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ID#3838 J. ., 2006-06-08 [ , ]

The web is all about the free flow of information. If this is something that you are not comfortable with or just something that you do not want to associate with then click on something else. If we let people, even a majority of people, determine what we will have access to then we are not a truely free society. I am against censorship in all forms.

ID#3843 m.g., 2006-06-08 [ Reston, va]

Um I'm a new memeber of the illuminati gruop. Let me first say thank you so much for helping thoes of us lost in mystism and religion. Um I think I have mixed feelings about the society on the web. If it's meant to be secret the web-site is not really helping. Maybe mebers would have a code or soemthing ot get here. It is really helpful stuff for new mebers. You might want to post more on the site, like when world sumit meetings are and how mutch they coast. Or just new information relating to the society. But I'm not sure other people should be able to see it. Um maybe there could be a public site with only a little information and a mebers site with more detailed information.

ID#3847 . ., 2006-06-09 [ , ]

Eso se llama ROBAR, pero mira como les pago a ustedes la vida . . . .

ID#3848 . ., 2006-06-09 [ , ]

stovise citam sve vise razumem hvala puno

ID#3849 .B.,@ 2006-06-09 [ Pottstown, Pa]

I am curantly reading some neo-tech liturature and find it very thought provoking and thought enhancing in as far as I am being guided into a whole new way to think and process information. I do not wish to lose this opportunity to investigate, ingest, or formulate an oppinion concerning what I am learning, so far. Please don't stop this flow of information. Am excited about this new way to educate myself and am having too much fun rediscovering my excitement about learning new skills. Am an extreme novice in this area and have only just begun to scratch the surface of this iceberg of knowledge and I do not wish to stop untill the whole store of neo-tech knowledge is available to me. I remember as a young child in grade school joining a summer reading program at the library which introduced me to the wonders of the public library and thinking that I would like to read every book from A to Z in the library. Well, that enthusiasm is with me again and quite frankly, I would like to read every book Neo-tech has , from A to Z. Having acess to references here on the internet just teases my appetite for more to learn. I am currantly reding the neo-tech Inner Circle Of Secrets and I certainly wish to continue to build my own library of Neo-Tech liturature. Thank-you for this opportunity. Betty Litus- Pottstown Pa.

ID#3850 L.W., 2006-06-09 [ Studley, ]

Neo-Tech wrote to me and even though i am still reading and trying to understand all concepts, the content so far has made me think a lot more clearer.

ID#3851 k. ., 2006-06-09 [ fahaheel, 0]

How or where i can found the God-man book "Our Final Evolution" arabic ver.

ID#3854 D.A., 2006-06-09 [ Smithville, Mo]

Neo-Tech should and must remain on the web. Neo-Tech provides a vision like no other. It gives comfort to me to be able to see into the future of a possible good future. Most future predictions are depressing to say the least. Most futures depend on the particular unique god that you ascribe too. I want to be a part of a neo-tech future. Keep up the good work. Duane Anders

ID#3856 J.C., 2006-06-09 [ ELLINWOOD, KS]

new menber:need to read all about NEO-TECH and learn.

ID#3857 D. ., 2006-06-09 [ hanover, MD]


ID#3858 . ., 2006-06-09 [ , ]

I love this site. Leave it on.

ID#3860 F.D., 2006-06-10 [ Fort Pierce, FL]

I read some of the negative comments and I thought we were back at the witch trials that were promoted by the church.the so called Christans can't remember that'can they?(Thou shalt not kill?) Then what is this die neo-tech die thing,Give me a break; If they just would have read the book all the way through they would see that the universe is infinite with vast planets and other solar systems with many earth like qualities as our own. If there are other beings somewhere 'is God there God too? The whole concept of Religion just is not Logical.The book has been such an inspiration that my sister and I quit drinking! We have set many goals to a neo-tech productive future. We are awaiting the next two BOOKS for our next adventure.Is honesty an EVIL.. Quality? Is romance an EVIL.. pleasure? Is a producer for self and man-kind going to send us to HELL!!? WE WANT TO MEET OUR NEO-TECH FAMILY!

ID#3861 J.F., 2006-06-10 [ Flint, MI]

I need some help!! I am have a really tough time with some things. Is there anyone who can help me??

ID#3863 E.B., 2006-06-10 [ Vancouver, WA]

How do I get Neo Tech Literature?

ID#3864 H.P., 2006-06-10 [ , ]


ID#3865 H.P., 2006-06-10 [ chula vista , ca]


ID#3866 .R., 2006-06-10 [ Houston, Tx]

FANTASTIC!!!! Waiting for book three.

ID#3867 k. ., 2006-06-11 [ pinckney, mi]

Yes, I think it is beneficial to keep a website. I think having a website lets the presense of neo-tech be known. Many people are probably searching for this even if they don't know where to look yet.

ID#3868 k.p., 2006-06-11 [ manchester, ]

thank you for the neo tech discovery manuscript,

ID#3869 d.p., 2006-06-11 [ cochrane, wi]

Leave neo-tech of the web until most people are ready. As we have been to busy trying to run our lives, most are not willing to learn what it takes for us to stop ruining our lives. Leave neo-tech to us few that are curious enough to better our lives.

ID#3870 D.K., 2006-06-11 [ , ]

I recieved a letter in the mail and looked it up on the web. I love what I've read and have truly found my calling.

ID#3871 D.K., 2006-06-11 [ St. Augustine, Fl.]

I recieved a letter in the mail and looked it up on the web. I love what I've read and have truly found my calling.

ID#3872 J.L., 2006-06-11 [ Sutton, VT]

I was reading the posts on the FRW memorial site with Text -to-Speech software and noticed it reading the poster's email address. I looked at the source of the page and saw the email address written in the alt tag of the email icon image. Surely, MAKING POSTERS' EMAIL ADDRESS PUBLIC was not intentional. It seems like an oversight that can easily be repaired. I am very saddened by Frank Wallace's death and offer my condolences to his family. -John

ID#3873 J.A., 2006-06-12 [ Santiago, Chile]

Whatever money's any/no moral need, it's a contradict sym-bol that's as sooner & of now extremely free to be taken seriously by anyone like myself, so that I can at long last find & put my wife & -self in a supposed work position that was maybe always our most important goal as individual & a married couple, respectively, greetings:

ID#3874 M.A., 2006-06-12 [ Sidney, OH]

Neo-Tech helped me confirm alot of my thoughts and theories as well as give me direction. Thank You Neo-Tech

ID#3878 B.W., 2006-06-12 [ Alva, Oklahoma]

Neo-tech opens and expands the mind to larger possiblities... Where are others that understand that honesty, fully integrated is the greatest value? I want to exert maximum effort to find real natural happiness. I want to find them so I can share my values with them and grow strong together. Where?

ID#3879 V.C., 2006-06-12 [ Dundalk, MD]

There's no reason why NEO TECH should'nt be on the web or anywhere else It's truly amazing, it's like opening the third eye for the first time, The truth of the reality we live.

ID#3880 D.S., 2006-06-12 [ , ]

Unfortunately you have to take the good with the bad if you want a "free" nation. If you start picking and choosing what you want to hear or read, you become the pinko nazi conservative who has this country at the throat right now. Toleration isn't something we should have as a society, its what we must have if we want to be a society. If this process isn't what you want out of a nation then you must decide if you really are an American.

ID#3881 . ., 2006-06-12 [ , ]

How do I find any groups that may be meeting in my area? Please advise

ID#3882 . ., 2006-06-12 [ , ]

How do I find any groups that may be meeting in my area? Please advise

ID#3884 T.H., 2006-06-12 [ Hyattsville, MD]

Since the passing of Dr. Wallace that NEO-TECH continues to stay in business and remain on the web.

ID#3885 s. ., 2006-06-13 [ oberon, nsw]

i own 3 book and i can't stop i need more . life is ment to be good y do they hold back we can be god

ID#3886 C.D., 2006-06-13 [ Cusco, Cusco]

Estoy muy interesado en conocer acerca de Neotech. Espero que este sitio continue en la web, para los verdsderos buscadores del conocimiento. Gracias

ID#3887 N.E., 2006-06-13 [ Houston, Texas]

I only wish,I could help in some way to pass the word about neo-tech.I'm still having a little trouble getting the full benefit from what I've been reading.I wish someone would call and steer me in the right direction,713-631-0400 or 281-704-3679.I have a complete library of neo-tech literature,I've every thing at least once,even listen to the tape.I quess I'll have to start all over again,to make sure I understand the full meaning of the neo-tech discovery.Please call and get me going again.Someone who cares,Noel

ID#3889 R. ., 2006-06-13 [ Midwest City, Ok]

My hussband got the so called "secret" letter. So I went to yahoo and looked more into it. Shame on these people and like the saying goes God judges everyone. So they will have thier day as will the people involved with them.

ID#3892 R.C., 2006-06-13 [ Lenox Dale, MA]

I previously purchased your first manual, as well as the Neo-Tech World, I am curious to see if you have updated or revised any of your publications, to address the current issues we are facing, and the advent of changes in the global business world.

ID#3893 A.R., 2006-06-14 [ Long Beach, Ca]

As a member of the Society, I believe a Secret Society should not be on the web. The controversy that surrounds the Society could possibly cause bias attitudes in those talented few who may be seen and chosen by Society members as possessing a unique gift that could benefit The Society. Their thoughts could be infiltrated, become destructive and prevent their growth processes from negativity on the web.

ID#3894 E.S., 2006-06-14 [ Durham, n.C.]

ne-tech is the greatest book Iever read it open my eyes wide open

ID#3896 A.G.,@comcast,net 2006-06-14 [ , ]

I an enlightened, and pleased with someone else thinking logically. I was starting to wonder if I were the only one on earth really thinking.

