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ID#2933 M.S., 2006-04-03 [ Boloemfontein, Free State]

I am gald that I have lived to know about Neo tech. It is great eye opener.A fountain of valuable information.

ID#2937 P.W., 2006-04-03 [ vernon, in]

interesting and revealing information thank you.

ID#2938 s.B., 2006-04-03 [ Jackson, CA]

Intrigued - after reading all of Neo-Tech website in it's entirety, I still cannot seem to find the "thing" that is changing lives = positively or the "thing" that is upsetting others = negatively. The historical facts are commonly known, the political facts are commonly know as are the religious facts. Is the "thing" the writers ability to combine the three together thus making it easier for the average person to see the age old web of conspiracy of illusion? sdmgkb

ID#2940 P.D., 2006-04-04 [ Annerley, Qld]

ref:1834886 Alice Kern Customer Service. Thank you very much for confirming receipt of my order for your step-two package and thatyou've mailed it out to me. Shall await it withthanks and much interest. Best regards Panduka Panduka Dasanayake

ID#2942 S. ., 2006-04-04 [ , ]

Neo-Tech delivers people to find the truth by opening your mind.

ID#2944 M.F., 2006-04-04 [ Dubbo, NSW]

I have been aware of Neo-Tech for about five years now and have really rejoiced in the knowledge that others out there are aware of the way our leaders mis - represent and deceive us, and as things have worstened around the world i find myself frustrated at the slow speed in which effective HONEST change has occurred. Can someone please tell me when there will be enough momentum from populations around the world to bring this Anti- Civilisation to an end. The strangle hold that governments and other organisations have over us can not continue if we are to live and prosper as one. Keep up the web site and keep up the fight. I value your efforts on behalf of us all, Thanks.

ID#2946 N.F., 2006-04-04 [ E. Wenatchee, WA]

I am interested in aquiring the Zon Book[or Bible], and the list of books you have. Is Neo-Tech Publishing Co. on the web? I am new to the computer, and fairly new to the concept of Noe-Tech. I'm ready to grow.

ID#2947 j.f., 2006-04-04 [ chgo, il]

i believe that we have to keep this site on the web simply because if you can ban one person's views then you have set a dangerous precedent. i may not agree with what you say but i will defend your right to say it .

ID#2948 j.p., 2006-04-04 [ froncysyllte, llangollen]

It has been two weeks since I read the Orientation Booklet and three major good things have not happened to me. Can you explain this? Thankyou Janet

ID#2949 C.E., 2006-04-04 [ Windsor, CA]

Our world would fail without it.

ID#2951 A.F., 2006-04-05 [ North Coburg, VIC]

Death: NT-plagarising essence-stealing snakes. Life: NT-absorbing innocent children.

ID#2953 W.F., 2006-04-05 [ Brisbane, Qld]

The internet may be the last bastion of free speech. I don't think it should be censored. And if a person or person's wish to publish their thoughts and ideas on the net they should be encouraged. You never know what you might learn in such an environment.

ID#2954 G. ., 2006-04-05 [ san antonio, TX]

I love Neo-Tech...the world will become such a better place when people embrace and live by honesty.

ID#2957 E.W., 2006-04-05 [ Laurel Hill, florida]

What I have read thus far ,I find it gives one cause to rethink alot negative thought patterns and see a much larger picture of the world and self realinement in effecting it's survival and that of each of us that makes the choice of vision verus ignorance and self=destruction.Thanks for sharing,E.W.S.

ID#2958 T.A.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-04-05 [ MASON, TEXAS]


ID#2959 J.H., 2006-04-06 [ Perris , Calif.]

As a professor of philosophy, each semester I weave as clearly as I can some of your primary concepts related to the nature of reality into my classes - including religion classes which I also teach. This is not particularly well- received, and recently I have not been assigned any religion classes. I include Ayn Rand in my presentations, and also utilize your analysis of her limitations. Some of my students have experienced the "cultishness" of some of ARI's members - though certainly not all - characteristics which I believe that Rand herself would find appalling - namely, not thinking for themselves, and too often trying to quote what they think Rand would answer to the questions posed by my students. I have found their reluctance to explain to me their reticence about discussing Neo-tech a shameful blot on Rand's courage to face challenges, regardless from whence they came. I certainly don't worship her, but I owe a great deal to that lady during my adjustments to civilian life when I returned from 'Nam. To you, I say "thank you" for going on - a continuation which I find most rewarding and challenging.

ID#2960 s.s., 2006-04-06 [ Minneapolis, mn]

i have no comments, i just want to read more

ID#2965 p.a., 2006-04-06 [ aylesbury, bucks]

very interesting

ID#2966 D.M.,@bigplanet. com 2006-04-06 [ ENFIELD, CT]


ID#2968 T.H., 2006-04-06 [ Hyattsville, MD]

Yes NEO-TECH should remain on the web. I want to see change for the better in myself and the rest of the world. I believe NEO-TECH can bring about that chage.

ID#2969 L.C., 2006-04-06 [ El Paso, Texas]

I received a letter that would change my life & I realized it has inspired me to be motivated & learn how to see my life in a different way & not just a routine.

ID#2971 K.B., 2006-04-07 [ Lakesentrance, Vitoria]

Neo-tech is about truth & honesty so to all you religeous people how condem there litertur seem to be wrong

ID#2973 C.P., 2006-04-07 [ Sandy, UT]

I like the way the site is laid out while it takes a long time to go through and absorb the data.

ID#2978 D.S., 2006-04-07 [ milwaukee, wi]

Please stay to inform those who would like to know and be educated. I need to be informed on these important issues.Thank you. I am not an owner of the manuscript yet.I am in the process of making the purchase. The 1000 page manuscript that is.

ID#2980 J.W., 2006-04-07 [ Indio, CA]

This information has a right to be here.

ID#2981 D.H., 2006-04-07 [ albuquerque, NM]

Every person on the Earth has a right to see Neo-Tech and make up their own mind. My life will never be the same. I can't wait for the third Book. I just finish my second book I'm a natural healer, I have believe for years that getting old is not natural. I'm glad you have a Web site. Not everyone will read a 1000 page book. Thanks Donna

ID#2985 J.B., 2006-04-07 [ Golden, CO]

I recd a letter from Nouveau Tech Society, and looked online for information.

ID#2986 D.M., 2006-04-08 [ HANOVER, MD]


ID#2989 R. ., 2006-04-08 [ Chandler, Arizona]

Would like to be linked to other neo-tech in the Arizona area. I believe that there is strenght, knowledge and deep understanding with such a seceret for hope.

ID#2990 T.L., 2006-04-08 [ Kalamazoo, Mi]

This information is true and will stay alive. The Silent Dragon supports Neo-Tech. I have know about Neo-Tech for many years. Most all religions wish to destroy the world and the ones that don't they remove from the world. Neo-Tech is beyond religion and that is what is most feared because they lose control of your mind and you can think on your own. Neo-Tech will stay.

ID#2994 B.G., 2006-04-09 [ Martins Ferry, OHIO]

Unbiased. just being impartial. didn't realize so many people hated what you are trying to show them

ID#2996 R.C., 2006-04-09 [ Irvine, CA]

I am trying to obtain "The First Immortals" by Mark Hamilton

ID#2997 r.o., 2006-04-10 [ brooklyn, ny]

the information provided neo-tech is one which is very positive and enlihtening. I am sure many people would definately get a rude awaking when they read the information. In my opion neo-tech is way of the future.

ID#2998 . ., 2006-04-10 [ , ]

why do I agree and disagree at the same time? I do not mean that I struggle with my agreement, rather I independantly came to very similar understandings, but by a completly different path, or to say I believe I am looking at completely the same puzzle but completely different pieces, I came to understand years ago and was waiting/looking for NT and fully expected to hear from you. I have found that in combining the puzzle pieces both my own and NT that all belong, but of those missing I'm not sure all are ready to see, or should I say are able to see because of preconceived ideas, or fordrawn conclusions, the truth is only reality when it is 100% of the truth, there are no lies in any NT literature NONE but it seems only partial understanding both on my part and on NT part because of an incomplete amount of variables integrated into the equasion, Please do not analyze this and respond point by point, only wait because I have much more of NT to integrate and variables yet to add to the integrations.

ID#2999 . ., 2006-04-10 [ , ]

As a declared Atheist, Rationlist and Free-Thinker I always read web-pages with an open mind with a view to discovering new and interesting points of view. I have read many peoples opinions and yours is one of the worst presented agruments I've read. In fact I'm nt even sure what you are trying to say. However, your scatter-gun approach is more confusing than enlightening. You take disparate and completely unrelated pieces of information and try to show some sort of tenuos links, often simply making up facts. You writing style is very disjointed, skipping from one subject to another, with no reason, in the same parragraph and even within the same sentence. If you wish to have intelliegent and thoughful people ready your ideas and take then seriously, then stop trying to make all your point at once. Clearly outline each point separately and concisely, back these point up with verifiable evidence (reference the historical facts and quotes).

ID#3000 F. ., 2006-04-10 [ , ]

As a declared Atheist, Rationlist and Free-Thinker I always read web-pages with an open mind with a view to discovering new and interesting points of view. I have read many peoples opinions and yours is one of the worst presented agruments I've read. In fact I'm not even sure what you are trying to say. Unfortuantely your webpage does bear striking similarities to many fundamentalist religious, anti-religous and cult thinking sites, that is, an uncodensed stream of consciousness rant. A rambling, confusing, completely pointless site with page after page of repetition and nonsense. Your, scatter-gun approach is more confusing than enlightening. You take disparate and completely unrelated pieces of information and try to show some sort of tenuos links, often simply making up facts. You writing style is very disjointed, skipping from one subject to another, with no reason, in the same parragraph and even within the same sentence. If you wish to have intelliegent and thoughful people read your ideas and take them seriously, then stop trying to make all your points at once. Clearly outline each point separately and concisely and back these points up with verifiable evidence (reference the historical facts and quotes). Your should really be able to outline your points on just one page. Otherwise, your points, wahtever they are will be dismissed by the wider thinking public and you will be consigned to an internet backwater for crackpots who can not present any sort of legitmate viewpoint. Lastly, the internet is one of the last bastions of truly free speech and as such your website, as poor as it may be in getting across what you want to say, should of course remain available. If only for the purpose of showing rational and intelligent people how not to make their argument.

ID#3001 B.M., 2006-04-10 [ Nederland, CO]

Between 1987 and 2000 I purchased hundreds of dollars of NT literature and attended 2 NT summits as well as two Ted Nicolas seminars. In 2000, NT appeared stagnant and as if it weren't going to live up to its promise to collapse mysticism and usher in biological immortality. I think NT has missed some critical integrations in the last few years. After being away from the website for several years, I have taken a second look. While recognizing that George Bush is a mystic/theist, you give him too much credit. He and all world politicians who base their thinking on the lies and hoaxes of religion are doomed to failure. Unless you can find a way to complete your original mission to cure the disease of mysticism and end this anticivilization, your company is worthless. When I became NT literate in 1987, I thought your compmany held so much promise. I am not sure I see any results. Right wing mystics continue to squelch any notion of advances toward B.I. We continue to fight the horrors of Islamic extremism with our own false and irrational ideas based in a non-existent god. In short, the mystics still seem to be in control and the populace as ignorant and duped as ever. Although there are times you even fall into mysticism, you have cracked the code. You could use some new eyes on your literature and some of the work could be cleaned up. But you have cracked the code and I am puzzled why you haven't been more successful at outcompeting the Christian Muslim nonsense of god and external authority. I wish the inner circle at NT would quit having their little internal love fest with each other and get the job done you started many years ago. As one NT writer once said, someday, someone will outcompete NT. You could use some good competition and maybe get off your butts and kick some butt.

ID#3006 E. ., 2006-04-10 [ Detroit, MI]

Dear to whomever in concern: I read neo-tech and found it within my concious as some validity within it. It all depends on your perception and to what you have experienced in life. For onething, I know the religious and government has hidden purposes of using the word of God for sinister purposes. They are responsible indirectly for the modernDAY mess forwith we are in today. Saddenly, many people today just don't see it. They are Dumb, Deaf and blind to generations of deception or even thousand of years. The average persons just doesn't approach this in a factual way. I read most of the negative comments about neotech a reasoned that most,if not all are just emotional comments from where most mysticisms begin. Most of the negative comment never appears to give factual reasons for their differences with the Neo-Tech philosophy. All i found is emotional mystic comments.......I think if people would read other things as to the world situations. And how our political situation in our country, and I would start with the financial despots at the Federal Reserve Bank for there mis-use of are mpney and countries currency.If people would just look and really see they will know the solutions from being taking advantage of. NeoTech will clearly help you uncover the conpricacy that the government has play with our lives and what they have caused with us for not being as happy as we should in our lives...... Thank You.......

ID#3007 E.C., 2006-04-10 [ racine, WI]

these books are amazing. the info in them will surely change mankind for the better. make it how it is supposed to be.Civilization of the Universe. I like the sound of that. i want to be a part of that. All those people who sit and type bad things about Neo-Tech are the ones who need to read it. They are the ones that don't like to give this civilization a chance for betterment. I love what i read and no one can change my mind. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

ID#3009 c.b., 2006-04-10 [ las vegas, nv]

i would like to visit your neotech place but when i follow your address 850 s.boulder highway it was a post office so please tell me where do i go as i have so much to tell you and also i need some informations. cassandra barragan;

ID#3011 P. ., 2006-04-10 [ , ]

I received an offer from The Nuova Tech Society P.O Box 96958 Las Vegas. Is this offer from your company or one of the hoaxes you indicate in your literature?

ID#3012 K.K., 2006-04-11 [ Washington, DC]

Q: I never read my Neo-Tech books because I was advised to burn them, however; when I started to read them, i got scared and burnt them. I am lost, confused and don't understand the next phase of what to do. Although, I received a letter indicating that I was going into the next phase and a book would be sent out to me which I never received. Please advise.

ID#3014 M.M., 2006-04-11 [ Perth, Perthshire]

halfway through the book you sent me most interesting

ID#3015 N.J., 2006-04-11 [ gloucestershire, ]

Neo-Tech as helped me so much in my personal life regarding my relationships,and my negative traits in my personality which i had to confront with honesty,also it has released a lot of guilt which has been forced on me from a early age regarding religion,i now know how to act correctly in my day to day life, one thing i want to know what his the 10 second rule i have red the Neo-Tech system over and over a again but can not grasp what it his.

ID#3016 N.J., 2006-04-11 [ gloucestershire, ]

Neo-Tech as helped me so much in my personal life regarding my relationships,and my negative traits in my personality which i had to confront with honesty,also it has released a lot of guilt which has been forced on me from a early age regarding religion,i now know how to act correctly in my day to day life, one thing i want to know what his the 10 second rule i have red the Neo-Tech system over and over a again but can not grasp what it his.

ID#3017 B. ., 2006-04-11 [ , ]

I:ve found all info very interesting and informative. B

ID#3019 D.W., 2006-04-11 [ Eugene, Ore]

I read your book of secrets and five amazing stories. I also purchased the Package of Inside Secrets. You've made some good points with neo-tech. That you're Atheists and find man is an animal isn't one of them, however. You might find out 'man' is actually a spirit or the Truth! Even Jesus said it... "I and the father are one and the same." You might find this is what "illuminati" is all about. This I found out in Scientology, the study of TRUTH! Although not even all scientologists have found that out, the TRUTH is still there to be found. The TRUTH sets me free like any one else. It's lies, therefore, that trap you.

ID#3020 D.W., 2006-04-11 [ Eugene, Ore]

I read your book of secrets and five amazing stories. I also purchased the Package of Inside Secrets. You've made some good points with neo-tech. That you're Atheists and find man is an animal isn't one of them, however. You might find out 'man' is actually a spirit or the Truth! Even Jesus said it... "I and the father are one and the same." You might find this is what "illuminati" is all about. This I found out in Scientology, the study of TRUTH! Although not even all scientologists have found that out, the TRUTH is still there to be found. The TRUTH sets me free like any one else. It's lies, therefore, that trap you.

ID#3022 J.A., 2006-04-11 [ Keavy, KY]

After stumbling on your website quite by accident I couldn't stop reading! How long I have been held back by mysticism and guilt and the associated "addictions". How wonderful to put an end to the self destructive behavior fostered by guilt and irrational fears! Thank you for a REAL eye opener. I look forward to reading more and keep up the good work!

ID#3023 D.M., 2006-04-12 [ Warwick, New York State]

I find it interresting. I'm almost through with the second book. "Inner Circle Secrets" 50 pages to go! I don't agree with everything But I have an open mind. One of my personal goals is to live as long a healthy life as humanly possible. I'm interested in John Flynn's "Protection Kit" I'm going through battles with the IRS and I'm wondering if his materials can help me. But, I don't want to blindly buy something, without seeing any of the materials. that would not be a prudent move on my part. My focus is to rid myself of the external authorities that have done nothing for me except extort $$$ from me since I been on the planet. There by lessoning the quality of my life and that of my kids. Anything that will help me accomplish that goal within moral and ethical methods, I'm all for. It's late time for bed Please have someone get back to me regarding John Flynn"s material. ASAP Today is 4/11/06 10:21 PM. I have until 4/14/06 to respond to IRS. before they try to garnish my wages. I'm fighting the good fight and I will continue to do just that until the day I die.

ID#3024 D.M., 2006-04-12 [ Warwick, New York State]

I find it interresting. I'm almost through with the second book. "Inner Circle Secrets" 50 pages to go! I don't agree with everything But I have an open mind. One of my personal goals is to live as long a healthy life as humanly possible. I'm interested in John Flynn's "Protection Kit" I'm going through battles with the IRS and I'm wondering if his materials can help me. But, I don't want to blindly buy something, without seeing any of the materials. that would not be a prudent move on my part. My focus is to rid myself of the external authorities that have done nothing for me except extort $$$ from me since I been on the planet. There by lessoning the quality of my life and that of my kids. Anything that will help me accomplish that goal within moral and ethical methods, I'm all for. It's late time for bed Please have someone get back to me regarding John Flynn"s material. ASAP Today is 4/11/06 10:21 PM. I have until 4/14/06 to respond to IRS. before they try to garnish my wages. I'm fighting the good fight and I will continue to do just that until the day I die.

ID#3025 C.C., 2006-04-12 [ Torquay, QLD]

I Have only today purchased and I am awaiting the second book from Neo-Tech. I am finding this all very facinating. Thankyou Vince & Corrina Cook Australia.

ID#3026 N.F., 2006-04-12 [ E. Wenatchee, WA]

I would like to hear from someone else, maybe in my area, so I can ask questions. I would like to know if this really works, and is it for everyone. My religion is gone, and I don't know if I did the right thing. Part of me is happy yet part of me is not. I am more aware of the times people refer to God and I used to be heavy into that. I don't know who I am now.

ID#3027 n.h., 2006-04-12 [ hines, Ill.]

I am a-waiting of my second ,reserved 1000 page nouveau Tech discovery,and am awating this with a great and exciting belive in my future armited with it's secrets for my future life. thank you all very much for your faith in me.

ID#3028 W.H., 2006-04-12 [ Richmond, VA]

I think THAT IT is looking great information as well as a "treasure feeling for yourself and your own Mind" for some readers to see and concern about this NT website. I think that it is very good idea for people who would like to know more about Neo-Tech on site.

ID#3030 . ., 2006-04-12 [ , ]

thank you

ID#3031 V.B., 2006-04-12 [ laurel, MD]

I find the Neo-tech Literature to the most rewarding material to read I have yet come accross. I havd already come to the conclusion that there was no differences between politicians and religionists before I found NT. BUT NT lit has confirmed my suspicions and given me the facts as to why these people are suspect. I also am very interested in accumulating wealth and Romantic love is a very strong part of my love and should be a part of everyone's life. And each of us, if focused on value creation coulds turn this anticivilazation into a Business, Science and Art Civilation that in fact serves the people and not Robed authorities and Politicians who serve only their own needs. Please maintain a presence on the web, I feel it is important! Sincereley, Vernon Barnes

ID#3032 D.W., 2006-04-12 [ Eugene, Or]

I think the idea of such tech secrets is terrific!Who would'nt want any such riches? Romantic Love, Money & Power really go to a small few. I still desire such myself. However, you're stories are'nt real to me. I have read such 10-12 times and nothing major happened. After purchasing the Tech manual & glancing over the bold print and r4eading a few chapters, I had maybe 1 or two minor things happen. Nothing too major, however. So, after three days I know it did'nt work for me. If it does'nt work for me it's a lie!

ID#3033 D.W., 2006-04-12 [ Eugene, Or]

I think the idea of such tech secrets is terrific!Who would'nt want any such riches? Romantic Love, Money & Power really go to a small few. I still desire such myself. However, you're stories are'nt real to me. I have read such 10-12 times and nothing major happened. After purchasing the Tech manual & glancing over the bold print and r4eading a few chapters, I had maybe 1 or two minor things happen. Nothing too major, however. So, after three days I know it did'nt work for me. If it does'nt work for me it's a lie!

