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ID#12588 K.D., 2003-09-20 [ Davie, FL]

I have not visited the web site since shortly after 9/11/01,I had made my decision to think this whole thing out on my own. I was hopefull that the current administration was up to the task, I think President Bush has it right-on. The way half the country and most of europe responded to the U.S going onto Iraq proves that it is the only way to bookend the middle east! With Isreal to the west, U.S. in Iraq, and Afgnistan,that forces the rest of the despot regimes to fight us there! To come back now and visit your site, I know reading all the neo-tech books has helped me see thru all the B.S. I knew President Bush was right, and the media and most of europe were wrong! This is world war 3, and we MUST WIN this war, not just for the U.S. WE can not globalize this world intill terorism is TOTALY vanqished from this planet! Thank you neo-tech for opening my mind to see thru all the clutter that surounds us and is pounded in to us every day by a media driven by chaos and disorder! The rest of the world can think or say what they will about us, but when the dust settles on the middle east, when we WIN the war on terorism, the world will praise us for what we are, the FREEST most productive country on the planet! Call me a flag waiver, neo-tech starts right here, in the U.S.A. and will cover the globe soon after the victory!

ID#12591 P.J., 2003-09-20 [ Kenner , La.]

We live under a constitution which guarentees freedon of speach and freedom of the press. Those who disagree do not have to read it.

ID#12592 B.D., 2003-09-21 [ Marietta, GA ]

NTP, I have been reading the info on your website for the last 10 months or so and have found it very interesting and compelling. I was saddened to hear that you were forced to pull much of that information off due to misuse by certain entities and organizations. I was surprised to find that this website was open to all who happened upon it. With all of the information that was revealed within the website, I would have thought that it would have been a subscriber-based site. So it came as no shock to me that outside entities decided to use the information as a profit mechanism. I realize that even a subscriber-based site still probably would not have kept fraudulent incidents from happening, but it may have kept them to a manageable minimum. I realize that NTP is simply protecting itself from possible legal entanglements by cutting back on the amount of information on its website, but there will always be the danger of outside forces using NTP's material for personal gain no matter how exclusive you make the information. By increasing exclusion to your very enlightening documentation, you simply deny more people the benefit that Neo-Tech can bring them. And isn't that the whole point to Neo-Tech? Neo-Tech flourishes and becomes stronger as more people read and share their new knowledge with others. By harboring Neo-Tech, you could cause its ultimate demise. Now I am not suggesting that you give your information away. That would be bad business and would certainly bring an end to the Neo-Tech flame. I am only suggesting that you keep the information available and accessible to as many people as you can with the understanding, of course, that there will always be profiteers that will attempt to use it to their illegal advantage. The best defense to that is, indeed, an open environment that will enable the ostracization necessary to compel those entities to stop their fraudulent activities. Do not let these renegades win, NTP. Keep Neo-Tech accessible and let the Neo-Tech-advantaged put these would-be thieves out of business. Bill Davidson

ID#12594 B.D., 2003-09-21 [ Johannesburg, Gauteng]

Neo Tech is a great way of empowering the powerless.Everything in society these days is so one-sided. While some enjoy all good things in life others suffer. Everyday I see people working around aimlessly,others looking for odd jobs to do just to earn a few bucks to get some food for the night while the ones controling all the power just carry on with their lives.I believe that Neo Tech can help alot of people to rise up out of this nothingness that we live in everyday and really become productive and live happy healthy lives.

ID#12595 P. ., 2003-09-21 [ , ]

Very illuminating, if your open to new ideas....

ID#12596 M. ., 2003-09-22 [ , ]

Please put NEO-TECH back on the WEB! The information is AWESOME!

ID#12598 T.W., 2003-09-22 [ , ]

Please send me the URL to the 123 steps, I have lost it and there is no link on the main page anymore. Thank You.

ID#12599 C. ., 2003-09-22 [ , ]

-A message for the spiritually corrupt- Religion is murder, and even it's kindest levels are discriminatory. The only hope for this factual world is to deny the fictional afterlife which makes us tolerant of injustice. Live and let live. You have a right to disagree with another's choices and/or lifestyle, not to interfere with their ability to live and choose. If judgement is God's, why are you trying to do his job? Your faith is false.

ID#12600 J.G., 2003-09-22 [ Grand Rapids, MI]

About two years ago I purchased a manual titled NEO-TECH it contained neo-tech discovery and god-man.What a breath of fresh air.Since then it seems like I've been going through a funnel backwards.Everything gets wider and wider with no end in sight.Completely differnt then closed minded "ideals" that are circulating through mankind nowdays.The three things that have made my life easier,personally and in dealing with others,are the awareness on how all things that work are integrated parts;the idea that there really aren't any problems,just situations and opportunities;and the idea to make everybody accountable for there actions(no passing the buck). After I recieved the neo-tech manual I found the web site. I check it out a couple of times a week.It use to be my Sunday morning read time(better then church).July 24 was truly a sad day for mankind.I still check out the site(almost daily) to see if the material is back up. I hope the problems get straightened out with the parasities. Thank you for having that information on the web.I am glad I was able to read it while it was available. John

ID#12602 l. ., 2003-09-23 [ , ohio]

here is my site to explore: i see through the "jesus religion" also. i see truth being within all. fear, condemnation & guilt are all manmade for control...certainly not God.

ID#12603 T.B.,@AOL.COM 2003-09-23 [ WILDOMAR, CA]


ID#12605 c.r., 2003-09-24 [ brooklyn, ny]

Please do not remove your materials from the web. Neo-Tech is the last bastion of clear thought in this highly mystical, sugar addicted society that we find ourselves in. Stay put, and by doing so, we can defeat the threats to free speech, free thought and free Neo-tech!! Proudly signed, Zon Ruano

ID#12607 L.S., 2003-09-24 [ Westmont, IL]

I have gotten so much from your site and have used what I have learned on a daily basis. I need to finish and cannot do it if your website is no longer up and running. HELP!!!

ID#12608 R.R., 2003-09-25 [ Melbourne, vic]

I still have to find the book and go through it

ID#12609 W.S., 2003-09-25 [ Golden Valley, MN]

I have heard of Neo-Tech but know nothing about it. I thought I would see what I could find on the web as I am drawn to it for no reason that I understand. The search brought me to your website.

ID#12610 S.N., 2003-09-25 [ Las Vegas, NV]

In these mind altering twisted times, we MUST keep all objective material available to ALL people on earth through whatever means. Destroy Censorship: Support Neo-tech, Support censorship negating proxies.

ID#12611 D.S., 2003-09-25 [ Stanton, NE]

Absolutely keep up the good work. There are a lot of neo-cheaters out there, phoney religions of all kinds and political misfits! Need honest material like yours to flood this world.

ID#12612 D.S., 2003-09-25 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Keep Neo-Tech on the web!

ID#12613 K.T., 2003-09-26 [ , ]

The info is to valuble to be compromise. Its focus should be on the kids cause that who make the dream a reality.

ID#12614 D.F., 2003-09-26 [ Kenhorst, Pa]

Absolutely!!!! I think all those who would degrade Neo-Tech have not truly seen its benefits or self-rewards

ID#12616 A.M., 2003-09-26 [ , ]

Hey, even stupid people need something to believe in, hence Neo-Tech. Hey guys, L. Ron Hubbard had been thinking up this hooey for years, you guys are pikers.

ID#12617 . ., 2003-09-26 [ , ]

It doesn't matter now if you remain or not, unless you offer more content. possibly create a pay site with your techniques? thanks

ID#12618 J.S., 2003-09-26 [ Parkland, WA]

I find the question of "whether NT should remain on the web?" absurd beyond the fact that is provoking a response from me. I believe it is, of course, most pertinent for NT to maintain a presence on the internet because I believe the internet is the technology that will lead to the undoing of our current anti-civilization (along with Neothink.) Communication is the greatest value of our species. It is what sets us apart from all other life on this planet and it is how life has come from hundreds of millions of years of 'meaningless' existence and endless struggle to our current level of civilization in less than 30,000 years since it's humble beginnings. Language itself is the means by which we have internal dialogue allowing us to create an anolog 'I' that is the fundamental basis of conciousness itself. Only through conciousness are we able to think of another and thus have empathy, compassion, brotherhood and love. Without language, we would be mindless beasts roving in herds as our ancestors certainly were. Technology has been advancing at an exponential rate for centuries and the internet is the most profoundly advanced communications tool ever created in history. It is the right and the duty of all honest value-producers to ensure it's prosperity by using it and protecting it's freedom from Government control, taxation and censorship of any kind, at any cost. We know that no government does anything but destroy the value of all things it appropriates and were it to get ahold of the internet (which it has been relentlessly trying to do for years now,) it would become just another tool of oppression and control in the arsenal of neo-cheaters. I believe the ever-increasing matrix of our inter-continental dialogue will one day lead to the emergence of a intangible neo-global-conciousness that is (part of) the next step of our evolution (to a true Civilization of the Universe.) Indeed this process has already begun. So, of course! Neo-Tech should remain on the web! In what capacity and depth I believe is up to the company but I stress the importance of the freedom of knowlege and urge that the material recently removed from the website be at least partially restored. I wish only to see myself and my fellow man prosper and grow into a wonderful future of excitement and joy. The internet is the door, the mind is the lock and Neo-Tech is the key.

ID#12619 P.S., 2003-09-27 [ Greenbrae, ca]

Neotech should remain on the web. ..and expand. I don't know what to say about the fact of having others steal your work and call it theirs... that may be inevitable even if you go strictly to paid published hard copy.... On the issue of people using your name, Neo-tech...some of that could be to trash the name up and discourage you, and not be a real attempt to simply steal your trademark name... thier goal .. to get you to quit possibly. Id suggest you expand instead...keep cheerful and draft more of those spectacular pip memo's...various flavors for a wide range of circumstances and back stabs...then let those spread all over the web with your web site URL attached. Maybe you can code some of the pip memo's so that they can only be copied as a whole text along with your URL and limited use copyright etc. Although I enjoyed editing your pip memo's into my own posts as you advised earlier...that was very effective, that gave me solutions where before I had none. So I suggest you put up your full web site..with all the material but maybe code most of it so it cant be copy / pasted... only allow some choice excerpts that forward the cause to be copy pasted... then if people wish to forward your work they can just post the links to it. YOu dont get rid of pips by backing off...but by letting them pip themselves to death...which as you are fully aware is a natural process. Its your broad presence on the web that forwards that process dramatically. Id buy your magic bullets book when it comes out btw...although Im finding that scrupulous honesty and not cooperating with neo cheaters ..or..the people that coddle up to them, even in business is working wonders. Total honesty and calling the shots on lies are my magic bullets so far...and giving fair value no matter what. Like a total idiot though I just did a job for a public (deleted) in calif...a near total waste of about 1/4 million dollars...with burocrats ozzing venom and idiocy the entire way...some of whom make over 100k per year and will retire at age 55 with 70k a year.... slime the productive taxpayers go without heath insurance or retirement benefits. It is volume of expose neo tech style that will turn the corner on this mess.... not much else. Phil Scott Mechanical/ Electrical Contractor (415) 927 7573

ID#12621 s.r., 2003-09-27 [ fishers , ]

Your sight is very useful for it helps grasp a lot more inner understanding of neo-tech itself and all other connections to it. Thanks for your insightfulness. I have gained a whole new perspective on many subjects

ID#12622 s.r., 2003-09-27 [ fishers , indiana]

Your sight is very useful for it helps grasp a lot more inner understanding of neo-tech itself and all other connections to it. Thanks for your insightfulness. I have gained a whole new perspective on many subjects

ID#12623 . ., 2003-09-27 [ , ]


ID#12624 T.R., 2003-09-27 [ alameda, ca]

It was fundamental then and remains so today. I liken it (neotech) to the libertarian party where truths are spoken but truth and honesty are so alien to most people that they perceive it as evil. A side note here, and feel free to excise it should you wish, I followed neotech closely for about 15 years, but you lost me when Zon appeared. I figured you folks had gone off the deep end. Neotech itself was/is very good and not cultish. Zon sounds as though you had a visit from Andromeda. :-) Just thought you'd like to know.

ID#12625 D. ., 2003-09-27 [ , ]

I really hope that sombody is going to read this because I really have to thankyou, youve opened my mind to endless possibilities. I know that we will someday meet until then keep blessin the net with truth. p.s. make commercials

ID#12626 D. ., 2003-09-27 [ Syracuse, N.Y.]

I really hope that sombody is going to read this because I really have to thankyou, youve opened my mind to endless possibilities. I know that we will someday meet until then keep blessin the net with truth. p.s. make commercials

ID#12628 e.f., 2003-09-27 [ warren, oh]

when I first started reading neo-crap I was shocked by how it destroyed my mind and remade it. neo-crap is very very minipulative. I dont like it at all and I ignored it for months, but I cannot lie, some of it is quite usefull. I'm really not sure though, when do I make $400,000,000?

ID#12629 b. ., 2003-09-28 [ , ]

I'm interested in learning more about this subject

ID#12630 r.w., 2003-09-28 [ euclid, oh]

the best information i have ever read in my life !!!I told my sons that if anything ever happens to me to make sure they keep those big green books.i told them if they study neo-tech it would make them rich,heathy and they would know the truth about god!

ID#12631 D.B., 2003-09-28 [ , ]

I like to read it at my leisure.

ID#12632 P.F., 2003-09-28 [ , ]

Yes you should stay on this web. through your work I see that man could evolve into something more competent to life. your message holds much greatness... Please send me your 1800-number so I can order my next book. Ive only read the neotech discovery.. and I lost your phone number when I moved.. My new address is down below. thank you neotech...

ID#12633 P.F., 2003-09-28 [ Chicago, Ill.]

Yes you should stay on this web. through your work I see that man could evolve into something more competent to life. your message holds much greatness... Please send me your 1800-number so I can order my next book. Ive only read the neotech discovery.. and I lost your phone number when I moved.. My new address is down below. thank you neotech...

ID#12634 M.K., 2003-09-28 [ Boyne City, MI]

I have been searching for some answers since I was 9 years old. I am now 39 and am finally getting the answers I have been searching for. I tried reading about all the religions of the world, but none of them could answer my questions. Just add to them. I had come to the conclusion that 'Religions' were the cause of our decomposition as a society. Then, I received your mailer and everything is finally falling into place. There are still a few things I'm trying to learn, but the guidelines are there. Thank you so much for being there. I am alive. So shall my children be alive. They will receive the correct up bringing that will keep them in the forefront of society. They will be brought up in the New NEO-TECH world.

ID#12637 r. ., 2003-09-28 [ , ]

Just getting in the matter and I buy it strong like to know more about it ray l quebec

ID#12638 M.R., 2003-09-29 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

Since receiving just your literature advertising your book, I have had better control over my emotions, and have even had a more pleasant outlook on life. Have ordered the book, and am waiting with hopeful giddiness for it's arrival. I have read the negative comments on your site, and cannot believe that so called "Christians" can say that they believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour, and at the same time condemn you, curse you to burning death, slow painful cancers, and other such things. Any TRUE Christian would simply say that your book is not for them, and let it stand at that. In fact, it was all the negative comments that solidified my decision to order.

ID#12639 R. ., 2003-09-29 [ ASHLAND, ky]

I would rather read about it on ithe Computer instead of reading the book the book is to much to read,I have had the Book for a couple of years and I still haven't read it all besides I have no idea what I am even reading,I think it would help the people that has the book to be able to go to this site and get info on it the book that is and get some help here when thay don't understand something in it Thank You,also I paid 150.00 and to tell you the truth it didn't realy help me like all the promises it was suposto give me I felt like all I recieve from ordering this book was lost because I don't understand any of it and I ended up loosing 150.00 because I ordered it thinking I would gain knowleage to something that was hidden that only few people knew about,but without somewhere you could find help with the book the book is just going to be another book that is left unread

ID#12640 J.R., 2003-09-29 [ Minneapolis, MN]

Your material is life-changing. Thank you for having the guts to publish and promote it. Please send more info about the Summit and tapes of past Summits.

ID#12642 V.H., 2003-09-29 [ Ottawa, ON]

The net-value for humanity of free available NT knowledge is greater then the damage done by fraudesters. Sue the fraudsters, but keep at least the older, basic documents online,offering those intersted for more to purchase the newer Manuscripts.

ID#12643 P.T., 2003-09-29 [ Page, Az]

Neo-Tech is wonderfull.Very true in all area of life and I am truely thankfull for the opportunity to recieve such knowledge in all area of my life. Thank you!

ID#12644 R.M.,@MSN.COM 2003-09-29 [ Ft. Lauderdale, FL]

Very interesting site. I enjoy all the various pages and sections.

ID#12646 D.P., 2003-09-29 [ Royersford, PA]

Your website was an invaluable tool for me. Please let me know if there is some way I can once again gain access to the great work you once posted freely.

ID#12647 J. ., 2003-09-30 [ Houston, TX]

Neo-Tech has given me the mental tools to free myself from Hyper-Religious, minister induced psychosis. At one time, I was sure that there was no hope for humanity without the leadership and protection of religion. Since 1989, through research, I discovered Neo-Tech via a mail out; I have never been the same since. I Am now living as a Free Man. I believe that Neo-Tech should put the original archives back on line.

ID#12648 j. ., 2003-09-30 [ avondale, az]

I love this website and everything connected to neo-tech information and have spent many enjoyable hours here in the recent past.I am sorry that a few uncaring individuals could have ruined this opportunity for the vast majority of neo-tech users!sincerely j. butler

ID#12650 R.C., 2003-09-30 [ Downey, CA]

This material is very interesting. Look forward in purchasing it.

ID#12651 s.r., 2003-09-30 [ fishers, indiana]

I would really appreciate someone explaining the 10 secound miracle to me.I own the 740 page manuscript but I don't find the 10 secound miracle in it or I haven't gotten a handle on the info yet.Please help. Thanks in advance Steven

ID#12652 K.C., 2003-09-30 [ grayslake, il]

I first discovered Neo-tech on a whim. On that whim, I have re-established my entire life. I was once very lonely, depressed, and working paycheck to paycheck thinking the world was out to get me. It has been two years since I first found neo-tech. In that time I have more enjoyable relationships that ever before, I make in one month what I used to make in a year, and I am the happiest person I know. And I owe this change to neo-tech. I read some of the negative comments, and I really feel sorry for those people. If only they would give neo-tech a chance, they would realize what a waste all that hatred is. Thank you again.

ID#12653 W.H., 2003-09-30 [ brisbane, qld]

Out of the blue I received a letter from you with all my correct address details. Before this I had never heard of NT. Naturally I am curious how you obtained my details. I have sent away for my manuscript and hopefully I should receive it soon. William Hartman

ID#12654 R.E., 2003-10-01 [ Baton Rouge, La]

I am, first of all, a genuine Christian man who believes that Christ Jesus paid a wonderful price in His sacrifice for us sinners who will to believe in His purposes to have a true relationship with our Creator so that all that comes within our domain of life experience is allowed for our good -spiritually, mentally, and physically. Because you have left Jesus out of the Neo-Tech equation does not make Neo-Tech evil (ignorant, perhaps, of even more truth?). To my mind, evilness, as well as goodness, depends upon the intent and motive of the people involved in any action; but the results are consequences that have to be lived with and for which those people must be prepared to experience. I thank you for your positive thinking at a time in world history in which there is far too much that is negative and destructive with evil intent, indeed. Some of the responses in the negative section certainly reveal symptoms of such a truth.

