D., 2007-03-11 [ Knoxville, Iowa]

An absolute. Am beginning to integrate concepts in my own business. See great wealth, happiness and romantic love as a result of my decision to go the whole 9 yards with Nouveau Tech. Very glad I did!

ID#9378 w. ., 2007-03-11 [ Keller, Tx]

I liked what I read looking foward to meet other belivers

ID#9380 m.d., 2007-03-12 [ forestville, md]

keep telling the truth

ID#9381 . ., 2007-03-12 [ , ]

TEll me all your secrets, and, "Cassandra's Secret", so that I can take over the world shamelessly and without much opposition.

ID#9384 v. ., 2007-03-12 [ crystal springs, ms]

I just want to say what a wonderful site you have and I believe that it should continue regardless of what some claim to know or do not the forces of nature good or bad is everywhere out there.

ID#9385 D.M., 2007-03-12 [ Langkap, , Perak]

Neotech is very convincing. I cannot believe human beings have lived all their years in ignorance.Mysticism is on the rise all over the world. How is Neo-Tech going to make inroads? The future of the human race is at stake.

ID#9386 P.W., 2007-03-12 [ Rosevillle, Mi.]

i some times loose track & i start over agian to read it. my name peter w. zalewski, i live at 25168 lehner in roseville,mi. 48066. i i have been trying to find a suppport group in my area to talk with. please send some imfromation on your talk groups in my area. i vote yes.

ID#9387 P.W., 2007-03-12 [ Rosevillle, Mi.]

i some times loose track & i start over agian to read it. my name peter w. zalewski, i live at 25168 lehner in roseville,mi. 48066. i i have been trying to find a suppport group in my area to talk with. please send some imfromation on your talk groups in my area. i vote yes.

ID#9389 A.C., 2007-03-12 [ Libera, ks]


ID#9390 J.T., 2007-03-12 [ Duncan , ok]

I got a Letter about a year and a half ago and blew it off. Then I recieved another letter and followed up a little with it. I then checked into it on the web and scanned through some of the information on here. I was thinking what is this but I read on and agreed with some of it. Well to make a long story short. The year before I recieved the letter I was making around 10 to 15 grand a year.this last year I cleared 70 grand Just by scanning through some of the information within this and letting the info set in. My home life and social life have improved a thousand fold!! All I want to say is thank you. The negative comments that might be on here are from closed minded individuals who are to wrapped up in there own pre programmed hell to realize what they are doing to there lives. They cant concieve that what they have been taught all there lives might be wrong. So they want to try and prevent anyone from trying anything that might just be a REAL alternative.

ID#9393 T.W., 2007-03-12 [ Bergen, NY]

I'm just starting to read about this... Sounds very interesting... Still waiting to really "get it". I was invited to buy the book, but can't afford it, so looking for more info...

ID#9395 L.Y., 2007-03-12 [ jacksonville, fl]


ID#9396 C.S., 2007-03-12 [ Dothan, AL]

yes, people need to be enlightened.

ID#9397 c.f., 2007-03-12 [ slaughter, la]

i think it's the best thing happen to me thinks c.f

ID#9398 d.m., 2007-03-13 [ Langkap, Perak]

A society without mysticism would have conquered outer space a long time ago and would probably have the wherewithal for biological immortality. I would like to know what haoppens after death? Is reincarnation mysticism? Does the consciousness die with the individual?

ID#9399 M.R., 2007-03-13 [ Arlington, 22204]

I believe Neo-Tech causes no harm to anyone and yet there are plenty of people who would like to see it wiped off the map. They have radical views. This I know. They do not force these views on anyone. We all have the right to freedom of speech, press, and religion. Just because the majority of people do not share their vision doesn't mean they should be irradicated from the planet. If someone opposes their view, let him go his way in peace. No one, least of all Neo-Tech, wants to force anyone to do anything against his wishes.

ID#9403 C.G., 2007-03-13 [ Brandon, FL]

Everyone has the right to be heard and everyone has the right to make thier own choices.

ID#9405 G. ., 2007-03-13 [ the villages, fl]

I liked it it was very informative and interesting reading

ID#9406 S.L., 2007-03-14 [ KAVALA, ]

I am a relative of 192111 and I would like to know if your books been translated into Greek. Thank you in advance

ID#9407 C."., 2007-03-14 [ Knoxville, Iowa]

Fascinating beyond anything I have to compare it to.

ID#9410 j.c., 2007-03-14 [ marlborough, ma]

love the concepts, but still have some reservations. have always been some what of a rebel, hate government intervention in my life. would never turn my back on any politician. would especially like to be personally in volved in taking down all the neocheating politicians from my state. they are to numerous to mention here. I am very curious to find out exactly what you do know about me as that will be a large factor in determining what i do next.

ID#9412 A.R., 2007-03-14 [ coronado, ca]

Neo Tech should present itself on the net proudly, especially when pretenders like the biggest of religious groups in America are cheating and decieving millions of people everyday on the net and the public airwaves. Be proud be strong, bold and be brave. There are millions of people who would benitit greatly from the Neo Tech techings if it was more available to them. Your books are truly wonderful, but I feel there are golden oportunities through symbols and such to proliferate this important message that are not being harvested. I have many powerful ideas which I would like to share with someone who understands what I am trying to communicate to Neo-Tech. I remain at your service A R Graham

ID#9413 K.P., 2007-03-14 [ Los Angeles, Ca]

In honor of our loved ones who are waiting and hoping, including our beloved father, Mr. Frank Wallace

ID#9414 K.P., 2007-03-14 [ Los Angeles, CA]

Thank you and full steam ahead!

ID#9415 . .,@yahoo.ocm 2007-03-14 [ , ]

how do i get a book

ID#9419 S.M., 2007-03-14 [ Spokane, WA]

Stick around. Right to free speech and all.

ID#9425 A.D., 2007-03-15 [ CORONA, CA]

Very interesting system, authors, books and specialy those persons that are involved in the Neo-tech system

ID#9426 d.n., 2007-03-15 [ , ]

what is the current situ . with the web site . not musch info or new products coming through ,i also dont receive regular mail that i once received regarding new products? regards dennis nel

ID#9432 L.R., 2007-03-15 [ Lancaster, Lancashire]

Your history of the industrial revolution is very interesting. I looked into the textile machinery history and found nothing about the loom made in Lyon during the XVIII century. Bouchon, Vaucanson and Jacquard do not seem to mean anything to you. Today's weaving machine are Jacquard's. These french inventors are the one who imagined modern programming devices such as punch cards (used in computers for so long), punched bands (later used in NC milling machines) and cylinder rolls (later used in automatic piano). It is about time that the french be given the proper credit they diserve in the Industrial Revolution.