ID#3897 C.G., 2006-06-14 [ Loveland, Co]

I have seen some wonderfull things in the past 68 years My father was killed when I was 2 years old that left a mark on Me. When I was in my teens I us to pray to our maker to help me. As I grow older he led me in many ways, if I needed any think I would think about it and then It come to me, so therefore I thank God as long as it was positave do no harm any thing He Has created, never had much Money growing up in the W W 2 years. Yes. Ive studed every religion as i was growing up the truth, Father Bransfield told me never quite seeking the answers will come to you and much more. Then it happened I got Married at 22years I was a work aholic trying to keep up with My wifes wonts as well as my on. It doese't work that way after the BIB D I joined the Army Sgt Apone compleation Basic traning can;t beat that civilion aquired skills did my time and got out while I was in this nice Lady came to Me seeking help I got Hon Dis got a Job in Northen Calif driving thru Loveland Stoped to visit friends went out on Blind Date Low in Be hold this was The Lady in My dreams. I got a Job Heavy equipment operator crans Dozers Back hows Etc Built MY House dident Have a dime. But it came to Me. You wont Belive this My two Dogs were Barking out side my bed room window standing there was a {Yetty Abominable snow man}No one knows what is on this Earth Got samples of Hes Dung for proof.Hes hight was around 7-6"to 8 feet tall Hes arms were almost to hes knees, Hes Feet in my garden 18"long 8"wide point 4"on heal est weight was 800 lbs depth of impresion in hard ground.I couldn't tell anyone the first thing they would say is nuts Or they would have a hunting party and shot Him, Then shortly after that a white Bluish color Gostly form was in the house,I call my gardion angle keeps apearing. every 6 month or so. Someone trying to come across I say Be it the will of God Go to Heaven What else Oh Yes around 10:30pm the Dogs in the

ID#3899 A. ., 2006-06-14 [ Thornton Heath, surrey]

I have read book 1 & 2 of neo-tech information and am interested in knowing more about what books comes after book 2. I still consider myself as a student of neo-tech but I am working on my mini-days and hope it works. Thanks

ID#3900 R.D., 2006-06-14 [ Melboune, Vic.]

Only just now have we found out about Dr. Walles's Accident.We are both in a schock and can not find words to express our sorrow. We are relative new members and hope his wonderful work will go on to teach the world. Neo-Tech has changed our life's. Rod D.

ID#3901 . ., 2006-06-14 [ , ]

Information should be free...

ID#3902 J. ., 2006-06-14 [ sarasota , fl]

WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. FREEDOM of SPEECH. Seems to me that Neo-Tech needs a good attorney plan. PPD listed NYSE

ID#3903 D. ., 2006-06-14 [ , ]

"Its your thang, do what you wanna do. I can't tell ya, who to Knock it to." James Brown Why is every body so afraid of enlightenment?

ID#3904 D.R., 2006-06-14 [ Rockford, 61102]

I received a letter inviting me to send for the free 52 page secrets of the society. I mailed the form today. I was looking for the book by Mark Hamilton on Amazon. This inquiry sent me to your website. I have read a good deal of it. It is now part of favorite sites. So Yes it should remain on the Web.

ID#3906 w.h., 2006-06-14 [ , ]

I was told that i have a secret admire at neo-tech, mayby im ignorant or just dont understand what that is but i assummed a woman. mayby its another way to get me to read your book. and what do you mean you have looked at my profile. why was i accepted? by the way you have my vote and many others

ID#3907 w.h., 2006-06-14 [ union, mo]

I was told that i have a secret admire at neo-tech, mayby im ignorant or just dont understand what that is but i assummed a woman. mayby its another way to get me to read your book. and what do you mean you have looked at my profile. why was i accepted? by the way you have my vote and many others

ID#3908 w.h., 2006-06-14 [ union, mo]

how do i meet a neo-tech woman

ID#3909 w.h., 2006-06-14 [ union, mo]

how do i meet a neo-tech woman

ID#3910 O.G., 2006-06-14 [ Detroit, MI]

Finally, everything i was suspicious of was brought out into the light. Thank you for all the answers that i knew were out there. The best thing is knowing i am not alone in searching for the truth. I always wondered why my religion being organized as long as they have been doesnt have real answers. Thank you Dr. Wallace.

ID#3913 M.X., 2006-06-14 [ , CO]

Very nice site. We enjoyed it.

ID#3914 a. ., 2006-06-14 [ , CO]


ID#3915 M.G., 2006-06-15 [ New Freedom, PA]

I have been going through my book, and I find it interesting. I am very dissapointed though, that my life has only gotten financially worse then before I got it. If I am in the Society, and you all have so much money, then instead of chargeing someone with the talents that I supposedly have for more material, why cant you help me out??? My husband and I have 4 small children, support my parents and my grandmother, and we are about to lose our house. We need money, and you have it, so have a heart and help someone in need.

ID#3916 s. ., 2006-06-15 [ , ]

you will be punished lord majin is coming for you and he will destroy you wallace evil see false evil you will be eliminated.

ID#3917 . ., 2006-06-15 [ , ]


ID#3918 C.W.,@AOL.COM 2006-06-15 [ FRANKFORT, KY]


ID#3920 A. ., 2006-06-16 [ atlanta, ga]

Everything i have learned is true. also all that negetive stuff the cheaters say isn,t i know so much so is indeed the truth and if the facts is in your face then how do people deny it?

ID#3922 R.B., 2006-06-16 [ Port Angeles , WA]

This an enlightenment for me. However the concepts is slowly singking in me and I can see the battle of the die hard multitudes (Religious people and career Politicians are much against the concepts of Neo-Tech. It does threatened their way of life.!)

ID#3923 R.B., 2006-06-16 [ Port Angeles , WA]

This an enlightenment for me. However the concepts is slowly singking in me and I can see the battle of the die hard multitudes (Religious people and career Politicians are much against the concepts of Neo-Tech. It does threatened their way of life.!)

ID#3924 L. ., 2006-06-16 [ , ]

I was definately impressed at first until I saw how patiarchally biased this account of history actually is. There is not enough accurate information on the contribution of the goddess cultures to technology and civilization. This information, like most ill-informed research, is male dominated and therefore has left out important parts of Western civilization's historical data that would give its reader a more accurate record of what actually happened. Aren't you tired of inaccuracies in your history? Please revise your narrative and this would be an important website

ID#3931 G.W., 2006-06-16 [ East Stroudsburg, PA]

I haven't read everything yet but it looks excellent!

ID#3932 O.G., 2006-06-16 [ Detroit, MI]

Neo-Tech, As a child growing up i was always searching for answers. I knew something wasnt right. I was an alter boy and my family was a very devoted catholic family. After learning about all the miracles Jesus christ got credit for and knowing that Jesus said we ALL have the ability to perform miracles and that we just need to have more faith, i knew then that something was wrong. If we were made with such power why havent we as a humanity tried to learn it? Its not logical that the Roman Catholics have been studying the bible generation after generation and have come up with no real ways to harness that power, i thought, either they are hiding something, or there is lies and deceit. I have always been very mystical and very intrigued by this. I tried to learn how to control my mind and use it as a tool to become knowledgeable in the realm of mysticism. I read about Carlos Castaneda and i was learning a little bit more about mysticism. Im not gonna write about all the knowledge i have gained and what i believe to be merely different interpretations from different people about the same thing. What i would like to write about is that Neo-Tech came into my life and me being a person who was searching for answers received Neo-Tech and read it with caution. I should write about all the awards and acomplishments i have achieved in my life, about my IQ and my mathematician skills only to better credit my opinion about Neo-Tech but i know that those who know about Neo-Tech like me really dont need anyone to asure them about the Validity of Neo-tech. Finally i have gotten real answers. I know deep inside myself that Dr. Wallace was like me, searching for truth and i also know without a shadow of a doubt that Neo-Tech is NOT evil but simply a quest for honest answers. I am very sad to know that Dr. wallace has passed away. I am angry at our anti-civilization for being the responsible "murderers." Dr. Wallace is my first true hero. I am 28 years old and will, for the rest of my life, continue in Dr.Wallaces steps. I was in complete poverty when i read my first Neo-Tech literature. Now i have the knowledge to become wealthy and step out of stagnation. Financial security is my first step to the road that Wallace paved for me then i will have more resources to continue in this quest for honest answers. Together we stand, divided we fall. I am looking forward to meeting new people who share my journey in the Neo-Tech highway. Osbaldo "Ozzie" Gomez

ID#3936 R.T., 2006-06-17 [ Norah Head, NSW]


ID#3937 N.M., 2006-06-17 [ JERSEY CITY, NJ]


ID#3938 p. ., 2006-06-17 [ rehoboth beach, delaware]

I'm new too the world of neo-tech I'm still studying the means for which neo-tech started and belive me when I say to you I am glad someone in my life time also belives the way I was brought up to by my father we never were rich in monie but you couldnot put a price tag on love our family had for one another for you see this is how I was brought up life itself is family not monie owe I know thatg on earth you need monie to exist but as long as we have people like neo-tech we will someday live the type of lives we were meant to live

ID#3939 K.M., 2006-06-17 [ Newnan, GA]

Never remove this site on the Web. It is eye opener. Thanks.

ID#3940 b.b., 2006-06-17 [ Kamloops , B.C.]

Being a skeptical mistical newcomer to the neo tech way of thinking, after reading several of your books, you've got my attention. Now i dont want you to think that i'm reaching out for external guidance, but it sure would be nice to talk to a person.... say maybe.. this mentor that sent me a letter a while back. If thats possible.. great.. if not.. i guess that i'll just keep reading.

ID#3941 b.b., 2006-06-17 [ Kamloops , B.C.]

Being a skeptical mistical newcomer to the neo tech way of thinking, after reading several of your books, you've got my attention. Now i dont want you to think that i'm reaching out for external guidance, but it sure would be nice to talk to a person.... say maybe.. this mentor that sent me a letter a while back. If thats possible.. great.. if not.. i guess that i'll just keep reading.

ID#3944 L.T., 2006-06-18 [ New York, N.Y]

The greatest authentic information on Religion in our Life time. Thanks. LT

ID#3945 A.R., 2006-06-18 [ Biloxi, MS]

My wife purchsed a book fron Mr. Kevin Troudeau and a literature came with it. I like to know more about your organization before joining. I would join, but cash is tight. My wife is very ill and my son is going to college. Your organization sounds very interesting, and after reading the negatives and positive on the net, it is my conclusion in our time it is necessary to have organizations like yours to give us realistic point of views about life in general, without bias.

ID#3946 J.W., 2006-06-18 [ Pringle Pringle , SD]

Business and Science through wide-scope integration and self-leadership is definately our future. We will prevail.

ID#3947 J.W., 2006-06-18 [ Pringle Pringle , SD]

Business and Science through wide-scope integration and self-leadership is definately our future. We will prevail. Neo-Tech should by all means remain on the web. JK, SD

ID#3948 A.A., 2006-06-18 [ Interlaken, BE]

Witch comment shall I send the one from yesterday, today, or tomorrow’s ?.

ID#3952 H.K., 2006-06-19 [ , ]

I love the empowering information I have received so far from the Neo-Tech books.

ID#3956 I.R.,@YAHOOO.COM 2006-06-19 [ ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL]


ID#3960 j. ., 2006-06-19 [ , ]

Reading your "ideas" makes me feel furious. There always will be people like you, but with a lot of luck, you guys will be less and less...keep writing....keep letting people know you...and keep us decide that you are the kind of people We all dont want... I hope never read you again (but hope others can, so they reject you as I did) bye now!