ID#12657 S.K., 2003-10-01 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is like having the winning number every time I play. Absolutely the best.

ID#12659 a. ., 2003-10-02 [ istanbul, bostancý]

heil hitler

ID#12681 . ., 2003-10-03 [ , ]

I'm a past custmer

ID#12682 B.R., 2003-10-03 [ Edmond, OK]

I think you should keep this site for people to productively interact with each other. I do, however, think some of the literature should be limited due to the problems of others using the Neo-Tech name to print lies.

ID#12686 E.W., 2003-10-04 [ St. Louis, Mo]

The whole world should stand up an applaud Dr. Wallace, his family and those at I@O for thier life saving service to humanity.

ID#12688 J.K., 2003-10-04 [ Bergen , NH]

Defenitely a very big YES! Once some one reads about Neo Tech (i did years ago and in Dutch) it will open your eyes, your thinking will be completely different and you are able to get rid of all the "stupid" people who try to control your life and your personality. For many years i was feeling a sort of depression but after reading Neo Tech so many times i could see what was going on and i made some very big changes, i am at a point of leaving my country (Holland) and start a new life in Australia,...i really cannot deal with politics and tax laws...look at what is going on here in the Netherlands and you will be able to understand why i will leave my country. Once you have the Neo Tech thinking intergrated you will be able to make changes and take control over your own life and this is so very much important! Neo Tech will always be my way of living and i am very happy for having the opportunity to read and study!!!

ID#12689 m.g., 2003-10-04 [ miami, fl.]

Ihave read neothec and neothink .still have alot of questions , specially regarding the orientation book please call me at 305-854-9878 If it is possible I would like to talk to Mr. Hamilton.

ID#12692 J.M., 2003-10-05 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

I think Neo-Tech should remain on the web. Taking the site down would be a loss to the world since it is so inspirational and useful. I think this is just a temporary set-back. Just start some extra business ventures to pay for the legal fees to track down and file lawsuits against the people who steal your copyrighted works and abuse your trademarks. Maybe hire some people to do that for you, to avoid the stress of it, so that your company can keep its focus on research and writing. The way I look at it, if you take the Neo-Tech site down, there will only be remnant websites of fraudulent and misguided Neo-Tech abusers available on the world wide web to compliment and the various valid discussion postings in the wake of your books. It might detract from your book sales because the abusers may confuse and misguide people and ultimately turn many potential students off from the original Neo-Tech philosophies and strategies. I'm sorry that this has happened to your company. There is a lot of corruption and ignorance in the world.

ID#12694 D.B., 2003-10-06 [ , ]


ID#12695 d.g., 2003-10-06 [ London, ]

I have read the Neo Tech Discovery - is this the same company? As I am a little confused? Is it also true that you provide monthly installments? Still awaing the second installment and delivery was said to be 4-6 weeks from August! It's now October...

ID#12698 j.l., 2003-10-06 [ swanley kent, united kingdom]

hi - i have read the negative comments with disbelief! i would be interested to know how mch your book would cost please. i have your introductory leaflet

ID#12699 G.S., 2003-10-06 [ Goshen, IN]

I agree with most of your thoughts. My problems is the trashing of religion. I personally am having a rare situation that can only be either very high odds or a supreme being making things happen. Please be careful not to upset God. Most religions agree to a judgement day.

ID#12700 E.G., 2003-10-07 [ Williamston, MI]

How about a basic website for newbies. Maybe a more developed site for people like myself who have paid for a copy of the "Neo-Tech Discovery". This level could have a small subscription fee and include additional information or possibly a interactive forum.

ID#12702 E.A., 2003-10-07 [ Dublin, OH]

I believe it should only be available via regular postal maintain integrity and value.

ID#12703 M.S., 2003-10-07 [ , ]

Appears to be valid information!

ID#12705 P. ., 2003-10-07 [ Sierra Vista, AZ]

It's the 21st century and the internet for all its foilbles is the "telephone" of the 20th century. It's a powerful communication device. Use it.

ID#12707 N.M., 2003-10-07 [ Columbus, OH]

Most definitely!! It's sad that more people aren't aware of neo tech/ neo think.

ID#12709 B.S., 2003-10-08 [ Sun Prairie, WI]

It would be a mystical win for the mystics, if Neo-tech doesn't remain on the web. NEO-TECH should be able to grow beyond the past issues that it has faced and become stronger!!! Where there is a will, their is a way. Have a good day.

ID#12711 j. ., 2003-10-08 [ , ]

I think that should include together with your articles some kind of reference. It could be who wrote it, if that person has a master degree or any other, or if you got it out of any other source. It would make your articles more accurate and more likely for people to trust. Thanks.

ID#12714 M.M., 2003-10-08 [ Montclair, NJ]

A real eye opener about life! No one should live without this info.

ID#12716 D.O., 2003-10-08 [ Redlands, CA]

I have just ordered my installment #2 Novus Tek Discovery and while I wait, wondering if this is another Hoax, I thought I would research it a bit. I am intrigued and anxious to receive my manuscript.

ID#12717 J.J., 2003-10-08 [ leesburg, fl]

I believe Neo-Tech is the greatest eye opening information EVER,I am so VERY happy I have been exposed to the TRUTH.I truly hope you keep up the tremendous work.Truly I thank you and don't be swayed by IDIOTS.....J J MORRIS

ID#12718 . ., 2003-10-09 [ , ]

exellent info on telescopes

ID#12719 p.w., 2003-10-09 [ pcb, fl]

Tools such as these are very important to students, especially ones who are distant learners. I have no desire to purchsse term papers or plagerize others information; I am merely in need of sound research tools with viable information. Please stay on-line.

ID#12720 J.S., 2003-10-09 [ Sun City, Ca]

Please remain on the web as this is the best site! Love to read new information as well as the old, never get tired of it. Neo-Tech keeps me on the right track w/ honesty, and a positive attitude. Please send me the latest information. I have bought The Book & God-Man/Neo-Tech Decoded, and I have a lot of other Neo-Tech material, but can never have enough. Thank you for everything! Sincerely, Jack Snead

ID#12721 K.H., 2003-10-09 [ , ]

Everyone should know about NeoTech so remaining on the web would give the desired exposure.

ID#12722 K.H., 2003-10-09 [ 47630 Subang Jaya, ]

Everyone should know about NeoTech so remaining on the web would give the desired exposure.

ID#12723 R.M., 2003-10-09 [ Phenix City, AL]

I have just begun the journey. I do not know if what I am reading or thinking is of the truth, but I find that I cannot stop debating everything in my mind. I have for the passed several years discovered the joy of living the life as the true Jesus would have wanted us to live. In that sense, I consider myself a Christian. I give freely with no intent of return. I love freely those who hate me. I wish only the best for those who wrong me, hoping that in wronging me, their life was made easier. I do not say this as a doormat or a weakling, for from these thoughts I have gained an incredible power. I can not be hurt. In THE BOOK, I question if god-man is the next logical step in my personal evolution. It seems mystical, but I cannot argue away the points made in Dr Wallace's puzzle of the universe. Is it possible for all of us to make the leap?

ID#12724 s.k.,@the_ridgeway_school.dailnet,com 2003-10-09 [ swindon, uk]

yo whats up i'm roadrunner if you know my name(sean) send a email to not to duty

ID#12727 N.E., 2003-10-10 [ Houston, Tx]

I personally want to thank Dr Frank R Wallace and his wife Rosa for helping to unit all people of all race, color,religion,& ethic backgrounds,because,I think it takes everyone to make a single person or multitude of people happy.I wish somehow,I could be apart of helping you and others to help everyone else.Thanks,Noel

ID#12728 R.M., 2003-10-10 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Ever since we received Installment Number One we have been getting more and more excited thinking what it will be like getting our hands on The Manuscript, and we are upset that we have to wait MORE weeks. We might be jumping out of our skins by the time IT arrives. Also, we have already started making more money than usual, so our minds boggle with impatients when we KNOW that what is said in Volume One IS TRUE. Robert and Dorothy MacPherson. Brisbane.

ID#12729 C.M., 2003-10-10 [ Miami, Florida]

Very exciting and stimulating information.

ID#12730 D. ., 2003-10-10 [ Vancouver, ON]

The internet is a platonic medium, neo-tech should be spread through word of mouth.

ID#12731 C.B., 2003-10-10 [ Canton, NY]

Neo Tech is the most valuable information ever. It is a shame that the information has been pirited. I have read as much online as I have off. Please get the situation fixed so you can start putting information back on the web.

ID#12732 R.H., 2003-10-10 [ Hollywood , Ca]

I love your work, I think that it is powerful, the way you promote individualism. thanks so much. I used to have to the manuscript and would be interested in obtaining once again.

ID#12734 S.C., 2003-10-11 [ Naples, FL]

I think that neo-tech should stay on the web. I would some how like to get secretly involved in Project Life. Please response! Yours Truly, Concerned

ID#12735 m. ., 2003-10-11 [ , ]

havent had the chance to read the material as yet but after a brief scan of the negative comments and the nasty responses and outright visciousness from 'good christian people' im more interested

ID#12736 R.C., 2003-10-11 [ , ]

I have had The NT Power and Ref Encyclopedia since 1989. There is new and interesting material I like to keep up with through this site. Thank you

ID#12737 L.G., 2003-10-11 [ Alexandria, VA]

I love it! It changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!

ID#12739 P.H., 2003-10-11 [ Marinette , WI]

The old way of mankinds evolution is gradually coming to pass. With the natural resource supply dwindling I think that Neo-tech is just another way that mankind is searching for the answers to problems that most(if not all governments) are negligently failing to address way ahead of time. Those who are intelligent enough to see what could happen in the near future have every right to do whatever is necessary to prepare for whatever events they think could take place. I think that fear is at the heart of the keep Neo-Tech get rid of Neo-Tech issue. It is obvious to me that the world is ready to evolve to the next level of civilization. Those who are not honest with themselves and who rely on norms established by people who can be just as criminal and unethical as the next person are headed for a rude awakening. What will happen when the oil supply and other natural resources run out? Obvioulsy people will not be able to live like they are living now and Neo-Tech may be just another way to adapt to the ever-changing scheme of things. Nothing lasts forever. I have no opinion of wether Neo-Tech works or not but I do see a trend developling with people who are eager to impose their beliefs on others in a way that up until now has been unfamiliar with most people. I have not read any Neo-Tech books outside of the websites on the internet but I do like the fact that the developers of Neo-Tech are selling a way for people to protect themselves against being controlled by others. People should stop and think of the ways that people with anti-social personalities seek to control others to pursue their own ends. I firmly believe that people can control the lives of others through the Astral Plane and who is to say that some governments are not already doing so to ensure the statistical success of the world. I for one, do not want to be just another statistic that is controlled by some spiritual police force. I have reason to believe that my life is being manipulated and controlled by an outside force other than me and my free will. If applying Neo-Tech principles will bring this to a stop so I can live my life the way that I want to live it, then I am all for them.

ID#12740 v.s., 2003-10-11 [ W. Jordan, Ut]

I've first heard about neo-tech in the mail about a year a ago; when I got a lettr from the Henderson,NV company. I was skeptic at first but now I'am very interested in about knowing how to achieve money, power, and wealth. sincerly; V.S.

ID#12741 v.s., 2003-10-11 [ W. Jordan, Ut]

I've first heard about neo-tech in the mail about a year a ago; when I got a lettr from the Henderson,NV company. I was skeptic at first but now I'am very interested in about knowing how to achieve money, power, and wealth. sincerly; V.S.

ID#12742 T. ., 2003-10-12 [ Perth Amboy, NJ]

The Information you produce real expands thinking, scope, and prospective...things that are need badly to unlock minds and enhance the future of life and living...

ID#12743 E.C., 2003-10-12 [ , ]

I have read all the negative comments. Their attacks ignited by fear only show their denial. However in their ignorance they cannot ignore the benefits neo-tech will bring. Neo-tech will bring eternal life yet will not denied to neocheaters such as yourselves. It will bring infitive knowledge and richness and we will share it. All your insults are your last desperate attempt to cling to your value destroying society and ideas. I for one do not hate you, but are full of sorrow that you do not see the strings of the neocheaters. Please neothinkers speak louder for I can't find you!

ID#12744 J.v., 2003-10-12 [ Pretoria, Gauteng]

Expose & publish those who exploited Neo-Tech intellectual values un-ethically. Their mis-uses might damage your credentials a bit, but eventually they will be the worst scares ones as the truth get exposed. Let us all be vigilant about such activities to inform yourself and all Neo-Tech beneficieries. We need to learn and to spread the knowledge, living by example to survive competently. That is the bottom line.

ID#12745 k.l., 2003-10-12 [ , ]

Great information re: history of love and the various aspects of orgasm. please keep the site up and post more

ID#12746 S.P., 2003-10-12 [ Wolverhampton, West Midlands]

Your ideas resonated with me totally. It was as if you were putting into words what I have felt all my life. Thank you

ID#12747 W.D., 2003-10-13 [ Quakenbrück, ]

I think everyone should read neotech comments at least one time. But I think too that the neotech literature is too aggressive so that while reading the readers resistance grows faster than his understanding of the message.

ID#12748 B.C., 2003-10-13 [ , ]

this website is an abomination to the lord... god rest all of us... goodnight

ID#12751 R.T., 2003-10-14 [ Raleigh, NC]


ID#12752 R.a., 2003-10-14 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

We would like to know IF Mr Wallace has been to court, and, if he has, what was the outcome?

ID#12754 K.V., 2003-10-14 [ Greers Ferry, AR]

I have enjoyed reading your books. I have one comment. I have yet to run accros the "Ten Second Miracle". I am into the Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control book. Help?

ID#12756 B.A., 2003-10-14 [ Superior, WI]

I own several volumes by Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton, and Mr. Savage. For the money spent, I'd be hard-pressed to get anything better. Fascinating and extremely useful.

ID#12757 J. ., 2003-10-14 [ , ]

All of those other types of relationships are destructive.. but why are homosexual ones desctructive? Just because it is not a man and a woman? Heterosexual relationships are the only "NORMAL" ones?

ID#12758 P.N., 2003-10-14 [ Hastings , mi]

I find everything I reas in thje NEO-TECH Discovery Manuscript very interesting and believable. Neo-Tech should remain on the web because more people need to be exposed to reality.And know that they have a chance for a wonderful life with this new technology.

ID#12760 S.C., 2003-10-15 [ Avalon, PA]

I don't understand what the fuss is about. Of course Neo-Tech should be on the web site. I would like some help as to how to get Neo-Tech to work for me. I read the manuscript and I haven't noticed any changes... old girlfriends haven't come back around, my money situation is still in a deterioration looking phase. What am I doing wrong? Steve

ID#12761 H.R., 2003-10-15 [ Tampa, FL]

I purchased some of the materials.

ID#12762 l.p., 2003-10-15 [ rockville, m.d]

my name is luciano ,i am brasilian and live in u.s.a .i would like of nows about neo-tech ,please send me information about literature in (portuguese ,espanhis )because i speak portuguese. thank you.

ID#12764 . ., 2003-10-15 [ Fort Meade, MD]

I have not read the literature provided by Neo- Tech, I did receive a free offer from a company I had never heard of. It turned out that this company did not exist and was just a front for neo tech. When I finally came to the website there was no literature available. After reading both positive and negative comments, I ran to my mail box and retrieved the envelope that held my request for the information, after all what kind of company uses another names to get people to request their material. I felt that even looking at this book I was committing a mortal sin and hope anyone who reads my comment will also refuse the "free information". I believe Jesus Christ will forgive all no matter what their past sins hopefully the person who wrote the memo under the namd Eric Savage will ask him for forgiveness.

ID#12766 J.L., 2003-10-16 [ , ]

Every time I found reasons to lament the current world state I would turn to for inspiration. Here I would find new passages that would renew my hope in mankind. And if I could not find hope in mankind, I found hope within myself.

ID#12767 . ., 2003-10-16 [ , ]


ID#12768 l.l., 2003-10-16 [ nowra, nsw]

to neo tech i like to by the 740 page neo-tech manuscript N8897-R PLEES

ID#12769 l.l., 2003-10-16 [ nowra, nsw]

to neo tech i like to by the 740 page neo-tech manuscript N8897-R PLEES

ID#12773 L.L., 2003-10-17 [ Los Angeles, CA]

I am extremely interested in learning everything and will order the 800 page book. I could not stop reading. It was as if a light came on in my head....amazing..

ID#12775 B.I., 2003-10-17 [ , ]

Is Neo- Tech really the company who claims to be in the manuscript of neo tech discovery, then you answer me as soon as possible about my order and the packages I have to receive form Neo^-Tech

ID#12776 T. ., 2003-10-17 [ , ]

I have just finished reading some of the negative comments on this web-site. Who or what gives these people the right to tell us how to think for they certainly cannot think for themselves. They a nothing but slaves of the anticivilisation(s). It is not they who should wake up! The English Anglian church is about to appoint a 'GAY' bishop - and man should not sleep with man!! I pity them all for they no not what they say. The churches are falling and their hypocritcal oaths will soon be gone. It is time. I'm sure that this site is monitored; beware the powers that be because our time NOW.

ID#12777 T.F., 2003-10-17 [ Baileyton, AL]

I am in book two of "Business Control" and am horrified at the negative responses that I have read on this sight. To become a value producer should be the ultimate challenge of all. I have found that Neo-Tech is based on truth and incorporating that personal truth into all that one does. Live with high standards and throw all the musticism that is blocking a wonderful mind from truly creating a wonderful life for one. Both my grandfathers were retired Southern Baptist Preachers so it isnt like I have no knowledge of religion. Why should I live with guilt and be brought low by narrow thinking? Where are dinosaurs in the Bible? We have PROOF of their existence. Where did Cain's "wife" come from if Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel were the only people on Earth? Neo-Tech forces one to think. KUDOS NEO-TECH!

ID#12780 . ., 2003-10-18 [ , ]

To benefit human-kind.

ID#12781 W.K., 2003-10-18 [ Singapore, -]

To benefit human-kind.

ID#12782 K.O., 2003-10-18 [ Seaside, Oregon]

I first bought my Neo-Tech Discovery a '94 edition 6 years ago and through that time I have yet to meet another person who has embraced a mystical free life in Neo-Tech. And now I'm going to the last Neo-Tech Summit...the excitement in the anticipation is almost too much. Who could resist this! CHEERS!

ID#12786 J.H., 2003-10-19 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

Neo-Tech makes the collective aware of the evil!

ID#12787 j.s., 2003-10-19 [ indianapolis, Indiana]

This is a website that i feel could help many people,(and i think help is an understatement).

ID#12788 P.P., 2003-10-20 [ Enmore, NSW]

An interesting and thought provoking site

ID#12790 R.a., 2003-10-20 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

YES YES YES. And THANKYOU for the first MAnuscript, we have could not out it down untill we had read the whole book, and wow is all we can say. It is just mind blowing. We are believing that we can actually wait a month for the next one. THANK YOU.