ID#9434 G.M., 2007-03-15 [ Plano, Texas ]

Of course NEO-TECH should remain. It's key antidote to mysticism non-thinking toxic poison.

ID#9436 B.O., 2007-03-15 [ Scappoose, OR]

Nothing I have read O far and I've been reading for 40 years to find just what NEO-TECH is teaching and I can't wait to go forward B-J O

ID#9437 M.A., 2007-03-15 [ Ottawa, ON]

I have bee trying to pay my bill and cannot find the address. I will have another payment sood.please rush me your agress.

ID#9439 C.G., 2007-03-15 [ Mesa, AZ]

In my humble opinion, this information will change the lives of any human being that it touches. Itegrating puzzle pictures, (precepts), backed by burning desire (concepts), supported by facts (reality), and the aquistion of knowlede, (credible infomation), and not fiction, (mind fantasies), will evoultionize the world of thought and action for all days to come.

ID#9440 d.c., 2007-03-15 [ , ]

great repports! keep it going!

ID#9444 g. ., 2007-03-16 [ Cardiff, ]

Neo-Tech provides a wonderful test of faith. Thanks to you I have become a born again christian. keep up the good work.

ID#9446 L.S., 2007-03-16 [ Angie, LA]

In my lifetime, I have had visions,read tarot cards, talked to the dead, talked in tongues in church, and was a medium at one time but after reading the three volumes from Neo-Tech I came to understand that none of these things ever existed. These were a creation of my own mind. I no longer have time for these because I am busy creating a more meaningful life. These things kept me in a fearful bondage for so long that I can't believe how unburdened my life is now. Thank you for opening my eyes as well as my sister, who also read the books.

ID#9447 I.S., 2007-03-16 [ Hendersonville, TN]

Not much here. Was hoping to get a general idea of what neo-tech is, so I might have formed an educated opinion. I'm a lover of information and new ideas, but there's not much to go on here except people either love it or hate it. So basically all I can gather is that it's a very polarizing subject, which only intrigues me more. So... what is Neo-Tech?

ID#9448 J.N., 2007-03-16 [ Cutler Bay, Florida]

Hi, we can protect from toxic and corrosive thoughts, and you knowledge is an amazing option to take in order to improve our lives... We need financial freedom and control in our decisions...

ID#9449 I.t., 2007-03-16 [ I think you know, ]

I know all about what you doing ... , and I also do not care ... , but I should tell you one thing don't use the power you got for money ... , I thing no one of you understand what is the true power ...

ID#9450 j.n., 2007-03-16 [ columbia, sc.]

great information thought i was the only one thinking like that.

ID#9457 D. ., 2007-03-17 [ , ]

I loved the book , but i miss placed my copy, I loved that it was all online.

ID#9461 R.L., 2007-03-17 [ Seymour, CT]

This is a great book, but we need more specific details to become rich and healthy.

ID#9462 I.C., 2007-03-17 [ Ridgeway, Ont]

Neo-Tech has shown me the truth about neo-cheaters,keep moving forward in a direct and honest manner.

ID#9463 M.K.,@aol 2007-03-17 [ West Falls, NY]

I finally finished reading the 3 books. Miss Annabelle's Secrets was a tear jerker. I loved all the books and was in quite a state of shock many times. I took longer to read the books than you expected of me. I was 2 months behind I guess. I did my best as I have very little extra time in a day. I would get so exhausted reading the books at night and have to go to bed. I took an early retirement this January and stay home caring for my 12 Egyptian Arabian horses. I love them very much. I need help logging in and getting started. My Login # is NC60 1334-7679. Thank You, Michelle Kowalczyk

ID#9467 J.R., 2007-03-18 [ Pine Island, NY]

This should not even be a question. Of course it should remain. I have a lot to say about my personel situation. I would love to be able to talk with someone.

ID#9469 j.r., 2007-03-18 [ roanoke, va]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web.

ID#9470 L.M., 2007-03-18 [ Nesoddtangen, Akershus]

I feel that Neo-cheaters must be replaced with the caretakers of a Better wold for all,-students of the works of Dr.Frank R Wallace.

ID#9472 J.S., 2007-03-18 [ Royal Oak, MI]

I was raised Baptist, but I've attended many "Religious" services (the word religion is badly misunderstood by the masses. True religion has no name, (according to James chapter 1 pure religion is undefiled). The worship is exciting, but the teachings have been too vague, and lacking proper interpretation. The Parasites were confused when they paid to have "scripture" interpreted. It was these very parasites that Jesus was against. I honor his mentality, and his willingness to get the word out. "They" write the history books to gain favorable support, by not giving the perspectives from the masses. I've put together a few lines, that shead light on a few honest things. My song is below.

ID#9473 s.v., 2007-03-18 [ hudson, nh]

I would like to know what year that the story took place.

ID#9474 D.B., 2007-03-18 [ Butte, Montana]

Would like to know how to get to more information as suggested in TWO. Also never recieved Volume Three

ID#9476 W. .,@VERIZON.NET 2007-03-18 [ TAUNTON, mass]


ID#9488 M.L., 2007-03-19 [ Willits, Ca]

I see more good being done with this website than I have seen in many others. I won't mention names but the majority of web sites I've seen are designed to keep people addicted to some form of headonistic behavior or profit big ideas that I've seen most put out a lot of money and end up upset and broke and no where to turn. Yes you should stay on the web, anyone trying to say you shouldn't or cannot is just someone afraid of you. Need I say why? You go Neo-Tech (smile)

ID#9489 S.Y., 2007-03-19 [ APO AE, NY]

Anything this controversial I want to take a look at. Send me more info right away. Thanks

ID#9495 P. ., 2007-03-19 [ ROSEVIILE, MI.]


ID#9501 D.M., 2007-03-19 [ Dungannon, Co. Tyrone]

Neo-Tech has to be the way forward for all of us. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to read these books and see the fog clear from my brain. Thanks to the writers of these wonderful volumns of knowledge. DMcC

ID#9503 a.v., 2007-03-19 [ white hills, vic]

Just wait and see what i have in store for 2007 003696114

ID#9504 D.A., 2007-03-19 [ Hollister, CA]

What's next after the 2nd big book? I understand there's still more? My member number is 36526-V. I got a letter today that I have already responded to some time ago. It looks like the initial invitation letter. Please RSVP asap. Thanks, DA

ID#9505 J.W., 2007-03-19 [ Lehigh Acres, FL]

I receved the secend leter but was to late to respond. I would still be intrested in the information if is avable.

ID#9509 T.m., 2007-03-20 [ Havelian, ATD]

i was lived in uk there iwas find that book about new tech ' mutch tim icolud notred the book at the book and i find the web the book. but ilive now pakistan ihave mutch probalam toreach that side .