ID#3961 R.L., 2006-06-19 [ Eureka , CA]

I find my Neo-Tech awareness bittersweet. It is exhilirating to look out at the world with new hope & confidence yet frustrating to see so many good people still trapped in the bicameral mentality. However, I have a firm resolve against neocheating: I will teach as many as I can of the amazing life-lifting concepts of Neo-Tech. Thanks for sharing your brilliance with me. Sincerely, Ryan L. Buchanan

ID#3967 R.D., 2006-06-20 [ George, South Africa]

Dear Sir/Madam I read three of your books.I think we should start a international Neo-Tech school for our kids.Every one in the world needs the facts. Neo-Tech is the future.On behalf of my company I would like to thank you. Your concepts make me a rich man.From:

ID#3970 J.H., 2006-06-20 [ Portland, OR]

This is Joseph Huffman, Nouveau Tech Society Member # 0211804976 My book arrived yesterday afternoon.

ID#3976 M.H., 2006-06-21 [ Mays Landing, n.j.]

Neo-Tech gives you a new way of thinking! It also gives you a new way of acting!

ID#3978 i.k., 2006-06-21 [ long beach, ca]

very interesting

ID#3983 j. ., 2006-06-21 [ Brooklyn, NY]


ID#3986 G.N., 2006-06-22 [ Petaling Jaya, Selangor]

I am free of all these mysticism, religious dogmas, etc. I like neo-tech and feel sorry for the passing of the great Frank Wallace. I first got a copy of zonpower many years ago when I was residing in New Hampshire as student and employee later before returning to Malaysia. Do you have a short and straight guide to wealth-abbundance,romance,etc? What about the book "Earth's First Immortals.?" Is it ready?

ID#3988 L.E., 2006-06-22 [ DePere, WI]

The truth must stay in the open, so stay on the web! I have read the first two of the three book series. You sent an invitation to a close friend of mine (we are closer than blood brothers). We decided to pool our money and read your writings. I have read the first two as stated above and have come to basically the same conclusions that are in your books. If you can, sign me up! Thanks for confirming what I have found through my own reseach.

ID#3990 C.T., 2006-06-22 [ Shreveport, LA]

Stay on the web and continue your work. Is it any surprise at all that holy-rollers, as we call them here in the south, refer to themselves as SHEEP!

ID#3993 n.j., 2006-06-22 [ milwaukee, wi]

well i ordered this book because of the letter i received in the mail since then i've lost my family and my car,but i have obtained a pretty nice job but my babyma left me so im not happy but really i only take what i want from it.

ID#3994 n.j., 2006-06-22 [ milwaukee, wi]

well i ordered this book because of the letter i received in the mail since then i've lost my family and my car,but i have obtained a pretty nice job but my babyma left me so im not happy but really i only take what i want from it.

ID#3995 D.R., 2006-06-23 [ Canyon Country, CA]

I use learnings from the Book everyday in Life and Business.

ID#3998 L.J., 2006-06-23 [ Chicago, ILL]

Its been 5 years, i've known about Neo -Tech, and i have order several copies of Dr Wallace books.2 books i order and payed For over $100.00 dollars, gotten stolen before i could every read them, The discovery and the edition before discovery, I order them living in Califorina,back in2002 2003,2004 my address was 2611 Jefferson street,#Apt(G)Carlsbad CA, i forgoten my old zip- code,this was so sad because i never gotten to read them after paying so much money, for those books, postal crime in califorina is very bad.

ID#4000 W.M., 2006-06-23 [ Tybee Island, Ga.]

I'm new to this but it has changed my way of thinking, the mimi days work.

ID#4004 A.D., 2006-06-23 [ , ]

I'm still waiting for mine I'm due my neo tech brothers Its been ten years !

ID#4005 A.D., 2006-06-23 [ silver city, nm]

I'm still waiting for mine I'm due my neo tech brothers Its been ten years !

ID#4006 M.F., 2006-06-23 [ Guilford, CT]

I was used, abused and lied to by a christen leader. There are way to many wolves in sheeps clothing for all the different religions in the world. I'm all for learning how to prevent others from hurting and using me and others.

ID#4010 B.E., 2006-06-23 [ Phoenix, Az]

Remove Me from your mailing list i do not want your products.

ID#4011 s.r., 2006-06-23 [ belchertown, ma]

I recently was solicited to purchase the neo tech transcriptes, I believe that I sent away for this several years ago, I can't quite remember the out come ,but I think I recieved the info and never did any thing with it, I recall finding the material hard to understand, any way perhaps I just wasn't ready at the time, So here it is several years later and I am truly ready for this, I beleive in everything on your web site and want to be a part of the changing ways,keep me informed. Thanks ,Stacia

ID#4014 A.W., 2006-06-24 [ DeFuniak Springs, FL]

Yes - I would like this site to remain on the Web. I received the offer in the mail from Neo-Tech, but I began buying books on my own. Now I can't find copies of The First Immortals on the web (I told some friends - but am now hesitant to lend my copy out). I am new so I haven't been thru the site to see what is available - I have a lot of questions. I may be lucky in that one of the sellers that I purchased a book from may correspond some with me. I'll have to see.

ID#4015 c. ., 2006-06-24 [ , ]

What can I say the book is a mind opening, most people where working so hard to earn yet, they remain the same.If you let the money work for you, there's always a different result.I must admit I'm one of those coward when it comes to business and making value creation coz maybe due to stagnation trap that happened to me for such a long time. Anyway The uniqueness of the book impresses me coz of the writers ability to compile knowledge not available to ordinary people, It's true a person who think the negative aspect of life will definitely end up a loser, most of the time.Well for those ignorant people who didn't understand the concept,Just open their mind and Learn.

ID#4016 h.t., 2006-06-24 [ melbourne, vic]

I have purchased the book god man about ten years ago andIam amazed how much that has ben written than has become reality I always hoped that Neo Tech would become a major party to govern our world.

ID#4020 J.L., 2006-06-24 [ Fort Myers,, FL]

Very valuable thinking.

ID#4023 m. ., 2006-06-24 [ , ]

I think this site is a great idea, its amazing that all the negative comments are made by religious people, oh, and basically all of them insult neotech, jesus, what is their problem, i mean youre only telling it how it is, and i totally side with the people who wrote positive comments, their comments were nice and uninsulting, its a shame i cant say the same for the religious people on the negative comments page, theyre rude and ignorant.

ID#4024 c.f., 2006-06-24 [ Brooklyn, newyork]

718 218 7394

ID#4026 . ., 2006-06-24 [ , ]

this is from member #nc10 1144-4493 as a member i need to know NAMES not titles only, confidential reports; so confiedential i am not even being told what is in this report about meself. The thought that even a someone had selected me to join your organ. was kept secret. why? Whar I want is -honesty. To prove to me how honest you are have your leader call me at 661-273-0959. Hey leave a message at least. oh, yea, your arrisned me a mentor. Big deal that person only talked about theirself no name again. What gives? So sent me info with names and give me a call jerme

ID#4027 J.D., 2006-06-24 [ Tucson, AZ]

I think it is one of the best books ever DR Wallace is the best

ID#4028 T.A.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-06-24 [ MASON, TEXAS]


ID#4029 I.F., 2006-06-25 [ beverley, SA]

Oh my god, if there is anyone who makes any judgement about this book and its power has a. never read it or b. doesnt deserve to evolve with the rest of us.

ID#4030 D. ., 2006-06-25 [ orangevale, ca]

I find your content very compelling!

ID#4032 W.C., 2006-06-25 [ Elmhurst, NY]

I purchased two books that was issued for me to read, with the antisapation that the third would be offered for me the purchase. After reading the first two books I felt that I already know and understood the information already. I am surprise to find out that what I felt for 30 years is now written in a book. Although having the knownledge has not help.I feel trapped by the fools running the world around me. Unforntunely money is power and I having been able to figure out how to get rich yet in a honest way. I am hoping that the third book will some how give me knowledge that I have never seen before. I always thought it was my duty to save the world from it self. I always figured I would win the lottery which would start me on my road. I would appreicate your input. Please keep in mind that general advise is not excepable to me. Neo Tech Society sort me out. I feel it is thier responsiblies to help me find my way. I plan on living a emtremely long live and would like my life to be extremely productive to the human race. I know you did not except a letter l like this. Please forword this letter to the person whom seek my out. Put the pieces of the puzzle together and you will know whom sent me the information.

ID#4033 J.V., 2006-06-25 [ Yucca Valley, CA]

I have purchased and read both "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets" and "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner Circle Secrets" which was sent to me on April 7, 2006. I have NOT received any more correspondence from you since then. Is there a reason? The Numbers above my name on the letter within the second book are as follows: Above my name: 000000347 In the center above: NC# NC10 0986-2433 BN06

ID#4036 R.t., 2006-06-25 [ Spokane , washington]

Hello all could I get someone to answer questions for me? How do they find you? Who is watching you? Is this a religion or a cult? Is this like Scientology

ID#4037 R.t., 2006-06-25 [ Spokane , washington]

Hello all could I get someone to answer questions for me? How do they find you? Who is watching you? Is this a religion or a cult? Is this like Scientology

ID#4038 J. ., 2006-06-25 [ Auburn, NY]

I need to be involved in the new Civilization. I have the manuscripts, the first immortals, the NT system. I have to see how I can help.

ID#4042 D.B., 2006-06-26 [ , ]

I managed to ready your boring tomb, in the hope that somewhere in it you would reveal the information you promised in your sales literature, it never happened! I really do not see the point, I have one word for this book... It's not offensive, I was never offended, it's disappointing! Perhaps you sent me the wrong book, but there is nothing in this that lives up to the promises made in the sales literature, you ought to be sued for false selling!