ID#3034 D.W., 2006-04-12 [ Eugene, Or]

I think the idea of such tech secrets is terrific!Who would'nt want any such riches? Romantic Love, Money & Power really go to a small few. I still desire such myself. However, you're stories are'nt real to me. I have read such 10-12 times and nothing major happened. After purchasing the Tech manual & glancing over the bold print and r4eading a few chapters, I had maybe 1 or two minor things happen. Nothing too major, however. So, after three days I know it did'nt work for me. If it does'nt work for me it's a lie!

ID#3036 W. ., 2006-04-12 [ Eugene, Or]

Although the material looks terrific , I feel you're scamming this society with it. The truth about the right brain is fine too. You should find out the real TRUTH about the immortal spiritual being you are! Watch out!! You can even be very suppressed there too! Just like me! Also, you spell Casey , CAYCE, you know the sleeping prophet? He's the one who told of Atlantis, Jesus and Mary. I don't also see why I should pay for my next package when I've been told I already have. You're lucky Jesus isn't Jesus any more. Something I and a few others had to figure out.PRINT THIS>.

ID#3038 . ., 2006-04-12 [ , ]

All Bushtards should be forced to read it. Idiots have ruined the planet.

ID#3039 M.S., 2006-04-12 [ , ]

Since Neo-Tech is based on fully integrated honesty then its impossable for Neo-Tech not to be honest. Why or how you ask? Because Neo-Tech would be Contradicting themselfs about being honest and they teach that you cannot contradict honesty and lazyness, which by the way is reality. If you can't comprehend that then the problem isn't with us, its with you! (How does this get my point accross?)(don't post this)

ID#3042 C.W., 2006-04-13 [ frankfort, ky]


ID#3044 M. ., 2006-04-13 [ , ]

I voted yes because nobody can take away your right to free speech. However, I do not agree with some of the messages you are sending through your examination of sex and love through out history. For example, you believe that in the future humans will reach their full potential when they throw out religion? While this dream may please you greatly I am afraid it simply isn't going to happen. There will always be believers. I feel as though you have a one sided view point on relgion. Perhaps you haven't experianced the good that can (and does) come from it. Religion and the church, I believe, is a tool that helps to bring people closer to God. Also, the idea of virginity is not a thing of the past and "wrong" as your strongly skewed writing portrayed. Many women and men decide to lead this life style because they feel it will allow them to have the most fufilling life posible. On another note, you stated that the rise of the divorce rate was due to the fact that people would no longer accept leading unhappy lifestyles. On the contrary, I think that is not the cause of the increase but one of the effects of the cause. As you said, romantic love has become the foundation of a marriage. It is possible that is the cause of the increase. People put too much weight into their feelings and not enough into the lifestyles of the two becoming married. Anyways, you have the right to believe that religion is the driving force behind many human dilemmas but I would hope that in the true fashion of an open minded person you would reconsider and reinvestigate your stance.

ID#3045 A.A., 2006-04-13 [ Sheboygan, WI]

Find very much information, would like Noe-Tech Orginal Copy 192 Page Neocheating Manuscript. Thankyou for sending the neo-tech literature; Anthony WI

ID#3048 L.K., 2006-04-13 [ , ]

Neo Tech is what you said it is, raw honesty I can't begin to describe how ny thinking has changed. Ilook at the way people are being lead arround and I remember when it was my way of thinking too , but that is over and in the past. Thank you Neo Tech Sincerely Louie Kosegi

ID#3049 L.K., 2006-04-13 [ , ]

Neo Tech is what you said it is, raw honesty I can't begin to describe how ny thinking has changed. Ilook at the way people are being lead arround and I remember when it was my way of thinking too , but that is over and in the past. Thank you Neo Tech Sincerely Louie Kosegi

ID#3050 L.K., 2006-04-13 [ wintefrsville, Oh]

Neo Tech is what you said it is, raw honesty I can't begin to describe how ny thinking has changed. Ilook at the way people are being lead arround and I remember when it was my way of thinking too , but that is over and in the past. Thank you Neo Tech Sincerely Louie Kosegi

ID#3054 R.S., 2006-04-13 [ roseville, ca]

It is great!!!

ID#3059 C.S., 2006-04-14 [ Carine, wa]

If it wasnt on the web I would never of discovered this site. The PDF file that I obtained had links back to this site.

ID#3060 B. ., 2006-04-14 [ Nunya, IN]

Husbands listen to your wives and wives listen to your husbands!!!! I told my husband that this felt felt like the devil was involved in this whole scam......he bought it n-e-way and now, it is sitting on a table NOT being read. I guess it just took him a little longer to feel what I felt but THANK GOD....yes I said THANK GOD he realized it.........I think throwing the book away is an excellent idea and I think we will do that right now. Thanks Neo-Tech for showing all of us good God fearing people another device of the devil so we know what to stear clear of.

ID#3065 H.U., 2006-04-14 [ Lahore, Punjab]

I earned the power of neotech for Value Producers by neo tech discovery manuscript when I was in Usa.

ID#3066 R.J., 2006-04-14 [ Brampton, Ontario]

I am a member and after resecrching the web site I found this site #1651439-9348565. Please send me my manuscript #209R-7. Thanks Roy

ID#3069 R.G., 2006-04-14 [ Albuquerque, NM]

I have read 2 large, black books and await hearing from you as the 'next' step (supposedly someone from my area will tutor me on applying the this new method). I sent a prior response last month...

ID#3072 T.H., 2006-04-14 [ Hyattsville, MD]

Should NEO-TECH stay on the web? absolutly, I have read several NEO-TECH books, the last of which is the First immortals as children. I hope you write more and let me know which one I can purchase. Thanks TOM

ID#3074 T.H., 2006-04-14 [ Hyattsville, MD]

Should NEO-TECH stay on the web? absolutly, I have read several NEO-TECH books, the last of which is the First immortals as children. I hope you write more and let me know which one I can purchase. Thanks TOM

ID#3077 J.A., 2006-04-15 [ Rayong, ]

I have read quit a lot of your information. This is the true world as I ever wanted and I thing many other as well. Your vision is right and finally someone is comming up with the true through the whole history. I think many people know but are afraid to come up for the true or even to change what was seemingly the correct lifestyle to live with because it has always been like that. I was brougt up as a catholic and even sung in choirs when I was a boy from 9 up to 16. I found many who came out to be good catholics were puritins and selfishes. If I can help you I will because this world has to be changed or we all will die soon. I did not know this company and site exist and by accident I find what I always wanted to find meaning someone coming up and have the courage to change and fight for the good of all Earfhlings. I feel so sorry I only find it a few days ago.Be aware that even the good ones will help you to change (polititions etc..) there will always be a price to pay. Meaning there are people going to die simply of their will to change it. Thank you so much. Please keep in touch and send me your newest information. Were can I find your literature or books or order them to send me? Please let me know. I am not yet an owner of Neo-Tech literature.

ID#3080 E.W., 2006-04-15 [ JONESBOROUGH, TN.]

I have just completed reading " THE NOUVEAU TECH PACKAGE OF INSIDE SECRETS", and I have never never read anything that has opened my eyes as this reading has. now I know that the majority of all my other readings was a waste of time I have owned and operated an Aerospace Manufacturing Business for over forty years, had I know about NEO-TECH,, many things, during my life would have been different. Please keep up the good work. E.T. WARNER

ID#3081 . ., 2006-04-15 [ , ]

Sure, why not?

ID#3082 L.A., 2006-04-15 [ Galloway, N.J.]

Mr Hamilton, The Story is the greatest movie I have ever read.I had to stop reading because the tears coming from my eyes was too much. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thank You so much for your Love and Dedication to help people like me all over the world. Again Sir THANK YOU!!! Your Brother in LIFE!!! Louis A. Silva III

ID#3083 L.E., 2006-04-15 [ CINCINNATI , OHIO]


ID#3084 L.A., 2006-04-16 [ Galloway, N.J.]

I enjoyed this letter. It confirms that fact that my 10yrs in christianity and the experiences I went thru determined how quickly the illusion of god made sense. The power of control extends to everything. As the days go by, and the more time I take to stay focused the more I understand. Any information that you can send me will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You again my friends for helping me take another step into our beautiful world. your brother in LIFE, Louis A. Silva III

ID#3085 M. ., 2006-04-16 [ Melbourne, Victoria]

As always, the readings provide a great tool for experimental thought. it certainly expands ones cogition and affect.

ID#3087 L.A., 2006-04-16 [ Galloway, N.J.]

Question: Does anyone have the Power and the Skill to betray us and infiltrate our ranks? I know that if one exists eventually the power will be turned against him. But what of the damage that a person or persons can be done?

ID#3088 L.A., 2006-04-16 [ Galloway, N.J.]

My life before N-TECH, all chance. My LIFE now with N-TECH Hope and Dreams. I live each day fixing my future problems with 1 Goal. There is no tommorrow if you dont fix today.

ID#3089 J.k., 2006-04-17 [ Lithonia, GA]

Neo Tech is best thing to ever happen to me.

ID#3091 W. ., 2006-04-17 [ Talihina, OK]

I have finisheds The Noveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle secrets. What is the next step? Package#1006616164

ID#3092 b. ., 2006-04-17 [ , ]

Yes, an evolved roommate told me I should read "The Story" to my young son since I am having difficulties with him. The roommate moved, took the book, and so I came across this site...and now I can continue with this CRITICAL reading to him!!!!

ID#3094 N. .,@, 2006-04-17 [ Houston, Texas]

In 1973, I took a course in college that taught me to control my Alpha Brain Waves and focus on the future I wanted to see happen. Earlier this year, when I received your letter, it was a wonderful revelation to discover after all this time, I was not alone. I built my company using the technique and it was wonderful to discover there are others who also continued the "projection" method. I never took it to the level you have by formulating the entire purpose as you forsee, but it was well worth the time I took to absorb both books to now clearly focus on the real game plan. Thanks for finding me.

ID#3096 W.M., 2006-04-17 [ Flintstone , GA]

Member Name: McMillan Member Number: NC10 0540-8736 I have been a member for approximately seven months. Are the books I've received, entitled Inner-circle secets and Inner-core secrets all I have to look forward to? This membership was sold to me as an end-all, be-all of escaping poverty and loneliness. I've read the books.. but is that it? You expect me to beleive every word in these books as the truth simply because you say so. This has been a very dsappointing experience.

ID#3097 L.G., 2006-04-17 [ Chatom, Alabama]

I think it should remain on the internet to give everyone this information. I've always felt basically the same way about things. It's nice to know that it can accually be backed up by facts. I've always wondered why we have to keep paying just to keep the land we already own. Also, if you miss paying your land taxes they can sell your property for little of nothing just by putting an add in the paper saying that if you don't pay by a certain date that it will be sold. Not everyone reads the newspaper and those people wouldn't even have a clue that they were fixing to lose their land. Losing everything for a possible oversight. That is just a crime in itself.

ID#3100 d. ., 2006-04-17 [ saraland, al]

please call me with a number or address for someone that can help me .my husband and i let someone who does taxes from home do them one year and he lost and found them and lost them again he will not call us back we need our taxes we have 2 clecks yet to recieve thank you. daina mott

ID#3102 J.H., 2006-04-18 [ Portage, IN]

I cant talk for the world so iwill talk for myself.I very much enjoy digesting all the neo-tech material i can get my mind on.This site is handy for me.I refer it from time to time to people i know as long as i think they got the right stuff upstaires in the head to give the material a fair constructive and honest evalueation.Im always interested in any new information n/t comes out with.I get the new stuff on this site at times.I wish you all at I&O many more years of sucess and good health..Keep up with the good work and see you at the top...James H...

ID#3103 J.H., 2006-04-18 [ Portage, IN]

I cant talk for the world so iwill talk for myself.I very much enjoy digesting all the neo-tech material i can get my mind on.This site is handy for me.I refer it from time to time to people i know as long as i think they got the right stuff upstaires in the head to give the material a fair constructive and honest evalueation.Im always interested in any new information n/t comes out with.I get the new stuff on this site at times.I wish you all at I&O many more years of sucess and good health..Keep up with the good work and see you at the top...James H...

ID#3104 W. ., 2006-04-18 [ Decatur, Ark]

If Al-Jazeera can have a website, if some woman with a webcam can volunteer to show her goodies to my son while he is online, then why, please tell me, would NTS not be allowed to stay online?

ID#3107 M.G., 2006-04-18 [ Irvine, CA]

Please leave NT on the web, and even expand it when you have a chance. I'm waiting for Mark's "the First Immortals" to be released (soon I hope) as I have read and studied the first 2 NT books and am waiting for the time I can attend meetings to furthur my quest to help make things right in this world. Who would have thought that the 2 main things in most peoples lives, religon and governments, (politics) would actually be the very things that not only held them back, but would destroy them in the process. There are so many confused people that will blindly follow sound bites and other mindless ways to rally around and defend the very people and establishments that are set out to destroy them. I feel NT is the only chance we have to fix the problems of the world and embrace all the universe has to offer. By keeping NT on the web and even enhancing it, more people will eventually be exposed to the truth as they learn about the falsehoods forced upon them throughout their lives and their parents (grandparents, etc.)lives for many centuries. Keep up the wonderful work, and let me know how I can help you in our efforts to change the world for the better. Thank you. MG

ID#3110 B.R., 2006-04-18 [ Beaverton, OR]

This is the most incredible thing that I have ever read, I have spent more time reading in the past two nights than I have in the past four months. Once I started reading I could not put it down, so to speak. I look forward to the ten second miracle. And a new free thinking business concious World.

ID#3111 T.P., 2006-04-18 [ Lubbock, TX]

I believe anything that will assist people in the world in preparing themselves for prosperity and happiness needs to be made available. Keep up the good work!

ID#3114 K.G.,@ 2006-04-18 [ Lynnwood, WA]

This "Neo" way of looking at the truths that are so abundantly poured out on the human conciousness are truly revolutionary! It in no way negates any pertanant truth that I ever learned by reading the bible or any other great book dealing with the evolvement of man, Indeed It gives me and every reader back the control over our lives.("Our Agency"as it was refered to in the bible")That right to decide and discern between good and evil,Right and wrong,is the thing we turn our backs on when we look to "outside authorities" ie;Government,religious leaders etc. to "Teach" us. Now, with this information, we can take back our agency and implement complete control over our own lives.The lives of discerning agency and ,yes judgement that all men and wemen were ment to live. Thank you Nouveau Tech!

ID#3115 J.R., 2006-04-18 [ Santee, Cal]

While surfing the net I ran across the Neo-tech home page as I read the literature, my mind began racing, many of the thoughts and explanations in the literature proved to me that I wasn't crazy about my beliefs and most of all not alone. Stay on the net your information is very worth while. John

ID#3116 M. ., 2006-04-19 [ Sioux Falls, SD]

You Still owe me the manuscript I purchased...

ID#3117 S.R., 2006-04-19 [ , ]

How can you deny the existance of pollution of the earth's oceans by heavy metals- see F.D.A. warning about mercury in fish! I like your idea- believe whatever you want to believe so you can live however you want to live, and keep creating your own reality by convincing yourself that the sensory inputs you are recieving are not representative of reality but rather a fake world set up by people who are trying to trick you. That way you can make a lot of money doing anything you want to do!!! Hooray!! You could even deny that people are being harmed by a people-eater-machine or some similarly terrible device that converts humans into fuel or money and you could live like a king at the expense of inumerable human lives... without ever believing it is really happening! I guess that's what I do when I eat meat and vegetables.

ID#3126 t. ., 2006-04-19 [ , ]

Dear sir, I am very happy to see your web.It has many informations at every man. Then I want to know that my penis size was 4" height and 31/2 c.m. diametre after eraction. is it best to satisfy to women. If not what can i do ethicaly. and what can i do to enlarge my penis at length and diametre.also is there any exercise to strong the penis. please tell me as soon as possible. I DOING MASTURBATION in weekly twice. is it wrong. thanking you

ID#3127 R.K., 2006-04-19 [ Colorado Springs, CO]

The best education I have ever recieved. All human beings would benefit from reading and learning Neo Tech.

ID#3129 M. ., 2006-04-19 [ Reno, NV]

I've been reading on your web site and I don't see where your theologies are offensive and upsetting. Maybe I not easily offended. Keep it on the web.

ID#3132 J.N.,@YAHOO.COM. 2006-04-19 [ WINONA, MN]

To whom this may concern: I have read a few of these horror stories and I am appalled and I am enfuriated it calls into suspect (I had little to begin with) this governments validity and its ethical governance!! I have a serious tax problem and I have absolutely no options for redress!! The IRS has taken on the personna of violent gestopo! There actions are completely at random and they have no guidelines by which to adhere to. This department is completely out of control...There appears to be no interest on the behalf of "governmental leaders" to control this depraved and vicious department.

ID#3133 J.R., 2006-04-19 [ NORCROSS, GA]


ID#3136 . ., 2006-04-19 [ , ]

All should be able to express their opinions, and i agree that religion is only a man made word to symbolize and create a way of thinking that will, or should i say lead to a created symbolism of power to control people in the world, this symbol religion has been around for a long time, remember that jesus said that he is not just my father but your father two. Remember that nothing is just here. remember that jesus never recieved payment for his teaching, nor did he ever teach inside buildings. i direct your attention to the numbers: there were 7, there will be an 8th.I direct your attention to the ursi minor constellation and the number 13, and there are more things that man should be concentrating on instead of war.Do i believe in religion, yes, but not the way most people do. Do i honor the creator/s yes i do, because they gave me life, notice that i say they, do i believe in the commandments, yes i do, but why?, because their the common humane laws of how we should treat each other.It is not for u to know everything, and just because u don't, u shouldn't fabacate, to decieve a whole world, Science is greater than most could ever even realize, yes we live in a matrix of the greedy,criminals who pretend to want to help us and feed the world, i know u New World Order and your false truths. The concepts so far as i see of Neo-Tech as i see is simple,there is a plain common sense to all things.I could go on forever, but it would take too much time to explain, remember that science is great and it is not meant for u to know all, but the greatest gift that mankind has is his common sense, use it.There are many things that i have seen and many people that i have been in my other lives, the body is only a house to house the spirit which is pure energy, not all is meant to be understood, som e call it dajivue.Peace and Solidarity.

ID#3137 s.m., 2006-04-19 [ OKC, ok ]

I studied neo tech in it's early years. (mid 80's) My world went on an amazing spiral upward as I learned more and more about integrating my business with hard thinking and honesty. I achieved more financial success than I had ever dreamed. Unfortnately, the alphabet boys showed up at my door one day (literally) and everything I had worked for evaporated into the chaos of mysticism and neo-cheaters. They took ten years out of my life, all of my physical posessions, but I am back and hell bent on succeeding far beyond what I did before. The system almost asymilated me into the borg. While moving, I found an old neo-tech book. That one reading started purging me of the rampant mysticism I had accepted because of the weakness of my situation. I hope everone is doing great there. I attended your seminar in 1986 in Las Vegas and visited with some of the principles at the time. I could go on and on about the changes it made because of the clarity and focus I was able to achieve from your information but I will leave it for another time. I hope Wallace Ward is doing well and is still running into the wind. Best Wishes. (Please don't publish my name.)

ID#3138 G. ., 2006-04-19 [ levelland, TX]

I have both prediscovery and The Book and have not seen any changes in my life . I believe in neo-tech and i want my life to change please help.

ID#3141 l.E.,@COMCAST.NET 2006-04-20 [ ELYRIA/LORAIN, oh]

I have been afraid to address past due taxes of yrs. gone by because of IRS threats to pay up-that I'd better file ASAP or I'll be in big trouble, after the fact that I had explained to them the circumstances of the hardships we were living through. My husband had 2 major breakdowns after dual addiction took over his life-he has NEVER been the same in life...he is schizophrenic/affective disorder, with psychosis and Bipolar tendencies/behavior. We have been over for yrs.-I still try to help out but he is very medicated and disconnected from life-reality. I also had active addiction and recovered on my own-with the help of God and A.A.-before he did. I lived in a homeless shelter, and every time I tried to talk to IRS it was ultimatiums and threats-I froze on doing ANYTHING! I was newly in recovery, and all they could say is that I would be subject to even jail possibly!! I tried, and my husband would say he was going to take care of it-eventually I knew that was never going to happen-that's WHY I tried to address them-now at the time I wanted to try to take care of our taxes and they basically said forget him-even knowing he was not capable of probably ever addressing this issue at all! I could not believe them-basically their attitude was we'll catch up with him-and when they do he'll be in BIG TROUBLE on his own!! I have felt threatened and very, very vunerable! I make very little money to speak of, and I have our one child to still finish raising-NOWHERE AT ALL did they try to assist me to eliminate this problem that has hung over my head for yrs. now-my husband is incompetent today-he can't even handle his own affairs-you have to tell him to shave,shower, change clothes, and it has been that way for along, long time, I'm sad to say...I'm petrified of them, and saw them as virtually NO HELP whatsoever! Thank you for listening!