ID#9510 S.H., 2007-03-20 [ Cordova, TN]

I think it's time for this site to recieve a make-over. Our time to rise is at hand, but it's not going to happen if the site keeps a late 80's early 90's appearance. Need a hand with the face lift? Give me a hollar.

ID#9513 j.b., 2007-03-20 [ , ]

free speech

ID#9514 M.g., 2007-03-20 [ Columbus, OH]

I think it's vitally important that memebers have a way to maintain steady connect so they can keep update with what is going on in the organization and other places in the world. The website is an necessary part in that.

ID#9516 j. ., 2007-03-20 [ , ]

Neotech should stay on, because the light needs the darkness, in which to shine. If you believe something, then it will be challenged time and again. I think everyone here, and everyone who ever hears or reads about neo-tech has free will to choose. By the way, you clicked on, and probably searched it out. What are you, the saviors of the world, to save us from neo-tech? Please, go to the streets, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless. Do what Jesus would do, instead of wasting your time here.

ID#9517 p. ., 2007-03-20 [ anna, tx]

best thing that ever happened to was live in 1970 thanks to Neo-Tech Im in 2007 thanks

ID#9518 C.R., 2007-03-20 [ Edmonds, Wa ]

My name is carlos ramirez jr. I am currently a Noveou tech new member. I recently recieved a letter of notifacation as how to attend the upcoming summits and gatherings. I never actually got a chance to read the letter, sadly it was acccidently tossed in the garbage! Now I NEED TO BE ABLE TO GET ANOTHER ONE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. PLEASE SEND ME A LETTER TO 22815 76TH AVE WEST EDMONDS WA 98026

ID#9519 T.M., 2007-03-20 [ Kansas City, KS]

I love all that this gives to thoes that are searching for a better life like myself,I am a single mother of two and I am self employed as a cosmetologist. I make money just not enough to really survive in this ever increasing world, all of my adult life I have struggled with relationships with others in my circle because of my IDEAS that have been brewing in me for awhile, they all seem to think that I am out there but now that I have been exposed to truth I now realize that Iam not off base but on my way to TRUTH,I need help expanding my mind to Neothink Levels so that I can start bulding the puzzle pictures that I am made to see!

ID#9520 j.c., 2007-03-21 [ , ]

I assume you have removed your pages from the web. I cannot find them.

ID#9521 K.P., 2007-03-21 [ Garfield, NJ]

Got an 8pg UNSOLICITED letter in the mail. What a waste of time, money, and postage !! What a bunch of BULLSHIT!!

ID#9526 J.R., 2007-03-21 [ SUMTER, SC]

Still searching and Raiding. I'll make comments or present questions later.

ID#9528 .R., 2007-03-21 [ Brooklyn, NY]

To Whom It May Concern: My pass word do not work any more for some reason neither can I get on the web site or attend meetings. Is there something YOU or I can do to fix this problem?.My last pass word was ntnsdec. Roy Oliver

ID#9529 .R., 2007-03-21 [ Brooklyn, NY]

To Whom It May Concern: My pass word do not work any more for some reason neither can I get on the web site or attend meetings. Is there something YOU or I can do to fix this problem?.My last pass word was ntnsdec. Roy Oliver

ID#9533 a.b., 2007-03-21 [ cranston, ri]

i have always believed there has to be more to life than just going to school then work all day everyday until you die, it started when i was around 7 years old and was wondering about death and what happens,where you go ect... i attended catholic school for 7 years and learned all i can know about it but never felt the urge to become a servant and accomplish nothing in my life. now i am 19 and my mind is starting to open and i recieved a letter from a "john Finn" and i did some research on him and the late Frank R. Wallace and in doing so i tried to find the 2300 year old manuscript printed in 1872 and cannot and would appreciate learning the name of that manuscript/book. also i found that letter was reported to the bad bussiness bureau and i do not want to believe what they say, so i for the sake of everything hope you guys are not scam artists as the say. p.s. all the nooks i try to find by Mr.wallace are out of print at the book stores, if you could tell me where to get them i wolud

ID#9535 c.d., 2007-03-21 [ louisville, ms]

look forward become neotech president c-o-u2 thxclyde harrington

ID#9539 N. ., 2007-03-22 [ Saudi, Minnesota]

Hello world

ID#9541 H.D., 2007-03-22 [ Hayward, CA]

This has been the way I live my life and I'm happy. And finally, I see others think the same as me.

ID#9543 D.N., 2007-03-22 [ PITTSBURGH, PA]

Absolutely. I can introduce it to more friends that way.

ID#9545 M. ., 2007-03-22 [ New, Indiana]

charcoal-grill %

ID#9547 B.A., 2007-03-22 [ Arvada, Co]

If i can log on to the web for the level 1 Secret Meetings none of the web sites will let me log on. Or to get help for them.

ID#9548 J. ., 2007-03-22 [ Leonni, Forces]


ID#9549 c. ., 2007-03-22 [ , ]

hopefully neo-tech is nothing like the guy whos prfile it is on

ID#9552 M.W., 2007-03-22 [ Ponte Vedra Beach, FL]

Great site. Keep up the good work!

ID#9556 K.R., 2007-03-22 [ Fayetteville, NC]

Yes, Neo-tech is important in order to see through the many lies we are subjected to on a daily basis. Please keep this site available.

ID#9559 S. ., 2007-03-22 [ , ]

I think that is a wonderful book to enrich people lifes, but you can choose if you want a life with freedom or free. Love, Shalley

ID#9567 E.B., 2007-03-23 [ new york, new york]

However, I order the Book of The Zon Power from your years ago I have a copy of it right now, However many pages is missing, beside that I lost my way as far as following the principles, and I always think about your, any materials that you can send to get me back on tract will be appreciated. Yes you should remain on the web and move forward with the only word and meaning I ever learn with your, and that word is integrations. Thank you.

ID#9569 C.H., 2007-03-23 [ Margaret River, WA]

I am currently forging through the neo-tech advantages and am up to advantage 89. I have had the manuscript for quite some time but with all the travel and relocating that I've undertaken recently, have not taken the time and concentration needed to digest the powerful concepts that are neo-tech. I now think very definatively about many issues that I constantly 'yo-yoed' my opinions on. I am finding out who I truly am and not what others try to tell me, for many are mearly recommending mediocraty. The manuscript would easily be the most valuble material I own and I can always count on my inspiration levels to sky-rocket each time I read it. I froth on it. Cheers

ID#9570 C.H., 2007-03-23 [ Margaret River, WA]

I am currently forging through the neo-tech advantages and am up to advantage 89. I have had the manuscript for quite some time but with all the travel and relocating that I've undertaken recently, have not taken the time and concentration needed to digest the powerful concepts that are neo-tech. I now think very definatively about many issues that I constantly 'yo-yoed' my opinions on. I am finding out who I truly am and not what others try to tell me, for many are mearly recommending mediocraty. The manuscript would easily be the most valuble material I own and I can always count on my inspiration levels to sky-rocket each time I read it. I froth on it. Cheers

ID#9572 J. ., 2007-03-23 [ Jupiter, FL]

Thanks for the incredible work. Absolutely love it every bit of. Thanks for all the research and time spent. Well worth the value and more! I'm planning to buy a book for both my little brother and sister.