ID#4046 C.P., 2006-06-26 [ Duarte, CA]

I cannot thank NTP for confirming many of my self reached conclusions concerning religion and government. I was unable to honestly see the common denonmenator-- mysticism. I was a "mystical" person that was dissatisfied with the "unreality" of it all, but constantly searched for answers from external authorities. No MORE. I look forward to the opportunity to distribut NT literature and art. I no longer have any fear of what will happen in the future. I take responsibility for it. I somehow knew that I might experience eternal life, and I don't mean after death. I am no longer convinced that wealth only comes from neocheating as I was beginning to believe. In 2000, before my exposure to NT, I voluntarily gave up the practice of law because of its common thread of blatant dishonesty. I noticed the low self esteem in most lawyers, now I can articulate the cause. I now welcome the negative emotion I experience each time a person asks me how could I have given up being a lawyer. I also tried to teach but could not honestly support conditioning innocent children for a stagnated and specialized life. I do miss the integrated thinking I recognized in a few of my algebra and geometry students. It somehow gave me hope. Now I know why. I look forward to NT schools. I am now seeking out opportunities for living jobs. I have always suspected that knowing and experiencing the nitty gritty of a business was the way to success, but I was unaware of examples of the hard worker moving up. It was my father's experience. My growth has continuously been stiffled by intimidated and lazy managers. I am often "overqualified" for entry level positions, though I express an interest to learn and progress. I suspect it is hard for people to trust an ex trial lawyer (tort). I have specialized knowledge in law and real estate and real life experience as a self taught entreprenuer. I currently have a mortgage business, but work is slow. I appreciate suggestions in locating living jobs. Until then, I will begin creating. To Integrated Honesty, Prosperity and Romantic Love Christopher P. NC10 1173-7781

ID#4047 C. ., 2006-06-26 [ Duarte, CA]

This is my second post today. I just finished reading the negative comments. I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but who noticed how violent and filthy all the people were who spoke in the name of god? Not one offered any help. Up until reading this I was so motivated cause I realized that these principles ultimately benefit everyone. I wanted to share share share. Right now I am experiencing strange emotions. I had forgotten how much people actually are pleased with the way life is. The worst part is, I recognized the breeding environment for death and destruction. No wonder it is so easy for a despot to rise. He just could damn US and all those people who feel so strongly against NT, would willfully and readily murder us. I am thinking about Dr. Wallace. I feel like I need protection from Holy people.

ID#4050 J. ., 2006-06-27 [ , ]

I find it humorous that people are so afraid of this site. I also understand why they're afraid. I think the ideas expressed here are valuable. If someone disagrees, they don't have to visit this site. It's time for a change, a positive one. Getting heads out of the sand sounds like a good start to me. I read the negative comments. There is much ignorance and hate to expose and dispose of. People have gone so far in delusion that they no longer even care about their behavior, no longer care about keeping up the facade. They don't mind behaving like cave men, like animals. Yes, this site needs to remain.

ID#4051 J.K., 2006-06-27 [ Belleville, IL]

I have read most of the the books you sent to me. It has a lot of just common sense to the idea. Since I started reading the books I have started a home base business in network marketing. It has been going good but I have not yet made the success I want yet. I believe it will happen soon. I just need to aply all the info and use it. Since I have been reading books i have also went to reading self help books and tapes also. My life is starting to change for the better. Thanks Joe Klohr PS I do have the literature but you sent me 2 copies of the second book, I am not quite done with the second book and will be looking to return the second copy to get the third book.

ID#4052 T.H., 2006-06-27 [ Nicosia, Dhali]

Just qurios for what about is that material and wondering if they work as it is say so.

ID#4054 . ., 2006-06-27 [ , ]

I just received unasked ofr and Unwanted mail Please unsubscribe me, thankyou I have also retuned unwanted items mailed to me

ID#4064 S.S., 2006-06-27 [ Texas City, Tx]

After reading some of the negative comments on this web site I gained a greater understanding of why it is so important to get the word out to intelligent open minded people about neo-tech. They just help you to prove your point that religious zelots want every free thinker dead. yes I think you should leave this web site up, negative comments and all.

ID#4065 L.E., 2006-06-27 [ Eltham, Victoria]

I have a manuscript of the Neo-Tech Discovery, I'm not sure how it found me. I am currently in a black hole, depressed and fearful of life, neo-tech makes lots of promises.I'd like to believe it could help.

ID#4067 A.R., 2006-06-28 [ Bailey , NC]

Neo-Tech has been the most crutial tool in my life. I was born and raised in a Very strict Christian environment. From as far back as I can remember I have always been curious of lifes little mysteries, and the workings of the world. And the answer to all of those questions have always been "pray about it, have faith." How ignorant of an answer! At the lowest point in my life I received my first piece of Neo-Tech literature, and my life has dramatically been changed for the good. Thank you all! Please don't take Neo-Tech off the internet! Allen R.

ID#4068 . ., 2006-06-28 [ , ]

Sto Vise Tobolje Dase Overtaizuje Na Internet\\ izvinite ovo je jugoslovenski jezik ako neko razume verujem da ima ko razume dobiosam kjigu od vas na ovom jeziku.Pozdravljam sve ko ovo cita.

ID#4070 G.K., 2006-06-28 [ Northport, New York]

I have been given some literature by a close friend and have pofitted mentally greatly from it. I am beginning to implement it within all facets of my life and look forward to every new dayYou should keep the site open for those who might be directed here, but more importantly for those that might stumble across it! Grant

ID#4073 E.m., 2006-06-28 [ Jacksonville, 32257]

I belive that people should know the truth...honesty

ID#4077 E.C., 2006-06-28 [ north miami beach , Florida]

neo tech will help me in all situations in life it all started when I recieved a letter in the mail - I ordered 2 books - I am still reading the valuable information - How? did you folks know I would agree with this information? I do! I have a simple job in a produce store checking and weighing produce for customers - it pays very little I work with great people and co workers. i use neo tech philosohy every day - this is how i get through it - I am happy in all aspects - but I really would like to earn more money! I have no experience owning my own business - I work for a beautiful independently owned "mom and pop" store here in Miami. this store has been in business for 55 years! The gentleman who owns this business is wise and honest. He runs a good shop! One day I would like to work at home with my computer. until then I will continue to work and be happy at my job. thank you for all the very valuable information learned so far. I purchased 2 books from "Neo-Tech" best books i have ever read! I haven't completely read all of the 2 books - I so agree with the information I read so far! thank you Eleni in Florida email is

ID#4078 A.C., 2006-06-28 [ charlotte, nc]


ID#4080 A.A., 2006-06-29 [ Portsmouth , Va.]

I have 5 of your neo tech books. I feel there is something that I'm over looking in self to truly gain the knowledge and concept of the neo tech world. I'm working hard on that answer. I was wandering if it could be done to like write a strong manual, like a 21 page manual that is a honest eye opener to gain a quick and better way ,more to the neo tech world of knowledge and honesty. A lot of people today don't have enough time to read big books these days. So to have things eye opening to awaken the zon power within can open up to what's really going on here in life all in it self. We must keep Mr.Frank R.Wallace dreams alive and well. Thank you Alesa Collins

ID#4081 A.A., 2006-06-29 [ Portsmouth , Va.]

I have 5 of your neo tech books. I feel there is something that I'm over looking in self to truly gain the knowledge and concept of the neo tech world. I'm working hard on that answer. I was wandering if it could be done to like write a strong manual, like a 21 page manual that is a honest eye opener to gain a quick and better way ,more to the neo tech world of knowledge and honesty. A lot of people today don't have enough time to read big books these days. So to have things eye opening to awaken the zon power within can open up to what's really going on here in life all in it self. We must keep Mr.Frank R.Wallace dreams alive and well. Thank you Alesa Collins

ID#4082 A.J., 2006-06-29 [ Orlando, FL]

im a reader of books one and two and the son of a minister, im 23, i feel completly happy with my new vistions and freedom and im no longer tormented. The mental pain i indoored as a child and the reason why has angered me beond words can discribe. I feel very powerfull but im am haveing a hard time makeing the transition i so despreitly need. Its taking longer than i would like, please help, book 3, my mentor, something. opening your eyes from the dynamicis of a cosmic fake reality is a huge undertakeing i slip back and forth. All i can say is thank you.

ID#4085 W.S., 2006-06-29 [ Tybee Island, Ga.]

I can't find the sites for employment, I am a florist and would love to hire someone with Neo Tech ethics.

ID#4087 J. ., 2006-06-29 [ Blaine, MN.]

I have no comments LOVE YOUR BOOKS.

ID#4088 P.C., 2006-06-29 [ McKinney, TX]

I have been reading the Neo-Tech litertature for several months and have found it to be insightful, thought provoking, empowering, and controversial. The Neo-tech approach to religion (Jesus' teaching in particular) and government mirror the beliefs that I have had for many years. I am glad that The Neo-Tech Society has taken the lead in putting these thoughts and insights into written form and very happy that this website exists. Please keep up the good work.

ID#4089 K. ., 2006-06-29 [ , ]

I must say.. it is quite amusing how the christians use so much profanity and filth in their language, then in the same breath, call on the name of their version of "God". How is this the "god of love" that they preach about and use to condemn all of humanity that does not see the world through the same limited vision as theirs?

ID#4090 J.S., 2006-06-29 [ Lincoln City, OR]

At this time, I am waiting for my 2nd book. Just thought I'd look and see what about Neo-Tech I could find on the Web, just to see what I could find. I didn't really KNOW there was a web-site, except for the "hint" that some of my first 'meetings' would be conducted via Web Chat. When reading some of those Negative Comments, I was nearly ILL to see all that CLOSED-MINDEDNESS. The more of those I saw, the MORE I believe Neo-Tech is TRUTH. I got the "light-bulb" of the analogy of the Movie, "THE MATRIX", just before the Word "Matrix", AND the analogy OF the movie, THE MATRIX, started actually showing up in my reading of Neo-Tech. (!) That ALSO opened my eyes.

ID#4091 C.S., 2006-06-30 [ Vicksburg, MS]

I can't say I agree with 100% of what you print, but I do like your approach and perspective

ID#4093 P.W., 2006-06-30 [ APO , AE]

Neo-tech has been a life saver.I know longer depend on external forces to guide my life.It allow me to see thur the fog of mysticism and political scheme used to control you. Neo-tech's honest rational approach to life permits us to take charge of life's occaions and puts you in the driver seat to create something thought of as impossible under an Anti-Civilization culture.

ID#4095 A.C., 2006-06-30 [ charlotte, nc]

I think you Neo-Tech is the best thing that happenedm to mankind. Can you email me some information on how to order reading materials from you.

ID#4098 M.H., 2006-06-30 [ Skyland, NC]

Neo-Tech is definately an incredible discovery; Within minutes of reading "The Book", I felt an intense "tingle" within, almost as though a veil of deceit had been lifted from me, prompting a strange sort of natural high... and the more that I read, the faster my mind seemed to function, as if a virus was slowly being removed. To anybody new to this: Please approach with an open mind and read before criticizing. It may be just what you're looking for.

ID#4100 r.f., 2006-06-30 [ rehoboth, de.]