ID#3142 C.B., 2006-04-20 [ Palmerston, N.T]

Hi, i think Neo-Tech is an enriching and valuable tool for any open mind, i have read many books and keep using them to fulfill alot of my goals, it was like someone had switch on the light after reading Neo-Tech The Book. Thankyou Neo-Tech.

ID#3144 E.J., 2006-04-20 [ London , london]

I have study Zon Power & The Book and both books has thought me about the dishonest system of this world. I now know how to deal with the system,people and to defend my finance and wealth. Keep up with the good work Dr. Wallace, Mr. Hamilton and all Neo-Tech staff.

ID#3146 . ., 2006-04-20 [ , ]


ID#3147 R.B., 2006-04-20 [ Orem, UT]

One should not allow others to rule by action, inaction nor unwarranted attack. Neo-Tech deserves to flourish on this planet like anyone or anything else, to allow others to destroy what you present by your presence further destroys your honor.

ID#3148 D.J., 2006-04-20 [ Vanier on k1l 5c8, ]

Thank you for everything that I have been exposed to thus it took me a little while because I am french but made it, the site should definitly stay on the web for the simple reason that the more people exposed to it the better it is PERIOD.Again THANK YOU D J CANADA

ID#3149 D.J., 2006-04-20 [ Vanier on k1l 5c8, ]

Thank you for everything that I have been exposed to thus it took me a little while because I am french but made it, the site should definitly stay on the web for the simple reason that the more people exposed to it the better it is PERIOD.Again THANK YOU D J CANADA

ID#3151 P. ., 2006-04-20 [ Brooklyn, N. Y.]

I have no comments, just I wanted see my next----. Thank you-

ID#3153 R.Z., 2006-04-20 [ Chicago, Il.]

I've been a reader and user of neo-tech for some time now. I have to say that I'm grateful for straight talk concerning the bicameral mind/ tendencies we have and that they must and can be overcome. On best days it's clear that there is true integration happening. There are times when it is so clear that dreams and "revelation" are a useful way in which the hemispheres communicate in an emergency situation where analysis would be far too time consuming. The ideas and integrations can be overwhelming at times. Puzzle pieces come together and I can see the big picture and potential of my creativity. * I only wish I had an outlet, or a place where I could take these ideas and turn them into mass profits for myself and my future business associates. * It is my hope that once I begin networking and meeting with other neo-tech members that I will be able to present my business plans and marketing concepts. I am assuming that as I move forward into neo-tech, this opportunity will become available. In the meantime I want to share an experience that I had during sleep, the very night that I had read "The Pocket Therapist". I'd like the publishers to see this so they can be assured that they have my gratitude. An Anecdote in the Form of an Actual Dream Account: (Dreams are sometimes a method our hemispheres use to communicate important ideas that may not come through waking reasoning processes.) A man goes to his favorite liquor store. He likes the store, it is a place where he is familiar and has a good rapport with the people there. He had a habit of going there. He picks out a bottle of vodka and proceeds to the checkout. He exchanges the usual pleasantries with the lady at the checkout, though he does not recognize her or the brand of vodka he has chosen. He hands her his hard earned 20$, and with a concerned look on her face the checkout lady hands him his receipt, saying: “there you go”. He turns from the checkout into a vast white nothingness. No store, no street, no vehicle, holding nothing in his hands except a receipt. No vodka, NOTHING. Again, what did that guy get for his twenty dollars? NOTHING except a receipt! He woke from his dream, went to his desk and did a quick recall of his liquor, wine and beer purchases for the previous few weeks. The total was nearly 100$. What did he get for that 100$? NOTHING! What is 100$ multiplied by 12 months? 1200$! He has not had a drink since December 28th, 2005, the night of his dream. Wow.

ID#3154 . ., 2006-04-20 [ , ]

keep your site up. freedoms relative to thought, to speech, to assembly, etc are worth preserving, regardless of the controversy they stir. keep it on the web just on principle.

ID#3155 C.R., 2006-04-20 [ , ]

I am for the freedom of information. Every person must be the prime filter of what seems reasonable and true to their experience. The exclusion of information is against what this country was based on (and has fallen away from).

ID#3158 G.J., 2006-04-21 [ , ]

I think you guys have some seriously oversized balls...I mean anyone who could spout such bunk should be shot at need to seriously check your dogma...the errors in the majority of your 56 page manuals clearly marks you as a bunch of frauds...The letter I got the last time was at least edited to look the way I thought you only entered the second whatever once in your life...I don't fault you for trying to make money, just for trying to do it with your heads up your asses.

ID#3159 G.J., 2006-04-21 [ Denton, TX]

I think you guys have some seriously oversized balls...I mean anyone who could spout such bunk should be shot at need to seriously check your dogma...the errors in the majority of your 56 page manuals clearly marks you as a bunch of frauds...The letter I got the last time was at least edited to look the way I thought you only entered the second whatever once in your life...I don't fault you for trying to make money, just for trying to do it with your heads up your asses. By the way, if you had just sent me the "manuel"; I probably would have been willing to pay something for the can attract alot more flies with honey rather than vinigor.

ID#3162 n.n., 2006-04-21 [ san jacinto, ca]

I recieved a letter in the mail from; THE NOUVEAL TECH SOCIETY POBox 5204 Clifton, NJ 07015-5204 eMail; I want literature on neotech literature

ID#3164 . ., 2006-04-21 [ , ]

You scam people!

ID#3165 C.C., 2006-04-21 [ , ]

I don't mean to judge what you say you have discovered or found out but please keep such comments to yourself. posting them on the web only broadens your problems, if you feel that way about this issue you should do more research. ask your self questions as to why you started to do what you have done in the first place, why did you study did you come expecting something or to prove some one wrong? sounds like you need more evidence than what you claim to have proven, how do you know you are right? this is why so many different religious groups and hate groups start because one person calls him self have studied and really has not. and then you convince other people to do the same and teach them what you say you have learned and you continue to prey off the most vulnerable ones. please do more research before you take this any further.

ID#3166 . ., 2006-04-21 [ , ]

yes i read neo-tech almost every day. I recently bought the neo-tech encyclopedia on ebay and really hope you reprint that book and sell it as a supplement to the book i love the book reviews and the tables. i also wish there was a way to view your product on the web and not just through the mail. i will be traveling for the next six months or so but when i get back and settled in i would like to be kept updaded on your products.

ID#3167 G.I., 2006-04-21 [ Ventura, CA]

Yes, Neo-Tech will guide us through the next evolution.

ID#3170 U. ., 2006-04-21 [ Overthier, PA]

Notice that most, if not all of the negative comments come from right wing religious fundamentalists. And because they do not agree with the information (which I have not even read yet) they are more then ready to shoot you or resign you to their hell (a fictitious rendering of their own inner fears). Information is available on the web to enlighten you and assist you in your search for knowledge and wisdom. I don't say that this site is either good or bad, but it should be available for all to view and make there own decisions about.

ID#3175 r.d., 2006-04-21 [ beaufort, sc]

if you want me give me more time to respond just got the information at 8:45pm on 21,2006.

ID#3176 . ., 2006-04-22 [ , ]

you make notice. interest of perspective. dr. bronner? steve irwin? tony robbins? you do not warrant any more of my time

ID#3178 J.B., 2006-04-22 [ , ]

Judging from this Existentialism article, I don't think you know what it is at all. You're making accusations and assumptions about it that aren't grounded in reality. How rational is that? There's theistic Existentialism, atheistic, and agnostic; which are you referring to? Existentialism is being pushed on people? Please, Existentialism is all about the INDIVIDUAL. Or didn't you know that? How you think something is and how it actually is vary quite severely, and on that note you seem to be delving into a bit of hypocrisy, what with you being all anti-irrationality and all. Yes, you sounded sharp and waspish, but in no way does that make you right. If Existentialism is a tool of the government, it's not existentialism. Period. If you want to be taken seriously, please know what you're talking about. Whether Existentialism teaches you to be irrational or not is a different matter. I am simply remarking on the way Existentialism was portrayed in this article: falsely.

ID#3179 S. ., 2006-04-22 [ Exeter, NH]

I am a new member since august of 2005. It was very difficult at first, when I realized that I had been lied to throughout my entire life. I am so thankfull and happy to know the truth now. I must tell you that I cried a lot, then I knew why my prayers were never answered. Thank you for oppening my eyes to real, reality. I would like to know if there is a group meeting around where I live. Would like to meet some people that share the same interest.

ID#3180 G.N., 2006-04-22 [ Ithaca, NY]

Take me off your snailmail list and do not share with others. Please confirm by email that you have done this.

ID#3181 R.S., 2006-04-22 [ El Cajon, CA]

I just red the second book of Nouveau Tech, and I must tell you that my mind will never go back to think the way I did. now I feel empowered, more confident that better future for all us is at our fingertips, if we just take the neccessary actions. I'm working on that. . . Thank you!

ID#3183 V.S., 2006-04-22 [ , ]


ID#3185 J.B., 2006-04-22 [ Plymouth, MN]

Hello, YES, this information should stay on the web--it is a counterbalance to all of the dishonest, self-serving, mystical trash that floods the information superhighway. If just one person becomes interested and takes control of his or her life as a result of this information, it will have been worth it.

ID#3188 c.f., 2006-04-22 [ jupiter, florida]

you see i got this letter in the mail inviting me to this club but the dead line was the same day i got the letter so i panic and brought it to work and started looking up differnt names trying to find the person who sent it to me so i could explain what happened but every time i tried to email her it wouldnt go through so i tried other steps and find a way to ask can i still be in the club and this was the best option so i ran with it and now i am going to tell you why i want to be in the club well first of all no one right out of the blue shows interest to me that was mind blowing and like most people i yern for everything thats beening offerd so no matter what happens at lest i tried everyday i try to come up with ways to make money and have happeness and everyday i fail so one no try every offer that comes my way and mostly everything has failed but then again none of them were as exciting as this one and i hope you except me even though i didnt make the dead line yours sincerely crystal fleming

ID#3190 m. ., 2006-04-23 [ , az]

wow.....great info here!!!!!

ID#3191 C.Y., 2006-04-23 [ Chandler, AZ]

Would like to extend my love to the family of Dr. Wallace.

ID#3192 T. ., 2006-04-23 [ Cardiff, ]

It is a real shame that we put so much effort into teaching the truth about life and the universe only to have blinded religious fanatics and curupted polaticians ruining the chances of good and honest individuals. I am a scientist and researcher, i have developed many things that will one day change the world and the thought processes that created them are down to Neo-think. Unfortunatly the strong mystical element of society makes the progress of these lifesaving technologys painstakingly slow. i worry that humanity is on the brink of self destruction but know in my heart that thanks to neo-tech some of us will survive them. i have a peace and happiness that is reinforced by my knowledge that my neo-think cannot be threatened only honed. Thank you - keep up the good work - and don't lose sight of the principals!

ID#3193 P.S., 2006-04-23 [ Olmsted Falls, OH]

I am non-denominational, and non-religious person, but I follow what I consider a spiritually humanistic life with a fundamental belief in the goodness of humanity. I am a realtively successful business professional and I was absolutley thrilled to come across the writting of Neo-Tech and I believe it would be extremely unfortunate if it was in some way silenced.

ID#3194 J.C., 2006-04-23 [ Charlotte, NC]

About seven years ago I was heavily involved in mail order. One day I received a letter in the mail that was trying to sell some sort of book. I don't remember much of what that letter said word for word, but I remember it talking about mankind being able to "evolve" into a new way of thinking that would bring wealth and happiness to all who were able to harness the power of this "evolution". Not being able to afford the price of the book at that time I simply threw the letter in the trash. Seven years after that day the title of the book remained etched in my memory. That book was: God-Man: Our Final Evolution. One night I was sitting at my computer and the title of that book came into my mind and I just knew that by now there should be some type of website dedicated to the promotion of such powerful literature. I searched yahoo and sure enough it was there. Now I have obtained the information that my mind, in it's own naturally curious way, has always been looking for.

ID#3195 . ., 2006-04-23 [ , ]

Leave this site on so that others may check it out before being sucked into a trap. I personally have the good traits not to endulge them.

ID#3197 R.R., 2006-04-23 [ San Diego, CA]

Still Intereted

ID#3199 E.G., 2006-04-23 [ Acworth, Georgia]

After reading some of the negative comments on this site, I came to a sudden realization that I have never laughed so hard in all of my life, but by the very same token, I have never, ever felt so sorry for certain individuals who are so programmed and blind that no amount of truth, no matter how backed by irrefutable proof, will ever sway the imbalance of their clouded, sut clogged perceptions and programmed, fantastical, fanatical creeds and dogmas. The old saying that "the truth hurts sometimes" definately applies to those poor, mis-guided souls. You simply put a mirror in front of them and all they see is "the devil"....and the irony of it is that the very "devil" that they see before them is nothing but their own ugly reflection staring right back at them, showing them what they have unkowingly allowed themselves to become. Tis' truly sad, it really is. Anyway, keep up the good work, guys.

ID#3200 R.T., 2006-04-23 [ Flagstaff, AZ]

I was ripped off by a user of NTP, but because I was asking in private for a better way of life, I felt this was the thing I was asking for. So I bought the book and did not receive it. If NTP is a truly secret society, it should remain that way

ID#3201 w. ., 2006-04-23 [ alabama, al]

terrible deception

ID#3205 . ., 2006-04-24 [ , ]

What a shame that the negative thoughts can produce eye and mind blinding ideas. We should always have open minds and filter out the cull that is pushed into us daily. Be your own person and make your own mind up. To be in control (if possible) let it rain and let the drops soak in.

ID#3206 . ., 2006-04-24 [ , ]

I don't appreciate your mail.

ID#3209 s.b., 2006-04-24 [ , ]

i think that the teachinging contained within neo-tech moduals are great! they guide any living person past,present & future to abundent true happiness! why! because its all about building a life full of success through positive producing principals.which will well and truely bring the best out in any individual.neo-tech is all about thinking for yourself and by bringing out the best thats in a person, thats usually is in a sleeping state! in a nutshell its positivity vs negativity! its doing away with the old vs bring out the new! tha world is full of people that want to only destroy others happiness! like exstremist organizations! they know who they are! but we the neo-thinkers will succeed!

ID#3213 D.O., 2006-04-24 [ Genève, ]

Il n'y a jamais eut une chose aussi positive que vos bouquins sur terre. Magnifique, merci pour tout!!!!

ID#3215 . ., 2006-04-24 [ , ]

ready for volume 3

ID#3216 . ., 2006-04-24 [ , ]

ready for volume 3

ID#3218 J.H., 2006-04-25 [ Dayton, Ohio]

I throughly enjoyed reading the neo tech books. They were very enlighting. I think it is a great philosophy.

ID#3219 B.D., 2006-04-25 [ Phoenix, az]

I really would like to meet REAL people......Barbara

ID#3220 c.E., 2006-04-25 [ Liberty Center, OHIO]

I have started loseing wieght as easy as can be my business is growing beyond belief my wife and I share a great relationship.all do to practiceing some of the principals. I am anxios to recieve my next book, How ever I do find that while I agree that this material will be somn I will pass down to my childrens children my main concern is the actual quality of the book will never hold up.Come on guys I know you can produce a better quality book for the money.A book that would last for generations would be nice.

ID#3224 D.A., 2006-04-25 [ Garland , Texas]

I do not understand what this is all about but I am planning on reading to more fully understand. I would be delighted to receive the information so I could read on and understand exactly what you are telling me.. thanks

ID#3227 R.J., 2006-04-25 [ Brisbane, Queensland]

Let honesty prevail and parasites perish. Sometimes it may seem like you are casting pearls before swine, but the world needs to know that honest people can prosper and that evil ultimately is its own undoing.

ID#3228 J. ., 2006-04-25 [ west hills, ca]

the very truth. the very light. the only way.

ID#3230 M. ., 2006-04-25 [ San Diego, CA]

It's priceless. Mi life changed dramatically in a positive way. Now, I'm productive and creative person and make me deeply happy. I feel like I'm shining all the time. Thank you Dr. Wallace for your Neo-Tech Discovery!

ID#3231 R.A., 2006-04-25 [ Buhl, ID]

Dear reader and fellow Christians, NeoTech is supporting a mind thought that envolves sin to get what you desire. Gambling, is a game of luck, and Gambling is said to be that of the devil. In states in the US it is only legal in certain areas. THE devil wants to take your money, he wants the power because he thinks that he still has a chance to rule, which he does, peoples souls, scary as it seems he finds more everyday. He traps them with preversions of the truth, he leads you down a road with an end of fire. Jesus is the way for a road that never ends, and you pass love, joy, and happiness down your road of life and death. The Wallace is a cheat and he is trying to make a cheap buck and worst of it all he takes that time you actually do consider in believing in him, and fills you with lies. If you want the truth find it within yourself. Is your eternal soul worth the teachings of evil.

ID#3236 B.S., 2006-04-25 [ Plantation, FL]

I had to find information for a project and found it. Thanks

ID#3237 . ., 2006-04-25 [ , ]

looking forward to my third package and becoming iluminate

ID#3238 . ., 2006-04-25 [ , ]

looking forward to my third package and becoming iluminate

ID#3239 . ., 2006-04-25 [ , ]

looking forward to my third package and becoming iluminate

ID#3240 B. ., 2006-04-25 [ , ]

looking forward to my third package and becoming iluminate

ID#3241 B. ., 2006-04-25 [ concord , ca]

looking forward to my third package and becoming iluminate

ID#3243 J.S., 2006-04-25 [ Wirral CH63 8PQ, ]

I Think that Neo-Tech should stay on the net It has been a good inspiration for me, though I am not certain I agree with it all It certainly makes a lot of sense.

ID#3244 D.F., 2006-04-26 [ Austin, TX]

A gentleman at my office who knew I've been an Atheist for decades always brought books on Neo-Tech & continually informed others of the great ideas w/in. I decided to research Neo-Tech's drive & have become much more enlightened! Keep Neo-Tech online!

ID#3246 R.W., 2006-04-26 [ New Bern, NC]

I just recently received Volume 2, Package of Inner Circle Secrets , and I must say it's already quite compelling. I know I'll be glad when I'm finished reading it. I looked over the negative comments about Neo-Tech, I can't believe the hate written by Christians. I was raised as a Christian and was surprised to learn in Volume 1 of the nature of God. I admit it hurt, but as I read on, it made more and more sense. I can see the parallels with the Bible but also realize what Jesus was really trying to acheive. You're literature can't be of "the devil" because it is directed at the betterment of man. The devil has always been portrayed as the destroyer of life. Why then would he print literature to help people? That would be defeating his purpose of destruction of mankind. I will continue to read on and use my mind to come to my own conclusion,not someone elses. Thank you for your attention and insightful literature.

ID#3247 D.W., 2006-04-26 [ Eugene, Ore]

Dr. Wallace is a bit off stating there is no past lives in his manual. I've already seen two of mine! These have been published without my permission, however. I've also seen a UFO some 23 years ago when I was riding on a bus in San Jose, California. I know they are real, too. This might be some powerful stuff but you've made them powerful lies to me.

ID#3248 D.W., 2006-04-26 [ Eugene, Ore]

Dr. Wallace is a bit off stating there is no past lives in his manual. I've already seen two of mine! These have been published without my permission, however. I've also seen a UFO some 23 years ago when I was riding on a bus in San Jose, California. I know they are real, too. This might be some powerful stuff but you've made them powerful lies to me.

ID#3249 d.e., 2006-04-26 [ arkadelphia, ar]

You have opened my eyes to the way things are and to the way that things should really be. Thank you for all that you do, I will always be grateful for this knowledge and for additional knowledge that I will obtain from your website and the writings that you make reference to. Thank You NeoTech

ID#3250 A.W., 2006-04-27 [ Salisbury, Md]

The words are symbols of symbols, a linear/temporal/spacial technology of soundless sounds provoked by a visual stimulus. This activity is indivdually induced, interpreted, and experienced. The symbols make claims and claims are met, so a viscious cycle is evident. Schroedenger's cat has perception, the perception changes the appearance of objectivity to subjectivity, the experience is felt, thus is must be reality...locked within the cycles of dualistic perception one gravitates to a natural state of "pleasing" One's self-made reality with the hope in time that the reflection leads to Truth...and it will if One seeks It.

ID#3253 S.T., 2006-04-27 [ Bloemfontein, Free State]

Please donate me with the Novus Tek Discovery Book by Dr FRW.

ID#3257 M.S., 2006-04-27 [ spokane, wa]

ephratah...shilaoh...ishmael....tershatha...ZOD..Tahreah.....Majeston...Immanuel...Avonal...Trinity Ambassador.Orvonton

ID#3258 S.J., 2006-04-27 [ Sedro Woolley, Wa]

So far all I have received are the 1st two books. I prefer the web for correspondence.