ID#9573 J. ., 2007-03-23 [ Arabia, Kentucky]


ID#9575 M. .,@HOTMAIL.COM 2007-03-23 [ , ]

Actually, I do have a comment. I noted several comments regarding anti-porn. The author is saying that essentially porn is GOOD, and the opponents of porn are oppressing women. Is the author a man? Tell me how it will or does liberate a woman for the man in her life to participate in pornography. No woman I have ever spoken with will tell you that porn made her feel more equal, accepted or liberated. Quite the contrary. As the man is locked away with his fantasies, the woman is left feeling inadequate, undesirable not to mention the financial burden some of the men put on the families as he is spending countless hours on websites requiring payment. Do not be misled. Porn has nothing to do with equality. Do you think the female actress seen in porn are expressing their rights? Their equality? Not so. I am confident for a score of them, they are flexing their strength AGAINST men. We do, after all, have that small patch of flesh that has driven men to the ghastly monstrosities of our past, present and more than likely future. I have speculated the porn addiction craze which is now affecting many households has a connection to women’s liberation. I believe the shift in power, and the blurring of lines between the sexes and their responsibilities has confused BOTH sexes. Perhaps men feel safer with their fantasies, then the reality of the ever-shifting rolls between men and women. I encourage you to view this epidemic with a broader view then trying to sell this “porn is good/it’s the great and powerful equalizer” position. Perhaps for some it is. For many, it is not. It rots a mans’ mind, and breaks a woman’s heart. Life is not ONLY about equality, after all. Men and women, despite all things, have been and will forever be DIFFERENT. And that is OK.

ID#9577 M.R.,@YAHOO.COM 2007-03-23 [ SHERMAN OAKS, CA]


ID#9580 K.R., 2007-03-24 [ Salford, ]

I think Neo-Tech is wonderful. At present I am reading through the Manual - The Neo-Tech Discovery. Your web site must remain, and the cheaters must dimish. Long Live Neo-Tech.

ID#9584 g. ., 2007-03-24 [ beaverfalls, pa]

I dont want to be neg or pos but fair. I want to deliver you some thuoght. You seem from some of what I have read. To say our knowledge comes from a bank that resides in dream land. Thuogh I may not describe this right I have a new area of thuoght which is factual in science. I have just read that our body in mass is only 1 in 4 human. The 3rds made up of bacteria and organizims. They said that humans only share about 1 to 4 intitys at any givin time but there are millions at any given time. Also this resercher said they dont stay the same from day to day. Is it posible that these are the route that our universe absorbs the bits in time of knoledge, what makes us who we are. Compare this to the life of a mushroom. I feel that we are made up for the alien world to war in knowledge which is the true power that controls with out effert. I find it interisting that this knowledge bank may from as I look at it to be the natural ability for our spirit to be rewarded with abilitys to understand. Instien hated war yet the bomb, are these intitys that invade our bodys as parisites truly the very same one that ceaser or hitler had, do these intitys die or move from body to body till it finds the right curcumstance to evolve with others from long ago history. Are these chips of memery that can mold a deystiny of time. Note should we bury when die or burn. could this be how some specalate reincarnation? earth to earth ashes to ashes. Could we be like the mushroom a part of a mold in the ground and develop into a being a mushroom. In all our world we are in a fish bowl and I believe we are all connected some way much deeper.

ID#9585 g. ., 2007-03-24 [ beaverfalls, pa]

I dont want to be neg or pos but fair. I want to deliver you some thuoght. You seem from some of what I have read. To say our knowledge comes from a bank that resides in dream land. Thuogh I may not describe this right I have a new area of thuoght which is factual in science. I have just read that our body in mass is only 1 in 4 human. The 3rds made up of bacteria and organizims. They said that humans only share about 1 to 4 intitys at any givin time but there are millions at any given time. Also this resercher said they dont stay the same from day to day. Is it posible that these are the route that our universe absorbs the bits in time of knoledge, what makes us who we are. Compare this to the life of a mushroom. I feel that we are made up for the alien world to war in knowledge which is the true power that controls with out effert. I find it interisting that this knowledge bank may from as I look at it to be the natural ability for our spirit to be rewarded with abilitys to understand. Instien hated war yet the bomb, are these intitys that invade our bodys as parisites truly the very same one that ceaser or hitler had, do these intitys die or move from body to body till it finds the right curcumstance to evolve with others from long ago history. Are these chips of memery that can mold a deystiny of time. Note should we bury when die or burn. could this be how some specalate reincarnation? earth to earth ashes to ashes. Could we be like the mushroom a part of a mold in the ground and develop into a being a mushroom. In all our world we are in a fish bowl and I believe we are all connected some way much deeper.

ID#9588 B. ., 2007-03-25 [ , tx]

I received a VERY flattering letter aasking me to join They stated that they researched me and found some unique qualities I possess. The letter boasted some very tall claims They are right. I am unique and possess some abilities stated. I am also a Christian and know that gifts are god given. You merely devolop these according to your ability. As for realms you can tap into, even the bible mentions these and you can tap into them in worship. That being stated- I'm going to pass If it sounds to good to be true... it generally is! Those 'christians' writing that these folks should die, be raped, etc. SHAME ON YOU! With Jesus as your role model, this attitude falls quite short. Sometimes undecided people see your attittude and way of life and choose not to follow Christ, either. Just something to think about, everyone!

ID#9590 M.S., 2007-03-25 [ Acton, Ontario]

A place of great interest !!

ID#9601 J.C., 2007-03-25 [ Yuma, AZ]

I've just started reading the Neo-Tech Discovery and are already answering questions and confirming thoughts I've had since I were a child. What a trip we are about to experiance.

ID#9602 K.S., 2007-03-26 [ Escondido, CA ]

I would like to read the 1000 page Nouveau Tech Society Discovery as well. And yes, I believe this information should remain on the internet because it's an awesome story.

ID#9605 a.h., 2007-03-26 [ houston , tx]

i recieve later but i use to have too many bills i did not open it.after a while i open the later and it was full of hopes and dreams of mine got high and the messed up thing about this is that i miss the date that i suppost to return it back to them but i will love to recive one couse now i don't know if i can fight to forfill my dream couse i feel like they got my key to successe!!!!!

ID#9606 P.L., 2007-03-26 [ Yale, Mich.]