I've read a few books in my life but nothing like the bookm.h. wrote all I can say is thankyou for the oppertiny to have been able to have read it

ID#4101 r.f., 2006-06-30 [ rehoboth, de]

I've been ready some of the negtive verse the postive remarks about neo-tech. and let me relay this message, this society we live in today is one of great disution and doubt I really don't belive ther is any hope for it,Ido belive that m.h writeings are very true but because of the timeing well I really don't think this sick society we live in today'whyat with the system we now have in place in are so called goverment and the way are lives are made to conform to it, it's time for a chance and I really do belive it,sgoing to happen this world of are's is coming to a end, it has already been proveing by some of the greats scienist in the world,It will come by way of globeal warming the big boys are just to busy destroying the world they just won't listen to mother nature,s warning,s thankyou. peppe

ID#4102 . ., 2006-06-30 [ , ]


ID#4104 . ., 2006-06-30 [ , ]

hvala puno na objasnjenju vise citam sve mise vise uci

ID#4105 J. ., 2006-06-30 [ Fortuna, Ca.]

All I would like to say, is that there IS INDEED a higher power, because I have seen it in person, and I WAS NOT dead at the time. I was wide awake and talking to it.

ID#4108 j.s., 2006-06-30 [ orlando, fl]

my name is jami strahan, my husband is jason strahan. i am asking you to please write him at po box 568181 orlando, fl 32856 and please tell him to not abandon his family, you are the only ones he will listen to. please he left us in march, please, i won't give him any false guilt and i will support his decision to follow this society. please write him and tell him his family is an important value. i love this man, we were together for 6 years, we have 2 children. i want him in our lives. please do what you can, please! thank you. jami strahan.

ID#4109 R.h., 2006-07-01 [ oak Island, nc]

I need the third book afterThe Nouveau Tech Package of Inner Circle Secrets. I think I have paid in advance for it. Thank you Rhe helms

ID#4110 J.P., 2006-07-01 [ Malden, 02148]

Not a bad concept, but needs some tweaking. Honesty, Awareness, and responsibility make up the truine of higher evolved beings, but to connect with your highest power and realize you are a spirit in a human body is the goal of everyone. I think you should add that somewhere.. I like your business minded approach and ending authority. I hope one day it'll be a reality..

ID#4113 . ., 2006-07-01 [ , ]


ID#4114 D.W., 2006-07-01 [ Randwick, NSW]

All should be free to express their ideas as long as they don't prejudice or hurt anyone. Neo-tech has many interesting theories and ideas which seem to be an honest attempt to improve the human condition. I strongly concur with your opinions regarding the ongoing frauds of politics and organised religion. I fully support Neo-Tech remaining on the web as it promotes a free exchange of ideas, which ultimately should be the purpose of the internet.

ID#4115 C. ., 2006-07-01 [ Midwest City,, OK.]

I Think You Should Remain On The Website, Because You Gave Me The Confidence In Wanting To Start My Own Business Through Reading Your Books. I believe You Can Help Others Through Your Website. Sincerely, Charles Frank

ID#4116 P.M., 2006-07-01 [ Floral Park, NY]

Of course ... within the realm of human discourse, every belief system has it's rightful place. If hateful, venemous Islamic sites pervade the Internet, certainly this should remain

ID#4117 J.F., 2006-07-01 [ Marble Falls, TX]

How or whare do I find out about the books from Neo-Tech

ID#4118 R.N., 2006-07-01 [ albany, ny]

I purchased the first 2 heirlooms last year as a result of the mailing from Grove City,OH and am almost half way through the second one. One of the letters you sent me stated that the secret society meetings were now to be held on the internet. Well, at 41 years old I finally own my first computer and just recently am on the internet for the first time. My member # is NC10 0660-7519. I don't know who this message actually gets to, but if you would be kind enough to pass my deep gratitude on to Dr. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton among others for making this information available to me, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been self-employed for 14 years with my "one cart" floor cleaning business. I knew I was doing the right thing although I never seem to get ahead. The trouble I'm having right now is discovering my Friday Night Essence, so I can take off and make my life what it should be, not what it is. It is a work in progress to be sure, but I know that I am on the right path. On October 22, 2005 I received a letter from my mentor at the Secret Society. Naturally I am not aware of their identity yet, but if they could be notified of this correspondence then again I would be grateful. Thanks again!

ID#4119 V. ., 2006-07-01 [ , ]

They pray on the weak minded and the ignorant. People that don't believe in God are the ones that have never seen the proof of his existance. And the fact is that they never will. Why would they think they get to "see" Jesus? It's called faith and belief.

ID#4121 M.V., 2006-07-01 [ Stone Mountain, Ga]

THIS is my first time on your web site.I enjoyed reading everything about making a successful business.I have the Nouveau Tech Orientation boolet.I got it August the 13,2005 .I will like to purchase the Nouveau Tech Discovery book. could you send me some information to my home in the mail on how to get it?Thank you.

ID#4122 M.V., 2006-07-01 [ Stone Mountain, Ga]

THIS is my first time on your web site.I enjoyed reading everything about making a successful business.I have the Nouveau Tech Orientation boolet.I got it August the 13,2005 .I will like to purchase the Nouveau Tech Discovery book. could you send me some information to my home in the mail on how to get it?Thank you.

ID#4124 . ., 2006-07-02 [ , ]

what a lot of misguided nonsense George Bush is a war criminal and so is clinton I hope that the author of this nonsense knows better now as he is with god

ID#4126 W.J., 2006-07-02 [ Florence, MS]

very interesting information

ID#4129 j.f., 2006-07-03 [ albuquerque, nm]

I would love to get my letter and became a devoted member of the nouveau society...

ID#4131 J.S.,@aol 2006-07-03 [ West Linn, OR]

The information is awsome.

ID#4133 M.A., 2006-07-03 [ Portland, Or]

Neocheaters are not going down without a fight; Neo-Tech offers a different approach to the age old problems of greed. It has been difficult to become successful, because everyone has an agenda. Now I have in hand my second installment and the 10 second miracle is not obvious yet, I do not give up easily. Neo-Tech is helping me to identify the areas of upstream focus that has blocked my prosperity for many years. Thank You for the new optimism M. Albert

ID#4136 E.F., 2006-07-03 [ , ]

The book Nouveau Tech Secret Society Discovery was given to me on a temporary basis to read. It was given to me by a friend who in fact bought this book. She has not read the book, however I finished it. It has opened my eyes, I have awakend from my slumber, I can no longer lie to myself. After reading this beauty, I surfed the net and found you. Please stay on the net.

ID#4137 n.h., 2006-07-03 [ n. wildwood, nj]

I went on the web and came across your site.

ID#4139 a.b., 2006-07-04 [ felton, de]

best books ever printed. I would grateful to lay eyes on the third book!

ID#4140 a.s., 2006-07-04 [ atlanta, ga]

All my life i have been lieing to myself and to my farther that i didnt believe in god. i always asked myself why can people believe what they want to believe.I think alot of people not being honest with themselfs,you see my brain is always asking WAY i always told people i believes what makes scense to me. But killing someone because he dont believe what you believe is evil(kill them all mentality)i have read the updated info on Bush,israil being nuclier target,about leaders here will surrender to them and they going to kill all whos not a muslim.i cant believe i thought of that happening AT A YOUNG AGE before.

ID#4142 c.m., 2006-07-04 [ huntsville, al rep]

I am a christian, but what I have lrarned is christian people condem every thing they dont understand. they dont know there are a lot of things in the Bible that is not the original interputation. there are a lot of things has been influenced but superstition and other mysticial stories. They need to study the original greek and hebrew writings. I was hunted to be killed because I found some trues thry disagreed with, they wanted to kill me, but the true Creator protected me. We are made in the image of the creator, we have the freedom of choice, that is a Godly likeness. we are not zumbies, we was given a mind to chose, after we test and examine information we recieve. It is men that want to control every situation. they love to keep society ignorant. All con-artist use ignorance to use and control people. Coy Moore Sr.

ID#4147 L.A., 2006-07-04 [ , ]

Without Prejudice I borrowed a friends copy of "The Book". Read "The Story", found it exhillerating. Quite moving at times. Keep it out of the "Bible-Belt". Don't know who's worse, Muslim extremists or zealot born-agains & agains & agains! I'm a firm beleiver of the God-Man concept. All other religions are rooted in manipulation... no different than the current pharmaceutical/medical profession---All medical doctors are quote, "Doctor of Medicine" (aren't medicine's pharmacuticals? Anyway, The Book is quite Kabbalistic---very similar undertones. Please send me your latest information. Many thanks

ID#4148 E.B., 2006-07-05 [ bellows falls, vt]

One For All And All For Neo-Tech "One" is Dr. Frank R. Wallace Mark Hamilton Eric Savage

ID#4149 k.s., 2006-07-05 [ dekalb , ill]

i just receive my first copy but i"vebeen looking for its works for 5 yrs. i would like to work for them

ID#4150 b. ., 2006-07-05 [ concord, ca]

whats next? send volume #3

ID#4155 k.s., 2006-07-06 [ dekalb, ill]

i'm trying to gather information to further reading of frank wallace,tracy alexander,eric savage,mark hamilton i've been tring find out how to get money power happyness and romantic love in the powerfull book nouveau tech discovery

ID#4156 k.s., 2006-07-06 [ dekalb, ill]

i'm trying to gather information to further reading of frank wallace,tracy alexander,eric savage,mark hamilton i've been tring find out how to get money power happyness and romantic love in the powerfull book nouveau tech discovery

ID#4157 K.W., 2006-07-06 [ Portland, OR]

The literature alone is worth intergrating into ones life. Soon everyone will have a copy sitting on there book shelf as a hall mark to man kinds turning point into the breath taking new light of rapidly advancing technology! (Neo-Tech)

ID#4158 m.k., 2006-07-06 [ watervliet, NY]

A good way of info-diversification not in books.Also good for people who might want to know about neotech to quickly reach the 50million minimum target.So it is a plus apart from books.For me in person,as a single man looking for a suitable partner i prefer a Neotech partner so we can have common grounds (beliefs)to build a mutual relationship.

ID#4165 . ., 2006-07-07 [ , ]

I believe in freedom of speech. Leave it on the web. My negative comment about Neo-Tech is that the very same schemes they accuse mystical and religious organzations of using, they themselves use to attract adherhents. I am one of their "lazy neocheaters": went back to school for a Ph.D at age 40 to not claim spousal support from a physically abusive husband. Now, after eight operations, two very major and a chronic illness, I have returned to school for a degree to prepare me for a less physically taxing employment. The "lazy cheaters" are those seeking "magical", ten minute solutions to become wealthy and sexually successful. Read this literature; it is ironic how they transfer their own methods to age-old belief systems. Here are the real neo-cheaters!