ID#12791 A.g., 2003-10-20 [ dayton, ohio]

keep up the good work everyone needs to know about the illuminati's invisible influence on the world

ID#12792 E.R., 2003-10-20 [ Florissant, CO]

I am very sorry to see that the 114 Money/Power/Romantic Love advantages are no longer accessible. I have recently received the Neo-Tech Weapon (Pincer #2), and I had only gotten up to the 74th advantage, prior to that, about 2 months ago. I hope that the problem you're having with the ursurpers of the info settles itself soon, and I am somehow able to complete reading the advantages. I miss all the other links, too!

ID#12793 K.E., 2003-10-20 [ Naples, FL]

I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in the late 1980's, but have not read all of it's publications. Access to this infomation seems to be limited now due to a few Neo-Cheaters who chose to abuse it. Any information on how I can again have access to your publications would be greatly appreciated.

ID#12794 c.b., 2003-10-20 [ Sacramento, CA]

I find it very difficult to judge the meaning of anyone's writings if they don't state whether they realize that wtc and jfk were the work of the same criminal oligarchey.

ID#12795 M.J., 2003-10-21 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

The site should stay up because there are people (i.e. fellow human beings) who believe with what it says.

ID#12797 J.L.,@COMCAST.NET 2003-10-21 [ BEAR, DE]


ID#12798 M. ., 2003-10-21 [ Harvey, La]

Hello, I just wanted some more info about more books available. I've finished reading THE BOOK and I'm ready to take on more. Looking forward to your reply. Thanking you in advance. Sincerely, Realized

ID#12801 A.k., 2003-10-22 [ Bronx, Ny]

yes,yes i would like to recive more information about the neo-tech discovery book.

ID#12802 A.k., 2003-10-22 [ Bronx, Ny]

yes,yes i would like to recive more information about the neo-tech discovery book.

ID#12803 G.H., 2003-10-22 [ Davisburg, MI]

I briefly read the ludicrous comments at the "negative comments" page, as well as the positive ones. It sure seems to me that those folks who post negative comments are scared of something - maybe it's the truth they're running from. We've all been brainwashed to believe there is some physical "god" of whom we should be afraid of. To me that is just a bunch of hooey. Having read and studied various forms of spiritual beliefs, it is my understanding that all of them lead to one thing - the understanding of why we are here and what we're supposed to be doing, and simply loving one another. Posting the awful things that people have is, to me, evidence of closed minds and brainwashed people.

ID#12804 K.B., 2003-10-22 [ Mableton, Ga]

Please put all that stuff back up there. Maybe all of us who have The Book could get a user name / password? That way we could make use of the information you have available and at the same time limit it to those who are ready to read it.

ID#12806 R.B., 2003-10-23 [ antioch, ca]

I am fairly new to the site but know about the power this site has I would like to see it stay so I could learn more.

ID#12807 D.M., 2003-10-23 [ Avondale Heights, victoria]

Neo-tech is by far the most honest manuscript that helps all individuals ,who utilize it correctly and honestly ,to eliminate personal mysticism, and thus enabling them to create and deliver honest values to society. To be dishonest is easy we're born into it ! To be honest is hard to do we must learn become To be profoundly honest means to take account of every thought ,word, action and that is hidden deep with in our psche ! The latter is virtualy impossible to do, especially when one is under the control of outside authority.mysticism is a major block in the powerful potential of the human mind ! There is only one cure for this disease ! ....and that is Profound honesty !! NEO-TECH PROVIDES THE TOOLS,BACKED UP BY THOROUGH FACTS,TO HELP ALL INDIVIDUALS TO FIRSTLY IDENTIFY THEIR PERSONAL MYSTICISM AND SIMULTANEOUSLY ELIMINATE IT !!!! FRANK WALLACE ERIC SAVAGE MARK HAMILTON and all those at NTP I sincrely thank you for the opportunity to experience this beautiful manuscript .My only wish is to meet you all in person to share my appreciation ! KEEP NEO-TECH on the World Wide Web !!!

ID#12808 R.B., 2003-10-23 [ Antioch, CA]

I just read some of the negative comments. It is so strange to see Christians and Muslims to be so upset about a philosophy. Given that there ideology is suppose to be about acceptance of god who is suppose to be about being. Yet they are yelling censorship and exclusion of free thought. I feel dumbfounded that so many cannot see a world of realism when the truth is shown to them. Yet they say they have faith. I wonder in what? Must be unwittingly betrayal of logical thinking. I could only hope the theology is exposed to them soon. As anyone mans opinion and/or message should be heard it also should not be censored or distorted so we the people can make are own informed decisions. Rob Betts I think, therefore I am

ID#12809 . ., 2003-10-23 [ , ]

Lots of hype, no substance. I suspect you write your own negative comments. Comes across mildly cult-ish, but no biggie. In the end, no one really cares if you like or hate the world. Or what the problem is. Sorry.

ID#12810 R.S., 2003-10-23 [ Lafayette, OR]

I have not read the book yet, but from what I have read so far it has gotten my attention to follow up on this subject even more when time allows. I noticed those against this subject for what ever reason seem to have an attitude of hate and very negative energy. I did not sense any of this in what I have read so far from your website. Thank you and may the Lord bless you and all your readers richly.

ID#12814 J.H., 2003-10-23 [ Yonkers, NY]

I've learned a great deal from your work. I used to be religious and pray everyday (especially after suffering mild suicidal depression). After reading Neo Tech Discovery and Neo Tech World, I realized I can control my life, not some fake deity who is never there when you are in trouble. In terms of business, my mind is growing everyday. From new advertising ideas, to new products that I hope to develop. At first, I could not grasp the idea of steering away from external guidance or receiving grants from the government when it came to business, but now I understand your concept. Now, everything I do in business is with MY own money. I feel so in control in that type of situation. I thought cutting down on sugar was impossible. It wasn't, and I lost 30 pounds! Couple this with a no nonsense supplementation plan, I feel more healthier than when I was a high school student. With Neo Tech, billionaires will be created! P.S. I am going into teaching to support my business ventures. I will like to know if Neo Tech is making any books on educating students (primarily 5th to 12th graders).

ID#12818 A.F., 2003-10-24 [ Auckland, ]

Ayn Rand said about objectivism "Never under estimate an idea who's time has come." It seems that the time for Neo-Tech is apon us and the more its truth bites into the mystics the harder they will oppose being exposed. The battle for the mind is just begining. Bring it on. But remember this. A fully focused rational human being is an extremly potent and dynamic force. Reality combined with absolute honesty and common sense will prevail but the entrenched neo-cheats will not give up without a fight. The best way to negate them is to fully understand them and both expose and out think them.

ID#12819 R.a., 2003-10-25 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Again. YES YES YES MOST CERTAINLY. Can WE Dorothy and Robert please request a free copy of RIBI as we have read our second book twice (I am half way through for the third time) and we are just awed at the information. Coming from a "christian" upbringing you have showed us that to leave this attidude is the best thing since birth.

ID#12820 R.M., 2003-10-25 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

For all my prevous comments. In the book on page 91, you make mention about the government being responsible for organized crime to prosper. Well, think on this! While I was serving with the New Zealand army in "Malasia" many years ago, we were not officialy there, but we were sent into Cambodia and up to the Ho Che MIn trail, to stop the drug runners using that trail. We were very succesfull, so effective that we shot and captured American FBI and CIA people as well as the others. When interigated, the Americans said "we have been sent up here to make sure that these drugs get through to our buddies down at the river who then take them STRAIGHT to America". And was there a stink about us killing Americans, we were, thankfully, pulled out of there and sent back to Malasia.

ID#12822 J.P.,@KC.RR.COM 2003-10-25 [ LENEXA, KS]


ID#12823 D.K., 2003-10-26 [ Carol Stream, IL]

Is it just me or is Neo-Tech getting more poetic? Neo-Tech has always been written in a very easy to read way, in a way where I don't want to put it down, but I just read a couple of paragraphs of the newly edited PAX Law and I notice far more than ever the rythmic and poetic nature of the writings. While reading I couldn't help my self from laughing and smiling. Thank you.

ID#12824 P. ., 2003-10-26 [ U.K, ]

I did not know there was a Neo-Tech web site I just entered Neo-Tech and pressed Go, But I've heard about it and was just qurious. I would like to know why they are trying to ban it in America, does it give people an unfair advantage over others, if so its to late because so many people have already bought it and have that knowledge and if I could afford it I would buy it and use that knowledge to better myself and help others less fortunate than myself thats why we are here on the earth plane Yours Truly P.E.Jones

ID#12825 a.l., 2003-10-26 [ liverpool, ]

hello my name is tony and i have three books on neo-tech i am wondering if there are any neo-tech conventions coming up in the united kingdom in the near future

ID#12826 m.d., 2003-10-26 [ , ]

very profound theory. i can't say that i have benefited directly from it monetarily. i'm disapointed with the direct mailing program. i have the thick issue god- man neo tech discovery. i ordered what i thought was new info from a direct mailing. it ws simply a condensed version of the original book, so i returned it for a refund. i' ve been listening to a late night radio show called coast to coast for weeks. not once have a heard anything about neo-tech, but a lot about conciousness. is frank wallace still working and writing?

ID#12828 J.C., 2003-10-27 [ Belvidere, Illinois]

I am curious and want to continue my journey.

ID#12829 D.T., 2003-10-27 [ suffield, ct]

I bought and read the book a long time ago. I don't recall too much about it, but I do recall it in a positive light. (Don't publish my info - just read the "negative" comments and don't want crosses burning on my front lawn.)

ID#12831 . ., 2003-10-27 [ , ]

Turned my whole world upside down. This information is utterly amazing and I am confident that Dr Wallace will get the recognition he deserves in the years to come, when religion and neocheating politicians are both vanquished and the entire human race switches to the god-man mentality.

ID#12832 . ., 2003-10-27 [ , ]

The complete lack of logic and reason in all of the "Negative Comments" I read is quite interesting. Everything is laden with name-calling and hate...the cornerstones of any solid religion. Seems these folks forgot that line about, "Love your enemies." I was raised Catholic and I don't remember ever being taught to hate and wish death upon those who think differently than I do. But it is this emotion that all power and money hungry entities (religious, political, etc) rely on to continue their control over the lives of those who only listen and never question. Reading your material was one of the hardest things I ever did. I was forced to question my happy little world and hated myself for doing so. But once I set the emotions aside and thought rationally for a moment, things became more clear. That's not to say I agree with everything put forth in "The Book"...far from it. But I'm infinitely better off having at least considered the possibilities outside of my brain-washed youth. You may use my comments for whatever purpose you wish, but only on the condition you not disclose any information about me. (I don't need anybody bombing my home "In the name of God/Jesus/Mohammed/Budda" or anyone else.)

ID#12837 B.S., 2003-10-28 [ Brandon, FL]

I have been visiting this site for several years, and have many Neo-tech books. By reading these works I have become aware of the actual control that I have over my life. I am able to identify and fight mystisism in myself and around me. I urge you to allow this site to stay active for the benefit of the world!!

ID#12839 G.C., 2003-10-28 [ , ]

Neo-Tech should remain on the web for sure. Bring back the rest of the site - Please...i miss it!! I hadnt fininshed reading it!!! Booo

ID#12840 R. ., 2003-10-28 [ , ]

Although I found the book a tad longwinded, I believe it to be the most influential book I have ever read. I have been set free from the chains of religion; that is to say I have finally grown up. I did find reading the book a tad frustrating as I was looking for the writer to get to the point and give us some hands on things to do and say. But I realise now (3 weeks after finishing reading it) that this is *exactly* why there were no 'solutions'. Wallace, in the book, simply and effectively cleared the path so that we can think for ourselves without any need to be told what to think, and work out answers for ourselves. I have practically no pangs of negativism now. I can now live my life to the full with a clear conscience.

ID#12842 C.C., 2003-10-29 [ bradenton, Fla]

I am a 27 year veteran Legal Investigator, former law enforcement officer in Florida.I have dealt with the IRS over tax issue's for the last 9 years. During that time as a professional, I have learned that the IRS disregards it's own code, and violates due process every day. They are a lawless agency, andhave grown so powerful that most judicial officials are afraid to rule against them in any tax matter of consequence. During this time I have repeatedly studied the IRS code and written to them asking specific questions about the code and the law. They have refused to answer, and simply reply with form letters.If the IRS cannot answer these questions regarding the laws they enforce, who can? I know the answer is plain and simple, they refuse to answer any question that brings their auhority to disregard the law in question. Try writing them and asking what it means in the code when it refers to certain Constitutionaly exmpt income? what si that exempt income they code refer's to? How can the IRS file a motice of lein and levy without due process of law? the constitution is clear on this matter. Yet they seixe property all the time without you ever having a day in court or a proper judgement rendered.They stragle the people, and yet our congress does nothing but lip service and meaningless token gestures.

ID#12844 K.M., 2003-10-29 [ Watertown , NY ]

We need a light in all this darkness

ID#12846 Z.W., 2003-10-29 [ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah]

The answer to your question is definitely yes, Neo-tech must remain in the web. Look at the counter, it is self explanatory for the number of people searching for this kind of information.

ID#12847 R.B., 2003-10-29 [ Rose Hill, ]

Tell us more on Jesus as a sublime teacher. Tell us more on 'Prophet' Muhammad, 'Prophet' Joseph Smith. Thanks!

ID#12848 R.C., 2003-10-29 [ , ]

Keep it on the web. But have limited access by password forthose optin for it. They see a link, like this, submit their e-mail address, and then get an e-mail with a url link with which they confirm their intrest. And another e-mail goes out with the valid URL, a usr ID and password, for access.

ID#12850 C.S., 2003-10-29 [ Melbourne, VIC]

Please send me details of any new literature. I am an existing God-Man owner.

ID#12851 M.G., 2003-10-29 [ Manahawkin, NJ]

Having Neo-Tech on the computer is an excellent thing to do.People can keep track of what is happening in the real world of life.I am very much in tune with Neo-Tech and your information gets directly to the point.The world will benefit greatly with your information.I know some people will be dead set against it till they realize they are running out of ways to fool themselves,but will come around when they see the world is moving ahead with out them.

ID#12852 . ., 2003-10-30 [ , ]

I bought you book 7 years ago. You know, the black one that list the Neo Tech Advantages. The only problem is that I haven't found happiness or riches yet. cheers Gary Adamson

ID#12853 E.C.,@AOL.COM 2003-10-30 [ INVERNESS, ]


ID#12854 D.m., 2003-10-30 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

1273809 Hello, I am Dorothy and I do want you to stay on the web and PLEASE give others in the same position as Robert and I still are, but KNOW that this will change as soon as we receive the "next installment". We are STILL reading through the manuscipt that you sent and we are still getting more from it with every read. Dorothy.

ID#12855 p.j., 2003-10-30 [ spokane, washington]

I have been going to school at spokane fall community college, and i have been taking a theatre class off campus. As well as tring to do my on-line business. My web site is and i have no money for adverizing so i thought i wuld write my book club to see if they would be will8ing to post it every where zon would want it to be. Thanks your student peter. email is

ID#12856 R.B., 2003-10-30 [ Bakersfield, CA]

This website is vital for the future of business and ever improving life here and now.

ID#12857 C. ., 2003-10-30 [ Coral Springs, FL]

I was in a lousy state before reading the orientation page about Neo-Tech but after I felt better.

ID#12858 r. ., 2003-10-30 [ round rock, tx]

Great site for the open-minded.

ID#12859 G.G., 2003-10-30 [ STAFFORD, TX]


ID#12862 l.b., 2003-10-31 [ livonia, mi]

i'm sorry i've been away. but one thing for sure; my whole life has been hell since i stopped following the codes

ID#12865 A.H., 2003-10-31 [ Sanford, Me.]

Neo-Tech should definitely be on the Web. Ideas should not be silenced by desention. Keep up the great work!

ID#12866 J.B., 2003-10-31 [ , ]

Of course Neo-Tech should remain on the internet. by making Neo-Tech easily accessible, people will quickly understand that these pretenders exist, and be more aware of it's messages. If it is the sole intention of Neo-Tech to enlighten others, has to remain in full and available. If Neo-Tech is looking for funds from individuals to access "the understanding of Neo-Tech", then wouldn't Neo-Tech be similar to those late night "get wealth & prosperity infomercials" I find no reason Neo-Tech should remove any of it's literature. Those who use it to retain followers, will be exposed. There will always be those who will muddy the water to create confusion and half truths. by removing your Literature, are you not succumbing to the "cheaters"?

ID#12867 k. .,@!yahoo. com 2003-10-31 [ labadi, ghana]

dear sir. iknow neo -tech is the best informationt that iwill ever hade in my life. thank you iwill like it . hopping to get aquik respond from you.

ID#12868 J.H., 2003-10-31 [ Pittsburgh, PA]

Neo-Tech… is a genuine lifesaver! I LOVE Neo-Tech and all the things that make it what it is… WSA, The C of U, FIH, Profound Honesty, DTC, Individualism and Objectivism!

ID#12869 R.J., 2003-10-31 [ , ]

Well I finely got my computer back on line, I can not find neo-tech up dates. I hope all is well, with all of my neo-tech Friends. I have been away since about the first of the year. Thanks for bringing me up to date. Thanks from One of your best friends. Rufus John Wilson New address: 340 Dean Road Spring Branch, Texas 78070-4918 PS: any way I can Help, I will sure try!!! E-Mail

ID#12870 R.J., 2003-10-31 [ Spring Branch, Texas]

Well I finely got my computer back on line, I can not find neo-tech up dates. I hope all is well, with all of my neo-tech Friends. I have been away since about the first of the year. Thanks for bringing me up to date. Thanks from One of your best friends. Rufus John Wilson New address: 340 Dean Road Spring Branch, Texas 78070-4918 PS: any way I can Help, I will sure try!!! E-Mail

ID#12871 T.M., 2003-11-01 [ Denver, CO]

I use to come to this site for much of the time i spent online. I have to say when had all its resources online it was the only thing worth reading. I wish there was another place that a person could go and read those same work without people being able to write and or print the valuable information and use it for their own twisted motives.



ID#12876 a. ., 2003-11-01 [ BROOKLYN, NY]

i am on a hi tonight reading this this is the the great est. i will like a chat room with one of you guys some time soon cyber12lips.. at yahoo.con or

ID#12878 M.M., 2003-11-01 [ Macon, Ga]

I think Neo-Tech is the best thing that a person can have their life. I have purchased several neo-tech literatures over the past months and I found that Neo-Tech knowledge is the answer to this all problems that is cause by the "irrationals" here on earth's. I hope that Dr. Frank R. Wallace and the people at Neo-Tech Publishing Company will forever stay on the internet foreever. You have my support all the way. Let me know is there anything I can do to help your cause a success. Keep up the good work.

ID#12883 m. ., 2003-11-02 [ , ]

how can you of all people write that the 911 event was 'as advertised'? it is plain as day the whole thing was staged. how can you pretend it wasnt when your own teaching on noecheats points to a fix??