Hi this is Phyllis Lenard when I read the book it help me out a whole lot my gifts have not came out yet. thanks a lot for sending me the nouveau book. sincerly, Phyllis Leonard

ID#9610 J. ., 2007-03-26 [ San Antonio, tx]

New ways of thinking always provoke attacks for the establishment... free your mind. Freedom of speech is a good thing.

ID#9612 g. ., 2007-03-27 [ , ]

Free Thinking is not evil. ~smiles~ good-luck to one and all.

ID#9613 N. ., 2007-03-27 [ Tiverton, R.I.]

Neo-tech should remain on web site. It is esier to use.but physicaly meet members is more exited, wich I cannot wait.

ID#9614 K.W., 2007-03-27 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

Thank you so much, I have just finished reading the Neo Tech manuscript and the Road to Enlightenment. So many life long questions answered, Thank you. I am waiting now to hear from you with more, more , more. Sincerely Kay

ID#9615 K.S., 2007-03-27 [ Northfield , VT]

I think that Neo-Tech is completely relevant. If you soak in what they are putting out there and try to apply it to your life, I think you can have the potential to be very successful. I just spent an hour and a half reading the "How to Break Through Boundaries to Capture Vast, Magnificent Opportunties!" and I loved it. But just like it says, most people choose not to listen to new ideas or take the time to understand the logic. I was always told that info-commercials are scams. But one day I bought myself someones ideas and right now I'm starting my own business and have a deal pending for $2,000. Yea it's sounds little now, but when I imply some of these techniques I know I have the potential to become wealthy off of them.

ID#9616 A.E., 2007-03-27 [ worland, Wy]

I recently received the neo-tech manual. I'm not sure what my response to it is. I agree whole heartedly with some of the concepts and am still further contemplating others. I still have much reading to do. Basically I at this point the scope of this way of thinking is overwhelming to me and I will have to digest it in increments. However, the way it is presented in a no force here it is what do you think format is greatly appreciated. So far I have seen nothing that has contradicted the ideal of preserving individual rights that is held in high regard. thought provoking and honest to the source.

ID#9617 S.G., 2007-03-27 [ Canberra, ACT]

I wouldlike to see or receive list of ALL publications/books related to Neo-Tech. I have some books but I am lost with presentations of next ones. I bought twice the same books because of the way they were advertised. I can not afford to buy the same books twice and such list is very important. When I called Neo-Tech someone told me that such list do not exist. If there are new prints of the same author it will be nice to know.

ID#9618 T.P., 2007-03-27 [ Wheaton, ]

I've enjoyed reading your web site.I would like to see you expand your readings.

ID#9619 T.P., 2007-03-27 [ Wheaton, ILL.]

I've enjoyed reading your web site.I would like to see you expand your readings.

ID#9621 p.o., 2007-03-27 [ detroit, mich]

I think that this is a good manual.and it was injoyed greatly.what this dose is give you and ideal that its ok to work and make a good profit,with out listening to abunch of nonasorbeual crafp.I like making money and I to want to be rich,but in this society today you have religioues lieaders giiveing you this gargon about how you should do what's right.each church is church is nice.I get to make money and live my what iwant to do.threr was a great man name john chistenon of the greek church,who went out in to the worlb,and mad his weath.he became a presit ll Leader.and he retired.this is what you are doing.its one thing to be fasious ab And to be a hitler.or to be a capitalist,and be american.but the trouth can not always be told.but in all ithink neo U tech is nice and that what ever it is that they are trying to discard its not goob.this isn,t evil to think this way.

ID#9623 T.T., 2007-03-27 [ Townsend, Tn]

Yes, Neo-Tech should stay on the web.I have just recently purchased the first three books.Many people once they have taken the time to absorb the info will start making changes in their lives as I have and will see an improvement in their lives. I would like to be able to speak with other people that have joined and hope to meet people in my community that are using Neo-tech in their life.

ID#9624 a.j., 2007-03-27 [ , ]


ID#9628 N.B., 2007-03-27 [ Oceanside, CA]

I'am gratefull in being able to being discovered by the Nouveau Tech Society an I know everything will be a complete turnaround in my life. Thanks to the society

ID#9629 S.M., 2007-03-27 [ Prescot, Merseyside]

Hi I have read Neo-Tech Discovery---and Neo-Tech Buisness World, now reading Neo-Tech World. Also waiting for the book Zonpower. I think and hope the world will advance with Neo-Tech, and will be all the better for it. Down with Covernment. Regards SVM United Kingdom

ID#9630 S.S., 2007-03-27 [ minneapolis, mn]

I have just received myheirloom package.9616989880

ID#9632 R.L., 2007-03-27 [ Orlando, florida]

Your words resonate with others whose books I have been reading like EJ Gold and Robert Bruce. I sincerely look forward to understanding more. Where would I be able to order your literature? Thank you. Robert Lombard

ID#9633 P.D., 2007-03-28 [ Madison, WI]

Yes. Powerful

ID#9634 S. ., 2007-03-28 [ Leonni, Michigan]

Hello world

ID#9635 S.S., 2007-03-28 [ minneapolis, mn]

I have just received my heirloom package. I have started to read and have found it rather interesting. so I went to the web site to check it out and see if I could get more info about this group. I found it funny that a site would place so many neg responce to it. I felt that if you where truly evil as so many neg remarks say why would you want your followers to see and read these remarks. I then realized, thats right you are honest with yourself as part of your premis. so to be true to you neo-tech teaching you would want everyone to see and understand both sides to gain there consciousness. I now want to ask am I understanding what you are teaching? As I was confused and didnt think that i was smart enough to get it. Would someone email me so that I know that I am on the right path which would be the path to the person that I was meant to be. Correct?

ID#9637 . ., 2007-03-28 [ , ]

With out a doubt Neo-Tech should stay on the internet. Neo-Tech reached me at the point that i was falling into full blown ditructive mysticism and bulding to be a Neo-Cheater myself. At the age of 22 you could say may life, well being, body and mind, have been saved from death. Also people around me have been saved due to the fact I shall never be a Neo-Cheater. I and the people around me are producers for a better society, that i cannot wait to be apart of and contribute to. I am forever thankfull for the knowledge that i have had access to.

ID#9638 . ., 2007-03-28 [ , ]

With out a doubt Neo-Tech should stay on the internet. Neo-Tech reached me at the point that i was falling into full blown ditructive mysticism and bulding to be a Neo-Cheater myself. At the age of 22 you could say may life, well being, body and mind, have been saved from death. Also people around me have been saved due to the fact I shall never be a Neo-Cheater. I and the people around me are producers for a better society, that i cannot wait to be apart of and contribute to. I am forever thankfull for the knowledge that i have had access to.