ID#4166 J.R., 2006-07-07 [ DENVER, CO]

I've recently completed the second of three books published by Neo tech and eagerly await my opportunity to order the third. My only complaint is that the books tend to make the same point over and over again, but I suppose it's with the intent that the Neo-tech message be reached by as many readers as possible, regardless of background or education. Through mail correspondence, I'm told I have a mentor in Neo-tech. I would somehow like to communicate directly to this "mentor", for I need alll the help I can get right now...Thanks, J.

ID#4167 g.s., 2006-07-07 [ brooklyn, new york]


ID#4168 R.G., 2006-07-07 [ Lexington, NC]

I am an owner of almost all the literature from neo-tech. But my membership numbers? the "world Summit"? where does all of this come into play? I'm DESPERATELY trying to talk to a real, live person., On the internet.. Okay? PLEASE, CALL ME at home. nc10 1142 8702

ID#4170 J.J., 2006-07-07 [ Chicago, IL]

The negative comments offered have valid objections in them. Is it really that difficult to change the wording of to be less offensive and/or incorporate these objections? The fact that this has not been done yet is the only negativity I have to offer. It is slightly sad that the evolution of any of this thinking has begun to stagnate. If I do not see my comment posted (and I will check) I will be utterly infuriated. Wake up people. I am a homosexual and Neo-Tech clearly doesn’t think that my lifestyle is appropriate. However, I am intelligent enough to pick and choose what concepts I will apply in my own life. Take a bigger look at your own negative responses as well as what Neo-Tech offers and use your goddamn minds. This goes for the publishers of this site and for Frank Wallace as well as all of you ignorant people use point and click aas a means to feel better about something when you can't enact into reality in your own life. -JJK

ID#4171 M.Y., 2006-07-08 [ Beaverton, Michigan]


ID#4173 B.N., 2006-07-08 [ Owosso, MI]

I can't wait for my next book The First Immortals

ID#4174 R. ., 2006-07-08 [ Castries, ]

My penis is 15 cm long,so talk to me

ID#4178 O.L., 2006-07-08 [ Detoit, mi]

Oh yeah Its strange to me that a supposite Neo Tech Member suppositly had a incredible attraction to me yet i never heard anymore about that. One would almost think selling is your objective by any means necssary to get that dollar! Lets hope thats not the case.

ID#4179 O.L., 2006-07-08 [ Detoit, mi]

Oh yeah Its strange to me that a supposite Neo Tech Member suppositly had a incredible attraction to me yet i never heard anymore about that. One would almost think selling is your objective by any means necssary to get that dollar! Lets hope thats not the case.

ID#4180 A.E., 2006-07-08 [ Austin, TX]

I would love to be able to know how to order Neo-tech books. I'm borrowing them from a friend, but I want my own. I've tried ordering them before, but the source is in Canada, and they won't accept my card. I am so motivated to live the Neo-tech life. I can't stop reading the books that I've borrowed so far, and I can't wait to read more. I'm so glad that there are answers to getting out of my rut. I'm a single parent, and it's not fun for me right now having to go to a routine job and rely on my unreliable ex-husband's child support (if I get a full payment). Thank you so much in advance for reading this and responding. Alecia P.S. Those books have changed my life. I have become happier and much more confident. I'm confident enough now to not go against myself and allow people to treat me negatively. It feels soooo good!

ID#4181 J.M., 2006-07-08 [ Garland, Tx]

If this is suppose to be a Secert Society then why are these secerets shared with the public? Or are these the Small pieces released to the public? Either way I enjoy the information, and would greatly apperciate all news letters and books that I can get my hands on. This will help me in my journey to "take control" and build my values of INTEGRATION. Thanks for your time.

ID#4185 A.J., 2006-07-09 [ Auckland, ]

1.I have one of the first manuscripts number 192 111. You stopped sending me information by post many years ago. I thought you guys had packed up "God knows"!!! 2.Do you have translation of your work in Russian?

ID#4186 G.M., 2006-07-09 [ norman, Ok]

would like to order third book in the series. please send ordering info to G. Martin, pob 721295, norman, oklahoma, 73072 thanks.

ID#4187 R.G., 2006-07-09 [ Edinburg, Texas]

I has alot of thought provoking statements

ID#4188 g.r., 2006-07-09 [ warrenton , va]

Simple knowledge is what makes the growth process work the sick get cured , society enhancements . Keep it comming Im still waitting for my first meetting and hope to grow with the mindful inrichments henceforth.

ID#4189 Y. ., 2006-07-09 [ White Hall, Are]

The IRS has too much power and America can't control the seems a straight tax of 11% would resolve so may issues and abuses that the IRS is guilty of.

ID#4190 M.M., 2006-07-09 [ Bristol, BS20 6PF, ]

Suggestion: Would it be possible to make a film about The Civilization of the Universe? Film is a powerful medium throughout the world and such a film would place the message into human consiousness much quicker than print. If this film was made to the quality of Equilibrium by Kurt Wimmer, it would become a blockbuster.

ID#4191 S. ., 2006-07-09 [ , ]

I read a few pages of the book and I was sickened on what all was written in it. I can't believe people are reading it! It tells parents to not feed lies to their children about the existence of God. Now that is sick!

ID#4192 K.J., 2006-07-10 [ Helsingborg, SE]

As a member of society it is good to have some support online for the reading of litterature. Thru the litterature I have made my Inner Journey and found Myself last week. The litterature should be as a talking book, for there is so much information to learn and absorb. The idea of life is unbeatable, as a student of System Science this is the best system of informations that exists on the Tellus.

ID#4193 D. ., 2006-07-10 [ Brapkan, Gauteng Province.]

Kindly keep the web, as it is highly informative and, as we live in a free world ever one is free to surf and find the site, and, also choose to stay there or not. As much as many people hate pornography but it is there on the net and it is by choice that people surf on it or not.

ID#4194 T.I., 2006-07-10 [ Logansport, In]

i havent read the whole thing but I allredy Know it makes sence I cant seem to fiend the message from Barbie Dimond on here since my old pc crashed I started looking for it because I never got to hear it if someone reads this could you email how to get to it Thanks Rev.Troy Ian Ramsay

ID#4195 T.K., 2006-07-10 [ Salt Lake City, Utah]

I need to change my address and know of no other way, except this site. NC# NC10 0076-4183 My OLD address was 343 N. Quince St. S.L.C. Ut. 84103 My new and updated Info. is below : What's the latest in any upcoming meetings?

ID#4197 R.S., 2006-07-10 [ Quezon City, Metro Manila]

i have read the book once when i was just 15 yrs old but my dad force me to stop reading it. he even hid the book be cause he believe that it will only poison my mind. he raised me as a god fearing boy but little that he know i am also curious as a cat. now as a 21 yr old punk believing in anarchist form goverment i have lost my way searching for answers i can't find. i need some guideline to correct my path. good thing that the zonpower has crossed my mind. now i am old enough to fully understand what i really want, without interfering with my beliefs. well in fact my beliefs goes along with neo-tech's teaching, and more than that, it teaches me more than i bargain for. i believe that this would be the ultimate guideline for me and to every man in the universe.

ID#4198 B.M., 2006-07-10 [ pocatello, id ]

I enjoy,love the knowledge of neo-tech/neothink. please send me a complete update list of all of I & O publishing literature.. please.

ID#4199 J.B., 2006-07-10 [ Lithonia, GA]

I recieved a letter i returned the portion of the letter to recieve my free manuscript. i was so anxious to see what it was all about,I looked it up on the web.I have read averything you have posted on the web,researched some of the termenology i didn't quite understand and learned even more.Please send my free manuscript as i was promised,it has almost been 30 days,seems like an eternity.thanx

ID#4200 R.D., 2006-07-10 [ Granite Falls, Wa.]

Right now I am at the library in Kodiak, Alaska. I will be Halibut Fishing in Alaska until September. I can't wait for my first meeting.

ID#4201 J.W., 2006-07-10 [ Pullman, WA]

I have somr lit. and have been reading for some time now. I really enjoy reading about reality. I have had some theorys about some of the stuf I have been reading for most of my life. I would like to say thanks for the lit.

ID#4208 B.S., 2006-07-11 [ , ]

I want you to know that I have read your documents on the web pages and find them to be very unique. I do hope that your site remains on the web so that I may again look at the readings more closely as well as read new documents and reports.

ID#4209 W. ., 2006-07-11 [ , ]

i dont understand how people can use your name in a destructive manner when the very concept of this is to prevent that from happening. those who reject this wouldnt buy into their destructiveness in the first place and those who dont reject this concept already know by neo concepts that they are destructive. so why remove all the teachings when its for a better good? sometimes i get the feeling your concepts are no more then a block to create a new matrix that can control masses without efforts or "force".

ID#4210 C.H., 2006-07-11 [ Lexington, North Carolina]

I loved the two books that were sent to me. I totaly argree with all of it and I look foreward to learning more. I was woundering if I could get more copies of the books to give to a very interested friend I know. I noticed in the first book that I could order them but was confused. It said $65 for one book and $150 for three, is that three of the same book or three diferent books? Can she order the books herself or do I have to order them for her? Please let me know she realy wants copies. Thank you.These really are life saving breakthroughs I hope we can reach our goal soon!

ID#4212 n.d., 2006-07-11 [ front royal, va,]

DEAR Neo-Tech Members, I am looking for a job doing computer work from my house. If someone could help a fellow member. Please e/mail me at Thank you

ID#4213 R. ., 2006-07-11 [ , ]

This manuscript I paid $170.00 for has NOT brought me any luck at all if anything I have worse luck it was suppose make me lucky lose weight and all different things I started to read it but 553 pages is alot so I read all the headings and the article that I received the guy who read it for 10 minutes and his life changed I thing I got ripped off and I would like my money back and you can have the lucky manuscript.

ID#4215 l. ., 2006-07-12 [ girdwood, ak]

please stay too many people need to learn

ID#4217 t.f., 2006-07-12 [ peru, in]

yes i would like to learn more about this society and it's purpose ,what it does and how it works.

ID#4218 A. ., 2006-07-12 [ singapore, singapore]

Master neocheaters are turning to be,soon the whole world will be conquered and zons will be Multiplied, I learned that its not a secret anymore. Met some zons but SHOULD NOT OBVIOUS, its best unrecognisable ,for me i have alot to learn, still young to know and learn more.

ID#4220 J.C., 2006-07-12 [ Inglewood, CA]

When are you going to put the "Eric Flame" and "Man's Choice" novels on the web, along with the original "Psychuous Sex" book from the 1970s? I'd love to read them again. And, I am a proud Nouveau Tech Society member, by the way...

ID#4221 T. ., 2006-07-13 [ Sebring, Fl.]