ID#3264 D.A., 2006-04-28 [ Roland, AR]

To whome it may concern, I have been slowly breaking out of the lies of our political and religious world for a few years. I received a letter from John Finn in New Jersey inviting me to join The Nouveau Tech Scociety. I didn't receive this letter from my family untill after the deadline posted on the acceptance form. The letter peaked my curiosity and I sent the form, along with a hand written letter. I hope that I receive a reply back. After doing this I decided to search the web for Nouveau Tech and ended up at the website for Neotech. I am now persuing all the info that is available on the site and am hungry for more. I thought that I was by myself in how I viewed the world and am happy to find out that I am not alone. Right now the web is my only source for Neotech information and would be very pleased if it stayed available to me untill I find out how to buy the books for my own mental reprograming or should I say deprograming anticivilization dogma. Thank you for your time and efforts. Sincerely, Dwayne Archer Jr

ID#3270 R.M., 2006-04-28 [ Cheyenne, Wy.]

I had the Neo-Tech Discovery Manuscripts a few years ago ,butlost them when I moved.I found The Neo-Tech Discovery very inspiring and I want to pick up where I left off.

ID#3271 D.D., 2006-04-28 [ , Sanity]

I really think that it would be nice if you could stop lying and stop sending personal scam letters to thousands of people! If you really want to know the truth on how to live a prosperous life than maybe you should try God's Word! Jesus Christ is no secret unlike your filthy scam to make people rich. Please stop adding to the polution of America. Thank you very much. -Dr. Douglas E. Tucker

ID#3273 . ., 2006-04-28 [ , ]

Limiting web content can only lead to increased restriction of information, thoughts, and ideas. How in any way imaginable could limiting web content ever be a positive event. In order for the free flow if ideas and information, all topics must be allowed (and usually are) a place on the Web. The only exceptions being instances where illegal activities, proved to being conducted, in a court of law, and are required to relinquish their presence on the world wide web.

ID#3274 M.C., 2006-04-28 [ Madera , CA]

My name is Mike Covarrubias #NC1002083945 I been studying your books for close to a year and Ihave been learning a lot. I am very fortunate to be part of this society. I have read the Twelve Visions, The Three Insights, and The Long Wave. The Lond Wave is the most facinaiting for me. The last time I heard from you was in September 2005. Could someone from the society please answer me, probably my mentor. Because I need a lot of guidance. Also I like to buy the book titled The FIRST INMORTALS, please reply as soon as possible and keep up the good work. Keep NEO TECH in the internet because this is the only way to help people outthere.

ID#3275 D.C., 2006-04-28 [ Las Vegas, Nv]

It is the right of everyone to their opinion. What may be practical and logical for one individual may not be for another individual. This does not make it a wrong viewpoint or a right viewpoint. Within certain constructs there are certain laws. To observe and follow these laws one advances easily. To do anything else is possible, but maybe not practical according to the laws in existance with the current construct. - Devon Crane

ID#3276 J.M., 2006-04-28 [ Phoenix, AZ]

This information is VITAL to the evolution of man. The more I read, the more I understand & evolve. My life is much happier & I am more in control since my first encounter two years ago. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ! ! !

ID#3277 T.W., 2006-04-28 [ Stover, MO]

No comment right now.

ID#3279 k.j., 2006-04-29 [ santa cruz, nm]

thankyou... the letter touched me... still being touched... obviously you are not the alagator people in my dreams. anxiously waiting the next step. kenneth wilson po box 490 santa cruz 87567-0490... but seriously... how did you know? kjw

ID#3280 . ., 2006-04-29 [ , ]

i love you...

ID#3281 J.F., 2006-04-29 [ Nampa, Idaho]

Interesting website!

ID#3282 . ., 2006-04-29 [ , ]


ID#3284 D.H., 2006-04-30 [ Lake Park, Florida]

This is the most dynamic concept I have ever heard! There is hope. Thank you. I have been invited to join, and am honored. I am awaiting the book. Thanks again.

ID#3285 . ., 2006-04-30 [ , ]

If Neo-Tech is so secret; why do you post it on the web? I am so dissapointed and I want my money back. The first little free phamplet with all of the eye cathching stories in it should have been a clue to me that this was another scam. In my frustration and unclear thinking I invested in not one but two more neo-tech books. The information recorded in them was repetitive and misleading. Where is all of the good fortune promised? I'd rather stick with the truth, nothing is for free and you must pay a fee to shop with me. I made a promise to my self that this will be the last scheme that I ever invest in. I may have lost hundreds, but I didn't lose my soul. May the Creator of all things alive and dead rule.

ID#3286 r. ., 2006-04-30 [ wyandotte, mi]

Puts the finishing touch of a way of living ones life to it's fullest.

ID#3288 M. ., 2006-05-01 [ LB, CA]

I like the site and all I have read in the books. Wish there was more on networking opportunities?

ID#3289 J.E., 2006-05-01 [ Newyorkcity, Ny]

I read the first manual in february and Iam just completing the second one tonight, it answered a lot of questions in my life.Alot of things in the book I felt, but was always feeling guilty for feeling them. The manuals confirmmy inner beliefsI just wish my family could realize these facts. these manual not only open my eyes, they also lifted a heavy burden of guilt from me . After reading the tPwo manuals I feel so free. Thank you

ID#3290 a.s., 2006-05-01 [ milwaukee , wi]

i have recived the first two books ive been waiting a long time for number three what has happened ? please email me

ID#3291 j. ., 2006-05-01 [ Los Angeles, CA]

i hear a lot of bad talk about you guys and it make it more intrising

ID#3292 G.B., 2006-05-01 [ Charlottesville, Va]

I have read two of their books, acquired through answering their mailing that actually came to my son. He was not as interested as I was so I replied through his mailing and started purchasing the books offered. I have read the first two and found them totally uplifting, as there is an insight to life and what is wrong with this world that for once seems to have merit and believability that religion and politics have kept hidden all of my life.I would like to know more about the people in this society as I have ideas that I believe would solve my financial problems, I have several,IRS is one of them, but it is difficult to get out from under the system when you spend your life just trying to survive the rat race.

ID#3293 M.i., 2006-05-01 [ , ]

I meet with resistance everyday.I was sent a letter about a year ago,a marketing mailing,"first class" I bought all the publishings.It is hard! after 46 years of a catholic rearing,you dont just turn it off! God Damn.I find myself saying that alot these days,still in the anger stage. It takes time,and I will make it,after all whats the alternitive:SUICIDE! I would have alresdy pulled the trigger if it werent for the publications. I have 17 neices and nephews that will be told the truth as soon as they are old enough. I feel sorry for my parents as it is too late for them.

ID#3294 G.C., 2006-05-01 [ Lansing, MI]

I find it interesting that so many unthinkers are truly disturbed by neo-tech material. It sort of makes me know that I'm on the right track. Some of the negative comments are supposedly authored by religous, god-fearing people, but if the manner and selection of their words doesn't matter to them or their god, why on earth or the universe for that matter, would it matter to me one iota. The sooner neo-tech overcomes the sooner everyone can have a guilt free prosperous life.

ID#3296 T. ., 2006-05-01 [ Mt.Pleasant, PA]

I dont know what I think but I would love to know more about this Ever since I was young I felt different (not better in any way) But like some day I would find out something about myself and say thats what it was making me feel so unsetteled. Tammy PS. Is there anyway that you could lead me to more information about this subject?Or people who feel the same way I do.Please help me to get payfor the literature about this

ID#3297 J.M., 2006-05-01 [ Saint Paul, MN]

I have found the Neo-Tech info on the web very interesting reading. Would love to read more.

ID#3298 C.R., 2006-05-01 [ , ]

I was too late to purchase the second installment. I had to see if there was something about the subject on the web and this site is the one that I found.

ID#3299 C.R., 2006-05-01 [ Oakdale, LA]

I was too late to purchase the second installment. I had to see if there was something about the subject on the web and this site is the one that I found.

ID#3300 b.w., 2006-05-01 [ concord, ca]

Mark Hamilton for President!

ID#3302 S.S., 2006-05-02 [ Albion, IL]

up until now, life was almost not worth living. I've read the Neo-Tech Discovery, and am just finishing the Inner Secrets, and have discovered along the way, that I am not old, or even growing old. I have alot to do, and starting now I intend to do them. In my life I've been an artist, chemist, histologist, brain researcher, hospital corpsman in the Navy, a computer programmer, and have researched anything from physics to medicine. I've always liked things that were pretty. I've tried every religion that was "non-violent" and did not find what I was looking for, but thanx to Neo-Tech, I have finally found that spark that pulled the life back into me. I love my life, and I love being me. I will love it more when I learn to Neothink better...Stephen Stefl

ID#3306 M.M., 2006-05-02 [ Grant, Al]

I would not be so quick to discount the writings of the Bible. It has given us hope and encouragement for many years, which has helped mankind to survive through terrible ordeals. I do agree with much of what you write. I have felt this way for most of my life, and am glad to see these words in print. However, I do believe the Bibles' words are from God almighty, a higher Neo-Tech being. I know words have been changed and meanings lost through translation, but with a Neo-Tech understanding I believe the true meanings will become apparent to those that search for the truth. I look forward to learning more about Neo-Tech. Mechelle

ID#3308 R.D.,@hotmail .com 2006-05-02 [ Lexington Park, MD]

It's like finding treasure at the end of a rainbow only it's much better!!!

ID#3309 j.b., 2006-05-02 [ canton , mich ]

The Nouveau Tech Package literatures that I have received are the most accurate discription of the past,present,and the future of this amazing universe thank you

ID#3310 j.b., 2006-05-02 [ canton , mich ]

The Nouveau Tech Package literatures that I have received are the most accurate discription of the past,present,and the future of this amazing universe thank you

ID#3311 S.S., 2006-05-02 [ Albion, IL]

Neo-Tech puts me in mind of Robert Heinlien, and his Howard Families. They didn't like the idea of the disease of old age, or dieing. In the book, they have what are called Rejuvination clinics. I think if I had a choice of anything I'd like to do, taking part in Project life would be it. Anyone intrest in talking about it can get me at Neo-Tech teachings have been a life saver, and invigorator for me, and I can see by other coments that it in getting around the world. Thanx Steve

ID#3313 . ., 2006-05-02 [ , ]

Constituional free speech

ID#3314 B.W., 2006-05-03 [ Middleburg Heights, OH]

I was sent a letter about joining Nouveau Teah and buying Inside-Secrets

ID#3315 J.K., 2006-05-03 [ Richmond, VA]

Neo-tech should remain online. I am still amazed at how many things have come true that you predicted years ago

ID#3327 C.E., 2006-05-03 [ Brooklyn, New]

With the way the world's religions have turned out the information contained in the literature of Neo-Tech is long overdue. I have and continue to enjoy reading and re-reading its information and I have seen a change in the way I approach my life. To me, my life has become more exciting and dynamic...

ID#3329 D.R., 2006-05-03 [ Sarasota, FL]

I have read the first two books sent to me and agree all the way with your ideas. Please keep up the good work. Regards Don Ratliff Sarasota, FL

ID#3332 J.K., 2006-05-03 [ Laval, Quebec]

I`m NT Member 005104078

ID#3333 C.L., 2006-05-03 [ Canandaigua, NY]

Neo-tech says not to believe in a higher power without proof. Well Neo-tech hasn't shown me proof that IT works either. I am currently a member but that will change if i am not shown proof of the books i'm spending the little money i have left on.

ID#3334 E.M., 2006-05-03 [ Clifton, sc]

I just read, both possitive and negative comments about neo-tech and if the negative comments all came from devout christians, then I definately want no part of that...I was raised southern Baptist, in the buckle of the southern Baptist Bible Belt and discovered, early on that ignorance is a terminal desease and 80% of the world is infected. My faith in what Jesus actually was in reality is still strong however, my faith in what the earth is and the part it plays in the universe is reality that cannot be denied. I was raised by a fanatic Baptist mother and a worshipful master Free Mason father, guess which parent had my attention??? Anyone can remain in "the box" takes real courage to step out and be different...thanks for the send me some addresses I can send my resume to ,so I can succeed in the second stage of my life...tell my mentor it's time for me to use the talents I have been given to make the impact that will make a difference. I wish I could tell all the people on the negative side one quote from my father, (which by the way, was also a Command Post Seargent Major with 32 active years in the army, 7 campaigns of WWII, 2 purple hearts and 4 bronze stars)"Honey, the Bible can be condensed into what can be written on the palm of one hand. The Golden Rule and the 10 commandments. Always remember, you may be the only Bible some people will ever read, so be a book worth reading...." Don't get discouraged, Jesus went through the same thing when he tried to teach this...too bad the "ignorance" on the negative side haven't realized Jesus was not a Christian and would be appalled at how "man" has twisted his doctrine to say, merely what the ignorant masses can understand in their finite,minute capacity of intelligence...Keep up the good work at least if we do end up in hell, we just "upped" the IQ...ha ha

ID#3335 M.E., 2006-05-03 [ Macleod, Victoria]

excellent, positive and alive

ID#3337 O.E., 2006-05-04 [ Antioch, CA]

There are many more secrets than Nouveau Tech Discovers we must all enjoy in time!

ID#3339 r. ., 2006-05-04 [ Washington , DC]

I Am is real.

ID#3341 B.D., 2006-05-04 [ Littlehampton, S.A.]

I think all the literature makes perfect sense. I have always had a distrust for the government and although I have many friends that go to church I have found the bible hard to believe and that it is used to make people feel guilty. I look forward to a neo tech world with biological immortality.

ID#3342 B.D., 2006-05-04 [ Littlehampton, S.A.]

I think all the literature makes perfect sense. I have always had a distrust for the government and although I have many friends that go to church I have found the bible hard to believe and that it is used to make people feel guilty. I look forward to a neo tech world with biological immortality.

ID#3345 A. ., 2006-05-04 [ , NC]

"Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it Pluralism. We have worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism. We have endorsed perversion and called it alternative lifestyle. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem. We have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of __expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment. Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!"

ID#3347 M.L., 2006-05-04 [ Wichita, Ks]

I am desperately looking for a book of Neo tech that primarily deals with drug addiction and mental illness's. Can you help me find it and exactly the title of it, also the author, and where I can buy it. Thanks

ID#3348 S.B., 2006-05-04 [ Blue Ridge, TX]

I love what I now know because of Neo-Tech! I feel free for the first time in my life to be whatever I want to be, without feeling guilty! I spent my entire life believing in God and feeling like I was a failure because I would never be good enough in his sight. I was taught that my "Father" would love me anyway though. I think how it would make my own children feel if I told them they would never be good enough but "I would love them anyway". I didn't realize, until I discovered Neo-Tech, how wrong that really was to be taught to feel such low regard for ourself. People need to hear the truth about religion and the government. They need to know that they CAN take care of themselves. They need to know that it is not a sin to trust in themselves to handle life. My Christian friends keep asking me who will I turn to if not to God. When I tell them I will turn to myself, they look at me with such pity. In turn, I look at them with pity because, until they know the real truth, they will always be trapped in a life of service, sacrifice, guilt, and lies that make them feel like they will never be good enough. Please! Let Neo-Tech do what it needs to do! Let them help people to be free from the chains of God and Government!

ID#3350 S.D., 2006-05-04 [ Battle Ground, WA]

I have the books from Neo-Tech. I am waiting to find something more than 50 ways to say "it is better and more profitable to get off the couch". Mr. Hamilton does enjoy writing very much, I can tell. I believe perhaps one tenth of the pages would make me happier. He makes many good points. Please respond and point me to the real message here. Thanks

ID#3351 A.A., 2006-05-04 [ Portsmouth , Va.]

I believe that this is a very strong break though within are our selves,that we didn't go into our on reach. We have the power with our selves to bring out.It looks hard but, people in higher places make it hard. Greed and control.I believe life can be good as we make it.There is enough money,food,and a place to stay for everbody whom lives here on this planet of ours. Why do we have all types of taxes? Why do we got to pay for there mistakes? Why is gas so high? Expand true self within. I myself believe in the impossible. I dout nothing. I know it is more to our selves then meets the eye.How do you get it to stay and stick in that mind frame. I thank you for all your hard work you put into your books.

ID#3353 G.H., 2006-05-04 [ Redondo Beach, CA]

The unfortunate underlying truth of the IRS (America's Gestapo) is it is completely backed and ENCOURAGED to act in the maner that it does by the government! What the IRS is proving across time is the evolutionary fact that regardless of how noble a premise a government starts from they all (every one of them) terminate at an operational endpoint called "rule by fear". This is so not because the people in government are criminal or even brutal. It is because governments want to govern and it is much easier to govern an intimidated populace who perceives they are helpless with out rights then to rule a very independent populace who will fight the government every step of the way. So understand the IRS is not going away because its primary function is not to collect taxes - it is to intimidate the governed!!

ID#3355 E.C., 2006-05-04 [ Clifton, SC]

Well guys, the breakthrough for my Friday night essence came through today and the ideas are overwhelming for the start of my new life. After owning three businesses for the last 20 years, i have finally found the talent that makes me happy and makes money at the same time. I still have unused talents that will eventually be used for Neo-Tech but sales and public speaking cannot be bought or taught, we are born with them. I have been a photographer and portrit artist for years, but never thought I could make a living at it...a master's in political science will cloud the perspective if you allow minor was in public speaking so i have spent the last 20 years "on stage" with one customer at a time...the economic climate is so bad in my home town, there are 27,000 people out of work just in my county due to the textile industry going south, literally and businesses were all luxury, service businesses so therefore if people cannot pay their power bill they cannot patronize my business...we are being eaten by our own government...I don't think our "Forefathers" had that in mind when they laid the ground work for this country...and remember more than half of those guys were Hirem Key, that crowd was around 5000 years ago and they are still here...we need to find one that has the guts to run for President...I voted for Bush for the same reason I used to be Baptist...IGNORANCE....something has to be done and as quickly as possible or what we should stand for will be lost forever...I am ready, willing and able to travel the world to help this cause...just give me a compass...both of my parents are deceased and my only child is in college. I have been successfully single for the last 14 years, I can travel the 4 corners of the earth for a cause I think will save it...this has to be the life I was meant to live to make the difference the world is so desparately screaming for...I don't just want to sit back and read books about how things should be... I want to be remembered in history as one of the people that helped it become a not let my talents go to waste...hell I'll send you a resume...better yet go on "" and look up need deciples, and I can sell stripes to zebras...looking forward to hearing from the way...yall wrote to me...I didn't come looking for you....Beth

ID#3357 J.E., 2006-05-05 [ Austin, tx]

The website needs to be more user friendly and updated.

ID#3358 S.L., 2006-05-05 [ Grass Valley, California]

Im afraid my writing skills may not be up to par. I was looking to see if Neo-Tech and Nouveau Tech are the same manuscript.

ID#3359 J. ., 2006-05-05 [ , ]

Hope that you stay on the web. We all have a the power to change to world. If you want to help stop the bleeding of all from the oil-men drop me a line. John

ID#3360 K. ., 2006-05-05 [ Austin, TX]

I was a little put off by your mailing at first - especially the misleading 'free' information offer. It struck me as a bit sketchy & cheesey. And it insulted my intellegence to be told you knew I had 'Special Talents'. I know that - but there was no way YOU did! (The reality is that I'm probably on every 'alternative' and disaffected mailing list in the US!) But any organization that raises the ire of organized religion gets my attention. I'm glad I persisted past your marketing front to the genuinely rich information on your site. There is no way I can purchase the 1,000 page manuscript right now, but I'd like to absorb what's on your site and become a supporter at some future time. KOD

ID#3361 j. ., 2006-05-05 [ jacksonville, ar]

Has or does neo-tech let other companies use their logo such as the n/t small black & white logo imprint on their products or Litature with your knowledge or blessing? JJ

ID#3362 A.M., 2006-05-05 [ Plymouth, MN]

Wow, read some of the negitive comments. These people real need to relax. I am a New Neo-Tech Insider. I have just started my journey and I will tell you Neo-Tech is what you make of it. Evil? Hardly, if anything it has increased my spirituality and zest for life. It's a map to guide you to get the most out of life. I was and am meant to be a strong, creative person with a good influence on the world. Think of us as the X-men. You may not understand us. You may even fear us, but trust me when I say we are doing good every day. Man will always fear what he does not understand or can not explain. A.L.M., MN

ID#3364 k.w., 2006-05-06 [ santa cruz, nm]

yes remain on the web. screen doors have value, and until today (when i rec'd the five amazing stories, which i will re-read again and again until installment two arrives) the information i had studied available on the web was like running into a brick wall. now i believe i can continue to study what is available more openly, and calmly. i want you to know, that disinformation is valuable too, and helps protect us from the hate mongers. thankyou in advance before i recieve installment 2 for discovering me. i've always known... but had no idea where or how or when or if i would ever see or be given the key. just reading the letters included and then the 5 amazing stories, i sense an electric elation stronger than any before. i feel something... i don't want to get into at this time, because i don't want you to think my elevator is stuck between floors. kjw

ID#3368 K.P., 2006-05-06 [ Tranmere, SA]

Neo-Tech is a possitive life Changing, empowering site. I have read many of the books (and partial site) and have found them very productive and beneficial. I grew up with a religious back-ground and knew at a young age it caused more harm than good. I could'nt understand why seemingly intellegent people would dedicate years, years they would never get back, to religion and an afterlife. What we have is now, guaranteed! Why invest in that which cannot be prooved? Its only felt by those needing something greater than themselves. Understand we are our greatest asset and the only thing we can count on 100% of the time. Thank you Neo-Tech for helping me find a better way to live, love and earn a whole heap of money!