ID#9639 C.H., 2007-03-28 [ , ]

With out a doubt Neo-Tech should stay on the internet. Neo-Tech reached me at the point that i was falling into full blown ditructive mysticism and bulding to be a Neo-Cheater myself. At the age of 22 you could say may life, well being, body and mind, have been saved from death. Also people around me have been saved due to the fact I shall never be a Neo-Cheater. I and the people around me are producers for a better society, that i cannot wait to be apart of and contribute to. I am forever thankfull for the knowledge that i have had access to.

ID#9641 D.P., 2007-03-28 [ East London, ]

Recently I bought the Neo Discovery manuscript and my way of thinking has changed eversince

ID#9642 I.B., 2007-03-28 [ Llan, Powys]

I love the site, but maybe it could be revamped with more content for those new to Neo Tech. An online store for additional books beyond the Discovery would be great.

ID#9643 B.M.,@YAHOO.COM 2007-03-28 [ LEAWOOD, KS]


ID#9645 R. ., 2007-03-28 [ , ]

No power! is as high or higher than, God and Jesus Christ! Roger

ID#9647 . ., 2007-03-28 [ , ]

please send more info

ID#9648 s.b., 2007-03-28 [ adairsville, ga]

i belive this is not the truth of there hidding secrets that they clambed to be truth of there hidden nature .to decive distroy peoples lives with there own self gain.from those thay have robbed and destroyed iam no-bodys judge for we all have a just judge of us all , i pray none to be lost ,becouse our soom coming king (jesus christ) payed the price for us all that was requried by our hevenly father. i hope to be ready when he comes again . gods blessing to one and all .

ID#9649 M. ., 2007-03-29 [ , ]

there should be no limitations to the expression of free speach. there should be no boundries set. for it seems the only times boundries are set, are in cases of non-monotheistic ideals (thats ppl who think there is a spriritual god, and that this suposive god is the only one) . besides, why would it be banned, unless it were a threat? and if it is seen as a threat, then they know that knowledge will bring down their reign of trechory and ove r 2000 years of lies and brainwashing. and i believe archeology has done that by itself. but the american christian, be them baptist catholic or whatever sect...are to blind to see the facts. if nothing else, they are their own evil.

ID#9650 J.B., 2007-03-29 [ Denver, Co ]

Please Email me to confirm that you are recieving this

ID#9654 A.C., 2007-03-29 [ Liberal , ks]

Your Answer? Money will come in for the rest I am interested though.

ID#9656 L.E., 2007-03-29 [ CINCINNATI, OHIO]


ID#9660 B.S., 2007-03-29 [ Bergholz, Ohio]

Neo-tech has opened my eyes,and changed my life for the better.And the timing at witch I discoverded neo-tech was amazing,almost hard to belive.

ID#9661 r.n., 2007-03-29 [ longmont, co]

before joining neo tech i wanted to start a bisiness.after reading the books i had a breakthrough and discovered not only could i start one business i could start multiple business's.i started to go to my local library where i got all the information for free.ive learned how to trade stocks,invest in realestate,start a internet business,and i could list lots more.i would of never had the integrity to do it all if it wasnt for neo a matter of fact i didnt even know what the word integrity meant.

ID#9663 M.R., 2007-03-29 [ ShermanOaks, Ca]

Excellent read,question? how doI fit in to the essence meeting? Direct-mailing Marketing Television Marketing Radio Marketing Space-media Marketing Database Marketing

ID#9665 D.B., 2007-03-30 [ Fayetteville, GA]

I have "THE BOOK". More the universal truth than anything I've read. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with the world. There are many many of US out there that need to be connected with "THE BOOK" this is connecting to your SOURCE. Thanks again.

ID#9666 J. ., 2007-03-30 [ Los-Angeles, Armed]

Hello world

ID#9667 R.P., 2007-03-30 [ Hesperia, C A]

mark hamilton this is for you. this is Ramon you reach me so now finish what you have started .. doors have been opened in my mind that i can not control i need your help. if you are my mentor then im seaking for your help...

ID#9669 c.h., 2007-03-30 [ louisville, ms]

yes an deed iam real happy an excite about this new inventure in larn more in knowegd time space speed allbusiness love power unverse law an cou2 an morethx again

ID#9672 c. ., 2007-03-30 [ cape town, south africa]

I, think it should, to make communication much easier, cost effective,for us owners of your material.

ID#9673 I.M., 2007-03-30 [ , ]

I have an open-mind about everything. There are many issues out there that exist. Everyone has the right to his or her opinion. Each one of us have our own uniqueness and individuality. We don't have to agree on everything and just because one's belief differs from another's belief, doesn't mean it's wrong. But according to the way society has been molded, there are limits that need to be taken in consideration. I used to be a very religious person to a point where I prayed the rosary on a daily basis. I have hit rock bottom way too many times and to this day, in my opinion, there was no reason for me to keep praying as it has done nothing good to benefit me. I take my days as it comes and I try to live each one to the fullest. I still have bad days but I don't blame it on anyone. It's just how life is for me. I am a human being. I am allowed to make mistakes, as long as I learn from them. I still have pictures of Jesus in my home, but I don't pray the rosary anymore. If I decide to believe in the Neo-tech discovery, I will, but that is my decision and not anyone else. Neo-tech has a lot of valid points and I am glad to have had the opportunity to come across it. I don't agree with everything written in it, but they do speak of the truth in many ways. I would have worded things less harsh, when it came to the topic of God, but that was the author's choice to do so. It's his book. I'm just a reader. Nobody makes me change my beliefs, I do it myself. Just because you read or hear things shouldn't mean you have to agree or believe it. That's the biggest mistake people make. They stop thinking for themselves. One thing I have learned in life is that I am responsible for my own thoughts, my words, my actions... my life. Nobody else. So if you are against someone or something. No one is to blame but yourself. There's always a solution, you just have to find it. Neo-tech may not be your solution. But it is for others. Just like God and every other issues in life. Think about it. For those who have negative opinions about Neo-tech, unless you can come up with your own book about your own beliefs, do not criticize on other people's work. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but criticism and ridicules fall in a totally different category. I am amazed that someone who believes in God and his ways can write such cruel and harsh comments. There's something wrong there. For those who have positive opinions about Neo-tech, good for you, but don't try changing other people. That is wrong. I have substituted my daily rosary praying with taking time to better my health by doing exercises and focusing on how to live a better life so I don't hit rock bottom again. So far it has worked for me. But whatever I did, I did on my own and not because of someone else telling me to. I have a long way yet, but I know I'm on the right track. So, be good, be wise, and be happy.

ID#9675 J.R., 2007-03-30 [ Garfield, NJ]

There is nothing wrong to obtain knowledge and to pursuit a better future. My opinion is that people should understand the reality that cause humanity to fail and that is ignorance.