ID#12884 A. ., 2003-11-02 [ , ]

Do you believe in a highter spirtuality??? Then may I ask, What do you really believe in? Something you were taught, or something you have been associated with???? Is it possible for you to stop and think for one single minute with an open mind??? We all live on this planet. Why can't we all get along as adults??? In the christian bible soldiers were sent out to kill others. In the coran, one is dictated to kill others, and so goes other religious texts. ALL seem to be pitting one religion against another. Think about this, for just one long minute, if that is possible for you to do so. Does it make you wonder why each religious culture pits themselves against another? Why can't we all live together as universal spiritualist in peace??? Every one of us know right from wrong, good from bad, so isn't it possible that religious convictions are the key thing that is keeping us from true peaece on this earth???? Yes, I agree that greed does play a role, and a few other issues also, but nothing near as strong as a persons religious convictions. Most people will say a watermellon is green, but that all depends on when and where you look at it from. When examined on the inside, when the mellon is fully ripe, most mellons will not be green in color. The is no given color the describe a mellon, unless you add a bunch of: how, when, where,what kind,which one,or, and, and the list goes on and on. Universal Spiritaulity does not have these confinements or problems. It does not take away ones beliefs or restrict or dictate what one is to think or believe. It does open up a whole new avenue and adds to a persons beliefs. If I had to sum it all up in one statement, I would say being a Universal Spiritualist causes one to think, to think about what is good for them, and what is good for everyone.

ID#12885 A. ., 2003-11-02 [ , ]

Do you believe in a highter spirtuality??? Then may I ask, What do you really believe in? Something you were taught, or something you have been associated with???? Is it possible for you to stop and think for one single minute with an open mind??? We all live on this planet. Why can't we all get along as adults??? In the christian bible soldiers were sent out to kill others. In the coran, one is dictated to kill others, and so goes other religious texts. ALL seem to be pitting one religion against another. Think about this, for just one long minute, if that is possible for you to do so. Does it make you wonder why each religious culture pits themselves against another? Why can't we all live together as universal spiritualist in peace??? Every one of us know right from wrong, good from bad, so isn't it possible that religious convictions are the key thing that is keeping us from true peaece on this earth???? Yes, I agree that greed does play a role, and a few other issues also, but nothing near as strong as a persons religious convictions. Most people will say a watermellon is green, but that all depends on when and where you look at it from. When examined on the inside, when the mellon is fully ripe, most mellons will not be green in color. The is no given color the describe a mellon, unless you add a bunch of: how, when, where,what kind,which one,or, and, and the list goes on and on. Universal Spiritaulity does not have these confinements or problems. It does not take away ones beliefs or restrict or dictate what one is to think or believe. It does open up a whole new avenue and adds to a persons beliefs. If I had to sum it all up in one statement, I would say being a Universal Spiritualist causes one to think, to think about what is good for them, and what is good for everyone.

ID#12886 J.C., 2003-11-02 [ Houston, TX]

Neo-Tech should not be intimidated by false teachers and theves. This move has caused many that seek the knowledge to be denied the personal freedom that your product delivers. Most people that I had referred to your site found enlightening information and had bettered themselves by it. Most people like myself cannot afford the literature and seek helpful information where it is available for free. I also think that it is a dis-service to the "true seekers" that you would allow theves and hustlers to drive such a wealth of freedom/value creating information from the web. Bring it back.

ID#12888 J.S., 2003-11-03 [ Bonita Springs, FL]

I looked up the web address after ordering the Neo-Tech Discovery. I wanted to see if I could find out more.

ID#12889 R.J., 2003-11-03 [ , ]

I gave you the wrong E-mail. It should be: I am Rufus John Wilson 340 dean Road Spring Branch Texas 78070-4918

ID#12890 R.J., 2003-11-03 [ Spring Branch, Texas]

I gave you the wrong E-mail. It should be: I am Rufus John Wilson 340 dean Road Spring Branch Texas 78070-4918

ID#12891 J.A.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2003-11-03 [ CHATTANOOGA, TN]


ID#12892 . ., 2003-11-03 [ , ]

This should remain on the web--it is free speech. But I find it really boring. Just a bunch of definitions of wierd-sounding names along with someone's skewed view of history and religion. I grew up atheist, so I can look at philosophies/religions (and yes, this is just another philosophy but without any real eye-opening stuff) without bias. I find this a bit uninteresting... oh well. what's the hype about? On top of that this person(who made this up) is obviously an uneducated American who actually believes U.S. media/propoganda. Wake up already.

ID#12894 M.L., 2003-11-03 [ Loveland, CO]

If you remove this site you give into the very thing you are tyring to stop. They win! And you keep the very thing you want to tell every person about from easy access. I have read two of your manuscripts and I very much agree with what you are about. The manuscripts that I have read are The Neo-Tech Descovery #691020 and Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control #981080 ( which by the way book one of this the binding is all falling apart). I emailed you yesterday about sending me more information. Thank You Michael L. Kelby

ID#12895 t.g., 2003-11-03 [ nashville, tn]

i dont understand,,someone show me how and then i will see, iam lost and looking for the way,,,no more boss,no more pay checks for 250.00 and come back next week,and then 20yr later iam still looking for the teacher,,terry gandy

ID#12897 T.M., 2003-11-03 [ Bayonne, NJ]

Of course you should remain on the web. For one simple reason: free speech. A better reason is because in all the years I’ve known your work; you have always searched for the truth in its full context. Keep it going, -- T

ID#12898 R.A., 2003-11-03 [ Idaho Falls, id]

I think the site should remain on the web "only" in a limited format. Just enough to whet the appetite of the curious.

ID#12899 E.P., 2003-11-03 [ henderson, nv]

I have just relocated to Henderson NV from Long Island NY in Mid-October of 2003. and was wondering what kind of job opportunities your company has. I would love to have 1st hand experience learning more about the techniques taught in the Neo-Tech Books I have been reading about. please call me about any information I may be able to obtain. Thank you in advance. Home 702-837-0570 and my Cell is 516-805-2893 Edward Pizzo

ID#12900 K.J., 2003-11-03 [ Columbia, SC]

I been a Neo-Tech owner since 1987 NeoCheaters will remain in power as long as Neo-Tech is unkown to the masses. Don't let this happen. Neo-Tech will prevail because it is integrated honesty, truth. We have now entered the information age. The internet is the "printing press" (#1 technological advancement to date) of this new age.

ID#12901 h.j., 2003-11-03 [ rockford, il]

neo-tech has been very inspiring and mind opening. everything i have read in neo-tech has helped me to greater expand on what i had previously known or believed, and because of this i find myself coming back to neo-tech literature at every opportunity i get to further push my own limitations. thanks for dissintegrating mysticism before my very eyes. i thoroughly enjoy reading all of the neo-tech literature and would love to recieve more information on upcoming neo-tech conferences or on how i might be able to communicate with other like minded entrepreneurs, where in we could master mind, and build off of each others ideas and concepts.

ID#12903 r.e., 2003-11-03 [ sunrise beach, mo]

i am having difficulty in finding copies of your books that you have for sale...the ones i am particuarly interested are the ones called "The Book" volumes one & two. where can i go in order to purchase these books? thanks Russ Ehlers

ID#12906 S.Z., 2003-11-04 [ , ]

I really value the information on the website. I feel Neotech deserves a presence on the WEB as much as any other organization. Why are you considering closing this down?

ID#12907 G.B., 2003-11-04 [ South Molton, Devon]

Having been a long time customer of Neo-Tech I did a search and had a look at the web site and the latest developments. Very interesting - glad to see the ideas are still evolving! The negative comments on the site are especially revealing - they show just how hooked some unfortunate people are. My best wishes to all you brave folks!

ID#12909 D. ., 2003-11-04 [ , TX]

i have owned "the book" for a while, i love it, i love the website, i go there often, please dont take it away.

ID#12912 d.j., 2003-11-04 [ las vegas , nv]

I currently own the book and god man neo tech decoded and would like to own all of the books produced by your company, please send me a current listing of prices and names, and I believe that the site should remain on the web for the faithful neo tech users, but you should not put the books online, because of the people that exist today that would only twist the words for their own benefit and not the benefit of all

ID#12913 d. ., 2003-11-04 [ , ]

went nov3rd 1986 seminar

ID#12914 . ., 2003-11-05 [ , ]

I think that the belief that their is no god is foolish and I don't get how you think, things of the spirit with out a god belief and I know their is only one god and Jesus the Chirst is his son and are savior !

ID#12915 A.C., 2003-11-05 [ New York, NY]

I have the neo tech discovery and god-man. I value this information highly and wish it was still available on the web.

ID#12916 m.h., 2003-11-05 [ Santa Barbara, CA]

Fascinating and frightening. I have never been able to figure out the precise mechanism by which most of us have been turned against ourselves. This information is very revealing.

ID#12918 D.M., 2003-11-05 [ Clarkdale, AZ ]

I have been reading your site for over 5 years. I have also bought many books and downloaded other articles.

ID#12919 S. ., 2003-11-05 [ , ]

If it wasn't for the web, I wouldn't even know NTP exists.

ID#12920 M.B., 2003-11-05 [ Fontanelle, IA]

Well, I read the volumes of negative responses and quite a few of the positive ones as well. It seems to me that the very foundation of free speech (while seriously abused and tortured by the bulk of the negative respondants)is embraced by this web-site. How often do you find ANY site/pulication/business that freely presents its negative criticisms to any and all that wish to view them? I am 100 per cent certain that there are Many sites on the net that should not be there...... this is not one that should be removed. Mike

ID#12922 . ., 2003-11-05 [ , ]

i clicked yes, but only cuz i believe in free speech. anyway, it's pretty obvious that you guys are all misogynists. bye.

ID#12925 S.L., 2003-11-06 [ Bacchus Marsh, Victoria]

Boy; Would I love a copy of the Neo-Tech Discovery. Unfortunately, at this point in time I can't afford it.

ID#12928 x. ., 2003-11-06 [ x, x]

My recommendation for U.S. government: 1. Start to grow up - don't act like 9-years old kids dressed with suits and ties on who are toying with authority, potential conspiracy/draft start-up, reserves, weapons, defense-related investigation, and Iraq. 2. Start to withdraw all of the troops. 3. Stop helping Jews; Jews are not considered "Jews". They are "humans" with certain belief. All religions are the phony and illusioned products. 4. Peacefully resign yourself from your destructive jobs to become productive people such as non-criminal businessmen, mechanics, clerks, non-defense-related engineers, Walt Disney cartoonists, etc. 5. Make sure everything is "depoliticized". 6. Stop being so greedy. We are already suffering from the greedy epidemic in our country (USA). We have to deal with soaring college tuitions, medical bills, and insurances, lay-offs to feed some greedy leaders, anti-war and pro-war books/informations to generate profits from an unfortunate conflict-the Iraq war and the rotten foreign policy, etc. 7. Thanks for reading and wish you happy holidays.

ID#12929 c.h., 2003-11-06 [ orland park, il]

these writings seam to be perfectly logical. very interesting, show me more.

ID#12931 C.L., 2003-11-06 [ Salem, AR]

Promises of riches to follow needs plausible motivator. Trying to learn from Mark Hamilton: The Potent Threesome. I am retired and 83 years.

ID#12933 s.s., 2003-11-07 [ philadelphia, pa]

Free speech and ideas are the benefits of being human,to choose our own beliefs in our own manner,no religian can stop people from thinking with a free will or tell us how and who to speak to because it interferes with our own desires, their dogma enslaves the masses for their own profit not for the individuals,all in the name of their "gods".It is sad in this day and age how they react,it reminds me of Platos story on how does a man once chained in darkness sees the sun and tries top explain to others still in darkness what he has seen.It has always been in the benefit of the church to keep the masses in that cave with fear and deception,so when sun shines on ignorance it shelters itself back and cowers in the fear instilled by programed obedience.It is sad but true,people fear the truth.

ID#12934 B.S., 2003-11-07 [ Eagan, MN]

I ordered the manuscript but then I discovered everything in the manuscript was on the web so I sent it back. I was hoping to see the 10 second miracles but it was not in the manuscript.

ID#12935 L.J., 2003-11-07 [ Hackettstown, NJ]

For one, I commend you for staying so open, and on the net. There are many people, mostly psychotic (as you can plainly see in the negitive comments), who are afraid of you, and your knowledge. Please do not take any of that to heart. I only wish more people believed as we do.

ID#12937 c.b., 2003-11-07 [ wallasey, ]

your selling stratergies are very good , BUT, and its a big BUT,istill think the way your book is sold is very close to being deceitful,sorry,but if you want people to trust you ,you must be more open and honest with your selling .This i can see , because i am not easily led.

ID#12938 . ., 2003-11-07 [ , ]

Welcome to - Power Secret Knowledged Guaranteed to ... ... Plus we use a hi-tech fraud scoring system with all credit card transactions, plus ... The Neo-Tech Discovery by Dr. Frank R. Wallace, 707 pages Includes your 4 ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages Neo-Tech

ID#12939 p. ., 2003-11-08 [ , fl]

I received the orientation in the mail , was curious and wanted to make sure the company and the book were real. I cannot find the company site on the web. Nor the publishing company or integrated management systems. Neither one of the listed phone numbers in the information I received is listed anywhere in a reverse lookup and I just happened to call after hours and did not get so much as a voice mail message. It took a long time to find your site since the information package I received is spells the name as Novus Tek. please email me is this real? thank you

ID#12941 J.H., 2003-11-08 [ Los Angeles, CA]

People be very suspicious of Dr Frank R Wallace for he is the devil incarnate who seek to destroy the good and the religious and glorify the greedy money grabbing businessmen. He also wants you to become slavish workers to the money system and most of all to his ideas which will never come to pass. He will pull you by the nose and lead you to the slaughterhouse.

ID#12942 B.L., 2003-11-08 [ Houston, Texas]

I don't know much about Neo-tech, but would like to learn. I enjoyed reading the info contained on this web site. If possible I would like to know if the books are in stores or libraries for purchase or to check out? Honesty has always been one of the keys and helping others the second. Thank you for the time and effort to create this site. Thanks again, Billie Ledbetter

ID#12944 m.g., 2003-11-08 [ hazard, ky]

i think people are crazy for not wanting neo-tech on the internet one reason i believe is because it beats the heck out of there butts and they can't stand the thought of anyone careing for the poor that is getting took advantage of please dont take the neo-tech off of the internet because it help's all of us poor people when noone else care's enough to reach out and help all they believe in is taking from us and at the end of time let's just see how in the world that they can explain all of there evilness to the most powerful man in the world and that is GOD himself so keep up the good work for what youre doing for all the people that has'nt got a chance in this cruel world//ps thank you.mary gibson i got one book of neo-tech and please send me more as soon as possible i can't wait to get the other book the sooner the better

ID#12945 j. ., 2003-11-08 [ , ]

Beware! neo tech is a company that is run by gay retarted trannys that lead people astray by claimimg it has all the answers to life. heed my warning islam will destroy your evil imbecileic pricks.

ID#12946 B. ., 2003-11-08 [ , ]

the first ammendment allows you the right to stay on theinternet and say anything you wish.

ID#12947 H.G., 2003-11-08 [ tucson, az]

I would like to know about neo-tech. It does sound interesting to me. I would also like to fullfill my dreams..................

ID#12948 . ., 2003-11-08 [ lynn, ma.]

how do i add my story of 20 years of abuse by the i. r. this story and where do i find relief/help?

ID#12949 J.W., 2003-11-08 [ Phoenix , AZ ]

I would like to know more about Neo-Tech and where I can go for more knowlege on this subject.

ID#12950 T.D., 2003-11-09 [ , ]


ID#12951 T.D., 2003-11-09 [ COLUMBUS , MS]


ID#12952 M.G.,@HOTMAIL.COM 2003-11-09 [ HAZARD, KY]


ID#12955 M.W., 2003-11-10 [ Birmingham, Ala]


ID#12956 F.B., 2003-11-10 [ NORMAL, IL]

i really like the images & system that was invented by the matrix architect, but IF IT DON'T HAVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IN's considered to me to be a LIE created to distract ONE'S own thought process from connected to the SUPREME BEING of all things.

ID#12958 R.C., 2003-11-10 [ Downey, CA]

There is nothing more sacred than the integrity of your own mind. Neo-tech is full of bliss!

ID#12959 E.D., 2003-11-10 [ Accra-Ghana, Ghana]

Please try and do something so that real Neo-Tech readers will benefit Please Look at Africa its very important. Erik

ID#12962 P.R., 2003-11-10 [ BRONX, NY ]


ID#12963 G.C., 2003-11-10 [ HATTIESBURG, MS]

Neo-Tech should stay. Freedom of speech is our right in this country and info. such as this should be made available to all who are open to receive it.

ID#12964 A.v., 2003-11-11 [ Brisbane, QLD]

Your literature unwraps some very good information and is quite interesting. Coming from a family that is very religion oriented, I was caught between some very hard choices and beliefs. Mum and Dad are both freemasons, and toil away week after week looking for inner peace, spiritual fulfillment and, of course, that supreme being. I am still reading 'The Book' over and over, trying to get as much as possible out of it, because I need to know as much as possible about both sides before making decisions or judgements (it's only rational to do so). Much of the information in your publications is cryptic and indirect, yet very valuable and moral. I'm about to order the third set of literature and I'm looking forward to reading it. I have read through the negative comments on this site and don't know what to make of them... a lot of them seem lost and quite angry, but, if you take some people's beliefs away from them they're often too lazy or dishonest to make the decisions on their own. Many people would rather be lazy and not get anywhere, than exert the effort needed to excell and grow. I'm still only 21 so I have every intention to get the most out of life, and while I live the life I was meant to, all those sad, bitter souls who reject Neo-Tech will still be where they are now...(if even)

ID#12966 L.P., 2003-11-11 [ Lexington, NC ]

I have just found the website because I just got to the part in The Book that mentioned it. I would not like to see it taken from the internet.

ID#12967 r. ., 2003-11-11 [ , ]

Have'nt been here for a while and I noticed the advantages are no longer displayed. I miss reading them.

ID#12968 A.G., 2003-11-11 [ Toorak, Vic]

Perhaps a membership area for owners of the literature

ID#12969 d.l., 2003-11-11 [ tooele, ut]

yes i believe neo-tech should stay on the web. because it gives the person an oppertunity to live a better life within themselves, and help others to have a prosperous exciting life. but of course he/she can live forever with great expidtions of the future for them selves others, and their children to come...........

ID#12970 S.K., 2003-11-11 [ Keystone Heights, Florida]

Logically, website would be this....Visited site, because I ordered the book, and was waiting on the delivery. Wanting to find out more about this way of thinking...It interest me.

ID#12971 r.v., 2003-11-11 [ Flagstaff, AZ]

Dr. Ian Scott's theory of an ether, otherwise known as an existence field.Is absolutely correct. The "Universal Library" is only accessable to those that acknowledge God's gaurdians as the entities that are in charge of everything that is going on at any point relevent in existence. x*x+y*y=z+z+z. [H1] or hydrogen one, is the etheteric plane. All things that are give off vibrations. Tapping into those vibrations is as easy as releasing all of your energy into the welfare of any given object. Some call it loving the creation, but the real fact is that we all have the ability to increase or decrease these impulses at any given time by our frame of thought. Belief is the key to love. The basic formula---of course, it increases---is .5pi(r)wavelength. With "wavelength" being brain waves in the theta range of approximately 68hz, we are able to incorporate all thought into another beings conscienceness___hypnosis___ Jus' a thought? Whatcha think?