ID#3369 T.P., 2006-05-06 [ Auckland, AKL]

The concepts and techniques are anchient set in a time made for past present and future of mankind the universe over for generations to come. Neo-tech not only reveals ones true self but enhances ones quality of being to bring out the true potential hidden since mans inception on the universe. To begin is to die to ones self, to be enlightened is to make sense of ones life, but to accomplish in life is the begining of mans gift to himself.

ID#3371 T.B., 2006-05-06 [ Randleman, NC]

Enlightening ! Life changing A new direction!

ID#3372 . ., 2006-05-06 [ , ]

Can you imagine the Catholic church shutting down because an idiot named Luther decided to make some derivative works and lead astray even more weak-willed idiots? Give me a break. Pulling your lit and shutting down so these value-destroyers have the field to themselves would be the ultimate repudiation of what you espouse.

ID#3373 D.P., 2006-05-06 [ , ]

My motto always is "honesty",and by reading the information on you site it make better appreciate myself and others.

ID#3374 D.P., 2006-05-06 [ Grenville, ]

My motto always is "honesty",and by reading the information on you site it make better appreciate myself and others.

ID#3375 L.C., 2006-05-06 [ fort erie, ont]

To everyone at NT Publishing, especially FRW,and MH, Thank You so much for sending me your literature. I am very very excited to learn more about your discoveries. Your information has had a profound impact on my life and happiness. Leigh, Canada

ID#3377 m.m., 2006-05-06 [ selden, ny]

neo-tech is the future of our psycology and with the right people leading, our conciousness will rise to a whole new dimension; within reality of course. every body who is open minded and wants to see only the truth and lives for honesty must consider reading and learning the philosophy of neo-tech.

ID#3378 L.C., 2006-05-06 [ , ]

I am Lloyd Coffelt NC10 0079-0170 I have lost all communication with NT I would like to order my THIRD manual I need a catilog and advise (Trilogy?)

ID#3379 L.C., 2006-05-06 [ Cloudcroft, NM]

Lost all communication Need catalog Have first TWO manuals Should the trilogy be next ?

ID#3380 f. ., 2006-05-06 [ lauderhill, fl]

requesting information on the by m. hamilton on the book immortals.

ID#3381 C.T., 2006-05-06 [ Valley City, OH]

All knowledge is power. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice should never be tampered with. If you don't like what is said on this or any other site, don't visit it. But don't take it upon yourself to decide what others can or cannot view. What gives you the right?

ID#3383 A.K., 2006-05-07 [ Canandaigua, NY]

Keeping this site on the web is necessary. Members and probably non-members will get the latest news about the Society and be constantly informed. Since Neo-Tech's visions for the humanity are honest and integrated; those that make negative comments just dont know what they are doing and will come back if not dead.

ID#3386 J.R., 2006-05-07 [ , ]


ID#3389 R.H., 2006-05-07 [ Clinton , MD2]

This information is so very important and would like to get to my full protential as a member of this NEO-TECH.Ruth

ID#3390 R.L., 2006-05-07 [ , ]

I think what neo tech is doing is positive but I don't understand the hidden message please help

ID#3391 S.B., 2006-05-07 [ , ]

I am a new owner of Neo-Tech Literature and am not clear as to what and how I can share this information with family and friends. It is presented as secret but I want special people to receive this information. Please advise. I am also "torn" between my studies of Kabbalah and Neo-Tech. I see many similarities but would rather not be using two different tools. Can you provide any insight? Is Kabbalah OK? Thanks for your help. Stanley

ID#3392 t. ., 2006-05-07 [ WOODBIRD, NJ]

its a great site

ID#3393 S.B., 2006-05-07 [ , ]

I am a new member but it is my sense that it would be best to maintain a relatively low profile on the web. Provide simple information as to what Neo-Tech is and then refer them to someone who can follow up. Avoid attacking people in power directly and avoid reacting to negative opinions or reviews by others who do not agree with Neo Tech or who are feeling threatened. Whenever we react we fuel the negative energies. AS the membership increases and as the members becomne stronger self leaders then the shift will happen naturally. I noticed in your proposed constitutional addendum that you used the term "person". Please be aware that the true UCC definition of person is not what it appears. It is another facade that unkowingly gives our power away through the "straw man" and debtor/creditor, citizen, person, corporation, manipulation of words and true meanings, so often concealed in the "color of law". The way it is worded would not provide the desired results and could be once again manipulated by the controllers for their own agenda. I am inspired and a little overwhelmed by the information that you are providing. Thank you for sharing. Please do not provide my name or address info to anyone else outside of Neo-Tech.

ID#3394 D.M., 2006-05-07 [ great bend, ks]

I think that Neo-Tech should be here for everyone to read and to understand. It just may be the worlds only hope ! Please keep as much as possible on the web !

ID#3397 T.H., 2006-05-08 [ Hyattsville, MD]

Yes NEO-TECH should stay on the web. I like the idea of immortality. I have always said the only way I learn is with experience, so how could I learn if I'm dead. keep up the good work. Tom

ID#3398 V.P., 2006-05-08 [ , ]

Neo-Tech Rules!

ID#3400 N.M., 2006-05-08 [ Arvada, CO]

I would like to start off by telling anyone with positive feedback that it may be useful to other's opinions if you gave relative information about Neo-Tech and or how it has influenced your life! I was raised as a child with a Catholic Mother and a Prodistant Father, both of them informed me about their beliefs and were never shy to answer any questions I ever had about faith and God to the best of their knowledge. The one thing they never did was force things down my throat as anything definitive; as a result I have always had an open mind. My perseption of Jesus Christ or any other profit for that matter has changed entirely. I think the one thing people have the hardest time realizing is that Christ is not Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, and niether is anyone else. They were all spiritual beings walking a path of enlightenment! There teachings were never ment to have worshipers, just desciples who followed the same practices and morality. The bible was written by the same Kings, be it Roman or Jewish, that commanded Jesus to be slain; instead of fulfilling his highest potential in the human realm of existance! These same people used Christ's name among many others to trick society into giving up their true power and highest essence unto them, in exchange for false hope; "Holy Inquisitions," Crusades of mass destruction, Witch Trial's, and many more hate crimes in the name of men who stood for the exact opposite. So where's the point to all of this, well it's simple, to all of you "Bible Thumping" individuals; you are the one's being deceived by them same Tyranical rule as the last 2000 years plus worth of people. It is you that I pray for to have true enlightenment bestowed upon, for it is you who truly needs it. Falun Gong or Falun Dafa, is a spiritual teaching practiced by millions of people world wide. The chinese Government is trying to squash our movement to higher realms of existance, the same way the Priests and Kings of the past have tried to squash many other teachings with higher value. Why, you ask? For the same reason they have used these same techniques in the past, they are afraid of losing their power that they have over the masses. Falun Dafa, and Neo-Tech are trying to tell people many of the same things; no one has power over you unless you let them, and to treat people in a virtuous manner. I am A Falun Dafa Practitioner, and Neo-Tech philosopher; cultivating towards higher realms of existance, I have found that these Neo-Tech philosophies can make true spiritual cultivation an easier practice, belive me the challenges can be wearing on a persons resolve. That may sound strange to anyone who has read Neo-Tech, and knows that Falun Dafa has a living founder teaching these universal principals; as Neo-Tech teaches to follow no-one but yourself, and Falun Dafa has a Teacher that has formed disciples. Think about it though, Dr. Wallace has spent his life trying to desifer ancient translations that were written by great masters of that time over 2300 years ago. Master Li teaches principals that came into existance as soon as this universe was created. They in many ways are one in the same. I will tell all Neo-Tech philosophers this however, if you do reach the point of biological immortality, eventually you will be asked to replace your body with one that comes from your original origins, be it God Buddah or Tao. I personally recomend that you take that opprotunity, for it may not come to you again. And just an F.Y.I. only the most virtuous people will be blessed with that gifted opportunity, so good luck to you on your journey! Nick Makris

ID#3403 J.S., 2006-05-08 [ Tucson, AZ]

Hi, First of all, I already had most neo-think concepts in my head and I have to totally agree with your program. Now, I know my kind is out there. Now, I am not the most computer savy, so how do I get to the Networking Board? I cannot seem to find it here. Jim

ID#3404 . ., 2006-05-08 [ , ]

you sick f*ucks. Enough said

ID#3405 L.E., 2006-05-08 [ Cincinnati, Ohio]

Has deceptions and myths of the Bible By lloyd Graham beeen reviewed

ID#3406 j.w., 2006-05-08 [ green bay, wi]

i have read the boks and i am anxiously awaiting the third book.however,in as much the books mention other books of which i would kike to acquirelike the first immortails,breakthruogh to inlightenment.were would i be able to find a list of the books mentioned in the i am anciously awaiting the third book. thank you

ID#3407 D. ., 2006-05-08 [ Eugene, Or]

I don't think biological immortality is possible. The body grows old and dies. It is inevitable. Spiritual immortality is possible. You should find out what that is.

ID#3409 B. ., 2006-05-08 [ , ]

Everyone deserves a voice. That's what it means to be free. We all deserve to be heard, no matter if everyone doesn't agree with what's being said.

ID#3410 P.G., 2006-05-08 [ Bronx, NY]

Neo-Tech is amazing technology for the human individual. it is essentially software for the human brain with which an individual can program himself or herself and function in a manner that is acceptable as opposed to unacceptable. To take it from the Internet would do a grave disservice to mankind. It should remain here forever preserved for this generation and every generation to come. As for myself, I would love to be able to have another physical copy of the manuscript as well as any associated materials (tapes, CDs, etc).

ID#3413 J.L., 2006-05-08 [ Mokena, IL]

I know someone who is from Poland and he says he is a U.S. citizen but is there a way to find out if he pays taxes or just gets paid cash with no taxes withheld or no income taxes done. I know his name but not his SS#. He has been here approximately 14 years and has a bagel shop, but it is unclear if he owns the bagel shop or his sister owns it.

ID#3414 M.R., 2006-05-08 [ woonsocket, ri]

I found your writing rational and intillectaul and honest for the most part maybe with further writings I could better understand your idea of neo-tech. One point that gets glazed over but that I think if you look at neo-tech in pure form would be included is the value of nature its self. Some may conclude that business has the right to destroy the environment in order to make profit. While in fact these people would be essentionally neo cheaters destroying future value for those to come. Also contributing to society such as college programs for the disadvantaged will produce individuals that will produce in this society. I view myself as one of these individauls. I am curently trying to find a way to pay for school after which I plan to study genetics. There is a thin line between the altruist and the good business man. I apresated your the writings and hope they continue, so that I can have a more complete idea of what you call neo-tech.

ID#3415 G.D., 2006-05-08 [ Hamilton, ohio]

This needs to get out to every American in the country so we all can start benifitting from this information.

ID#3416 . ., 2006-05-08 [ , ]

its all a bunch of bs

ID#3418 M.P., 2006-05-09 [ Gainesville, GA]

I cannot express how much neotech has changed my life! It will finally bring happiness and unity to the human race!

ID#3420 J.J., 2006-05-09 [ Rapidan, VA]

Ive just finished reading Vol 2 and signed on to the web page. Everything has been very interesting to date and am waiting now to see what else is available

ID#3422 R.W., 2006-05-09 [ Cape Coral , FL]

More on biological imortality, please.

ID#3423 J.J.,@AOL.COM 2006-05-09 [ RAPIDAN, VA]


ID#3425 r.c., 2006-05-09 [ , ]

i recieved a letter but the return date was past by the time i recieved the letter. wondering if a copy is still available for me now.

ID#3426 D.B., 2006-05-09 [ , ]

I am one that has been to or should i say have experienced several encounters in life one being in part of time continual or i would say galaxy travel what you speek of as power to see and do i learned by dream to wake in my dreams. To throw a tremendos i am 50 and a new subscriber. i know that this is possable i drive a truck i have no time to experoment on my own i was found out about by some creature and i am scared of it iam interested in the 10 secound miracil i hav seen the fish tank affect while awake the dictionary was in front of me i was quoting the book word for word at trmedos speed i have incounterd to many strange things and i would love to use what you have i have many tales and adventures that are TRUE. I could be ZON or help in your Quest I am tired of working and want to Fly .

ID#3427 D.B., 2006-05-09 [ Denton, NC]

I am one that has been to or should i say have experienced several encounters in life one being in part of time continual or i would say galaxy travel what you speek of as power to see and do i learned by dream to wake in my dreams. To throw a tremendos i am 50 and a new subscriber. i know that this is possable i drive a truck i have no time to experoment on my own i was found out about by some creature and i am scared of it iam interested in the 10 secound miracil i hav seen the fish tank affect while awake the dictionary was in front of me i was quoting the book word for word at trmedos speed i have incounterd to many strange things and i would love to use what you have i have many tales and adventures that are TRUE. I could be ZON or help in your Quest I am tired of working and want to Fly . ps i orderd the 2nd Book i hope you get your money before my cable comes out wold love to have someone to call me at 336-633-9870 and i will explain all of this in detail i can not type very good and my spelling is .awful sincerly I am

ID#3428 C. ., 2006-05-10 [ Midwest City,, OK.]

Thanks for being around. I enjoy reading each every publication you produce. I think you should keep the wed site. I see so many people day in and day out that need your help. I feel sorry for them. i.e. I do not know what has happened to the people in this world, but after reading your publications I understand them better. i.e. It seems like they do not want to think for themselves any more. I work in a retail store in the sporting goods department. People will come up to the counter and ask me "Where are the flashlights?" And we will have a whole section of flashlights right next to the counter. Customers have asked me "Where would your power tools be?" And I would just have to say "In the hardware department" and show them where they are. This happens every day. People wanting to know where something is. It would be very simple to figure out if they would just think for themselves just for a minute. I hope other people will purchase your books and then we wouldn't have people asking us stupid questions. You just have to feel sorry for people like that. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Charles Frank

ID#3429 R. .,@JUNO.COM 2006-05-10 [ Newport News, VA]

I've learned alot from Nouveau Tech. So much, that it overwhelmed me for a minute. I'm glad I tumbled over it's path. I have to say I am very pleased with the society.

ID#3430 k.r., 2006-05-10 [ jefferson, tx]

send me the neo-tech discovery please

ID#3431 J.S., 2006-05-10 [ Tucson, AZ]

Hi, I finished reading Marks second book but that is not enough. That only profoundly opened my eyes but I want to continue, and at that pace. I want to learn but I do not have the years through regular old school channels as college classes. I want to develope integrated thinking into quantum thinking. (yes, I know that is a full plate) There is too much to know in such a short time that took men careers to develope. Isn't there a Neo-think commitee or a panel of iluminati or something that we can continue nonstop to develope the thinking process and gain more and more knowledge at the same time. Is there a third book and a forth and so on and it does not have to be by the same author if it developes us into deeper and deeper into subects and tieing sciences and technologies together that would in itself quantum our thought process. I felt like a mere robot before. Now I am alive and I do not want to let it go at just that.. Jim

ID#3433 V.B., 2006-05-10 [ Anchorage, Alaska]

I was sent a letter about the Company, which I did not believe existed! Now I know better, I was going to send the letter in but a tremendous fear over came me and I simply shreded the page I was suppose to send! I believe I needed to know who and what I was dealing with, you see I do not want to hurt America that took care of me and my family. Although I was face with a lot of bankruptcy calls it almost drove me over the edge, and agin it's happening with this husband also! Even though I warned him that is what will happen!!! Needless to say he did not listen. PLease let me know what it is that you do? I find you people very interesting. Thank you very much for your time and patience with me. Sincerely Vera Barton

ID#3434 T.L., 2006-05-10 [ Sumter, SC]

I had purchased a copy of Mark Hamiltons concepts for making money in business. I starts out with a metaphor for understanding the smallest money making unit in the economy and how that unit relates to the smallest units in the unviverse that makes matter. I have recently moved have unsuccessfully located the book. Can u please tell me the name of the book and an offer to purchase? Thanks in advance. Tony Lewis

ID#3436 M.A., 2006-05-10 [ Ironton, OH]

Still trying to learn all I can about Neo-Tech. Enjoy learning how to change the way I think. Would love to meet other Neo-Tech members

ID#3438 A.G., 2006-05-10 [ Grand Rapids, Mi]

I think Neo tech is the greatest thing to happen to me and the world. I'm glad it is on the net.

ID#3440 B.E., 2006-05-10 [ Phoenix, Az]

I feel good and Neo-tech equipped. The contents told how I felt inside about undeserved leaders and how the world in general could've always been if more would rise up. I now have proper KNOWLEDGE and can't be stopped.

ID#3441 K.C., 2006-05-10 [ Alliance, NE]

I really like reading all your books and your staff that answers the phone lines are really great and helpful. I look forward to recieving future publications from you.

ID#3444 W.N., 2006-05-10 [ Rockville, MD]

Excellent, life changing writing, at any age. Full of common sense ideas, theories, etc. The best readings of our lives. Making us become more productive persons. We believe in better worlds and lives that governments and religion can produce. We will continue to explore more writings, knowledge and wisdom from Neo-Tech.

ID#3446 M.S., 2006-05-10 [ , ]

Your penis measuring chart is inaccurate.....if you measure your chart they penis outlines that were suppose to hold up to our real penises are SHORTER but show that they are larger. For example the diagram showing a 7 inch penis is really under 5 inches. Whats up with that? Are you trying to make us feel better>??lol

ID#3448 M.U., 2006-05-11 [ Lake Saint Louis, MO]

I search the web for "Nouveau Tech Secret Society" after receiving the book, The Nouveau Tech Discovery. I was told that I was going to be invited to a meeting in a letter I received with my package # 10011445227 a couple of weeks ago, but have never received an invitation.

ID#3450 T.S., 2006-05-11 [ Allegan, MI]

When I first started reading I was frightened by some of the concepts. I then realized I was not reading what was written. I was reading what I thought was written. Neo-Tech does not trash Jesus. Neo-Tech promotes Jesus's teachings of conscious thought. Jesus had moved away from the church of that time. He walked among the people. He even said at the end of his physical time here "Forgive them for they know not what they do". Jesus did not teach mystisism. He was honest. I do not believe Jesus came from a jealous-envious man made God but the eternal, magnificantly profound energy of life (God) that is in and around all living things. The "Ten Commandments" are tools for living a productive, joyous and prosporous life. Thanks Neo-Tech. My life is changing for the better everyday. I'll keep reading. Please keep the information coming.

ID#3451 N.J., 2006-05-11 [ koforidua, W/A]

Yes Please do remain on the web. I am John Norshie Kennedy, From Ghana.

ID#3452 N.D., 2006-05-11 [ Koforidua, W/A]

Please do stay on the web don.t go in any way. I am Nketiah David From Ghana.

ID#3454 A.A., 2006-05-11 [ Portsmouth , va.]

I truely feel this information needs to be heard. I own about 5 of your books now. I was trying to get your book on God-Man. I am trying my hardest to open the God-Man within and it is something that I seem to be over looking in myself to being the power out of me and keep it sticking with me as well. I know it is more to us then meets the eye. I am 36 years old and I'M trying to see knew ways to conact and open up the God Concept within myself. I believe anything is possible and I douth nothing. I love to meet people like Frank R.Wallwace , Mark Hamilton, Any Rand, and Eric Savage. I am so prond of founder of this information. I want to know more about the book that started this in the year 1872.I am very tried of living like I am. I got so much in my head to put out there. I leaking know how.I need the keys to find my seach. Thank You very much.

ID#3459 D.C., 2006-05-11 [ Pasadena, Texas]

I own several books that I had bought from Neo-Tech over the years and never knew that you all had a web site.It was nice to see it here.In fact,I'm reading The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secerts by Mr. Mark Hamilton.If you have to take it off you gotta do what you gotta do.I just wish I found this site sooner.Keep up the good work.