Thanksfor being on the web. I've just begun to read this site but I strongly agree with your view of the current world political situation. I fear for the future of civilization. I can't understand the small minded and selfish actions of the people who are sabatoging our ability to survive this threat. I'd like to see you continue with your website.

ID#4222 p.r., 2006-07-13 [ mandurah , w.a]

i think neo-tech should stay on the web as the internet is the most efficient way of reaching people at the push of a button. i have been a member of neo-tech for a couple of years and i believe neo-tech should be in every ones home and what is the easiest way to reach every ones home ? thats right its the WEB. neo-tech for ever. RIP FRANK R WALLACE

ID#4225 W.M., 2006-07-13 [ Trairi, Ceará]

recebi carta de Eric Savage e comprei o pacote de informações Neo-Tech. É tudo muito novo! Informações muito Importantes...

ID#4226 W.M., 2006-07-13 [ Trairi, Ceará]

comprei o pacote de informações e achei tudo muito revolucionário. Algo diferente do que já tinha visto...

ID#4230 J.W., 2006-07-13 [ Shawnee, KS]

Yes. I think it is your right to do so and your site provides thought provoking information.

ID#4232 T.E., 2006-07-13 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Neo tech is THE BOMB I still need to read The Book! I was at one time a minister-evanglist, Iwanted the world to have the truth. The truth is contained in the value produced works of the nouveau tech socity. We dare not wait for sombodys idea of a GOD to save the world! Only we can do it! And then only if everyone (or should I say enough of us) pull the world out of this mystical, politicly ravaged slump! All I have left to say is join , and back the Neo-tech party before it's too late. Zonpower!

ID#4233 S.C., 2006-07-13 [ , ]

I am currently at page 60 of my "Heirloom Package", the first instalment. Now reading through the positive and the negative comments that are posted. It surly seems to me that this is proving to be a very polarizing subject. Which , at the very least does offer a wealth of information. Pro and con. However I simply must remind anyone willing to read this, that 1) Mystacisim has been arount almost as long as man. And if "man" needs a higher intelegance to guide him and lead him. Then we truly do not deserve the blessings of peace and prosperity that we all seek. 2) But as a christian, I am compelled to remind other christians that the venom you are spewing and the boils and cancers and varying pain filled death you are wishing on neotech and its puplishers, in and of its self are sins apon sins. So in the end we shall all bathe in a lake of fire! Please, and spare me. How are you all anointed as judges of the lord? Who, by the way is the judge of judges and the king of kings. Now, go your way and let the rest of us assend into what we are ment to be. I will continue to read and learn and grow as a man. If that be a sin then we should close every school in this country NOW! And let OUR children and thier children be sloppy and illiterate. Personally I preffer to hand my seed the keys to a wonderful life, peace be with you.

ID#4234 P.D., 2006-07-13 [ Brooklyn, NY]

Hi,i am now involve court trail, but this is not right,any way i understand something going on me.I have no lawyer about this case. But investigate office sent to me letter about anti harassment. Although i called there but i am confuse. This way golden-helmet trial should work or not.If i get any information about my situation, may be i can understand. Thank you.

ID#4235 R.E., 2006-07-13 [ Minneapolis, MN]

I'm just finishing my second package from the two books I ordered. I am very excited and ready for my journey. The information is amazing.

ID#4237 . ., 2006-07-14 [ , ]

I have no faith in them whatsoever.

ID#4241 D.S., 2006-07-14 [ Saint Petersburg, FL]

Yes, I do believe Neo-Tech should remain on the web. It's been many years of searching for something that would finally make some sense to me and now that I believe I found it, I would hate to see it go. If anything, all those hypocritical organized religions, that continually cast judgements on mankind should dissapear. For all is energy and energy is all! Regards, Darren Spinner

ID#4242 . ., 2006-07-14 [ , ]

Hvala za visoki kvalitet obrazovanja sto vise citam sve vise razumem Hvala.

ID#4243 B.N., 2006-07-15 [ Mt. Clemens, MI]

Although there have been and currently are neocheaters, sheeple, etc., there are many more who need this information for the transition into the CofU.

ID#4244 t. ., 2006-07-15 [ , ]

I have read THE BOOK twice and have decieded to retire from my position of forty years and persue my Friday night essence. It has already produced an income that surpasses my wildest dreams. I am content and now lead a stress free life, doing what I always should have done.

ID#4245 D.R., 2006-07-15 [ Rancho Cucamonga, CA]

I think there is no question to the benefit of the internet for the push to a Neo-Tech society. It is the one place that is nearly free of government and the users can be anywhere in the world.

ID#4246 K. ., 2006-07-15 [ , ]

Anything that keeps knowledge available needs publicizing.

ID#4248 A.C., 2006-07-15 [ Kerrville, Tx.]

I'm a member. My manuscript number is 452. Amos Crider I'm needing finacial help!

ID#4250 C.F., 2006-07-15 [ Oxford, MI]

I would like to be kept updated on anything new in the Neo-Tech Society, as my Truth and the Neo-Tech Society's truth are one in the same.I plan to start Networking as soon as possible, in accordance with the Neo-Tech Society's guidelines. Any information on how I should get started would be very appreciated. Thank you, very sincerely, Cindy Fleming Member # NC60 1189-4151

ID#4252 G.P., 2006-07-15 [ Genoa, NV]

Looked up Nouveau Tech on WEB. It stimulated my curiosity. I'm non religious, anti political and believe in a better life.

ID#4253 C.W., 2006-07-15 [ Sacramento, CA]

Your book material has the capacity to activate inner self-essence. This process can be very compelling and rewarding for the sincere reader. Because the book material is extremely accurate and profoundly evolved, complete assimulation occurs automatically, if the reader does not resist. It is essential for Neo-Tech to remain on the web, expanding on rational overviews for others to reference. My compliments on your editing Emma Goldman.

ID#4254 . ., 2006-07-15 [ , ]

40.Godina gledaosam zenske uvek koja nosi kratku suknju iseksi noge uvek se zavrsavalo negativno Misliosam daje sveto sto musko treba uveriosam se da nije tako Secsi noge prazna glava. Hvala la pozitivnim tekstovima Neo-Techa naInternetu.

ID#4256 R. ., 2006-07-16 [ San Diego, 92110]

NT is needed more now than ever before. Please accelerate the point.

ID#4257 . ., 2006-07-16 [ , ]

Hvala Puno za Neo-Tech Obrazovanje specionalno za nas traicmene (gradjevinske maistore) Koinas svi iskoristavaju svaki dan svaki minut.

ID#4258 C. ., 2006-07-16 [ Hudson, FL]

I enjoy Plato and have integrated it in my essay. CL

ID#4259 J.H., 2006-07-16 [ Portland, OR]

#0211804976 When is the first Illuminati meeting, and where?

ID#4260 p.l., 2006-07-16 [ plantersville, tx]

Yes Neo-Tech should continue in all aspects!!!!!!! Neo-Tech is that common sense echo in the back of your mind telling you who you should really be and gives you the tools to accomplish your life desires and the written tools that prove your common sense was right all along.

ID#4263 K.O., 2006-07-16 [ Great Falls, MT]

This book has thoeries and evidence which are mind blowing and life changing. It has assited in my on going adventure and my ever expanding mind. It is trully amazing how similar insights are shared by others. Overall, I enjoyed the depth of insight and enlightment. At times, the tone is a bit repitious (Poor Speller), opionated, and contradictory. However, I am entralled by these works and am interested in other books, and actually to met others who have experienced enlightment. By the way, There is some very nice info on your web site. Thank You for sharing your experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

ID#4267 g.w., 2006-07-17 [ indianapolis, in]


ID#4268 J.J., 2006-07-17 [ Overland Park, KS]

I don't know enough yet as I have not finished reading the material but each person can make up their own mind. If you think it is evil stay away and if it has helped you pass the info along to others it can help. Simple as that. We are not stupid people make an informed decision not based on positive or negative comments you read on this site.

ID#4269 D.W., 2006-07-17 [ Kents Store, Va]

Hi friends, Please keep the site up and running. Your site is after all THE most important site on the internet. I just recently ordered the book/package "Nouveau Tech" from Kevin Trudeau. I thought it was Neo-Tech stuff. And I'm looking on the net for more information. Now I'm wondering if I ordered from the wrong place.. Kevin Trudeau is connected with you guys, right? I wanted Neo-Tech information. Thanks, Dave Williams Va

ID#4270 G.D., 2006-07-17 [ Madison, WI]

Very helpful to see reality

ID#4271 h.f., 2006-07-17 [ plano, tx]