ID#12975 M. ., 2003-11-12 [ Blue Island, IL]

If it was not for this site I would of never found out about the Class Action Law Suit. I know the stories about the IRS ruining peoples lives, because I have helped some of those people put the IRS in its place. Have been dealing with those fools for over 10 years now and the are still dumb, arrogrant, fools, who do not want to work just get the money to be there and act like they are working. Thank You very much for all the valuable information. Sincerely Marianne

ID#12977 R.L.,@AOL.COM 2003-11-12 [ KENT, U/K]


ID#12978 R.L.,@AOL.COM 2003-11-12 [ KENT, U/K]


ID#12979 k.c., 2003-11-12 [ , ]

i am so gald this is still on the web and hasnt been lost.

ID#12980 k.c., 2003-11-12 [ oklahoma city, ok]

i am so gald this is still on the web and hasnt been lost.

ID#12981 C.V., 2003-11-12 [ , ]

My Zonpower Manuscript released me from the mental anguish I suffered trying to reconcile what I've been "taught" with what my instincts were telling me. I have had a life long resistance to the "establishment" (religious, corporate and governmental authority). Over the last few years of living with Zonpower I have realized so much of what was promised to me in my manuscript. My on regret is that I was unable to obtain the "Neo-tech reference Encyclopedia. Thank you!

ID#12982 C.V., 2003-11-12 [ hem, ]

My Zonpower Manuscript released me from the mental anguish I suffered trying to reconcile what I've been "taught" with what my instincts were telling me. I have had a life long resistance to the "establishment" (religious, corporate and governmental authority). Over the last few years of living with Zonpower I have realized so much of what was promised to me in my manuscript. My on regret is that I was unable to obtain the "Neo-tech reference Encyclopedia. Thank you!

ID#12983 C.V., 2003-11-12 [ Hemet, CA]

My Zonpower Manuscript released me from the mental anguish I suffered trying to reconcile what I've been "taught" with what my instincts were telling me. I have had a life long resistance to the "establishment" (religious, corporate and governmental authority). Over the last few years of living with Zonpower I have realized so much of what was promised to me in my manuscript. My on regret is that I was unable to obtain the "Neo-tech reference Encyclopedia. Thank you!

ID#12990 E.G., 2003-11-12 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is real, and all around us. You don't have to believe, you are already a part of it, or have contributed to it in one way or another.

ID#12991 G. ., 2003-11-12 [ Portland, OR]

Sounds like Devil or demon connection

ID#12992 a. ., 2003-11-13 [ jhkhbnskjd, jknkjn]

I am embarassed that I even looked at this trash. It sickens me to think that so many people would buy into this garbage.

ID#12994 E.M., 2003-11-13 [ Melbourne, Vic]

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Errol Munro, I had sent you my Visa details to recieve my Neo-Tech literture and Im still waiting. I cannot wait to have my life change to the good, believe me I need some luck in my life. Thank you

ID#12995 T.H., 2003-11-13 [ Fort Mill, SC]

I have found the material I have read up to this point to be very thought-provoking. I see nothing in it that should elicit such decidedly un-religious statements that have been made by people opposed to this information - people who, in as much as I can tell, consider themselves religious. I wish I could afford to buy the entire neo-tech series of books.

ID#12996 R.M., 2003-11-13 [ Ft. Lauderdale, FL]

Neo-Tech is just what I've been looking for since the early 60s. I agree totaly with it's concepts and have felt for years that the religous mystics and political liars and cheaters have impacted everyone's life and income for all of my life.

ID#12997 K. ., 2003-11-13 [ menasha, wi]

the art on the sight is what caught my eye...i didn't realize what other horrible things came with it,,,i fully support all the God fearing people who detest this sight.It is so complete with evil that it make me sick to my stomach. You should have your rights to life taken away from you...and YOU know who YOU are....may the Lord never have mercy on your soul!!! AMEN

ID#12999 M.D., 2003-11-13 [ Montreal, Que]

The more appropriate question is whether the truth should be told and be made available to everyone. The answer is obvious - YES! Honest integrated efforts shall prevail.

ID#13005 P.S., 2003-11-14 [ Hebron, KY]

What other products do you have besides DISCOVERY??

ID#13007 R.C., 2003-11-14 [ Cape Coral, Fla.]

"Please keep this site active"! Iam a full time college student with little to no money,I can not afford the $240.00 for the manual. This site is my only means of accessing such valuable information.

ID#13010 C. ., 2003-11-14 [ , ]

The best info I have ever found on what is realy going on in this world.

ID#13012 a.m., 2003-11-15 [ london, ]

i would honestly like to know more about neo-tech

ID#13013 E.R., 2003-11-15 [ Brooklyn, New York]

Very interesting

ID#13014 K.R., 2003-11-15 [ Tonawada, NY]

Thank you Dr Wallace Mr Hamiton Mr Savrge for the exellent work Buffalo Niagara Falls NY and all of rest of western New York State needs NeoTech Zon Power Imnot giving up this fight to stay alivew What really brought down our twin towers is religon if the people in their bubbles dont realise it they will never know If this nation start beliving on zonpower 80 years ago this would never happened on September 9 2001 or no wars Lets not stop for the next 9000 years continue on send me more of neo tech zonpower was a owner since 2000

ID#13015 M. ., 2003-11-16 [ London, ]

Of course Neo-Tech should remain. As with everything it is just information. It is free speech. Simple. Taking the material of the web will not stop the problems you have discovered with piracy, plageurism, fraud or whatever. It will however greatly satisfy all those nutters on the negative comments page. Put the material back.

ID#13016 T.H., 2003-11-16 [ , ]

Put me on your mailing list again,please. I am a longtime customer. thanks

ID#13017 T.H., 2003-11-16 [ New Castle, Indiana]

Put me on your mailing list again,please. I am a longtime customer. thanks

ID#13018 s. ., 2003-11-16 [ melbourne, vic]

A big yes__plough ahead__ regardless of all those negative, neocheating sheeple out there.

ID#13019 . ., 2003-11-17 [ , ]

I have read an article about a potential, new biological weapon such as development of virus which can be extremely frightening. Yes... I understand that. But I think that dishonesty, immaturity, greed, and lies are the greatest weapons to mankind, not nuclear bombs, biological weapons, and any other kind of weapon that can cause some deaths and injuries. Regardless how far it can spread or destroy, like over thousands of miles. Yes, I am aware of existence of a weapon's capability but I also know about existence of human psychology as well. All of politicans, religion leaders, mad scientists, greedy and powerful leaders, and others have their own limitations. Period! To tell you that we are getting very tired of dealing with series of suffering because of series of dishonesties, lies, and criminal activities. All of these negative causes are totally unexcusable and unforgivable. All religions are the illusioned and fake products. Development of military aircrafts and ships, missiles, bombs, viruses, guns, space wars, laser, phony security, religious testaments, the order to force human sacrificies for resource stealing to create overnight wealth, etc.. are for 9-years old boys and girls while development of the permanent world peace, space colonies, sea colonies, planetary/satellite bases, and others are grown-up men and women. To be honest with you, I am losing my patience over some dumb reports, despite their realities, about some weapons, wars, etc - totally! I don't find those stuffs challenging enough to mankind. Yes-weapons and wars can produce some fear - a lot of it! But, do you believe that the world peace, wealth for all mankind, religion-free and military-free societies, and civilization buildings in space and sea are considered phony leaders' greatest enemies and totally impossibilities to be necessarily given to mankind? When I was a young teenager I thought that we would have a large space station, even potentially a small space colony or a moon base developed in very early 21st century. But now, I am 37 years old living in 21st century and see nothing is progessing nicely and properly but a lot of trashes - dealing with some space shuttle explosions, more wars, mass immigration for cheap labor and oil profits ("masses" pay gas for their vehicles and utility bills), weak economy, NASA's many mistakes, the small and cheap space station, the overspent defense budget, and countless lies and trashes delivered from the top officials and media! Before I go, I want to let you know that I am damn born-deaf and dumb man, with a technical degree, who is "potential" smarter and wiser than damn hearing/normal people, with Havard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, and other prominent degrees, who play with the world like 9-years old boys and girls. They act too smart aleck and coldblood by my standard. Shame on all of them! I am deaf (born) and dumb!!! I deserve to exist like a human being like "everyone" on the planet. I am taught like the prominent leaders and scientists how to read and write when all of us were once little! I grew and worked with so many different people of races, intelligences, and handicaps. I am now exchanging e-mails with someone, a normal person, living in a foreign country(advanced and democracy).

ID#13020 R.C., 2003-11-17 [ Aurora, CO]

I don't know how I inquired the "The Book" by Mark Hamilton. But I'll tell you, that was the best thing I've ever gotten in the mail. I then went to the web and typed in Neo-Tech and the "The Book" and came to this site. I wish more people knew about this great discovery but they don't. I like to read your artilcles on the web and try to get all new info. regarting Neo-Tech. I do wanna thank who ever sent that first letter to me about Neo-Tech to me back in 2000.

ID#13022 W.E., 2003-11-17 [ rancho cordova, ca]


ID#13025 M.C., 2003-11-17 [ Huntington Beach, CA]

I have just started to read The Book and I wonder if there are like minded people in my area. And whats next

ID#13027 E.S., 2003-11-17 [ Dekalb, IL]

Your literature has permanently changed the direction of my life. Sometimes the truth you expose is hard to bear at first but it's worth it once one finally clears all the garbage (lies, mysticism, etc) out of their head. At the very least your books have offered the most kick-ass reading lists I've ever encountered (Julian Jaynes, Ayn Rand, etc.) Eternal thanks, Erich

ID#13028 N.Z., 2003-11-17 [ las vegas, nv]

I myself, found neo-tech to the most empowering piece of literiture that has ever inspired me to strive for truth and excellence,working towards the the ultimate contribution concievable "biological immortality", as well as Elevating Consciousness to much higher level of processing imformation for the age of tommorrows Neo society of rational thinkers. Let us continue to progress the advancement of humanity united as one world under universe for we are the caretakers of mankind. (INFINITY)

ID#13030 M.B., 2003-11-18 [ Harvey, La]

I would just like some information on more Neo-tech books that I could purchase. Thank you. Sincerely, MB

ID#13031 a. ., 2003-11-18 [ Bangor, ]

Please stay, if for no other reason, because of the negative comments you attract they are a hoot. I love to read them.

ID#13034 . ., 2003-11-18 [ , ]

Hi, if you use my comments please don't put my email address beside my name, thank you Brian

ID#13035 F.M., 2003-11-18 [ Birmingham, Al]


ID#13036 J. ., 2003-11-18 [ Beach Park, IL]

This site should remain on the web, i see no reason why not. if you'd like to tell me one good reason i would be happy to admit it. thanx

ID#13038 M.S., 2003-11-19 [ Palmerston North, Manawatu]

Neo-Tech changed my life and opened my eyes to the corruption in the world many years ago

ID#13039 F.B., 2003-11-19 [ Homstead, F.L.]

I very interested inpurchasing the neotech literature but how do I know that your diffrent from the other publishers that say they have the secrets of the universe i am a bit skeptical because this sounds very far fetched but I still want to try it.

ID#13040 . ., 2003-11-19 [ , ]

I beleive that neo-tech should remain on the web simply because its original sole claim to neo techs power and effectiveness was supposed to be that it would outlive and crush all forms of mysticism and neocheating paving the way for businesses and technology to flourish and therefore if it is removed from the web it was all a failure and neo tech was never anything more than a bunch of overlyoptomistic ideas.

ID#13041 J.O., 2003-11-19 [ East Fremantle, WA]

Found 'The Book' a fascinating read. Answered loads of questions I'd been searching the world for. Actually, now some of my friends are very intrigued. I tried to send for more copies via the information in the back of 'The Book', but, for whatever reasons, I received no reply. Could you possibly email me with instructions?

ID#13043 M.S., 2003-11-19 [ Neverland, ]

Neo-Tech is obviuosly right about our final destiny the God-Man thing. And we know it since ever, and more clearly when Jesus brought the good news. We are indeed sun's of God, and so Man-God, obviously. What is the big deal? People standing by the truth shoudn't be afraid of any thing. The missing point in Neo-Tech teory is triyng to braek down religion, and at the same time creating another one. A poorer one. I am completely in favor to the integrate thinking, and that is motivated by the truth. There is nothing bicameral on religion, but on people's weakness. So there is no need for Neo-Tech if you really seach the truth.

ID#13045 K.B., 2003-11-20 [ , ]

I am in possession of the original amnuscripts NT I, II in 1985 and followed with the receipt of the Zonpower and the Book recently in about the mid 90s. I am an original RIBI member and the first from my country. I attended the first NT Summit in March 1986 in Las Vegas. The manuscripts contained very powerful readings. I now know what mysticism is. I now know what God-Man is. I now know who value destroyers are.

ID#13047 r. ., 2003-11-20 [ delhi, delhi]

but plss help me out of a problem i think my penis is the smallest one so how can i enlarge my pe nis is there any medicine for that if yes plss help me......

ID#13048 J.A., 2003-11-20 [ Fresno, CA]

Please help me remove this dark cloud that hangs above me. I need Neo-Tech NOW! Contact Me! JAY ANDERSON 5300 N. Valentine Ave. #101 Fresno, CA 93711.

ID#13049 s. ., 2003-11-20 [ middlesbrough ts3 8hd, ]

What I have read so far makes sense and I would like to find out more.

ID#13053 B.S., 2003-11-20 [ Alpharetta, Ga]

Neo-Tech should most assuredly remain online, just for the fact that it helps to spread the possibility of what people and life on earth may be like in the near future. People that have experienced Neo-Tech will be able to see through fraud like a plate glass window. We will expose them for what they are, and what they stand for. Bruce Silver Atlanta Ga.

ID#13054 M. ., 2003-11-20 [ Sydney, NSW]

Is Triple extreme a Neo-Rech product??

ID#13055 C. ., 2003-11-20 [ , ]

There appears to be an energy behind the words in anything I read re: Neo-Tech. It's intriguing and I'd like to read more. I'd like to read what's beyond the words, to know what it is, what it does, why it does it.

ID#13057 H.J., 2003-11-20 [ Rockford, IL]

i would very much like to procure a copy of The Story. it used to be on your website but was taken off. i would appreciate being able to get a copy, to share with the love of my life, my Mom. she is a teacher, and when I first read it on the web all I could think about was how she could relate. some people have been practicing Neo-tech their whole lives, but just never knew it, that's my Mom. I printed out the first few chapters, and she loved them. however, before i could share the rest of The Story with her it was taken off the web. Thanx much Hilton Jones

ID#13058 K. ., 2003-11-20 [ , ]

I was checking the Mail and i found mail sent to me, now being 13 I was suprised. I went in my room, closed the door and read the letter. I figured it must be a mistake, they said many things about my sex life, Involving Females. Now how did they know i was a male? how did they get my name? I never use my real name on Internet, not even the name you see right now. It was telling me all this amazing yatch stuff and that they mailed me before. I am VERY concerned about this. And tempted to take this higher that this... Also there if a link to a site called : check it out......

ID#13059 S.K.,@BUFFALO.COM 2003-11-21 [ Grand Island, NY]

It must stay!

ID#13060 D.H., 2003-11-22 [ Louisville, ms]

I have read the first installment of the Neo-tech book and find it very interesting but am unable to afford the second installment even at the 40% discount the letter gave me in the mail. I would really like to learn more about this book and the information it gives. I thought a web search would give me a little more information about it then just want was in the installment that I received in the mail. I hope you change your minds and put the web site back up for those of us who really are interested in your work.

ID#13061 k. ., 2003-11-22 [ hcm, 3]

I want to be a hacker

ID#13062 k. ., 2003-11-22 [ hcm, 3]

I want to be a hacker

ID#13063 D.S., 2003-11-22 [ Courtenay, BC]

I would say that Neo-Tech should stay on the internet. However I think that perhaps the information should be tuned more for those that have not been exposed to the material before. I say this as I have directed a number of people to the site only to have them turned off as some of the material is a little tough to grasp for those that are new to the concepts. Tends to blow away thier mystical, borrowed ideas that they have taken for facts. I beleive if there is to be a change effected in people, we pretty much have to hold them by the hand until they can at least grasp the significance of the material. People want the information, they just don't know it yet. I can say I am dissapointed by the site. This information must get further undrestood and disseminated a whole lot faster. The time is now for Neo-Tech! I wanted to find out information on distributing the material myself, drop shipping, pricing, procedures etc... But no one there replied to my queeries. You seem to be lacking the initiative and knowledge to get this info more wide spread (contrary to what you promote in your material).......

ID#13064 . ., 2003-11-22 [ , ]

fagotts wrip me off

ID#13065 S.G., 2003-11-22 [ Bundaberg, Qld]

I think religion is cause of the majority of ill that has occured in the world, right back to cave men worshiping rocks or whatever. "My god is bigger and better than your god" is going to get us nowhere.

ID#13067 T.A., 2003-11-22 [ DeQuincy, Louisiana]

Please, keep Neo-Tech on the web. I never knew why I felt different or not normal(within the anticivilation)until I learned of Neo-Tech. It has possibly saved my sanity. Teddy A.

ID#13068 T.S., 2003-11-22 [ Sandy, UT]

show some facts and some proof.

ID#13069 A.R., 2003-11-23 [ Westfield, PA]

To believe in yourself is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced and all that you start to discover about life is truly mind boggling. For years I have sought the truth about reality and have finally found it. To be able to have access to this philosophy, beyond your publications is essential to growth and understanding, I was very disapointed on July 23rd not to have access to this true and inspiring site as it once was.

ID#13070 M.E.,@AOL.COM 2003-11-23 [ MACCLENNY, FL]


ID#13072 J.F., 2003-11-24 [ Nampa, Idaho]

I've heard good things about Neo-Tech and decided to do an internet search to find out more!!! Neo-Tech is obviously a good thing since it's aim is the empowerment of individuals. Definitely remain on the web!!!

ID#13076 . ., 2003-11-24 [ , ]

I don't know who's crazier, the wackos that posted positive comments or the wackos that posted negative comments. You guys sound like a NESARA-type scam to me.

ID#13078 K.K., 2003-11-24 [ Marietta, Ga]

The Neo-Tech literature should be Available to Everyone, It Changing my life for the best and Am a Novice with it power. Thank you Dr. Frank Walace & Mark Hamilton.

ID#13079 C.S., 2003-11-24 [ Panama, ]

I am looking for information that I read in your website about how to sell globally. There is an example of how to do it without money.

ID#13080 T.L.,@CHARTER.NET 2003-11-24 [ , ]


ID#13081 C.V., 2003-11-24 [ Hemet, CA]

My manuscript confirmed the inconsistencies and conflict that I had been struggling with all my life. I appreciate the honesty and forthrightly courageous document which has allowed me to recognize the same in myself. I have realized many of the claims made of accepting what is in the manuscript. And the quality of my life has improved in many ways.

ID#13082 . ., 2003-11-25 [ , ]

I want to see it

ID#13085 . ., 2003-11-25 [ , ]

rapid search

ID#13086 D.m., 2003-11-25 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Yes, Yes, Yes. PLEASE stay on the web, and continue to send your material out to people like us, so that they can learn about neo-cheaters, asd we have. As well, let all everywhere give up christian values and change their thinking to Neo-Think, as this is how we are controlling our minds now and it works. We are taking note of ALL that is going on around us and their never was a more acurate book ever before The Neo-Tech Discovery. We are looking forward with much anticipation to the next edition. Keep up the good work. Dorothy.