ID#3460 ..H., 2006-05-12 [ morton, IL]

inspiring and honest observation of rationality and reality

ID#3461 B.J., 2006-05-12 [ Redding, CA]

After reciving an ad for Neo-Tech (Neuvo Tech) I began to research online, and discovered that the material is available online at no charge. I opted for this option, as I currently have no job to pay for the manuscript. However, simply after reading some of the pages on the website, I've started to gain a customer base for my mail order business, something I was never able to do before. When I'm making enough in my business, I'll gladly pay full price for a phisical copy of the manuscript, simply because of the self-esteem boost it has given me. I'm still not finished reading, and I haven't applied all of the material to my life, but I know that Neo-Tech will be Humanity's key to freedom and prosperity.

ID#3462 S.C., 2006-05-12 [ Renton, wa]

every sence my mom recieved you're big black book. And has tought me some thing's from ther like,like mini day's and the truth abought lying religion ,And to have that faith in myself.that I once had in that lie.Myne,My wife's,And my Mother's life have all started to become better. You see I am the type of person who has never finished anything thy've started.Like school and the army.I just needed something to help me believe in myself ,Instead of something that wasent ther.Reacently I have just obtained my washington insurance agent licence.Which was the hardest test I have ever taken,Whith so much to remember and so much to recite. Any way's I know have the best job I never thought I could get,Making more money than I ever thought of making.My meriage is perfect,And I love my life. Thank you nouveutech Shane C. Tucker

ID#3464 S.R., 2006-05-12 [ Leeds, West Yorkshire]

Receiving my copy of the book The Neo-Tech Discovery is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

ID#3465 K.B., 2006-05-12 [ Edina, MN]

This site is such an eye opener. I was searching the web for something not quite related to this, but this turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. thank you, kathy

ID#3466 d.c., 2006-05-12 [ , ]

very fascinating

ID#3467 d.c., 2006-05-12 [ millerton , ny]

very fascinating

ID#3469 I.M., 2006-05-12 [ las vegas , nv]

I'm so stoked that i choose the right "pill" Life is so different now.

ID#3471 J.P.,@hawaii.rr. com 2006-05-12 [ Kaneohe, HI]

This is extremely valuable to all, but especially so for high school students. Here I am, returning to my 50th high school reunion! My graduation essay was "The Conquest of Happiness!" My message was that happiness cannot be conquered, as it exists already all of itself and by itself and merely needs to be recognized by everyone for himself or herself, and to follow what one finds, paying attention to that alone and to no one or nothing else whatsoever! I had been told that all the girl were in love with me and everyone knew it, but me! My response was: I was highly effective in that as well then, for the only protection I had was to pretend I didn't get it! Martha took my face into both of her hands and gave me a kiss that wouldn't quitt. Her husband was beside her, jumping from foot to foot. I said: "Hey, relax; after all you are the one who won out!" "I sure can tell that!", said he. Martha was dressed in drab gray Ohio conservative Quaker garb. I wore my cheerful smile and paid no attention to anything else, except that smile in others! John-Guenter Pescht

ID#3472 . ., 2006-05-12 [ , ]

Some very impressive concepts and ideas. Not fully developed though. Talked alot around the very important subject of individual responsibility and obligations to fellow man and society. Certainly not a practical guide. . .to much unexplained down to earth stuff.

ID#3477 s.d.,@davis 2006-05-13 [ hazeldene, vic ]

I love Neo-tech Books Iwould love to meet people from internet

ID#3478 M.J., 2006-05-13 [ edgewood , ky]

i have been let into the inner circle already and am thirsty for more knowledge. i was very much loooking forward to the NTNs but they seem to be down. i would love information about how to speak with more like minded individuals.

ID#3480 . ., 2006-05-13 [ , ]

Am only curious at this time about your other concepts.

ID#3481 F.E., 2006-05-13 [ Bel Air, MD]

Have not heard anything from you or about you for the last 6 months. What's going on?

ID#3482 b.a., 2006-05-13 [ alexandria, va]

I enjoy readin the book. IT is veryintriguing and mind expanding.The information is very important to me it gives me hope that someday i will rise above the intense poverty that i and my family are in.You gave me the anwer which was un-anwered for many years.It helps me to no fear no mystics.

ID#3483 D.R., 2006-05-13 [ High Point , N.C.]

Because of Neo-Tech my thoughts about life have changed I feel better about myself and I looking foward to the future.

ID#3484 F.A., 2006-05-13 [ St.Louis, missouri]

I am very interested to learn with an open mind.

ID#3485 k.w., 2006-05-13 [ santa cruz, nm]

if you called a locksmith to unlock a door, and when he arrived, you prohibited him from using his tools to perform his job, it would be highly unlikely that he could unlock/open the door without some type of structerial damage. likewise, if you hand someone the tools to do a job, but they have no idea what the tools are for or how to use them, and without instruction, the likelyhood of the job being done, and/or done correctly reduces toward nil. the same applies here. you discovered me, but you still have my hands tied behind my back. i responded both times at the last minute, because i didn't know until the last minute... yet i responded. i called brandon and gave him my card info, at the number you provided, and he told me it would take up to a month to process, and then another 2 weeks to sent the book. would you refuse a man dying of thirst a glass of water? there is MUCH work to be done to break the cycle of madness that prevails today, and my hands are still tied behind my back... the crumbs available that i've found so far just isn't enough. don't let me get too far into cycle 2 without the help, backup, and knowledge needed to be a benifit to our society as identified from the few trickles of water. if it's the money you're worried about, the funds are available in the account as per agreed... also, i REALLY would like to unfold and partake of the 10 second miricle... so much work to do... kjw

ID#3487 S.P., 2006-05-14 [ Cairns, QLD]

I would like further information on the 10 second miracle which has been promoted throughout my correspondence. After three purchased manuscripts now I have yet to read anything about how to perform the 10 second miracle, what am I required to "plug in" to my conscious mind to achieve this phenomenon? Also could you also provide information or possibilities in joining with Neo-Tech, to somehow be a part of setting up a bantam company, or providing my services in some other way that benefit myself and others in producing important values and wealth.

ID#3488 J. ., 2006-05-14 [ Gans, Ok]

I am running out of time. I need to get all the available information read before school starts its summer session, first of June. I have finished reading the second thick book 'The Nouveau Tech Discovery',I seek a letter from Mark Hamilton with 'more information'

ID#3493 M.R., 2006-05-14 [ Denver, Co]

I am learning a great deal. My wife thinks I am crazy for read it.

ID#3494 M.R., 2006-05-14 [ San Jose, CA]

I have read packages 1 and 2 of the Inner-Circle Secrets and I am totally over powered by the truth that I have been able to apply to my life. Everything you say is totally correct according to my mind. I spent 25 being married to someone that was totally involved in the "new" charasmatic movement of Jesus. You have lifted me out of that bondage. Thank you very very much. Michael Rapp.

ID#3496 D. .,@AOL.COM 2006-05-14 [ BUFFALO, N.Y.]


ID#3497 D.B., 2006-05-14 [ , ]

when one does connect to the stream how can we control the speed? It is given at such a fast rate one cannot grasp a starting point.Imformation is seen and fed at an unbelivable speed understanding but not controling. powerful but not grasping.

ID#3498 D.Y., 2006-05-14 [ Columbus, Ohio]

Of course the website should remain. Isn't this a forum for students of NT to collaborate with and share ideas and take our country to the next level?

ID#3501 . ., 2006-05-15 [ , ]

I just heard you died. Sorry about that. The driver was only 21? She must be very upset about it also. I haven't read neo-tech since 1987, but it's a shame you died like that.

ID#3502 .G., 2006-05-15 [ magalia, ca]

Jesus an altruist? This surprised me. I hope to find out more about this. Thanks for all your work. Kind regards, Gijs Minderhoud.

ID#3503 M.D., 2006-05-15 [ Fairfield Bay, AR]

Neo-tech is the greatest information for business and life ever packed into a couple of books. I can't wait to get more involved. Without this information my life would be on the opposite path. Thank you Nouveau Tech Society. Yours Truly, Mark D. Alters

ID#3504 J.C., 2006-05-15 [ Dallas, TX]

I'm very interested in Neo-Tech info and would like to see the website resume.

ID#3505 L.B., 2006-05-15 [ Gary, IN]

Neo-Tech is revoutionary. It is certainly the pathway to a prosperous future. If we could all adopt the tenets of NeoTech, we would all undoubtedly benefit. It is my opinion that this is the way to ensure our futures on this planet.

ID#3506 P.G., 2006-05-15 [ Larned, KS]

I trust you to keep your promise made to me in the first two packages. Please send my third package soon and write to me so I will know what is going on. Truth, I was told is the basic idea behind it all. Only the people in politics do not keep their word. I am so impressed on the quick learning. Having taught school for years and experienced the time it takes to learn by the ordinary methods. I was so thrilled to learn there is a better way to learn so much so quicker. I want to use the knowledge I gain by help- ing to better mankind. Please send my third package soon. PAT GOERTZEN NC# NC10 0213-8930

ID#3515 I.M., 2006-05-16 [ Las Vegas, Nv]

Please Contact!!!

ID#3516 . ., 2006-05-16 [ , ]


ID#3518 R.A., 2006-05-16 [ , ]

do you have it in spanish??

ID#3519 L.S., 2006-05-16 [ Grove City, OH]

The Ward family legacy is exemplary of the success of brilliant marketing and entertaining writing. I purchased the Neo-Tech publications at flea-markets, garage-sales, and thrift shops for a few dollars each. The books are VERY entertaining and brutally truthful, even if the precepts are not followed by the Ward family themselves. I enjoy the synthesis of rationality and epicurean-style collection of philosophies. The writing style is top-notch. The only down-side to this marketing scheme (which is simply selling these Neo-Tech publications) that makes the Ward family rich is the modern-day tragedy of genuine Neo-Cheaters exploiting the disappearing American Middle Class vastly eclipsing the message, method and practice of Neo-Tech. I vote for keeping Neo-Tech alive just as a tribute to a marketing genius family that made their fortune without having to resort to destroying peoples' livlihoods and lives -- unlike many corporations and American governmental agencies. Keep the dream alive!

ID#3520 S.T., 2006-05-17 [ Decatur, AL]

Ms Goldman Thank you so much for your generous sharing of what you have come to understand. Having gone through years of seeking to become a self reliant Being in the truest sense - including the "mystic path" - I can really appreciate that your scientific, rational approach has led you to the same conclusions I have recenly formed. At this point, much of your more scientific data is beyond my desire to understand, yet your conclusions are so in alignment with what is often termed "New Thought" as to be different poits on the same road. By whatever name - Neotech or New Thought - you do a great service educating willing minds that it is okay, indeed necessary, to think WAY outside the box of traditional, culturally/societal/politically induced ideologies. Have you ever explored "The Nature of Personal Reality", a Seth book, authored by Jane Roberts? I believe you would enjoy the peculiar validation from a source so far from traditional science ... Warmest regards Susan Thornton PS I wasn't looking for errors, nor did I spot any!

ID#3521 . ., 2006-05-17 [ , ]

I just searched for and found your website and after reading over your comments there I am very surprised to find out that you "discovered" my mom and "chose her to be a part of your group (or cult as I see it). According to your own comments, you do not want anyone who is... to quote you... "hostile" to your way of thinking. Well... your so-called experts really goofed this time. My mom is, and always has been, what I like to call a "bible thumper". A person who has been a strict christian all her life. She believes as the rest of my family does that one day she will meet GOD face to face one day ant that she will spend the rest of her days with HIM in paradise. So she has not even a small amount of interest in what you would have to say to her. Needless to say... the letter she received will be shredded along with all the other scam letters that have been sent to her. You guys need to pray... hard. Pray that you'll realize one day just what the REAL truth is. It certainly isn't what you think it is. And if you doubt that I know what's real... well when you've seen members of your family healed from major illnesses that leaves doctor's scratching their heads cause what was there minutes ago is gone... that tells me that there is a GOD.. and as for me and my family... we serve HIM. That's my proof.

ID#3524 . ., 2006-05-17 [ , ]

Hello Kevin. You always have been a fraud and I see you still are.

ID#3527 R. ., 2006-05-17 [ Batavia, NY]

found the information very interesting and would like to know more..........the one I received was out-of-date (deadline date).

ID#3531 O.M., 2006-05-17 [ Memphis, TN]

I have read what I consider to be the first two volumes of Nouveau Tech and find it to very inlightening for organizing one's self for prosperity and success. As I checked out the web site site I have discovered other information. Even with that information the mentor that wrote me. My life has been so intrenched in the traditional rut of depending on others that I find it difficult to shake off the grip of neocheaters. However I will not give up on reaching my full potential. Even though I am unemployed and financially strapped, my determination is rising. I am growing towards the being I am created to be. This is not possitive thinking, but determination to excell.

ID#3532 T.J., 2006-05-17 [ Tumwater, WA]

What I like so far about Neo-Tech is that they are willing to publish both their negative and positive feedback. Name one other ideology that would even think to do such a thing. Very appreciated. The one thing that instantly stood out for me was the polar opposites of the negative and positive sides of the argument. I don't want to persuade your perspective... just read the comments and hopefully you will see.

ID#3533 D.M., 2006-05-17 [ Battle Mountain , NV]

I have recieved a mailing and sent for the free literature, I then sent for the 1000 page manual, but that was twoo weeks ago an my account has not yet bean debitted, nor have i heard anything further.I recieved the mailings from grove city ohio. when i sent the letter back with my card info for the manuscript i did not put a return address on the envelope. Maybe it was not recieved. Please advise. However i am intrigued by the information i have read so far on the websites i could find wich are very few.

ID#3534 b.K., 2006-05-17 [ , RLP]

Die neo-dingsbungs sollte im Web zu sehen sein, damit Leute die crazy Typen auslachen können. Ich mein nur so ein scheiß Geschwafel hab ich noch nie gehört. Er ist so crazy, dass er schon fast wieder plausibel und gut klingt. Meine Frage wäre what in hell do you really want? Seid ihr so was wie ne allheil Sekte der neuesten Art? Naja juckt mich eigenltlich gar nicht.

ID#3538 W.A., 2006-05-17 [ Rugby, ]

I think its good for this site to remain on the Web.This will break poeple`s mindset of mysticism,especially in developing countries.Neotech is my best discovery ever.I always search for something like this.Reading Neotech is galvanizing my zeal and perception of situations and am l oving it.Thanks to Dr.F. Wallace and co.Am a Neotech owner, Member number 004084869.

ID#3544 J.P., 2006-05-18 [ , ]

I believe it is the right of everyone to express themselves and promote their beliefs. If someone does not like the ideas that this web-site delivers; then they are free to not view said web-site.

ID#3545 L. ., 2006-05-18 [ , ]

Dear Nouveau Tech, Maybe you can help me now that you are part of my lfe. There is a man maybe aka Glenn Mosser, that basically has ripprd me off under your name. He is in Ohio, so he claims..and stole $1500.00 from me. I thought it was one of yus and ithe isn't maybe since I joined... You can apply some presuure in him returning my money. This is his number(937)429-7040

ID#3546 . ., 2006-05-18 [ , ]

Free speech is important. You should be on the internet.

ID#3547 J. ., 2006-05-18 [ , ]

I recently received a letter from this company asking me to get back to them for free information because I am "special" and "talented" - They are correct of course I am "special" because there is no one like me on earth except me, and I expect to be "talented" as a son of the most High King of all Eternity. Glory to God in the Highest! I believe that these people should be allowed to continue their religious / anti-religious website even though many would disagree, if for no other reason than to preserve freedom. The First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance." You cannot preserve your own freedoms and at the same time desire to remove or control the freedoms of another.

ID#3548 M. ., 2006-05-18 [ Trussville, AL]

I just recieved a personal invitation and am excited to see what the future holds. I believe that anything that gets blasted by the mainstream but brings positive results is truly something incredible. Hey the world wasn't always round either! Thanks for sticking it out and staying online!

ID#3550 S.L., 2006-05-18 [ Detroit, MI]

To whom this may concern, To all those whom would like to see this website banished I would have to say one thing: If there was no website then how could you find out about The Nouveau Tech Society and its affiliates? The research that is done by those whom seek The Nouveau Tech Society out find that this informative website does shed light on the extensive research done by those whom have literally wrote books and and have tried to learn about The Nouveau Tech Society. Please keep this website open for all of those whom are willing to learn from The Nouveau Tech Society.

ID#3551 A. ., 2006-05-18 [ Portsmouth , Va.]

I have 5 books thought your company. It as been 1 year that I had these books.I have read every one of them. I Even went to the libary and got a book about Any Rand. I Still feel there is something I'm missing within self a piece of the puzzle is missing that I have not stamped in place. Still searching. I'm 36 years still a little confused. Always had to learn things on my own, still am.I never had the understanding of life. I do not know what true happiness is. What is life for? How did people become of this earth? How did it really start? What is the true purpose of our extist? Why are people in higher places making hard for poeple having things in life,so there can live and eat? Why do we have taxes? How do you open the God-Man within yourself? How do you make things happen for yourself and it works all the time when you need it? I'm so tried,I just want to move on to a better and brighter life of more understanding of the God-Man within self,to know how to use and being happy with life. Thank You

ID#3552 J.E., 2006-05-18 [ Costa Mesa, CA]

It should never come off for any reason other than improvements.

ID#3554 k. ., 2006-05-18 [ Boulder City, nv ]

I am 69 yrs. old and find out I never tire of learning --THANKS Would like more info

ID#3557 J. ., 2006-05-18 [ San Marcos, CA]

Its amazing I have posted 2 different comments about this. I am thinking they did not post them because I was not threatening them or wishing them to die or even used profanity in my posts which makes me believe they will only post negative comments that carry death threats to encourage the sob story that they are just being picked on for thier beliefs, like marters. I am not a hateful person, but an intellegent one. I am disturbed ANYONE I DON'T know claims to know things about me. Not to mention the anarchy spewed from this website. Although, they are using the First Amendment to argue their point to stay on the internet, even though they defame government. Oh, and the letter I recieved talks about prestigious people involved with this society, and the only ones I can think of is Sadam himself (oh wait! he actually believes in religion, as warped as it is).

ID#3558 M.B., 2006-05-19 [ Old Orchard Beach, Maine]

I have read The FirstImmortals, but cannot find info on book 2 (As Adults). Please send info.

ID#3559 A.S., 2006-05-19 [ , ]

I think I like what I've seen so far and it does makes sense!

ID#3560 g.s., 2006-05-19 [ cali , valle]

me llego una carta a mi correo y estoy en el proceso de contestar ya que por alguna razon el sobre fue enviado el 22 de abril y apenas me llego este 18 de mayo y por eso estoy consultando sobre ustedes

ID#3564 P. ., 2006-05-19 [ Near Stockbridge, Hampshire]

Please read all as there is an important comment in this. I have the Neo-Tech Discovery Ist Copy manuscript and have never (until now and moving house so found it!) delved into the pages. I will as it looks wonderful. I am a life-coach with experience in vibrational medicine and empower clients with my energy programme and my sessions of removing limiting beliefs and showing clients that thoughts are things and how they create their experience. All mainstream now, but revolutionary when i started. I walk the talk and have raised a child solo and he has physical issues but is a sport champion! Anyway, recently I received a note saying that Neo-Tech had been handed my name by someone surprising (?) and that I should return the letter by a few days or my career and good future would be jeopardized. As I live in the UK it was impossible to have the form returned and I was very upset by the moral value of this. I would appreciate a comment. Thank you so much. Penny

ID#3565 J.W., 2006-05-19 [ Cordova, TN]

I like waht the site is saying and think the info has great merit.

ID#3567 A.B., 2006-05-19 [ Green Bay, WI.]

I relly think that it's a great find in my life to discover what has been holding my true desires and wants. I'm really shocked & hurt by the way the masses have been led astay in this universe. If its possible I would like to know how I could recieve my own personal copy of the book for my own studing purposes.

ID#3568 A.B., 2006-05-19 [ Green Bay, WI.]

I was just reading some of the illogical thinking inthe negative columns, and it just proves how distorted ones mind could become. Those people need too leave the dead-zone, and join the factual universe before they miss the true glory. So let it exist, so let it enter!

ID#3569 S. ., 2006-05-19 [ Zaltbommel, Gelderland]

I read your books and some of my friends did this as well. We really like the ideas of Neo-tech and gives us propsperity, happiness and love. We would like to be updated !!

ID#3571 t.s., 2006-05-19 [ reno, nv]

i am still waiting for the good waves...

ID#3573 V.R., 2006-05-19 [ Jackson, MI]

I strongly agree that Neo-Tech should remain on the Web, for the reason this new knowledge is very valuable for society, and more truely gifted people who are seeking the truth and who is so indeniably wanting and needing a new life need to seek the help and guidance of Neo-Tech.

ID#3574 H.F., 2006-05-19 [ Sun Valley, Ca.]

I know that Neo-Tech should remain on the web even though the "haters" hate it.There are those of us that are still blievers that light will overcome darkness.Right will always rise above wrong.That's just the way this universe was built and just because someone doesn't like it,doesn't mean its going to change.