Its sounds interesting

ID#9677 . ., 2007-03-30 [ , ]

It seem's all made up... The good and the bad comments.

ID#9686 C.J., 2007-03-31 [ Chicago, IL]

I have been aware of Neo-Tech for several years, however I tried to share the infomation with many friends and loved ones. Now I realize this information was not meant for them it was meant for me. I immediately started to use the techniques but got slide track because I felt as though I wanted to arm other with the same powers,and they immediately started to spew all kinds of negative comments about these advantages,until I lost interest. I not easily moved or shaken by what people believe it's just I am motivated more if I am around honest and positive individuals. So many people are hypocrites and it gets to be exausting dealing with them on a daily. I often think of and apply the Neo-Tech technique from time to time. Now I feel like I should get focused again and regain money,power and romantic love once again for me. -C.J.Wiggins

ID#9689 B.W., 2007-04-01 [ RAY CITY, Ga.]

I think it should remain although it may have a lot of scrutiny from others . We allknow it willl anyway from those who want to control others and so the story goes. I forone love what Neo tech has brought into my life. I was soconfused and out of place before. I finaly feel I belong some where now.I belong with the society and my new way of life. I have a hard time realizing that so many oppose since our teachings are in many ways the same. They claim to teach love and we live it maybey that's the problem.They just teach it.There is alot I could say but, for now I'll just learn.Thankyou

ID#9692 S. ., 2007-04-01 [ CO, CO]

Many years ago, I purchased the text book. Wonderful

ID#9693 E.E., 2007-04-01 [ West Bloomfield, MI]

Please stay on the web-it is my current way of communication

ID#9694 a.c., 2007-04-02 [ waterbury, ct]

everyone should be enlighten to neo-tech so they can get a new perpective on life.

ID#9695 j.e., 2007-04-02 [ cincinnati, oh]

i didn't realize that neo-tech was available on the web. please give me more!

ID#9697 C.B., 2007-04-02 [ Nairob, ]


ID#9698 Z.z., 2007-04-02 [ Chipata, ]

I have hope that neo tech will give me what it promises.please send me the neo tech discovery i desparately need it.your help will be highly appreciated

ID#9702 t. ., 2007-04-02 [ , ]

i think neo-tech is very refreshing.i thought i was alone in thinking some of things i read.

ID#9703 I.r., 2007-04-02 [ manchester, MI]

Inspired read.

ID#9704 L.M., 2007-04-02 [ Big Sandy, TN]

I have enjoyed everything I have read so far. I am now reading the second book. I have read some of the negative comments and being raised a fundamentl baptist from a small child to adulthood. I had always questioned so many things as a young adult about what I had been taught and never really bought into the whole thing. TO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. I want facts and specifics. This is why I was skeptical about buying the first manual because I don't make a lot of money. Since I received the first manual I have read and read and have shared special areas with my husband who is open minded yet not ready to sit down and read this yet. But he is the one who took us to the next step of starting a small business that we are trying to get off its feet as we speak. My goal is to not have to work for another person but for ourselves. I have so much more to say good about Neo-Tech. Thank You.

ID#9705 S. ., 2007-04-02 [ , ]

Please send me the latest information about Neo-Tech.

ID#9715 A.L., 2007-04-03 [ lonodn, ]

The philosophy behind the Neo Tech is solid but not flawless. Firstly it should be revised, as it sings of "last season" writing style. Also Dr F Wallace should not repeat himself as often in the book he wrote. Very amateurish. Secondly please get a women to write the Neo_tech Bible as your main mans view of womans place in neo Tech socoety is sickening..."She should give herself unto a man..." and similar postulates.Could you be more shovinistic? Thirdly do understand that humans are different and disregard sex as a starting point of your teaching-you are contradicting yourself every time you touch the matter of man:bread-winning-woman-getter to woman:rich-man-getter and nothing-else-doer.(to Mr Wallace and Mr Hamilton).And then you state all is equal and right in d kingdom of Neo Tech. Clearly not. Fourthly when publishing Mr Hamiltons book you choose very dificult old fashion style print-exptremely hard to read. Its 21 century so get with the program boys. Fiftly(:-)) for books so expencive surely you can afford better book covers and paper? Also more inspirational front book cover would be appropriate. To warm scared Gods followers to your cause. Etc etc- Regards, A Logan Riversby

ID#9720 L.H., 2007-04-03 [ Stephenville, NL]

Of course...if you start taking away one's freedom of speech, and begin telling folks what to read, where does that end?

ID#9721 B.M., 2007-04-03 [ Huntingdon, TN]

I am a huge believer in alot of the things i have read about neo-tech and its affiliates' beliefs. I would like to say that your book that you all claim holds the secrets of all the great dynastys of the past is a little steep in price for those of us who are struggling to pay our utilities. I would like to suggest a free trial of the book. After all, if it holds true that after reading the secrets a person will be able to get whatever they want and so forth, then why wouldn't anyone be willing to pay the price after the trial??

ID#9722 J.T., 2007-04-03 [ Fresno, CA]

Nouve teck should remain on the net and exspoused to the world for the belife system of antichrist that it realy is.threr are no redeemable qualiys about the doctrine, it is a snare and trap to the unsuspcting. a mind washing demonic influince to steal the souls of those who are unaware of the Sicense of Creation held by the World Class Scientist,Phd's at the Creation Institute Gleenrose Texas. Which Sciense is in complet achord with the Bible.There is one word that applys to the decitfull arrogance of nouve tech. Evil!

ID#9736 W.A., 2007-04-04 [ Dundee, Ohio]

freedom.that's it.

ID#9749 S.M., 2007-04-04 [ Sacramento, CA]

I know Neo-Tech should and will remain the most powerful, trusted, honest, web-sites known to man. The information is so helpful they should teach this in schools.Everybody should learn from their mistakes and come try Neo-Techs ideas,it sure helped me. Thank you all.

ID#9751 N.M., 2007-04-04 [ Mira de Aire, ]

I bought the book, the portuguese (Brasil) version of the discovery of Neo-Tech, I have a great impression of it, it helped me, so I think, it's a well integrated literature and philosophy. Unfortunately my mother took it from me and gave it to the priests and I lost it, and I could not finish my reading of it. I'm become revolted with this kind of force, this sort of infantilization. This took place in 2001 and despite I lost the book I got some of the information Neo-thec provides in the internet, i printed 72 of the 114 Advantages until they become unavailable but I can't benefit entirely from the readings because they are in english and my life takes place in Portugal, it's more dificult to aply some english remote readings to my reality. However, I didn't forget Neo-Tech ideas and I accept them rationaly, they are evident.

ID#9755 H. ., 2007-04-04 [ Moskow, NY]

In my opinion some information is not absolutely true, but in general very good site.