ID#13087 m.s., 2003-11-25 [ maceió, alagoas]

I'm brazilian no speak inglesh, your speak brazilian

ID#13091 S.A., 2003-11-25 [ Midwest City, OK]

I think that the website is an excellent supplement to the books that I've read thus far, and has helped me expand upon my visions of what is possible. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

ID#13092 S.A., 2003-11-25 [ , ]

My friend Donnie Lewis, who is currently in the war, spoke with someone connected to a Neo-Tech site about my situation, and though I can't seem to find it, it is very important that I do (well, to me, anyway). I guess you could say that in a way, I have practiced Neo-Tech all my life, and finding that others are working toward the same goals is reassuring. However, circumstances prevent me from seeing myself in that glorious future. I have a number of medical problems, not limited to Cystic Fibrosis and a symbiote attached to my intestines, and can't seem to be able to save my own life, let alone anyone else's. For lack of any other options, any suggestions would be extremely well-received and appreciated. Thank you for your time.

ID#13093 S.A., 2003-11-25 [ Midwest City, OK]

My friend Donnie Lewis, who is currently in the war, spoke with someone connected to a Neo-Tech site about my situation, and though I can't seem to find it, it is very important that I do (well, to me, anyway). I guess you could say that in a way, I have practiced Neo-Tech all my life, and finding that others are working toward the same goals is reassuring. However, circumstances prevent me from seeing myself in that glorious future. I have a number of medical problems, not limited to Cystic Fibrosis and a symbiote attached to my intestines, and can't seem to be able to save my own life, let alone anyone else's. For lack of any other options, any suggestions would be extremely well-received and appreciated. Thank you for your time.

ID#13096 M. ., 2003-11-25 [ harvey, la]

just wanted to say that I definately want this site to stay up. I need a listing so I could order new books please.

ID#13101 H.W., 2003-11-26 [ Converse, TX]

I think it is very helpful they give you a fresh point of view. they say that your not good but how do they know what is good. Your just trying to help people become aware of things happening.That is great and it takes guts to stand up for what you beleive in.They talk baddley of you but I dont see anything wrong with what your doing. The news say's whatever they want to sale papers or to sale people on storie's that are twisted and manipulate others all the time.

ID#13104 K.B., 2003-11-27 [ Cleveland, MS]

Excellent Book. Trying to find out how to get the book named "THE BOOK". Advise. Don't worry about the haters of this great work by Dr. Wallace. Keep up the good work.

ID#13106 B.P., 2003-11-27 [ Tucson, AZ]

I am just now getting to the imformation that I had saved from your web site while I read "The Discovery". I just finished "The Story" and am starting on God-Man. My question is where can I get Book Three and other Neo Tech Publishing products?

ID#13108 D.W., 2003-11-28 [ Duluth, GA]

Business knowledge is awesome !!!!!

ID#13110 J.E., 2003-11-29 [ , ]

Taking your information off of the web is probably one of the worst things you could do if you truly want more people to read it. What you need to do is let the information be as free as you can stand it, and make money from services related to it, newsletters, etc. which expand on the ideas contained within Neo Tech. What you have on your hands is a very powerful and comprehensive belief system. Your initial (free) information introduces people to it. Of course, you cannot tailor the delivery to individual people, specific ideas, areas of study, etc. Neo Tech philsophy can have application in nearly every facet of human existence and virtually every culture on the planet. That is where you make money - by selling newsletter which deal with Neo Tech psychology, Neo Tech literature, entertainment, novels, etc. It's the same model as open source - commodities the underlying 'operating system' (the philosophy) and charge for building structures on top of it. Cheers, Josh Ellison

ID#13111 N.L., 2003-11-29 [ Uhrichsville , Oh]

Neo-Tech has the potential to start a revolution worldwide that we can t even imagine . All that is needed is one spark , one spontanios thought , Im speaking of the power that creates planets , Universes, and all life and consciousness as we know it. Neo-Tech is the gateway to new enlightenment and understanding of the core principles of existence and truely gives meaning and purpose to the future of mankind. As i mentioned earlier, that small spark ignited by neo tech shall open up gateways to new dementions of thought and existence. The are no limits to where we can travel or what we can become . I AM THE GOD MAN - ZON

ID#13113 R.A., 2003-11-29 [ , ]

My comments are simple. How else do you expect the uninformed to find out what Neo-Tech is really about, unless the information is freely available.

ID#13114 . ., 2003-11-29 [ , ]

Anybody can mix lies with truth and make it appear as truth.

ID#13121 R.D., 2003-11-29 [ , ]

To All At Neo-Tech. You should *totally* and completely disregard shamsters and their attempts to lessen your product(s). To give credence to THEM is giving power - to THEM and not YOU. Therefore, you should completely disregard it altogether as non-consequential - insignificant. In fact, if anything, take it as a compliment rather than an aside to you and your products. In their way, shamsters are actually advertising you by imitating you. To me, you have done far more damage to all that Neo-Tech is on your home page and, to be honest with you, I am embarrassed by it - and you - for choosing to take this action. I expect much more than this from you all. I expect you to find a way to USE it as a *tool* rather than see it as an 'enemy'. (For goodness sake! Why aren't you already doing this? You don't see Microsoft advertising their enemies online do you? Take note of this). I expect more intelligence. Finally, although I have gained much from all your books yet, I have this to say to you... Without evoking ANY 'mysticism' or religion of ANY kind what-so-ever, I am stating to you here and now that, whatever you may believe yet, life after death DOES exist and that I can prove it to you to YOUR satisfaction. Moreover, I am also stating that life - in that other realm, is also being lived - right now - by us all - BEFORE death and that we live it in conjunction with this so-called 'material' life. This other place can be accessed without evoking any kind of mantra, prayer, or indeed, anything 'new age'. It can be accessed without 'fear'. It can also be accessed by anyone anywhere regardless of belief or lack of it for, belief - in anything - doesn't come into it. It is there 'anyway'(for you too). It has taken me 25 years to do so but, the mysticism that I have rid us of has matched your own but has left me with a clear cut view of what is there - in that other dimension of being. We are ENERGY - and ENERGY cannot 'die'. It only changes. Thus, I have discovered where that change takes place - and why. I have gone where no man has gone before me - and that it is all verifiable even by you. Chase the mysticism away if you must for, you are correct to do so. But, to deny an existence after this material life is over, is pure folly and a deep mistake on your part. Look into it as I have done - and you will see for yourself how true this is. Zon, is both material AND 'ethereal/spiritual'. Thus, so are we all - now - and not at some point in the future when we have 'earned' it. We have it - NOW. If we have it now then, the question is, how can this benefit 'material' man? Well, for example, imagine actually speaking with the energy of Einstein - now. Unfettered by mortal limitations, how far do you think he has advanced now? And Freud? And Pasteur? Darwin? I ask that you think on what you're missing by sticking to this notion in that there cannot be anything after this life. Notice that I have not mentioned 'God' or 'Jesus' or have used any religious overtones. I do not use mysticism either. I, like you, deal only in 'what is' - not what I 'think' it is. 'What is' - is REAL. Please correct this and find the benefits that I cannot find. They are there - millions of them! And you are overlooking all of them. Thank you for your time.

ID#13123 D.m., 2003-11-30 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

YES PLEASE STAY ON THE WEB. Mr WAllace, thank you very much for writting The Neo-Tech Discovery and sending it to me. In the Neo -Tech Guide To Money And Power, it states,"Within a few days after getting the Neo-Tech Discovery, you will discover Zonpower and experience both an income and emotional explosion. You will "come to life again" upon exposure to Zon ---The person you were meant to be". Well, I myselfe are on the second reading and Robert is on his fourth time. My question is,"HOW DO WE "GET" ZON? We have both regetted christianity, stopped reading the bibble, stopped playing music,and, we both say "Manno-Think" whenever we even begin to think like we used to. We both have cried-out for Zon to come into us, we tell Zon that we worship him not god, and Robert feels a tightness in his forhead, I feel nothing. So could you give us a clue as to HOW we get ZON into our lives, PLEASE.

ID#13127 J.U.,@COX.COM 2003-11-30 [ PHOENIX, AZ]


ID#13128 M.A., 2003-12-01 [ Memphis, Tennessee]

Neo-Tech is superb.

ID#13130 S.M., 2003-12-01 [ Upper Marlboro, md]

I think from what I have read I have become much stronger in my everyday life. I appreciate the honesty uour tean has peovidsd for public use. Iwould like more informatiom about "Cassandrs" secrets. I am desperate to find more about it. Sassiree Miles EMail

ID#13131 c.l., 2003-12-01 [ 10435 berlin, ]

I must start reading neo-tech again. i seem to have gone a bit off balance lately.

ID#13133 M.J.,, 2003-12-01 [ Bristol, BS13]

It seems to me that you are acting mystically by asking this question. It could be taken any one of two ways. Either you are using this question to guage the amount of progress Neo-Tech is making in the world or you are seeking outside authorization as to whether or not there is any point to you remaining on the web. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is the former. It's just that to me it seems as though you don't believe Neo-Tech to be what it actually is. It's the best we have, so far. Let me share something that I think might help you, quoting myself 'Don't try to change the world, instead act as though the world is already as you believe it should be. See the world as it is and note it's potential. Tap that potential and prosper.' I believe it to be similar to what was said in The Matrix (i may have the words slightly incorrect but you'll understand) 'Don't try to bend the spoon. Instead realise that there is no spoon.

ID#13134 W.H., 2003-12-01 [ Broken Bow,, OK]

Seems like a fairly reasonable system to apply to one's everyday life!!!

ID#13136 J.H., 2003-12-01 [ , ]

But, only if the return is greater than the expense of mataining the web site and only if the free information offered results in greater sales. Please do not respond to my via e-mail as I am using someone elses computer...mine is not hooked to the web. J.

ID#13137 J.H., 2003-12-01 [ Moriarty, NM]

But, only if the return is greater than the expense of mataining the web site and only if the free information offered results in greater sales. Please do not respond to my via e-mail as I am using someone elses computer...mine is not hooked to the web. J.

ID#13138 D.A., 2003-12-01 [ Riverside, Ca.]

Man should be able to make up his own dam mine.

ID#13139 G.H., 2003-12-01 [ East St. Louis, Il]

Iam verry interest in learning everything I can about neo-

ID#13140 R.D.,@AOL.COM 2003-12-01 [ TAMPA, FL]


ID#13141 R.D.,@AOL.COM 2003-12-01 [ TAMPA, FL]


ID#13142 C. ., 2003-12-02 [ Narrabri, N.S.W]

Now,I am confident,with the Communication Revolution we will all witness the demise of this unreal anticivilization.I am so grateful that I have the strength to make to the C of U thanks to Neo-Tech.I look forward to meeting many Neo-Tech men and women in the future.Sincerely,Love and light,Curt.

ID#13144 J.J., 2003-12-02 [ Mendon, MA]

Fantastic! Mind boggling! Opens your eyes wide! I know (and have known for years now) what I must do, but have been crippled for years attempting to do it. I will never give up, if not for my future, then for my childrens. Thank you for the wake up call! Jim

ID#13145 D.m., 2003-12-02 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Sorry,Sorry. The money was put in the wrong account, I am so sorry if it has caused you any problems. If you have tried, PLEASE try again.

ID#13146 G.C.,@TEP.COM 2003-12-02 [ TUCSON, AZ]


ID#13148 J.R., 2003-12-02 [ Stockton-on-Tees Ts18 3ew, ]

Dear sir,I have lost original order form you sent me b ut would like to purchase it.I am mainly interested in improving my mental and physical health with help of Neo-Tech.My postal address is:John King,11 Outram St.,Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland,ts18 3ew,England.

ID#13149 E.M., 2003-12-02 [ San German, PR]

Is a matter of communications. A way to grow.

ID#13150 M.E., 2003-12-02 [ , ]

I need to know more about Neo-tech prior to making a judgement. How can I get the manuscript?

ID#13151 S.K., 2003-12-03 [ Rutherford, NJ]

Neotech is the innevitable coming of the future. I'd just like to thank everyone behind its expansion so very much and hope to soon apply all the knowledge contained it its books.

ID#13153 k. ., 2003-12-03 [ , ]

I only just got on to this programme i just want to know what is life were are we from why do we excist what is our purpose. i need to know its my journey

ID#13156 N.A., 2003-12-03 [ Dallas, Texas]

I think Neo-Tech is interesting and mind enhancing.

ID#13157 L. ., 2003-12-03 [ New York, NY 10010]

what site you have nothing but one page. If this is your web site well, yeah you are wasting space

ID#13159 T.M., 2003-12-03 [ Avocado Heights, CA]

Neo-Tech is a paradigm-smashing, cyberspace avatar of the coming New Universal Order. Its presence bodes not so much as a jeremiad against the anticivilization, but as a fragrant, diaphanous membrane, through which the truth can be glimpsed, like a looming colossus astride the distant horizon, arms akimbo and a fierce glint of purpose twinkling in his eyes. Resistance is futile.

ID#13161 D.I., 2003-12-04 [ Rosedale, NY]

Since there are those who still like to do dishonest things and use good for selfish reason, The Neo-Tech should still be stay but with limited information on how to improve the live of others. The Book alone has opened my eyes and I've only read half of it. I came here to look for more ways and a faster way to improve my lifestyle instead of the stagnant one that I live and this. Selfish Aholes disrupting the peace and happiness of others.

ID#13163 S.K., 2003-12-04 [ , ]

I have always been a very ardent reader, and as you can see by my other book reviews on, my interests vary all over the board. I bought this book over 10 years ago, tried reading it, got turned off and stuck it under my bed. Lately having a lack of things to do, I dug this book out again to see if all my reading since then has effected my view on things enough to make this book more enjoyable. After having read less than half of this book, again, I have to say that I am going to use it to help start a fire in the shop tomorrow. I don't blame the other negative reviewers for reacting the way they did because the book is filled with flaws, contradictions, deceit, anger, hatred and just misinformation. There are so many examples that I am not even going to start writing them down. The author seems to be very misinformed about certain subjects. And others that he is informed about he puts his twisted way of thinking into them and makes them unreadable. I don't understand how people can grab onto something like this and let it guide their lives. I guess that is how people get involved with cults. If you still feel you must buy it, take what you read with a grain of salt, question everything, and do your own research on each subject he covers. Freedom it is not, bondage it is. Do not wish the Author of Neo-Tech to burn in Hell, but pray instead that he will give in to the one and only truth.

ID#13164 C.e., 2003-12-04 [ Riverdale , GA]

mad that neocheaters would cause this!! send info on access to sites features let me know if i can do anything Thank you Charles

ID#13166 B.B., 2003-12-04 [ , ]

Let the vituperous vent their vitriol and feel 'holier than thou'. Their self-satisfaction may make them feel that they have done their duty.

ID#13168 A.S., 2003-12-04 [ , ]

Neo-Tech should most definately remain on the web. I have never read such enlightening or life rewarding literature, I believe this information should be available to as many people as possible and rid the world of rot and decay.

ID#13170 S.D., 2003-12-05 [ MT GAMBIER, sa]

Hi i was wondering if you could send me some more information on how to start your own home business up

ID#13172 . ., 2003-12-05 [ , ]

If your product is a valuable one, and you suffer no critial dammaging loss in making "Good and true" information available to the masses, I say leave it on the web so a few actually learn and succeed through your help where they would not have otherwise. If evil people out there on the www want to rob and steal from you and see enough evil profit in doing so, all they have to do is buy your book and use whatever information they want or need, and who is to say that the thief may not be "converted" through your material? Taking your materials off the web is sort of like "Gun Control" where only evil ones have and use guns against a helpless population who are now without guns.Your materials were or could be considered as protection against the evil being done to them when they are without knowledge and any defense. You should return all the material back to the web in a form that can not be copied or downloaded for people like myself can read and learn from I think once you offer people hope, hope that is real and then remove real hope from the law abiding,you do injure the innocent. Even if it is your material,

ID#13173 T.D., 2003-12-05 [ Jacksboro, TN]

I find your information fascinating. Too bad that you were forced to remove most of it from the web. I would be very interested in gettting information on how to obtain these documents. Thnak you.

ID#13174 G.M., 2003-12-05 [ Pleasaston, ca]

If we are going to advance into God-Man thinking,it would be helpful to have a web-site. My first reading of Neo-Tech Discoverty and Zonpower were in the early Eighty's. Having read Instant Memory by the Institute of Advanced Thinking in 1975 changed me,(also finished the full course). My mother said I was never the same after reading Instant Memory. Neo-Tech Power and the Neo-Tech Advantges for unlimited Prosperity,Happiness,and Romantic Love helped to set me free. Then Zonpower finished the puzzle for me. Now I was totaly crazy,(they say). Now I am 50 years old and have not worked since June,2000. Who,s crazy now,THANKS TO YOU,FRANK R. WALLACE. Over the years of moving the Neo-Tech and Zonpower books were lost. Yes the books were lost but not the lessons I learned. Since moving to Pleasanton in December, 2000 I now again have The Neo-Tech Discovery and The Neo-Tech World. They are like finding long lost friends. It would be nice to be able to go to your web-site and find a list of all of your books. Just the title, author, and price would be very helpful. Also a way to order the books one wanted would be nice. Now having gone through 12+ years of church,from 5 years old to 17 years old and becoming an adult member of the church. Yes I served another 10 years with churches. Thanks to you Mr.Wallace no more religion for me. But I did enjoy going to church. Really miss being with all the people. Would love to be active with The Church of God-Man. Also would love to start a Church with your guidance and blessings. Yes our world really needs a new way to see things. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Crazzy Humanoid, George Mikkelsen Nice, Not Dangerous. P.S. From toilet boy, toward God-Man.

ID#13176 J.R., 2003-12-05 [ Chicago, IL]

A Must For HumanKind!!!

ID#13179 R.M., 2003-12-06 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

I should have included Alice Kern in my last list. We are desperate to have ZON in our lives. As well, we have tried to "pull the string and we are using the pricipals to the best of our abilities, BUT we NEED HELP, PLEASE. Our Phone No. Is:- 61-7-33795772

ID#13180 . ., 2003-12-06 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is an amazing thing. Whether people like the ideas of Neo-Tech or not, they are a unique and astounding illustration of the capacity of the human mind to invent. It would be a tragedy to lose this stuff. To the folks who (like me) think Neo-Tech is both evil and stupid: would you also destroy the Hitler archives?

ID#13181 M.F., 2003-12-06 [ Tooting Bec Road, London]

I have found the literature in the website very useful and easy to manage. It is far more accessible than the book form. I would like to have an update on the work of RIBI, as I have recently re-read Neo Tech V (Biological Immortality). Is any information available? Even if it is just to say that the project is still ongoing, it would be good to know.

ID#13182 T.D., 2003-12-06 [ Hillside, NJ ]

This blaming of removal of information from the Neo-Tech site because of a few hecklers is the same philosophy of criminalizing drugs because a few people abuse them. Is this not anti-Neo-Tech?