ID#3575 E.B., 2006-05-19 [ Portland, OR]

I got a letter in the recent past. During the time I had several deaths in my family in Ireland, a suicide of a very good friend a new etc. As you can see I was overwhelmed. I meant to reply but i lost the letter somehow. If I remember correctly I had only that one chance to join. Is that so. If so what would I need to do to become a member. Sincerely, Edith b. Gibbs

ID#3576 H. ., 2006-05-20 [ somerville, ma]

how send email for you?

ID#3577 H. ., 2006-05-20 [ somerville, ma]

how send email for you?

ID#3578 B.D.,@CHARTER.NET 2006-05-20 [ CLARKSVILLE, TN]


ID#3580 J.M., 2006-05-20 [ Coalinga, CA]

Hello, my name is Joe, I have been reading "The Book" about the God-Man Neo-Tech Discoveries by Mark Hamilton. I am very interested in the truth, how to become a better person, and live a wonderful life. My only question is, at this time, why it has been put to a vote, or that there is even a doubt in anyones mind whether it should not remain on the web. It is probably the best of the best literature on the web...planet!

ID#3581 . ., 2006-05-20 [ , ]

Leave the Muslims alone. They are the most peaceful religion on earth. You cannot base your judgements on a few extremests. Watch Farenheight 9/11 by Micheal Moore and Loose Change 2nd Edition. 9nth Immam yeah right do you even know what you are talking about? If you had any idea, the Quran says the apocolypse will come when there are no muslims left, not everyone is muslim! Teh way things are going it wont be long before thats true, first Afghanistan, then Iraq, soon Iran, all muslim countries are on the US's top list to bring out of commission. North and South Korea is huge problem right now, but they are not Muslim, so they are not priority for Bush!

ID#3582 N.V., 2006-05-20 [ , ]

Why not? Love comparing the positive and negative comments! One can be critical or disapproving of anyone or anything, but the venom of those who are in denial and show unbelievable hatred, pain, and even death toward Neo-Tech true members, only goes to emphasize their FEARS and the importance of a new, cleaner life than we have had till now. It helps to remember they once were toddlers and even happy, innocent children whose minds (and perhaps bodies) were abused. Thanks for giving us hope that NEVER DIES! Norma

ID#3583 N.V., 2006-05-20 [ Long Beach, CA]

Why not? Love comparing the positive and negative comments! One can be critical or disapproving of anyone or anything, but the venom of those who are in denial and show unbelievable hatred, pain, and even death toward Neo-Tech true members, only goes to emphasize their FEARS and the importance of a new, cleaner life than we have had till now. It helps to remember they once were toddlers and even happy, innocent children whose minds (and perhaps bodies) were abused. Thanks for giving us hope that NEVER DIES! Norma

ID#3584 f.h., 2006-05-20 [ kemp, tx]

neo tech is a great thing. application of its principals has changed our lives forever. the usurpers stand out and have no power over us. many individuals now hate us and are constantly trying to undermine whatever it is we're doing. but to no avail they always loose and wonder why. i no longer talk about neotech with others because they think i'm the anti crist or some other evil. So keep it on the internet so it will show them that its not going away. maybe you could set it up so you need a specific password to access selected information.

ID#3586 R.B., 2006-05-20 [ Dunn, NC]

I see the similarities in the Neo-Tech readings and the movie "The Matrix". With the venemous, vehement rebuttals it has gotten I am reminded that people would rather offer their soul for sacrifice to a known lie as opposed to an unknown truth! Thank you! I feel like Mandela, only imprisoned to Christianity for 44 years...totally liberated, energized and fully mentally aware! I am really sorry that the NTN message boards aren't here. I was really looking forward to them!

ID#3587 J. ., 2006-05-20 [ , ]

If only certain people are selected to be a part of this secret society, why is it on the web? Just curious.

ID#3590 . ., 2006-05-20 [ , ]

I read his book as a young man of 20 and now I am 42. I still have the book and wondered if it was on the web. I never understood it back them but i will be reading the web to learn what it was all about. Something tol me to find this. Not sure why?

ID#3591 D.M., 2006-05-20 [ Lynnwood, WA]

it seems that you know how to change "karma" to your will, instead of you to the will of "karma", i would like to know more. Dennis M.

ID#3593 m.s., 2006-05-21 [ park city, ut]

wish more people were able to think openly about idead like this... very interesting and very inspiring. i am 27 year old male working in the hip hop business and beleive me... i know what it is like to be "hated-upon" by those who think they know how i should live my life.

ID#3595 D. ., 2006-05-21 [ gainesville, florida]

i found neo-tech today and read some positive and negative comments ,and the nouveau tech socity .not all of it ,i book marked this site and plan on coming back i hope neo-tech keeps this site going.thx

ID#3597 M.d., 2006-05-21 [ grand rapids, mi]

I still have one More installment too get. For some reason I never recived any More communcation from u guys. I would like to know why. I did Leave my new phone # with the ordering dpt. Any how may I get a call or email back.

ID#3601 C. ., 2006-05-21 [ , ]

Very interesting keep the information alive.

ID#3602 k.p., 2006-05-21 [ manchester, ]

hi my customer number is #1803972 im just emailing to ask if you have sent out the replacement copy of the "discovery" book. the original copy may have been lost as the you had the wrong shipping address. I emailed you approximately a month ago to give you the correct address. the original shipping date was jan 31 2006 and i am still waiting please inform me soon. kevin parr

ID#3603 G. ., 2006-05-21 [ Harmony, NC]

I think this site should have more exposure so more eyes can be open

ID#3604 L.M., 2006-05-22 [ Lakewood, WA]

This comment is directed to Dr. Frank R. Wallace Dr. Wallace: You should keep the web site because it sheds light on many of the secrets in my second heirloom book. When I found your web site, a lot of things became very clear to me. I ponded over why I had to make the jump so I went back and read that portion again and suddanly I understand I hope it is not to late for me to do so. I am still waiting on final and Third Heirloom Package. Dr. Wallace: I was looking at some of my old, old, old, old books and ran across an old medical book that I have had for many,many years. Some of the things that I read in my Inner-Core secrets is in this book. I would like to send this book to you to see if you can get any good from this book before I throw it away. A lot of pages have been taken out by my letting other people see it the book is truly worn. If you would like to view this book you can have it. Just E-mail me an address and I will send it to you.

ID#3606 . ., 2006-05-22 [ , ]

Your opinions are the ones that destroys the true happiness and value for living. Your philosophy cotradicts itself, it uses trickery and deception to lure the weak minded. I do partially agree with some of these ideas, I do believe government uses trickery and deception to control citizens but so do businesses. I think religions cause corruption, I am a believer of spirituality not religion and so was Jesus.

ID#3608 m.m., 2006-05-22 [ Cleveland, ohio]

The only literature I have is what I get off the internet. I will soon purchase a book that I seen on the net.Please send me whatever literature you can. From what I have read so far this is real cool.

ID#3609 m.m., 2006-05-22 [ Cleveland, ohio]

The only literature I have is what I get off the internet. I will soon purchase a book that I seen on the net.Please send me whatever literature you can. From what I have read so far this is real cool.

ID#3610 M.F., 2006-05-22 [ Bedford, MA]

Is Mark Hamilton's book, _Wealth-Generating Business Manual_, available yet? How can I obtain a copy? Mitch Fava

ID#3614 m. ., 2006-05-22 [ clinton, ma]

i need to know more to understan better

ID#3615 P. ., 2006-05-22 [ Witham, Essex]

I received an invitaion for THE NT Society The address is PO BOX 95338 , Las Vegas , Nevada 89193 -5338 Fax number 702 795 8393 Signed by Kirsten Hart Can you confirm this is actually your organisation

ID#3616 C.W., 2006-05-22 [ Montrose, Mi]

I was informed by post from Grove City, Ohio. I put Nouveau Tech in search. I persue the website and found it to be of insterest. Thank you for a chance to see other views.

ID#3620 a. .,@nowhere.really 2006-05-22 [ , ]

I think you waste paper with your bulk mailings.

ID#3621 A. ., 2006-05-22 [ , ]

long time ago i read very hard,but i just did not get it, it is still very powerful since 12 years,i was very young at that time, years past, maybe masters neocheaters kept alot of secrets!, they dig my!,and its time for neo-tech groups to be more powerful then them, its time for for all zons to build a more powerful future for themselves, to grow,build and learn much more but the most important thing,everyday learn and intergrate to a very professional and lethal person having billions of money UNKNOWN,meeting with zon groups, to this day they dig and in future they will be swallow up until then they still dont know the powerful manuscript and the founder.oh yes, please send me a catalog about the latest manuscripts as soon as possible- I would like to be at the top and to join the group- alan

ID#3622 R.C., 2006-05-22 [ Irvine, CA]

I am currently waiting for my 3rd heirloom package

ID#3623 R.C., 2006-05-22 [ Irvine, CA]

I am currently waiting for my 3rd heirloom package thank you.

ID#3626 A.S., 2006-05-23 [ Virginia Beach, VA]

I do think Neo-Tech just may be the one thing that can get the world as we know it today, Changed to a world of "Hope" for the future. The information is a great read!..........Arli

ID#3627 L.H., 2006-05-23 [ Carmen, ID]

I enjoy reading whatever neo-tech literature I can get my hands on. My mind has truly had to work at grasping the concepts and taking the leap, but once I did the simplicity and honesty was so exciting and spurred me on to rethink my goals and objectives for my life, my marriage, and my business. Thank you.

ID#3631 L.E., 2006-05-23 [ CINNCINNATI , OHIO]


ID#3632 B.C., 2006-05-23 [ hollywood , fl]

Do yall still send out information in the mail? I would love to expand my NT libary. One book I never got a chance to recieve was the Potent Threesome.

ID#3633 j.l., 2006-05-23 [ timmins, ont]

i would love to have a copy of the book but it is so hard to find where can we get one

ID#3634 C.B., 2006-05-23 [ Timmins, Ontario]

I would love to have a copy of your book "Neo Tech" ive only heard of it but it sounds very interesting, the thing that cought my attention the most is because it has always interested me to find out more about stuff like what ive heard of this book, but it is hard to get a copy, i dont know how i can get one.

ID#3635 P. ., 2006-05-23 [ Orlando, FL.]

I have a lot of hope on the 2nd Book. The first Book was eye opening for me and was easy to read. Intergrated thinking and Mini days really helps me get on with important issues. I am rememebering talents i have for-gotton about.

ID#3637 T.K., 2006-05-23 [ Trumansburg, NY]

I'm very anxious to read more of your books. The first couple thousand pages I've read have been hugely enlightening. Please send a list of available titles (The First Immortals, etc.) Thank you!

ID#3640 T.G., 2006-05-23 [ LaPorte, IN]

I you don't agree with what you see, just put it down and walk away. It's called freedom of speech. We all have a choice.

ID#3641 D. ., 2006-05-23 [ Pawtueket, RI]

I find it totally amazing how many "Good Christians" have spouted such hatered about something that they can not comprehend. Ignorance truly is bliss, but what is hatered? I welcome a time when everyone's opinion is not just listened to, but heard. I have recieved Neo-Tech litrature and am amazed by it. I'm still absorbing it, but it makes sense.

ID#3642 R.T., 2006-05-23 [ Timmins, Ontario, ]

A breath of fresh air. My manuscript is coming in the mail. I am so looking forward to reading it. I know this is natural prgression from all my seeking. THANK YOU Rachelle

ID#3646 M.R., 2006-05-24 [ Denver, Co]

I think people don't really have a good out look on life, this book explains it in a clear form. The bottom line is it explains LIFE. I am a christian and I believe in the bible and I went to Bible College,but what I learned from Neo-Tech took everything to the next level. thanks again

ID#3649 a. ., 2006-05-24 [ , ]

hi ann from australia still read the book-one thing or maybe 2-i thought most i have read so far-i relly thought people knew -so have not learnt any-thing any honest person does know- general comment i think more focus one the neocheating pope and the cathlic religion would have been a better-way to handle the basic facts on as most people can at least relate and be angery-hence more appeal-i would like copy writes when you do as i will have earnt it.ann.langley modbury.south australia

ID#3650 M.H., 2006-05-24 [ SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS]

It sounds like a good organazation and I would like to persue and learn everything they offer Im in. Well Im waiting for a response back from mailing the invite back ok!!!!!!!!!.I will read listen and learn because I need a lot of guidance and I want the knowledge to suceed in life and business.I GUESS SOME OF THEM PEOPLE YOU TALKED ABOUT IS JELOEUS WHEN YOU SUCCEED IN GOOD THINGS HU!!!THANKS TALK LATER I HOPE MICHAEL HIETT

ID#3651 . ., 2006-05-24 [ , ]


ID#3652 . ., 2006-05-24 [ , ]


ID#3653 . ., 2006-05-24 [ , ]

True thinkers of values and value producers notice the "hypcricy" of the world at large and know that one the "system" will colapse and be re-made into VALUE producting state giving all the "neo-cheaters" at last the option to join or perish, just the same language they have "preached to us from the anti-civilization"...i look forward to a new world they has ALL people in mind not just to select few...the white color hoaz system that distroying the whole world at large..With Neo-tech, the TRUTH about religion; world system; systems that do NOT work is TOTALLY exposed..Finally some one is telling the Truth about things. I want any neo-tech person willing to respond and lets fellowship/exchange ideas/comments.

ID#3654 J.(., 2006-05-24 [ LOVES PARK, IL]

Some of the innate ideas and concepts I've perceived since childhood have finally been articulated and validated through Neo-Tech. My father was an atheist; however, the constant barrage of Christianity still permeated my thinking from the exposure of friends and co-orkers...until the Neo-Tech Discovery cleared my beliefs...through pure logic. I no longer succumb to the disease of "stupidness", only secrectly giggle in delight as their screaming irrelevancies flow right past me. I'm really enjoying life!

ID#3657 p.d., 2006-05-24 [ miramar, FL]

hi i would like to get the pax neo-tech and i still haven't recieved the second part of my book "the Nouveau tech package of inner-circle secrets part two". i would also like to be informed about the "ten second miracle"

ID#3659 B. ., 2006-05-24 [ chanute, ks]

I remember hearing of this years ago, and possibly even looking at the website. My thoughts are not as "scattered" now as then, and I will probably read much more. I feel like I agree with what I'm seeing, at least till it gets to the part about sending money, of which I have little to none. Maybe I will learn how to get plenty before the ask for money happens!

ID#3662 T.N., 2006-05-25 [ , ]

how did you find me? I am Thomas Nuclei Crim... I am very very confused with the truth of it all...

ID#3663 R. ., 2006-05-25 [ , ]

Yes, leave the site on the Web. I don't yet know if I agree with the views expressed but I'd like the chance to read, understand and make up my own mind.

ID#3666 r. ., 2006-05-25 [ George, 6530]

I like it.

ID#3667 N.M., 2006-05-25 [ Port Louis, ]

Thru' one of my Neo tech friend. Plse keep it on. Have bought 4 books. last one is the Zon power one.

ID#3668 j.h., 2006-05-25 [ locust grove, ga]

Iam really enjoying the knowledge of neo-tech and its wonderful discoveries. The authors are right. It is hard to get my mind completely cleaned of mysticism. I have yet to achieved consciousness and I know it is because of my embedded disease of mysticism. I have to really practice intergrated thinking so I can ond day achieve consciousness and becom god-man. Thanks for making me a member of this new great society.

ID#3672 s.w., 2006-05-25 [ , ]

Gentlemen ... I have been a customer of Neo-Tech products for over 20 some years. I am currently anxiously awaiting my 553 page Nuova Tech Discovery which I ordered in early April(after receiving my Orientation Booklet.) It was with great shock & dismay when I learned of Dr. Frank Wallace's untimely death on this website.... This is truely a great loss to all of us!! I have added a message of condolences in his honour. Please continue with all your great work ... Dr. Wallace would have wished it so. Thank you S Wilson

ID#3673 J.S., 2006-05-25 [ , ]

The web-site links all of neo-tech & is more efficient than postal service.

ID#3674 J.W., 2006-05-25 [ Miami Beach, FL]

I purchased the Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets from a mailing I received and I'm very impressed with what I found. I've always been interested in material that gave honest advice without the use religious or psychological jargon. I feel as though your material has really brought it all together. From thinking, to business, to personal, it's very insightful and presented in a very "matter-of-fact" way.

ID#3677 B.J., 2006-05-26 [ phildelphia, pA]

Mind Blowing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

ID#3678 T.L., 2006-05-26 [ Chelsea, AL]

I've just completed both books you sent me. I've been searching for this kind of information for many years, reaching many of these same conclusions about mankind, concerning "God", spiritual gifts, and many other forms of misticism. I hope there are a growing number of people that are seeking answers to man's history and future

ID#3687 .D., 2006-05-26 [ Poughkeepsioe, NY]

I'm interested in recovering te Neo-Tech Discovery in addition to the vast library of Neo-Tech volumes.

ID#3688 M.D., 2006-05-26 [ Toronto, Ontario]

I would like to get some info on Neo-Tech. Please send me some.

ID#3689 J.H., 2006-05-26 [ Portland, OR]

Member # 0211804976 I barely recieved my letter concerning the "Illuminati" yesterday May 25th at around 5:45 in the evening. I will send for it in about a week.

ID#3694 M.D., 2006-05-26 [ , ]

Peace Deserving Ones: I am pleased so far with most of what I read on your site I am disappointed I am forced to wait nearly 3 weeks for my package to begin my transformation I live in my van and....

ID#3696 . ., 2006-05-26 [ , ]

A bunch of endless gobbledigoop taking up space and never getting to the point.

ID#3701 R.S., 2006-05-27 [ , ]

plz neo-tech needs 2 be up-dated.any way u are doing a nice job. 4rm

ID#3702 R.S., 2006-05-27 [ , ]

plz neo-tech needs 2 be up-dated.any way u are doing a nice job. 4rm

ID#3703 . ., 2006-05-27 [ , ]


ID#3706 J.I.,@AOL.COM 2006-05-28 [ DALLAS, OR]


ID#3709 M.R., 2006-05-28 [ Loveland, Colorado]

People of nouveau-tech illuminati society, since I greatly enjoy the first and second literature books. But now of all the letters I have written to the staff??Nobody is going to help me continue to grow with Neo-tech knowledge???Do I ask for a refund?? Of 240.00 or do Mr. Mark Hamilton and company take care of new members as his words stated???People of the Illuminati this is very honorable???

ID#3710 M.R., 2006-05-28 [ Loveland, Colorado]

People of nouveau-tech illuminati society, since I greatly enjoy the first and second literature books. But now of all the letters I have written to the staff??Nobody is going to help me continue to grow with Neo-tech knowledge???Do I ask for a refund?? Of 240.00 or do Mr. Mark Hamilton and company take care of new members as his words stated???People of the Illuminati this is very honorable???

ID#3711 d.o., 2006-05-28 [ , ]

Of course this should remain on the web. It promotes "free" thinking. That's it in a nutshell!

ID#3713 b.p., 2006-05-28 [ clifton , nj]

this is the greaest site i've ever come across. the wealth of info is mind boggling. i'm not a beginner. i wanna be a pro. card cheat. this has been my dream since i'm a kid. keep up the good work . what would be some other good sites, dvds, books? thanks billy. is there a catalog i could have? please send it.

ID#3717 . ., 2006-05-29 [ , ]

I first came to know Jesus 30 years ago and if I had not come to know Him as Lord and Saviour I would be dead! I have studied the scriptures for 30 years and have graduated Bible college as well as Seminary and never have I heard or read such nonsense as this. Jesus is God in the flesh and He will save you if you aske him to do so. Come to Him now. I implore you to do so before it is everlasting to late. He brought me out of drugs and alcohol. From a path of distruction to a new life in Him. It is not mystical He is real!!!!!

ID#3719 R.S., 2006-05-29 [ Shallotte, NC]

Yes It should stay on the web for all to be aware of and be taught that there is another way to life than what they would want everybody to know.Thank you so much for this information.Thank you for allowing me to recieve this light.

ID#3720 A.A., 2006-05-29 [ Morton, IL]

A breath of fresh air in a world of deception and confidence artists. A freedom that I had been searching for ever since my childhood. I hope to carry on a dialog with everyone to spread the important revelation that Dr. Wallace et al have related to us in order to make the world a better place to thrive in and enjoy.

ID#3721 m.a., 2006-05-29 [ forest hills, n.y]

I red neotech 10 yr ago and I would like more info the most recent work thanks mark azerad

ID#3722 d.b., 2006-05-29 [ rankin, il]

i need to learn more

ID#3723 C.C., 2006-05-29 [ West New York, NJ]

I believe whole heartedly this site should be avalible to general public. Because gives oppunity, those persons who have never heard of neo-tech to rise from the anti-civilization. That make this site one greatest marketing assets you have on the internet. Quote, "You can not choices what do not know exist."

ID#3724 K.G., 2006-05-29 [ Streamwood, il]

Great material! I like it! still reading..