ID#9759 R. ., 2007-04-04 [ P.Faliro, N/A]

Neo-tech is the best. Makes you realize what is real and what is not and finaly make something of yourself. Gives answers to a lot of questions about life. A must read from all people.

ID#9760 J.C., 2007-04-04 [ elwood, Indiana]

I am broke and penniless wishing I could try the program but cannot e mail any tech help and cannot afford postage to write them by mail I am at my worst in life.Can anyone help?I would gladly pay double or triple after using the program successfully

ID#9767 N. ., 2007-04-04 [ Wiinston-Salem, NC]

I don't have any money to pay for the book I would like to see if I can getit sent to me or I can get some money so I can buy the book.

ID#9769 S. ., 2007-04-04 [ Glenview, IL]

I find the site very informative,bu,sometimes it is hard to find as I go from page to page. Great information and eye opening as well. Stella

ID#9783 . ., 2007-04-05 [ , ]

relativity, Just as with all holy books, Good, very good.

ID#9788 L.M., 2007-04-05 [ Huntersville, NC]

I wanted to jion but finacail problems will not let me I have received three of you letters the last one expires april 6 so I guess I will be left out of the loop I just do not have the funds my checking account is orready in the hole 300 dollars just trying to meet bill oblagations sorry thanks for the chance and making me fill special. Linda McElveen

ID#9789 D.W., 2007-04-05 [ St. George, Utah]

Neo-Tech is the future of not only this country, but the whole universe including this world.

ID#9792 A.A., 2007-04-05 [ Sheboygan, WI]

Dear Customer Service at Neo-Tech: I am a member Level 3 waiting for Level 4 to start in little more than a week. I have been trying to log in to go to the chate room but unable to do so PLEASE HELP!!! Payed for membership two weeks ago. Thank You Sincerely; Anthony A Schueller

ID#9799 R.W., 2007-04-05 [ , ]

Yes, the only ones who don't want it are religous fanatics, or neo-conservatives who themselves do not believe in religion but believe in the myth of religion as a tool to control the masses. rw

ID#9806 A.P., 2007-04-05 [ Canal Winchester, Ohio]

Neo-tech is very inlightening.It literally shines light on a dark World!

ID#9808 r. ., 2007-04-05 [ orlando, florida]

just send all the info that i need that is about nt man

ID#9809 J.H., 2007-04-05 [ Homer, AK]

It was so exciting to see the value of individuals, and their life and time for happiness, championed by Neo-Tech. I look forward to a super-long life of witnessing exciting discoveries and eventually enjoying perfect youthful health, and better, from rapidly advancing technology. I would have bought more Neo-Tech products, but the special price offers were always expired by the time I got them here in Alaska, and then the offers stopped coming.

ID#9813 j.d., 2007-04-05 [ , ]

utter bs

ID#9814 D.L., 2007-04-06 [ Lakewood, Co]


ID#9821 E.B., 2007-04-06 [ , ]

About 15 years ago I subscribed to the NeoTech materials. After a while, I felt it had no meaning for me. Today, April 4th 2007 is the first time that I thought of accessing the NeoTech website. I have been hearing the work NeoCons so much that I wanted to see if there was any relation. NeoTech had predicted several years ago that in the near future there would be a NeoTech person in the White House. Is George Bush supposed to be this person? I have found it amazing to see the strong negative emotion NeoTech has attracted. I don't agree with all NeoTech teaches but I feel it has value being online.

ID#9822 G. ., 2007-04-06 [ waterbury, ct]

In my desperate need find help i find god haters and war mongers thay should all go to hell

ID#9823 G. ., 2007-04-06 [ waterbury, ct]

In my desperate need find help i find god haters and war mongers thay should all go to hell

ID#9830 E.S., 2007-04-06 [ Phoenix, AZ]

The Neo-Tech website is an excellent reminder of the responsibilities being undertaken by Neo-Tech Publishing as well as the responsibilities for which each individual should be "diving-on" in regards to their personal lives. The Neo-Tech website is an educational "work of art" for which I personally have aquired many values... this site exists as a valuable tool for education and should remain on the Web.

ID#9833 M.M., 2007-04-06 [ Jakarta, Jakarat]

Through web we can get the up-dated / real-time info of Neo-Tech.

ID#9834 H.N., 2007-04-06 [ Montgomery, AL]

I think neo-tech offers a rational alternative to the dogma of religion.

ID#9838 F.W., 2007-04-06 [ South Daytona, FL]

I am a creator of Values. I create and invent things all the time. But to earn a living and become wealthy from my creations.. takes money. That I don't have. So Although my treatment for skin cancer worked on every patient that used it. I have no way of getting it out. My Anti-aging cream has been a success and is different from every cream on the market. It is perfect for every skin and gender and it changes you skins complection in a week, takes lines a way in two and wrinkles in 5, it is great in the sun, one doesnt burn but tans, and it is uplifting and smells great. The problem is.. that I need more people to notice it, use it.. more people to buy it; With the money from that I would be able to work on the formulas and processes I have created for extending life. My sponser is Mark Hamilton.. So I would like him to get in touch with me. Best Regards, Frank

ID#9841 N. ., 2007-04-06 [ , ]

This is simply an example of our freedom to pursue happiness through the pursuit of any means possible. Materialistic in nature and the "It's all about me" thought process. They simply state what everyone is wanting to hear and many act upon this because the stories are so close to home it has to work. Nothing else is right? There are some sound ideas and advice, but taken to a level of center focused results. Win at all costs is great in the appropriate arena. Everyone has to decide for themselves, these people just make it easier for others without much hope or success (in their own mind) to follow them. No red drinks for me. Very interesting and entertaining I must say.

ID#9843 C. ., 2007-04-06 [ Philadelphia, Pa]

I enjoyed the straight forward , no holding back, easy to read and understand way this article was written.

ID#9844 Z.C., 2007-04-06 [ Houston, TX]

I think this is very interesting stuff. I would like more information. I used to get mailings but never replied. Now I want to know all about it. !

ID#9848 R.T., 2007-04-07 [ Las Vegas, NV.]

I received The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets and I have read all 1000 pages and I am about to read it again. This is going to change my life. Will need to read it a few times to gather all the information, but I will. Thanks So Much Randy

ID#9852 R.S., 2007-04-07 [ Manchester, , NH]

Neo Tech should be on linne, but only when and if it remains in the sole domain of the membership. No positive or negative comment should come in outside of the membership. I would view comments outside of the membership, as damaging to the our secret society and self destructing. Who cares what non-members have to say about it. What do they know? Only members are in a position to critique Neo-Tech, beecaue of the interest they have taken to learn about it. Website appearance looks bad, amateurish!

ID#9854 B. ., 2007-04-07 [ Moskow, NY]

With the best regards, Tom Hughes

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