ID#13183 n.j.,@netreach .net 2003-12-06 [ philadelphia, pa ]

I may be skeptical about this neo-tech philosophy but I have an open mind and am willing to read any literature you have to offer. I believe there are secrets about successful living and coping with different problems that occlur in one's life. After reading some of the comments from people responding to you website,I am curious to learn about what you have to offer.

ID#13184 M.M.,@aol 2003-12-06 [ Burbank, Ca]

I am very interested in the contents of neo-tech, I have already read The Book and I think that is a mere posibility that the human race would become a Civilization of the Universe, but I still have many doubts in my mind about what we are? and what we are going to become? I would like to receive more information in order for me to open more my mind toward Neo-tech.

ID#13186 S.M., 2003-12-07 [ Upper Marlboro, Md]

I am a member of neo-tech and presently seek information about Cassandra's Secret. Would you help me please.

ID#13190 N.S., 2003-12-08 [ , ]

I think it should remain on the net because there are not enough voices out there that are truly different and thought provoking... whether I agree or not with what is presented, I never leave without much on my mind.

ID#13191 N.W., 2003-12-08 [ , ]

Your work is very important, and should be available online to share. I was very disappointed, because I have so much more to learn.

ID#13193 c. ., 2003-12-08 [ , ]

Well, I just happened upon this site while searching for a Bible study on John. Wo is to you who changes the bible wording to be understood as Nature instead of Jesus Christ.

ID#13194 L.B., 2003-12-08 [ HIghgate Ctr., VT]

I am an excited owner of Neo-Tech materials and follower of Neo-Tech concepts. Anxiously looking forward to the new Neo-Tech world with life everlasting.

ID#13195 C.V., 2003-12-08 [ Sterling Heights, MI]

I have always been interested in this.. About 6 or 7 years ago I got a post card in the mail about this and it got thrown away. I finally figured out after all this time who you guys were.

ID#13197 w. ., 2003-12-08 [ guntersville, al]

NEO-TECH LITERATURE FOR MY MINE is good because, the words that it speak is of learnings and good understandings. needed to be in all schools . no [ ? ].

ID#13198 j.w., 2003-12-09 [ Alger, MI]

i am a neo-tech owner.still trying to figure out how to use it.still waiting for my paid neo-tech system manuscript.enjoying neo-tech world,read neo-tech discovery.and waiting on the threesome paid for.i am joseph wanek,and i fully support neo-tech,and am sadened by removal of material,but understand.12-08-03

ID#13199 M.K., 2003-12-09 [ Naka, Ibaraki]

Dear Neo-Tech: I am very much interested in Neo-Tech books. I have read some books which you sent me. Everyday I read Neo-Tech books. They are excellent and trustworthy. I am very much interested in Ten-Second Miracles and Neo-Tech Bullets . Please send them in English to me. I will buy them. I can read English books. I love Neo-Tech very much. Mitsutaka KOIKE(�¬’r’Ê�’�j 1800-386, Hirano, Urizura, Naka ,Ibaraki, JAPAN 319-2104

ID#13200 K. ., 2003-12-09 [ , ]

Neo-Tech is pure filth. Would Jesus approve of such garbage? The answer is a resounding NO!!!

ID#13201 . ., 2003-12-09 [ , ]

Timoyh Mcvae was an american hero

ID#13202 D.W., 2003-12-10 [ Milwaukee, WI]

It really changed my life and when I was applying its philosophy I only excelled, as did my good freind, the one that introduced me to Neotech, we saved and purchased Zonpower. Please disregard the copyright infringement, seek legal action against your detractors and keep Neotech on the Web for all to see.

ID#13203 N.S., 2003-12-10 [ Brigham City, Utah]

I have bought Neo-Tech publications in the past, and would like to be able to purchase more... also I love comming to the website periodically to pick up more information... it is an amazing voice of rationality in an increasingly irrational world... I would love to see the database reinstated on the web. Thank you, Nathan Smith

ID#13204 M.M., 2003-12-10 [ Sunderland, Ontario]

Until Neo-Tech, I was amazed at how societies had deteriorated to such and appauling state. Thanks to Neo-Tech, I have revived my vision of the future of humanity, and can go on with my life, sharing the ideas I learn from Mr.Wallace and associates. This information must be shared to insure the future of the human species.

ID#13205 p.s., 2003-12-10 [ London, ]

Dear sir, I keep getting emails from a Lester Levinson about the release technique. can you tell me if this is mysticism or is it something worth looking in to as I used to do tracendental meditation and was wondering if this is just another form of it.

ID#13206 R.N., 2003-12-10 [ Oceanside, CA]

I was wanting to connect with White Rabbit about their copy of this series. Can you help me make that connection?

ID#13207 G.J.,@AOL.COM 2003-12-10 [ SOUTH OZONE PARK, N.Y.]


ID#13210 j.s., 2003-12-11 [ raytown, mo.]

I beleive anyone has a right to read whatever an form there own ideas.

ID#13212 M.S., 2003-12-11 [ Vänge, SE]

Keep it up! Expand! Put things back where they used to be!

ID#13213 P.S., 2003-12-12 [ Rochester, mn]

Anything that stirs the kind of controversey found here must be worth a look. I'd like to know more.

ID#13215 K.H., 2003-12-12 [ Novato, CA]

I wish to know more about this program or way of living. Below is a little about myself. As a self starter and business entrepreneur I am very interested in gaining information that will assist in financial growth. Personal Summary , I am very direct, candid and fluent in my communication style, and I appreciate straightforward answers, based on reality, to my questions. I am very effective in my use of a commanding style rather than a persuasive one. I tend to get straight to the point. Communication Also, , I am reserved and prefer to communicate with people one-on-one. I need to be spoken to and listened to in a respectful tone. I express myrself straightforwardly and with candor. I am analytical and I like to be in control. I say exactly what I mean and prefer that others do the same. I am only interested in details if they relate directly to getting results, I readily adjust systems, and I might appear strongly critical of others without intending to do so. , I relate best to a team when it fits into my selected goals. I drive hard to get things done and, in doing so, I may forget other's feelings and ignore their time restraints. I do not tolerate mediocrity readily. I am pleasant as long as results are being accomplished. I push aggressively to get the job done, and prefer not to work under close supervision. I function well when given problems to solve, when allowed to make things happen, and when given specific goals. I am adept at handling technically oriented projects. Conscientiousness I balance solid, goal-oriented achievement and a relaxed approach to life. I may fluctuate between periods of highly motivated, achievement-oriented activity and periods of more easy-going behavior. Alternatively, I may demonstrate a sustained, moderate level of effort toward my goals. While I may not demonstrate an intense desire for achievement for its own sake, I am able to summon a sense of purposefulness and self-discipline when needed. The level of my positive motivation toward achievement may depend on the task or situation. Motivation Motivation Needs: , I tend to be motivated by daily challenges and tangible results. Power, prestige, and rewards for results achieved are important to I. I prefer direct answers and candor in communication. I desire freedom from constant supervision, and control over my own environment. I am most productive when operating under strong, capable leadership, when allowed to make decisions regarding my daily routine, and when I have bottom line responsibility for business activities. I am demotivated by the absence of challenges or significant goals. I can be frustrated when vague answers are given to direct questions, and when my day-to-day tasks are closely supervised. Vacillating leadership demotivates me, especially when it makes me unable to give straight answers to my co-workers or staff. Primary Motivation:      •     Daily challenges.      •     Tangible results.      •     A position with power and prestige.      •     Direct answers and candor in communications.      •     The respect of the leadership.      •     A generous amount of freedom from controls, constant supervision and details.      •     The ability to measure results on a regular basis in monetary terms, (keep score).      •     Opportunities to be in charge, make decisions and be responsible for the results achieved. Primary Demotivation:      •     Not challenged.      •     Supervised too closely.      •     I receive vague answers to questions.      •     Leadership vacillates.      •     I lack significant goals. Emotional Intelligence I tend to feel at ease in almost any social situation. I easily build rapport, and it is likely that I am proficient in both maintaining relationships and networking. I think before speaking, and form carefully considered judgments about people or situations. I am aware of the impact of my emotions on others, and I am able to attune my own style to others' emotional reactions. I work for reasons beyond money or status.

ID#13217 g.b., 2003-12-13 [ RANCHO CORDOVA, ca. ]

yes stay on the web, its your right to speak freely wether or not I agree or disagree. im wating to receve my order for the neo-tech book and I thought I would look on the net for info about the book and the secret. I have always thought it is every persons right to do as he pleases aslong you dont hurt annyone or anny thing........... as for your last question are you an owner of neo-tech literature you should have receved my check by today so maybe.

ID#13219 P. ., 2003-12-13 [ , ]

Thanks a lot for the information. Pity about the parasites who've caused you to remove certain info from your site ;(

ID#13222 J.Q., 2003-12-13 [ San DIego, CA]

Yes the info is relivant to our survival and just like dehavue reawakens the lost youth who was lost in the present anticivilization ever so slow at a snails pace however we are gaining momentem on removing the parisitical elite class. If you have any info of why hilery clinton is responsible for the ,I would call the xmass tree death of a 7 year old child for not getting properly medicated by doctors .

ID#13226 K. ., 2003-12-14 [ Lancaster, ny]

I would like to order the book, how do I do so??

ID#13227 P.N., 2003-12-15 [ Hastings , MI]

Please dont even think about taking Neo-Tech off the web, it will only slow down the process of a much needed change in this mixed up world. Neo-Tech is the most sensible information I have ever read. We must move foreword and wipe out mystic concepts and ideas forever. In order to evolve into our real potential.. Stay with it!!!!!!!!! Paul Nickerson

ID#13228 F. ., 2003-12-15 [ San Juan, Puerto Rico ]

From what little I've been able to read, it has sparked an interest.

ID#13232 b.c., 2003-12-15 [ weslaco, texas]

I feel that if one person can own by heart every should have the chance to also have it.

ID#13233 m.c., 2003-12-16 [ , nsw]

neo tech needs to be seen by the masses to realise the benefits of fully integrated honesty

ID#13239 N.J., 2003-12-17 [ MELBOURNE, VIC]

Hi, I have just finished reading the Neo-Tech Discovery Manuscript in which I found very interesting but some of the book I couldnt understand to well, Like puting all the puzzles together and how I can aply it to my life.Im a bit confused. Can you please guide me in understanding the Manuscript? That would be very much apreciatd. I Look forward hearing from you soon. Thanking You Nafije From Melbourne Australia

ID#13240 N.J., 2003-12-17 [ MELBOURNE, VIC]

Hi, I have just finished reading the Neo-Tech Discovery Manuscript in which I found very interesting but some of the book I couldnt understand to well, Like puting all the puzzles together and how I can aply it to my life.Im a bit confused. Can you please guide me in understanding the Manuscript? That would be very much apreciatd. I Look forward hearing from you soon. Thanking You Nafije From Melbourne Australia

ID#13241 g.e., 2003-12-17 [ mobile, al]

i am still taken this powerful information

ID#13245 J.F., 2003-12-17 [ Colo Spgs, CO]

I've owned Neo-Tech and Zonpower books and manuals for over a decade. They shook the mysticism-based beliefs I was carrying around with me, and now do everything with healthy suspicion regarding religion, government, advertising, and the like. Keep publishing your books and stay on the web.

ID#13248 M.B., 2003-12-18 [ Frankfurt am Main, F.R.G.]

very good content

ID#13249 P.V., 2003-12-18 [ Rosettenville, Gauteng]

I would like to know more about 'Zon Power' and Neo-Tech for academic reasons. I am just curious.

ID#13254 M.A., 2003-12-19 [ Caloocan City ,M.M., ]

This is a site that must be visited everyday, for us to be enlightened by the reality. We are in the community of mystics, these made our world miserable. The only cure is by making each and everyone of us will informed about neo-tech principles and ideas.

ID#13255 M.A., 2003-12-19 [ Caloocan City ,M.M., ]

This is a site that must be visited everyday, for us to be enlightened by the reality. We are in the community of mystics, these made our world miserable. The only cure is by making each and everyone of us will informed about neo-tech principles and ideas.

ID#13257 J.A.,@excite .com 2003-12-19 [ , ]

I tried to utilized your search, however, it failed. I was seeking your info on Dr Julian Jaynes, controlling the cameral mind. J/A

ID#13260 A.S., 2003-12-19 [ Cherry Valley , MA.]

The more I can learn through Neo-Tech, the better off everyone will be.

ID#13261 . ., 2003-12-19 [ , ]

A an owner of many NeoTech products I like to check your websites from time to time to see whats new and available. Thanks for the gerat info.

ID#13262 C.F., 2003-12-20 [ Vacaville, CA]

I am currently reading all of Neo-Tech books. Please keep this site up and running.

ID#13264 S.W., 2003-12-20 [ rochester, Mi]

send more!!!! and Please keeep what you can on the web.

ID#13265 K.O., 2003-12-20 [ Seaside, Oregon]

I suppose that Neo-Tech will evolve with more integrations that aid man to make the mental leap. For the beginning of the Dawn of the Civilization of the Universe; followed by Peace, Love and Prosperity.

ID#13266 R.L., 2003-12-20 [ BURNSVILLE , N.C]


ID#13267 a.b., 2003-12-20 [ mermaid waters, queensland]

the internet is the evolution of messaging and can spread the message of honesty to everyone that are ready ... to immerse themselves in the glow of rationality. If you start an Affiliate Program ?? it would help tear down the walls of ignorance even faster. Perhaps the incentive need not be cash just a satisfaction in forwarding messages that will make honest people a majority.

ID#13268 F.K., 2003-12-21 [ Kampala, Uganda]

It's exciting info that has been held out for poor pple like us in thid world countries who are getting connected to the computer world.p;lse send me more to learn about Dr F Wallace secrates(Zone Power)and Iwould like Carl Noland togive me that Trg prog at least with excemption of charges. I'will be gratefull.

ID#13269 . ., 2003-12-21 [ , ]

I need to exchange my thoughts with YOU.

ID#13271 M.S., 2003-12-22 [ Blue Island, IL]

I think its great for someone to have a page like yours. I have been dealing with the IRS and all of their abuse for a friend for over 10 years now. Most of his problems with them is because he made the BIGGEST MISTAKE ANYONE CAN MAKE, which is to have an IRS Agent help you fill out your tax return. She put him in a hole to where I am still trying to get all of her mistakes corrected, It runs into thousands of dollars. How many other citizens are they doing the exact same thing to? That you for the chance to even just view your site for the various information that can be found. Thank You Merry Christmas

ID#13274 S.W., 2003-12-24 [ Winnipeg, MB]

The website provides alternative insights to life.

ID#13279 M.R., 2003-12-24 [ Southport, Qld]

After being referred to your site to comment on it, I discovered you had removed most of what used to be here. I read what was available - Pax Neo-Tech - and then used the Way Back Machine to discover what other pages of your site may have been archived. ( I am impressed with what you have written so far. Such rational logical thought, as I have been able to read, should not be hidden from the world. For doing so would mean the value destroyers have won. Michael Ross

ID#13280 M.T., 2003-12-25 [ Biloxi, Ms.]

The most powerful information on the planet.It has completely changed my life.This information is much to powerful to deny on the web.The world desperately needs Neo-tech to understand reality.

ID#13281 . ., 2003-12-25 [ , ]

Jesus was a Neo-cheater!!

ID#13282 D.P., 2003-12-25 [ Stroudsburg, PA]

Neo-Tech is too valuable to be destroyed by the looters. There are no guarantees in life, and the possibility that there are looters out there is inevitable. Having Neo-Tech available can lead many people away from the mystic looter mentality. Logically, Neo-Tech serves a great use. And consequently, every use can be misused or abused. It would make no sense for Larken Rose to shut down his website just because the IRS continues to abuse, intimidate, cheat, terrorize, deny due process to and steal from American citizens. The entire purpose of his website is to inform the public of the tax fraud so that the tax fraud will come to an end. Prometheus challenged the Gods, but mankind benefited. Allow Neo-Tech to be accessible to anyone interested in rational thought, rational action and a healthy mind free of mysticism and altruistic and state worshipping values.

ID#13283 C.R., 2003-12-25 [ Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs]

I have your first book 'Neo-Tech Orientation Booklet' I have not read your second instalment 'Neo-Tech Discovery.' Your first book gave me no messages at all. I had no feelings from it whatsoever, neither good nor evil. Oh yes ! I do believe in good - and I do believe there is evil. After reading various things about Neo-tech that others have written on the net, I am not convinced that Neo-tech is for me. I still do not know what it does, or how it works. However, it seems to have created such evil and negative thoughts towards it from Christians, Muslims and the like that I wonder if I should pursue it further. Of course, I have nothing against becoming rich and powerful. But I do not wish to sell my very soul to attain these ends. Christianity These has deep-rooted beliefs which millions of people hold, and I cannot see how your 2300 year old discover as you call it, can change these peoples views. I am 56 years of age, and I am a Christian. There is nothing that can change my beliefs towards Jesus Christ who is the ONLY man to cheat death, and show us that there is life after death for those who believe in him. I also remember his famous words, "What doth it profit a man - if he gains the whole world, and suffers the loss of his own soul" Is this what I will be doing if I become a Neo-Tech customer ? I sincerely believe that although this mortal body of mine will one day die and decay, the spirit which is in it and keeps it alive is me, and me alone - and that THAT spirit will go on to greater things in the light of God. If Neo-Tech tries to teach me anything different then I am afraid that it is not for me. However, If Neo-tech is not an anti-religious organisation, and is here to help mankind - then I, for one embrace it with open arms. Remember also, the immortal words from the Bible, "The gates of the underworld will NEVER prevail against me" words which came from the lips of Jesus Christ - the greatest man who ever walked on this earth.

ID#13284 L.B., 2003-12-26 [ arcata, ca]

I'm curious your views on Open Relationships, where partners are sexual with more than just their partners

ID#13287 R.B., 2003-12-26 [ Hillsborough, NC]

After seeing the add, and being intrigued over the information available, I looked up the site. The card cheating was amazing, and instructive. I am mmore interested in the information derived from this "cheating".

ID#13292 D.A., 2003-12-27 [ Long Beach, NY]

Neo -Tech is the IBM of intelligence

ID#13296 R.J., 2003-12-28 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Frank Wallace read THE GOSPELS OF THOMAS the actual words of Jesus,understood what he read, put a modern context to it, and called it neo-tech.

ID#13297 N.P., 2003-12-29 [ Fernley, Nevada]

The value of the Neo-Tech web site is immeasurable. Without the site I would have been lost in many aspects of my life. I would love to receive any new information at my address through snail mail.

ID#13298 V.K., 2003-12-30 [ Rhinebeck, NY ]

I ordered the first book over ten years ago, and tossed it out because it made no sense to me at the time. Today I went to a discussion board where it was being fervently discussed -- some people found it to be highly useful. So I thought I should perhaps give it another chance. I'd especially like to read the books on business...and immortality. So I have to check no -- I'm not an owner of the literature anymore. Or maybe I should check yes, because I once was?

ID#13300 . ., 2003-12-30 [ , ]

I still have some skeptism about weather neo-tech literature can realy change lives of ordinary people.