ID#3726 L.K., 2006-05-29 [ Carbondale, IL]

I read through the web site. Is there more to know or books available, etc.? What about meetings info, etc?

ID#3733 j.w., 2006-05-29 [ colliers wood, london]

amazing stuff that i have vaguely believed for years,especially about the neocheaters,my only gripe is that whilst i know i shouldn't indulge in self defeating behavior like eating junk food etc,i dont have the self discipline to stop.

ID#3735 E. ., 2006-05-30 [ Bethlehem, PA]

This quest for understanding will go on forever. Value creation through new puzzels become clear as you open your mind to new patterns of thinking.

ID#3736 . ., 2006-05-30 [ , ]

Wht not!??

ID#3737 . ., 2006-05-30 [ , ]

I really enjoyed finally seeing in print what I have known / suspected to be the case. I was raised Catholic but for a very long time have thought it was based on lies to control the masses and protect the existence of church officials. Oh, so many are so deceived. The born agains are really being led down the path.

ID#3738 . ., 2006-05-30 [ , ]

It is intrinsically evil. But the Immaculate Heart of mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus through his Church which is a Catholic one, will either convert you or defeat you, through the Many Rosaries that are being prayed.

ID#3740 J.L., 2006-05-30 [ , ]


ID#3741 J.L., 2006-05-30 [ XATIVA (VALENCIA), ]


ID#3743 g. ., 2006-05-30 [ norman, Ok.7]

my friends and family don't quite know what to make of me these days (they're all christian). they think i've gone too far but they're all "praying" for me. i suspect when i get the third book and start going to N.T. meetings they'll give up on me as "reprobate". it occurs to me that i am unable to reason with them about much of anything. this saddens me greatly as they are all basically good people and very kind. still, i have to live a life that makes sense to me and N.T. is definitely it. right now N.T. looks like a lonely road (especially in bible-thumping Oklahoma-a church on every corner)but i know i have the tools to blaze a new path here. my mind and my will are all i need. thanks for cutting the apron string.

ID#3746 J.E., 2006-05-30 [ Marlin, TX]

It's some very interesting reading material. I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks for the great work!

ID#3748 . ., 2006-05-30 [ , ]

2nd letter asking me to send for the book, why not just send it

ID#3749 E.P., 2006-05-30 [ orlando, fl]

The problem with people is that they are afraid of the unknown meaby if neo-tech was advertise like the davincy code or any famous novel meaby the people can get educated to the truth out there. as long as people are ignorant to whats happening to them they don't do nothing about it and only the money hungry so call christians that lives of the ignorant and the poors beliefs in hope and outer authorities whont acept the truth about the real happy life they were supposto live. give them a taste of neo-tech and see if they come to their sences. Ernesto Padua

ID#3752 D.R., 2006-05-30 [ Athens, GA]

The site should stay because people will read it and realize that the true Word of God has power whereas this rubbish is simply laughable. Your attempts to be profound have belied your woeful ignorance. True knowledge begins with the fear of the Lord and is complete in His perfect love. Seek Him instead of your misguided pipe dreams.

ID#3754 S. ., 2006-05-31 [ Sterling Heights, MI]

i believe that EVERYTHING should be allowed on the web. free speech. we all have free will, if there's something you don't liike, or disagree with, you have the will to not believe it or to disagree with it. ifd the idea is out there, ther eare CLEARLY people who understand, and believe in it. as for me, i don't know anything, but i sure am curious. you never learn if you never ask ya know?

ID#3755 F.B., 2006-05-31 [ Ft Meade , SD]

I beleive the world is a better place with freedom of speech and the power to expand our way of thinking. I continually strive to learn new things everyday and enjoy the lessons that neo-tech offers. In the end, we will always have the power of choice and can choose to lead our own lives. Thank you.

ID#3756 K.E., 2006-05-31 [ Arvada, CO]

Ahh, I can't help myself but to write a comment before I've finished Pax Neo-Tech. Well Okay, surely Neo-Tech should remain on the web if they wish, even if it were true that their writings were the work of the devil, the internet is a place where anyone who wants to should have the right to express themselves in free electronic speech. I haven't seen any ads or malware on the site, so, yes, they should stay. To comment on the "Pax Neo-Tech" piece (so far, i'm well into it but haven't finished it yet), it kinda reminds me of the Book of the Subgenius - hard-hitting, offensive, enlightening, and of quality. I'm not sure I agree with a lot of what is said in Pax Neo-Tech. As a man of peace, I tend to avoid drawing lines of confrontation as pax neo-tech describes in its introduction. I also disagree that religion and mysticism are necessarily ills. Nonetheless, my agreement or disagreement with the piece is fairly irrelevant given it's nature. Also a shout out to Islam, it is a wonderful religion. I doooon't think that it's necessary for even very fundamentalist Muslims (or Christians) to follow the path of violence and hate, and I would venture to assume that this is something the Neo-Tech literature would agree with. Optimally I would think this literature can free very religious people from the troubles they encounter with their religion(s) without taking away the valuable connection to the divine and the benifits of ritual and worship that also come with their faith. I have yet to finish it though, so we'll see! Skepticism can be healthy too. Although it does seem fairly self-aggrandizing, I can't say that this organization seems anything but benevolent to me. Also realize that they have been around for a while and really have made a home in U.S. America since the very beginning and that it would be harsh to deny them that freedom of expression that is so sacred to our country. Also, I am a Christian, admittedly a liberal one, and as a man of God as well as peace, I actually don't find myself offended by Pax Neo-Tech so much as put off by it. But some of the most enlightening lessons can be very off-putting at first, as the piece itself warns. If you find yourself attracted to the piece or the society I'd go ahead and venture to second what it says near the beginning and advise the reader to read on dispite disagreement or offence with what it says. I think it's silly to say that writing can brainwash you. Only sex can brainwash you, lol heh all jesting aside I think this stuff just basically has bite, and definatley the writing is of quality. Why nearly all the negative comments seem to be of religious condemnation is beyond me; if your faith is such that you can't take criticism of your religion then you should look to your faith and your God and your religious community to see where you can improve your connection with the holy and make it more stable. It makes no sense to condemn literature that offends you religiously, in other words. Then again, I have never been religiously condemning, as a Unitarian Universalist, religious acceptance and tolerance are as much a part of my faith as the lessons of Christ. Jesus would not have you condemn this literature. Just remember, though, it can be offensive. It's offended or put me off several times already, but I still think it's good. Well, that's my two cents

ID#3757 R.H., 2006-05-31 [ Lancaster, ]

I wish to write to Mark Hamilton from the request he has made in the Neo Tech World book. What address do I need to send it to please? Best Regards Roy Hutcheson

ID#3761 . ., 2006-05-31 [ , ]

luminous-omniscient-vibrant-evolution, thank-you.

ID#3762 A.S., 2006-05-31 [ Piedmont, ca]

Ihave no comments as of now. After reading all the tesitimonitals, it shound s very interesting. \I am interested in trying the techniques. A. Spector

ID#3763 M.L., 2006-05-31 [ , ]

I've enjoyed reading the first 2 books. However, I thought this website provided a chat room for like-minded individuals such as myself. While I know there are more books available to purchase, I'd like to have on-line discussions with people who may have similar beliefs/questions. Is there a chat room available for this? Please advise.

ID#3764 . ., 2006-06-01 [ , ]

all info should be there for all to explore. be it they agree or not, learn from it or not, accept it or not. those who wish to know, can and those who do not wish to know, have the right to journey no futher.

ID#3767 M.G., 2006-06-01 [ New York, NY]

I bought both books..and i was told to wait for more training it has been 6 months and no more letters from Neo tech society..what has happened.... i got disillusioned and went back to christianity but i am not happy... how can you help me...i am go to re read the books again but can you email me...Maria Garcia 2060 Third avenue #4C New York 10029 212-828-9425

ID#3768 N.V., 2006-06-01 [ W. Hollywood, CA]

In my opinion, must humans are stock in their ways because of fear and controling agencies such as government and religion. I gave that up years ago. Just followed my instinct, my concious mind. Since then my life changed. Now, I found The Neo Tech and I found out that I was not alone. We create our own reality by putting thoughts and hard work into action. I not only learned new things throwgh this site (very educational), I for once felt that I was not alone. Specially after reading your good comment list. The neg. were pretty funny. The saddest thing is that the majority of the world is blind. Thank you!

ID#3769 B.H., 2006-06-02 [ Rosny Park , Tasmania]

I am waiting for my copy of the book to arrive. Any idea how long it takes to get to Australia? I note the charge was made on 11th May so hopefully it will be soon. I can hardly wait to get a look at the material. After years of working for an organisation that would like to tell me when to breathe I am hoping to find a system for intellectual and personal freedom.

ID#3782 L.M., 2006-06-02 [ Vancouver, BC]

In my research of many things and people such as Socrates, Joan of Arc etc it brought me to this sight - well actually I was googling for "happy equanimity" and Francis of Assisi and it brought me here and boy was I VERY pleasantly surprised! I thought the "anti-civilization" wasn't known outside "my circle of friends". I am so happy that this information is out there in the world. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and bless you from my own heart's flame to yours.

ID#3785 E.A.,@aol/com 2006-06-03 [ Richmond, Ca ]

Neo Tech ideas on human creating a biological immortality through business achievements are awesome. The idea that the universe is composed of business people. Not people trying to judge or mold you but business people who see you as a wonderful customer. The idea that the universe and this Earth was created by all of us a lot of conscious thinking and creating beings. Awesome. When are your Seminars. Send to I would love to work on biological life extension software that I think we could write using C or C++ Programming Language. If you would like to join or submit ideas email me. I have vhs tapes I have made about my ideas on Life Extension. If anyone is really serious about programming biological life extension software, email me.

ID#3789 R.W., 2006-06-03 [ Charleston, SC]

The principals are sound

ID#3790 K.M., 2006-06-03 [ Huntington Beach, ca]

Now that i read your Books im thinking more than ever and iwant to talk about all off the things that go thru my Head but it is so hard to find someone that is realy intrested about anything.Ilive in huntington beach,ca.IF you know of anyone that likes to have a conversation with me please let me know.I can asure you it will not be boring.

ID#3791 K.C., 2006-06-03 [ Bayonne, 07002]


ID#3793 G.S., 2006-06-03 [ Juno Beach, FL]

I would like to see a link to your products page on the home page.

ID#3794 . ., 2006-06-04 [ , ]

debest buk aj hev befo olvajs aj keri inpoket olvajs vork tenks hu send tu mi 3 jers a go

ID#3795 M.C., 2006-06-04 [ Cortland, NY]

Absolutely! Neo-Tech offers the only way out of the mystical morass of this anti-civilization. I am on my way to soaring above and beyond and the Internet is very powerful in reaching and educating people. I've been seeking the integrated concepts to true liberation, happiness and success. The power of applied Neo-Tech is unstoppable and irrefutable.

ID#3796 . ., 2006-06-04 [ , ]

ja preporucujem svakom da kupi Neo-Tech i da stalno cita po potrebi i petputa dnevno zavisi u koje je setuacije i negativne okolnosti neka proba pacevidet sam rezult pa neka preporuci drugom citanje Neo-Tech pobedjuje sve i svuda Thanks to Neo-Tech. ..,....inteligencija.......

ID#3797 N.N., 2006-06-04 [ ARCADIA, FL]

I think U guys should keep ur website!!!!it's family is already part of the NEO-TECH family and I believe u guys are doint the right thing by trying to save civilization from mysticism!

ID#3798 A. ., 2006-06-04 [ , ]

Knowlege is neither Good nor Evil, and everyone is entitled to their views and opinions. Many if not all religous texts have been perveted; including and especially the Bible. These texts have been alterted in order to manipulate and control human beings as well as to surpress the thought process. Especially thoughts that seem inherent in human beings, who are we? where did we come from? what are we doing here? what is the meaning of our existence? Where are we going when we die? All religion attempts to answer these questions. And they call the willingness of a person to accept the answers they are being given as "true" their "faith". It is up to the reader/listener to interperet all information that is taken in and decide wether or not to it is credible and wether or not to beleive it, as well as how to use it. Religion feeds on peoples fear of the unknown. As a human being born in this world you dont know what will happen to you when you die. However, religions claim to have the answer. Take Christianity for example, you are told and blindly accept as truth that you will be judged and depending on what you do in your life will be branded good or evil and live in either eternal happiness or eternal damnation. In this way Christianity is used to manipulate and control individual human beings. I am not a Chritian and I realize that there are many froms of Christianity and I belive that the Bible still contains much knowledge and wisdom, this is practically undeniable. However, it is how people have perveted the original texts and teachings that has lead Christianity to become what it has, a meconizsm of control and supression of thought. "The path to Hell is paved with good intention." is a passage from the Bible that I always keep in mind. All other religions I have encountered, though I have not read their texts, seem very similar to Christinaity in this sense; they are all meconisms of control, and all supress thought. Religous leaders often times exploit peoples "faith" to further alternate agendas "in the name of God" such as wars. Dismissing information/knowlegde/wisdom/opinions because it does not correlate with what you CHOOSE to have "faith" in is not only foolish but it is detremental to the advancement of the human race. This is where faith puts up a roadblock, the same place that fear puts a roadblock. The only way to get past these roadblocks is to STOP LYING TO YOURSELF! You have to admit the undeniable infalible truth that we as humans do not know who we are, where we came from, why we are here or where we are going, nonetheless we exist. Now you are free to think for yourself, to ponder these types of questions. I am not trying to say that having faith is wrong im just saying be careful who and what you have faith in. A man who does not have faith is a man who is hopeless, depressed, and broken. Though the majority of the world has placed its faith in religion consider the results; war, famine, hate, isolation, tyranny, fear, genocide, misinformation, hysteria, and slavery. Is this the work of "evil"? No. It is the work of man. "Good" and "Evil" is a paradigm. Without evil there can be no good and without good there can be no evil. However, what is "good" and what is "evil" varies depending on who you ask, there are no set guidlines for exactly what is good and what is evil. So therefore I submit that "good" and "evil" do not exist and are mearly superficial terms used to mark approval or disapproval. Things and people are not "good" or "evil", they simply are. As a race we can either move tword freedom, both physical and mental, which will lead to happiness or continue down the path of self-limitation(mental) and self-destruction(physical). Free Your Mind. Think For Yourself. Question Everything.

ID#3800 K.R., 2006-06-04 [ tulsa, ok]

I'm a firm believer in watch what happens if you follow certain idiologies, or philosophies, and then and only then make your own decision based on whether you can use the material, found the organization helpful, or not , I am a new member and see nothing negative or dogmatic, as of yet. K

ID#3801 A.W., 2006-06-04 [ Cleburne, Tx.]

I have learned alot from the books and would like to know more information. I look forward to meeting other members.

ID#3803 D.A., 2006-06-05 [ Inver Grove Heights, MN]

People are hostile towards those who can defend themselves invisibly. I run into this hostility all day long. Everyone I encounter is a neocheater. I sense them 'feeding'. When I defend, I'm silently resented for standing up for myself. I find myself under attack from every angle imaginable. I feel like I'm going against millions. This knowledge is in the world, and everyone is using it. I guess it would be pointless to take the site off the web. This knowledge is the only thing that can end the current situation. The question is... How long will it take for the next great change in humanity? When will it end?

ID#3805 B.C., 2006-06-05 [ Henderson, NV]

I believe neo-tech is a great benefit to me personally but to man kind as well. Reading the books inspires me to excell and took me from being a procrastinating slob to a productive, happy person. I wish I had the opportunity to thank Mr. Wallace in person.

ID#3807 . ., 2006-06-06 [ , ]


ID#3808 E.P., 2006-06-06 [ , ]

My partner purchased books some time before going online, after reading this drivel he has given up his job,lost his direction in life,wants to find a way to drive out ALL governments and religions,and play music all day(his hearts desire)He preaches to people that they should have immortality,yet cant explain where everyone would live if no one died!!!! He is 55 years old, and is now in debt,we cant afford to live properly,and get hand outs from the same government he wants to overthrow. He has no more drive left and suffers depression, all this from reading your books!!!! BEGONE NEO_TECH!!!!!!!!

ID#3811 K.Q., 2006-06-06 [ NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA,]

Yes it should freedom rights! I LOVE the knowledge thanks to neo-tech, I had searched and searched and i found it! thank's neo-tech, everyone else is brainedwashed. Neo-tech should be online if there is porn and perverse stuff online, why not something valuable? like Neo-tech.********* love and respect.

ID#3812 K.Q., 2006-06-06 [ NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA,]

Yes it should freedom rights! I LOVE the knowledge thanks to neo-tech, I had searched and searched and i found it! thank's neo-tech, everyone else is brainedwashed. Neo-tech should be online if there is porn and perverse stuff online, why not something valuable? like Neo-tech.********* love and respect.

ID#3815 J.C., 2006-06-07 [ Hickory, NC]

I just finished the second Neo-Tech Book and in the end of it, it told about going on the Website for Neo-Tech. I was reading about the part that said that if we had a problem to go on the discussion board and let other neo-techs know about it and they would try to find help for the problem. I don't see a place to go to the discussion board but I could sure use help getting a new house built on my property instead of the run-down trailer that I am now living in. And help in getting my business running properly. I seem to get bogged down just when I start something going, it seems that my son and his family find ways to keep me from really working my business and I end up babysitting on the days that I have other plans made and no matter what I say they don't seem to listen to me. I have been a door mat for so long that they just bush me aside as if I haven't even spoken. I need help but just don't know where to go. I will be re-reading book one. I had read as fast as I could read to get through before the second installment came. And now I will be reading with a closer look at each section and putting into practice each thing as I learn it. Help!

ID#3818 a. ., 2006-06-07 [ Melbourne, ]

I have read the page on 'the pocket therapist' and I found it very empowering, and very helpful in explaining the seduction of 'mysticism'. I personally lack self-responsibility and self-honesty and I have found this page helpful in explaining how I am seduced to live this way and why I am not happy. The page is extremely valuable in explaining what true happiness is and how to go about building it. I hadn't realised before now that feelings and emotions aren't one's guidance point, nor understood the role of the mind and it's desire to step up to the mark and practice DTC.

ID#3819 V.A., & 2006-06-07 [ El Paso, TX]

It is important to be on the Web. 1. This is where the present and future business value producers will be or are presently. 2. Communication is faster than mail and sometimes faster than phone. 3. It is the most cost effective way to go. 4. If money presents any type of stop perhaps, donations or membership fees can be obtained. 5. It is very imporatnt, especially at this time of loss to not change anything, especially the successful actions 6. Being on the Web will keep us all on target and connected. 7. Dr. Wallace has said we will continue to be strong and accomplish our goals and mission to bring the Civilization of the Universe to this planet and beyond....This is not the time to get cold feet. We must be even bolder yet...... 8. Rosa Maria and Mark Hamilton keep going with Power Concentration as you have always done, and you too, Eric Salvage...

ID#3820 S. ., 2006-06-07 [ Bathurst, nsw]

Very interesting

ID#3821 S. ., 2006-06-07 [ Bathurst, nsw]

Very interesting

ID#3823 . ., 2006-06-07 [ , ]

Of course this site should remain on the web, so that thinking people can see how utterly ridiculous it all is. Sheesh.

ID#3825 . ., 2006-06-07 [ , ]

nailepse za sviju nas koi citamo preporucujem svakom HVALA

ID#3829 . ., 2006-06-08 [ , ]

Neo-Tech states so well things you knew were amiss or injustices of our day to day lives.We have to become dedicated to overcoming for the sweet taste of success for ourselves and others.

ID#3830 J.C., 2006-06-08 [ Hickory, NC]

The more I look at your site the more it needs continuity so people can find things and information that they are looking for. I really don't know how to post anything to the discussion board or to ask questions or to find answers. Thanks, Judith C. DeMico

ID#3834 B.D., 2006-06-08 [ Seaville, N.J.]

I'm really excited about all the knowledge that I'm recieving from the 1st and 2nd packages of secrets I recieved.I read both entire books.Now I'm reading the 1st book again to squeeze as much information as I can. I'm looking forward to recieving my 3rd package, and especially attending the meeting.

ID#3835 R.S., 2006-06-08 [ Layton, Utah]

You Know I received a letter several years ago how a man found secrets threw an old man...then the offer of The Book, I couldnt put it down, the quilt of not conforming to the ways of the church vanished...Quilt trips from thiefs and cons leaving...Im getting my mind back.. food for thought.. Im Now starting a very high paying business Bank lending to produces starting there projects...If I were a teacherI would have all my students read it... Roslyn

ID#3836 m.j., 2006-06-08 [ New York Mills, Mn.]

I seem to be slow at picking up secrets. I have had know real luck. I read the 1000 pg book every day at least parts of it.

ID#3837 S.S., 2006-06-08 [ , ]

I haven't fully read it (this site) enough to know if I agree with it or not -- that in it self is a reason -- but regardless: (distracting(davidSuzuki)tard alert:) If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not believe in it at all. and: The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them -- except force.

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