ID#13301 P.M., 2003-12-30 [ Perth, W.A]

At last a very much needed philosphy on taking control of ones own life and destiny. Yes it should stay on the net. The information and concept is truly life changing and inspiring. Well done...

ID#13302 P.H.,, 2003-12-31 [ Jamaica, NY]

Please put something on here... it isn't fair that a few idiots are trying to use the realest information around for fake web sites... please give us neo-tech in some form on the web... i find the books are expensive but they are worth it... but this information should be treated like hospitals treat patients.. take care of the population no matter your ability to pay or not...

ID#13303 . ., 2004-01-01 [ , ]

I would like this information to be posted on the internet for FREE.

ID#13306 M.F., 2004-01-02 [ Tooting Bec Road, London]

If other people are fraudulently using the Neo-Tech name and materials, I do not see why the material was taken off the website. It is surely more important than ever for NTP to have it's materials where they can be viewed. In this way, readers know exactly where to go for genuine truth. To take the material away from us is surely to concede defeat to the neocheaters who try to steal your good name and the fruits of your labour. Please let us have them back. Mark Finnigan

ID#13309 . ., 2004-01-03 [ , ]

Fui escolhido a ter o privilegio de adiquirir o conhecimento Neo-neotech mas por motivo de contingencias inesperadas perdi o prazo de efetuar o pagamento. Só agora com a compra de meu PC pude entrar em contato pela net.

ID#13313 J.S., 2004-01-03 [ Bristol, England]

I was born a Neo-Thinker. I didn't know this until I read Neo-Tech. I have now so successfully integrated Neo-Tech into my character that I can see mysticisms in Neo-Tech itself. In fact, I think that the term 'mysticism' itself is 'mystical'. I could work for NTP but I would rather compete with it. Watch this space.

ID#13315 G.P., 2004-01-03 [ West Hempstead, , N.Y.]

mentioned as a place top see testimonial comments of other customers

ID#13316 . ., 2004-01-04 [ , ]

Why not? Who's judging? Why would someone want to remove it? Maybe for their own personal reasons (not enough) or an "I m going to save the world!" revolution backed by some religious demagogue appealing to a higher calling...whatever. Keep it up and running! I have enjoyed your publications for a few years and plan to share them. The literature makes one question the world in which they exist and that IS a wonderful thing. Ciao Bella, TKO

ID#13317 A.E., 2004-01-04 [ Nottignham, ]

A E SPENDLOVE 18 ADDERLEY CLOSE NOTTINGHAM, NG5 5JS. UK. TEL; 07958535317. 4 January 2004 Dear Mr Wallace, Hamilton & Savage, First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for enabling me to realise what I have still left in me to give. How or why such information arrived at my door, I have no idea, but would like to thank you for it. I must admit, that the first and only reason for me wishing to obtain the NEO-TECH DISCOVERY, was purely out of financial gain. Until of course, I actually received the manuscript, then realised the full potential of such inspiring information, which has given me greater belief in the future and for oneself. I do not wish or intend to waste any of your time, and I’m more than certain that this form of communication towards the growth and suitable recognition of your work has been proposed to you before on numerous occasions. So, the reason for this letter is to ask of you, if permitted, to enable me - through whichever form or system you prefer - to set up a web-site/mailing address giving information on how to obtain the very same product, which as changed my whole out-look on the world and societies within it. I too, like your good selves, believe this information that somehow found it’s way through my letterbox, should be available to all. I would really like others, be given the opportunity & chance to understand; in the same way you have helped me too do so, over the last 6/8 months. I do not wish to attempt to jump on the bandwagon or upset the apple-cart, only that through reading the NEO-TECH DISCOVERY and NEO-TECH WORLD, now do I wish for others to feel and experience the love for life as I do now, thanks to you; NEO-TECH I am in the process of arranging a web site and then to finding advertisement space in the UK’s national newspapers and magazines. Hopefully enabling us to promote to the people of the UK and EUROPE. If you feel this inappropriate and is not your intention to promote NEO-TECH in this way. I fully understand and apologise for this inconvenience and rudeness on my part. Once again, I thank you all very much for your time and effort, but more importantly, for introducing me to the world of NEO-TECH. Sincerely,

ID#13319 W. ., 2004-01-04 [ , Fl]

these words won't be posted, it is a waste of time for me to even be typeing this to you. you can post this in positive or negitive comments, they are both the same. this endless time of looping isn't needed. we came from nothing, therefor, we are nothing. you will see truth, as soon as you stop filling your mind with thoughts that mean nothing. i exist because something beyond my control made me, you were made the same, we never had control or freedom. can someone email me so that i may speak with them?

ID#13322 E. ., 2004-01-04 [ Montgomery , AL]

Message to Negative Readers: WAKE THE HELL UP!!! Religion is the most idiotic institution to date. It perverts reality and undermines intelligence. Believing something or someone is going to take care of you is futile. We all live in air-tight bubbles, with ridiculous programmed inner dialogues that we use as a guidance system. Your "negative thinking paradigm" consists of the beliefs/ideologies of your parents,associates,religion, and infamous leaders. They are in effect you and simultaneously are not you. YOU are YOU!! Your purpose is to find out who the real you is and develop this you, into a true human being with morals, values, integrity, and true honor. Ready? Begin....

ID#13323 J.H., 2004-01-04 [ Modesto, CA]

I've been getting some free material from Neo-Tech and I'm researching on it. I read the "Installment Number One of Two Neo-Tech Orientation Booklet" and all the stories seem unbelivable. Is this what 800 page Neo-Tech book can do for me? That would be amazing. It's something I'm very interested in. Because right now I'm at a low point in my life and it seems as if I could relate to most of the stories.

ID#13324 M.S., 2004-01-04 [ Sarasota, FL]

Hope to see fresh NT materials and commentary on the website (or through e-mails) soon.

ID#13325 v.g., 2004-01-04 [ jonesboro, ar.]

i discovered neo=tech about 6 mo. ago and have found it to be the most enlightening imformation i have ever studied in my life.i believe in the new world and know neo-tech is the only way to save this planet from all the mystical wackoos wo run this world at present. thank you neo-tech ,we need you to stay on the internet now m ore than ever for guidance

ID#13327 S.L., 2004-01-05 [ Twin Peaks, CA]

I find the reading material very interesting. In one of your pamphlets you said 3 good things would happen to me in seven did.

ID#13328 P.J., 2004-01-05 [ Bloomington, IL]

Your view point needs to be heard.

ID#13329 b.e., 2004-01-05 [ Honea Path, sc]

i have never read something so intense and invigorating in my 607 months on this rock.i have had many of the same thoughts as mr wallace but had never seen them in print. they have shown me a new and refreshing way to look at the world and now th universe thanks

ID#13330 J.L., 2004-01-05 [ stoke on trent, ]

although i have only received the first installment via snail mail and read the info available on the web site i think it is very powerful and feel it is a shame that because of the few, the many will be denied access

ID#13332 E. ., 2004-01-05 [ Lithonia, GA]

As the environmental health and resources of the planet diminish, truth and honesty remains our past, present, and future hope in redirected the earths downward spiral to destruction

ID#13334 R.J., 2004-01-06 [ Spring branch, Texas]

I would like to know if Neo-Tech supports Neo-Warriors, and are they neo-tech Friends or foe! Neo@neo-warriors They have been sending me E-Mail and they have a program! Your Neo Friend Rufus John Wilson 340 Dean Road Spring Branch, Texas 78070-1849 Thank You Rufus 1-6-2004 10:15 AM

ID#13335 M. ., 2004-01-06 [ Arlington, TX]


ID#13336 E.k., 2004-01-06 [ Accra, Ghana]

Its the only way we human being can save the earth NOW. Please leave Neo_tech on the net please. Erik K. dzordzordzi From Ghana

ID#13337 G. ., 2004-01-07 [ Memphis, Tennessee]

The truth must be known. Neo-Tech helps one find the real truth and lies which cover honor, patriotism, religon, job... etc.

ID#13339 J.D.,@ 2004-01-07 [ Christchurch, ]

After reading both sites im totally confused so I would love to read your latest info I have read as much of your litterature as I could find Alex Moss was on your site 2 years ago did you have a fall out I need to know some answers before I spend some money I have read his latest on Neo Tech and after reading Zonepower I did wonder` FIH = the extra effort not following doing please reply

ID#13340 J.D.,@ 2004-01-07 [ Christchurch, ]

After reading both sites im totally confused so I would love to read your latest info I have read as much of your litterature as I could find Alex Moss was on your site 2 years ago did you have a fall out I need to know some answers before I spend some money I have read his latest on Neo Tech and after reading Zonepower I did wonder` FIH = the extra effort not following doing please reply

ID#13341 J.K., 2004-01-07 [ Florissant, Mo]

I have read most of the first 2 books and was hoping to find more info about Neo-Tech on your website.

ID#13344 T. ., 2004-01-07 [ Burnaby, BC]

I think Neo-Tech is a valuable source of information even if I don't agree with every single little thing in it. I also am curious to see if honesty will prevail in our world. We are currently in the Information age and does seem as if honesty is becoming more prevalent. But it also appears the profesional mystics are becoming more devious and clever in their guises. I would like to see a world based on productivity over the current scheme of who you know makes the difference.

ID#13345 K. ., 2004-01-07 [ Santa Fe, NM]

I am curious if you are still active... ? I understand that the IRS is about to step up enforcement again... My site is since IRS takes such a toll on health, check out the Fingernails page.... Karen

ID#13346 J.W.,@JUNO.COM 2004-01-08 [ YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO]

i got a memo from eric savage but i didnt send it in on time to get a free copy of neo-tech:guide to money and power so i would like to get a copy neo-tech:guide tomoney and power anyway thank you

ID#13347 J.W.,@JUNO.COM 2004-01-08 [ YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO]

i got a memo from eric savage but i didnt send it in on time to get a free copy of neo-tech:guide to money and power so i would like to get a copy neo-tech:guide tomoney and power anyway thank you

ID#13348 M.T., 2004-01-08 [ Westmidlands B90 4PU, ]

I found this information very unusual and very interesting. It real covers a wide range of issues and some affecting our daily lives, so i real need a detailed information about all of it.

ID#13353 G. ., 2004-01-08 [ Tupelo, Ms]

I am still trying to find out what it exactly is. I think that it should be left on so that others can make the choice if they want to read it or not. Plus every Idea that has been created (good or bad) somebody somewhere is going to try and misuse or twist it to there advantage.. That is the american way these days. But I wish that I could find out more. Thanks Ginger

ID#13354 J.W., 2004-01-09 [ Ipswich, Suffolk]

This site should remain and expand, helping all Neo-Techers. The negative comments amaze me, having an open mind and control of ones life is a must in my opinion, on the other hand everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Keep up the good work.

ID#13358 B.S., 2004-01-09 [ Alpharetta , Ga]

Please stay on and continue with the positive effect that you have, and will have on the world.

ID#13359 C.B., 2004-01-09 [ Washington, , DC]

I am a current Neo-Tech owner as of December 2003. I would like for NTP to stay on the WWW and offer a secure password protected area for it's Neo-Tech owners. I am overwhelmingly satisfied with it's information and way of life. This can enhance the Neo-tech owners world wide.

ID#13360 R.H., 2004-01-09 [ Auckland, ]

Hi Stay on the web and stay on course... kind regards

ID#13362 D. ., 2004-01-09 [ Tatamagouche, NS]

NT is a valuable, emerging viewpoint and the web is the occasion for widest distribution ... get your meme in play!

ID#13365 m. ., 2004-01-10 [ , ]

The tree of knowledge that my sister Eve ate from and tempted Adam was the evil work of Neo-tech!!!! I KNOW THIS. Neo-tech will constipate your mind. Hell and damnation to neotech and amway.

ID#13366 T.R., 2004-01-10 [ Surprise, AZ]

Nearly 10 years ago, I obtained a copy of Neo-Tech. To say it was a life changing experience would be the understatement of the century. My life today bears little resemblance to the miserable, defeated and hopeless existence I suffered with for 37 long years. Although I have not achieved the level of financial prosperity I would be satisfied with, my beautiful wife and I have just started a new business and I am confident our goals will be realized. Even if we fail by most standards, I will still consider it a triumph because I know it is something we did on our own, without the help of the oppressive government, nor did we squander our wealth on a corrupt religious cause. Please stay on the net. The world desperately needs you. They just don't know it yet.

ID#13368 B.A., 2004-01-10 [ WABASCA, AB.]

I was deeply saddened to find out the complete website has been wiped out. Mankind will continue to suffer greatly without this info. I hopt that I can still own the whole neo-tech library someday soon. Cassandra's Secret is my first choice as well as the neo-tech protection kits. It was sure nice to hear about neo employment. I would love to work in such a harmonious environment. Perhaps in the near future. I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING SOME HIGHLY INTELLECUAL NEO-TECH PEOPLE.

ID#13371 M.T., 2004-01-12 [ Kokomo, In.]

The most important information ever known to humanity. The truth needs to be known now more than ever.

ID#13372 M. ., 2004-01-12 [ Bossier City , La]

I Think that Neo-Tech should remain on the wb so people like me that know a great deal about the benefits of the great power of total concious awareness. Can hone there skills with a review of the fundementals pointed out in the text of Neo-Tech Ther is a great deal of knowledge to be gained from these principles that can benifit the hole of man kind and expell are myths of power and lead us into anew brighter direction. No one should be deprived of this information and incite. The only concern Is who funds this web site and will they make a profit off devulgeing this information or will it undermine there basic goals in other ways. Other than that I totally support free press and incourage this site to put the whole text back online for everyone to see!

ID#13373 T.N., 2004-01-12 [ , ]

I was the owner of Neo-tech discovery and Godman our final evolution,which were lost while moving home.'THE BOOK' had a big impact on how see things.As someone just starting to find out about the Internet I knew this would be a worthwhile exercise.

ID#13374 T.N., 2004-01-12 [ Burnham On Sea, Somerset]

I was the owner of THE BOOK which had a big impact on how I see things.I however lost the book whilst moving home.As someone new to the internet I know this will be a valueable exercise.

ID#13375 C.G., 2004-01-12 [ Jacksonville, Florida]

My husband and I hit it off right away after we met and we both new that there was something more to life and we recognized it. He has been reading Frank Wallace's "The Book" for many years and has incorporated its philoshophy into his life. I am currently reading it and am fascinated by how it answers SO MANY questions that I have had about life and about how I have always felt but did not understand why! The whole world is looking for answers to life and I can truly say that I have found it. We are both into sailing and we WILL be leaving the country soon to live in the tropics on our sailboat. Sailing from one island to another until we find where we will be most happy. Thank you for this website!

ID#13377 j.p., 2004-01-12 [ casselman, ont]

keep up your good work

ID#13378 c. ., 2004-01-12 [ satsuma, fl.]

I think that it should stay because if people only new what it could do for them.

ID#13381 m.l., 2004-01-12 [ bromely, kent]

neo-tech open mind and show me how to control my own life, and leave neocheats behind to become what they really are nothing but lairs dishonest scrum. free yourself if you belive or die sad and unfulfilled you brain washed fools.

ID#13387 J.W., 2004-01-13 [ Cleveland, TN]

I am to young to vote,? this is the first time to have neo-tech on line, I reserv my vote for A later date;thank you. J.R.

ID#13390 R.W.,@AOL.COM 2004-01-14 [ HENDERSON, NV]

I was trying to find out who has claimed my son in 2002. I gave permission to my father to do so because I lived here with him for that year. He was told that he has to pay back money because some one has claimed my son with out my permission. It was not a family member so who is it? I called irs today and the women I spoke to was of no help and just told me that what I was saying was not true? So if someone cloud let me know how to fix this it would be great so I don't have to deal with this problem my self for 2003. Make them pay it back not us...

ID#13391 j.k., 2004-01-15 [ whitley, ky]

I love neo-tech,please stay on the web.Dr Wallace,Mark Hamilton,keep up the good work,Happiness forever.

ID#13392 j.k., 2004-01-15 [ whitley, ky]

I love neo-tech,please stay on the web.Dr Wallace,Mark Hamilton,keep up the good work,Happiness forever.

ID#13395 J.B., 2004-01-15 [ San Antonio, Texas]

I have converted from a Non-So Christian belief to a solid Conscious immortal individual. I believe that if I Am the Holigram of the Original Energy and it being Perpetual thus I too/also Am Perpetual. Also, I have been an employer most of professional Career until recent retirement and retirement is out. Too much Energy Baking in this Entity.

ID#13396 J.M., 2004-01-15 [ Kailua Kona, Hi]

As an Original purchaser of the Neotech Discovery in the early 80's, I feel it is vital for the future of humanity to at the very least, allow some access to the concepts and values of NeoTech for children and those who seek answers to the insanity they percieve around them.

ID#13397 . ., 2004-01-15 [ , ]

Hello, I think Neo-Tech should be pulverized into dust! With dust, we can build new things! Perhaps even make concrete out of it and then use it to build impressive buildings! :)

ID#13398 R.a., 2004-01-15 [ LISBOA, ]

I agree with most of it,but i dont understand why you took out the protocols of sion after you comment in favour of it.

ID#13401 J.B., 2004-01-16 [ San Antonio, Tx]

Yes Dear Dela Rosa, Good Morning, Its a very nice Morning and your are absolutely correct, Its Cassandra's Secret in lieu of Victorias. Please advise on how to obtain. Thank You.

ID#13402 J.B., 2004-01-16 [ San Antonio, Tx]

Yes Dear Dela Rosa, Good Morning, Its a very nice Morning and your are absolutely correct, Its Cassandra's Secret in lieu of Victorias. Please advise on how to obtain. Thank You.

ID#13404 K.F., 2004-01-16 [ Anderson, MO]

their right

ID#13405 m.p., 2004-01-17 [ manassas, va]

when people come to a (Y) in the road, one being oppertunity such as the tech. and the other being the same place they have been for years.they take the raod most traveld. why ,becouse i think fear .but deep down inside i think they dont find there self to be as good as the oppertunity thats before them. im not surprised of the hesitation or just acting as if they dont see it. they been maid to feel inferior. but what is suprising is that you have doubt and fail. they beleive in things they cant see but what they can see( just look in the mirrior) they dont beleive in it

ID#13409 J.C., 2004-01-19 [ Milton, WA]

Don't let anyone run you off the net! If you do then they will have the chance to get all traffic directed to you.

ID#13410 e.f., 2004-01-19 [ old bridge, nj]

hi, i sent you an email re: qualifying for future products. later, ed feltus

ID#13412 B.G., 2004-01-19 [ , ]

You cheat beautifully.

ID#13413 B.G., 2004-01-19 [ , ]

I find Neo-Tech interesting (often poorly written, but interesting nontheless...) But the obviously made-up "negative comments" undermine the credibility.

ID#13415 J.R., 2004-01-19 [ Chicago, IL]


ID#13416 H.E., 2004-01-19 [ Overland Park, KS]

I was one of your oldest members originally in the UK then Porto Santo a portuguese Island in the Atlantic. Lost all books etc including original manuscripts when leaving Island for the USA. Like your ideas, even done a bit for you in England. I think your Zon went a bit mystical.Have a Biological Imortality certificate signed by John Flint no date.Regards to you all Herbert Edwin Neale. You may find me on old records.(Teddy)Was owner of lierature aint got none now

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