I received Neo-Tech's literature, started reading it an I found out I am ahead of their literature. To be honest with you, I've known since I was a little child, there is something wrong with the way people here treat others, especially people placed in charge of your life. This include people from a lot of parents to government officials. You all know something is wrong, just as well as I do. Most people are just too chicken to admit it in the open. I'm mot afraid of any one, not even death itself. I came to earth to die. Be it unknown to you, so did you. I lived very happily before I entered here. So if you want to kill me it's too late. Others have beat you to it. Most of us are the walking dead. Society has seen to that for you already. The truth needs to be told. It's time psychologist and related fields stop playing with peoples minds and their emotions. We all have been taught completely backwards in life. Education is just another formation of getting a certain group of people on the the same track. They have just renamed everything basically to sound bigger and better to themselves. A heart is still just a heart, a liver is still just a liver, and kidneys are still just kidneys. We all still need these vital organs to survive in this realm. Everything has been given just a different name and broken down to different parts with bigger names just for the purpose of "education". "Life Is Education"!!!!!!! From the education system to the the languages we all speak. We have all been taught backwards. We had no other choice then to learn backwards, because we knew no better. It's time to wake up world. Hello "maturity check". We are only suppose to stay in kindergarden for so long, and then it's time to graduate. Come on people. I had built my financial wealth way before I ever knew of Neo- Tech's existance. My "Christian friends" and "family members" have done everything within their power to tear me down financially, spiritually, emotionally, and any thing else which was left. When you have a life so miraculous, those around you do everything within their power to stop you from flourishing, there are major issues going on far beyond anything you can see in the natural. I first had a problem with Neo-Tech's liturature because of the comments "God is just a created idea". I put that book down! I had a major problem with Neo-Tech and with their existance. Guess what?, within two weeks some one stole the book from me. I was going to continue reading where I left off. Too Late. But that's o. k. I still have my own opinion about life anyway, just as you are free to do so also. I am so glad I have an open mind about everything in life. Most of all, I'm just glad I have a mind. Some people have never been out of their front yard. Some have never been out of their neighborhood. Some have never been out of their own village, city, state, nor their own country. Some people have never eaten anythin outside of their own family's type of meals. Trust me, you have really missed out on a lot of real life. There is nothing like learning about life, cultures, people, and the whole wide world. You really aren't free to make an intellegent decision about much in life, when you as beings don't know that much about life. Everyone has a "GOD" of their own they serve. Everyone! Maybe your 'GOD' is your home, your vehicle, your money, your spouse, your family, your friends, your pet, what ever it is, maybe it's life itself. Guess what, when it's over, it's over. All this is in vain, every bit of this, is just in vain. In the end, we all die, it all dies. What's the use? It's all just for fun. It's all just dirt and water. Everything is just dirt and water. Everything came from dirt and water, including everything to do with science and technology. Even scientist need to start with water and something from the dirt to get started. People, everything is in vain. It's all just in vain. Beings only have a few days on this planet, it's time to just enjoy the ride before the ride is over. That ride is almost over for this whole wide world. Take a look around you, take a good look, People it is almost over. Let's enjoy the remainder of the days we all have left. In a few days even computers won't have a need for existence either. Where do you think you received your minds to create the few things you've created? Where do you think those few things came from? How did you come into this world from being born a little baby? HOW ARE YOU NOW AN ADULT? HOW DID YOU DO THAT? HOW DID YOUR FINGERNAILS, YOUR TOENAILS GROW FROM THE LEGNTH THEY WERE LAST WEEK TO THE LEGNTH THEY ARE TODAY? HOW DID YOUR CHILDREN GROW RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES FROM A BABY TO THE SIZE THEY ARE NOW? AND YOU WERE WATCHING THEM EVERYDAY. YOU COULDN'T STOP THEM FROM GROWING, COULD YOU? SOMETIMES WE WANT TO STOP THEM FROM GROWING, BUT WE CAN'T. WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE, WE JUST WANT TO BE. THERE IS SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU AND ME. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, I ONLY KNOW IT'S NOT A HUMAN BEING AND I KNOW IT'S NOT A MACHINE OF ANYKIND. WE HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN THAT MUCH POWER, AND IN A WAY I'M GLAD WE HAVEN'T BEEN GIVEN THAT TYPE OF POWER AREN'T YOU? CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT WE WOULD HAVE DONE BY NOW IF WE HAD COMPLETE CONTROL? I DO HAVE AN OPEN MIND. THIS IS YOUR FRIEND, DR. P. H. F. JONES, PH.D.

ID#4273 B.V., 2006-07-17 [ league city, texas]

my father was sent a letter months ago asking him into a secret society,he paid a bit of money for a large book called package of inside secrets,i read the book and i didnt find it to be quiet that...matter a fact it was one of the worst pieces of literature ive ever read...long winded,redundant,close minded and pretty much an all around waste of time...the neo tech society is full of all these claims to secret knowledge,what a bunch of bs,they give nothing but opinions & not even there own,they cant think for themselves so they take the beliefs of ann rand,haha,what a joke.............

ID#4274 J.K., 2006-07-17 [ Sedalia, MO]

I've owned the Neo Tech manuscript for a long time and I have really enjoyed it!

ID#4275 D.M., 2006-07-17 [ Union, MO]

I love the information being provided by this website. Please continue this vital effort.

ID#4276 . ., 2006-07-17 [ Los Angeles, CA]

I write here amongst friends. I have quickly learned how my new freedom is not welcome among my religious/mystical family. I have learned how to speak in terms of God and not allow people into my inner and private thoughts. I have to be positive appear agreeable when they say, "praise God" even though I know their thinking is leading to their destruction. I understand the grief the Teacher must have felt when he experienced resistance to self thinking. My hurt began two weeks ago when my mother told that she was sure her afterlife was going to be wonderful, because her present life is so miserable. I used to get angry when she would preach that I had to share in that life. Now I feel enormous sadness. I know she will die like this. Another very emotional event occurred days later. At a family breakfast my "prophet" aunt looked up to the sky in desperation over the 400obs she had picked up and cried, "Jesus, please cleanse me!" I love this woman dearly, but I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. It almost makes me feel lonely. We used to have so many religious discussions. In fact that is all we talked about., every gathering, every meal, every celebratory event. We never talk about business, hence proverty. Now my mom tries to return to those conversations, just to be pleasant and social, but I can;t honestly be agreeable and it hurts. I know I can't change her. For the first time, I feel no guilt over my selfishness in having to keep the underlying truth to myself and to continuing benefiting from it. i felt guilt over not being able to share my fraternal secrets, especially those that helped evolve me. In my mysticism I would have never figured that even when presented with the opportunity at Godness, people would choose slavery. I am longing to meet my new family. I appreciate this opportunity to vent. No need to post

ID#4277 C. ., 2006-07-17 [ Los Angeles, CA]

I write here amongst friends. I have quickly learned how my new freedom is not welcome among my religious/mystical family. I have learned how to speak in terms of God and not allow people into my inner and private thoughts. I have to be positive appear agreeable when they say, "praise God" even though I know their thinking is leading to their destruction. I understand the grief the Teacher must have felt when he experienced resistance to self thinking. My hurt began two weeks ago when my mother told that she was sure her afterlife was going to be wonderful, because her present life is so miserable. I used to get angry when she would preach that I had to share in that life. Now I feel enormous sadness. I know she will die like this. Another very emotional event occurred days later. At a family breakfast my "prophet" aunt looked up to the sky in desperation over the 400obs she had picked up and cried, "Jesus, please cleanse me!" I love this woman dearly, but I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. It almost makes me feel lonely. We used to have so many religious discussions. In fact that is all we talked about., every gathering, every meal, every celebratory event. We never talk about business, hence proverty. Now my mom tries to return to those conversations, just to be pleasant and social, but I can;t honestly be agreeable and it hurts. I know I can't change her. For the first time, I feel no guilt over my selfishness in having to keep the underlying truth to myself and to continuing benefiting from it. i felt guilt over not being able to share my fraternal secrets, especially those that helped evolve me. In my mysticism I would have never figured that even when presented with the opportunity at Godness, people would choose slavery. I am longing to meet my new family. I appreciate this opportunity to vent. No need to post

ID#4279 V.C.,@ 2006-07-17 [ Peoria , AZ]

I am very interested in Neo-Tech I am wondering if there is a site for members only? I do not own a computer, I am at the Library so I am only going to be here for a short time. Thank you :), My comment for the website is, I just finished reading both of my books from Neo-Tech, and It was very hard for me at first, but you really have to open up your mind the same way you do when you are in Church and you accept almost everything the Paster tells you. If you can believe every thing in the Bible Literally then you should be able to read from Neo-Tech and keep an open mind. Don't stay in stagnation because that is exactly what the Neo-Cheaters want:)

ID#4281 P. .,@you.suck 2006-07-17 [ New York, Alabama]

I think That this website should be taken offline. It is a waste of bandwith which could otherwise be utilized for internet pornography. A scheming book salesman shouldnt be allowed to have a website. Grr! I'm an angry not-customer! I will however show my 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION!!!' letter to my friends, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. Why cant you just sell your books like *normal* publishing companies...I might buy it then...

ID#4282 b.v., 2006-07-17 [ STEVENS POINT, wisconsin]

i received a letter from nouveau tech society. i looked them up on the web. all the info on this scam came out of ohio. this letter had a return of add. in dover delaware

ID#4283 J. .,@hotmail 2006-07-17 [ , ]

I have alot of comments about this site, and many more (such as, "sluts" girls gone wild, alot of chat rooms, msn, yahoo, Christian dating sites that get pretty raunchy, and many many many more. Our freedom of speech is important to our country and our people. I believe that if a person doesn't like a particular site, they don't have to go there again. I wasn't born stupid myself, and the sites I don't like- I don't go there again. I do not condone people for this type of site, or others-----Takes all kinds to make the world go round. And as for the burning comments go--Do Not Judge, Less Thy Be Judged. I will not be returning.

ID#4285 D. ., 2006-07-17 [ S.M., CA]

I strongly believe that this site should be removed because there are many gullible people out there in the world that have their faith in God, in the bible, and also their morals endangered, because these people offer riches and glory in this world when we well know that this world will come to an end when Jesus Christ our Lord will gloriously come for his own. My vote is to remove this website, and render service to God for the sake of gullible people that will be deceived if neo-tech continues in the web.

ID#4287 S.W., 2006-07-18 [ Katy, Tx]

Why do you want to remove it?

ID#4289 C.P., 2006-07-18 [ los angeles, ca]

I received solicitation from The Natural Contrarian regarding purching gold stocks. Is there any knowledge you have that I can integrate into my decision making?

ID#4290 . ., 2006-07-18 [ , ]

You people are crazy.

ID#4291 g.h., 2006-07-18 [ ashland, wisconsin]

iam georjean hill p.o. box 461 ashland your letter in the mail.your society chose me to get the free info.please send it to me.thanks

ID#4292 A. ., 2006-07-18 [ , ]

May God forgive you. This is sad that people like this really exist. I feel sorry for everyone who beleives in this garbage. You must confess you are in bondage to sin and cannot free yourself. You have sinned against him in thought, word and deed by what you have done and what you have left undone. You have not loved him with your whole heart, you have not loved your neighbors as yourselves. For the sake of his son, Jesus Christ, may he have mercy on you, forgive you, renew you and lead you, so that you may delight in his will and walk in his way. I am saying a prayer for you, it is not too late. Ask God for his forgiveness before it is too late.

ID#4293 J. ., 2006-07-18 [ , CA]

It is wrong to financially victimize people who are already in dire financial straits with promises of wealth and love and success. It is what we all want, right? It is morally wrong and should be illegal to do this to people who don't know any better, or are desperate or mentally ill. They are victimizing the people who need to be helped and protected the most.

ID#4294 j.k., 2006-07-18 [ columbia, mo.]

i find your site very intreging!! you have sent me letters inviting me to join and nothing would please me more than to be part of your coumunity but i have a mager stumbeling block, and it's called money, or to be specifk the lack of money. at the moment i have very little controll over the amount of money i have accese to, as it being i am on dissablety.

ID#4295 H.W., 2006-07-18 [ Fort Worth, TX]

O need to know more about this service and knowledge source.

ID#4296 D.K., 2006-07-18 [ Los Angeles, Ca]

Life Changing, Secrets Package, Sounds Great, Keep Me In Mind, For The Latest Uptodate News Packages! Donnie Smith 310 E. 5th St. Apt. # 55 Los Angeles, Ca 90013 213-683-1325hpn

ID#4297 D.S., 2006-07-18 [ Chino, ca]

Leave the site up, I notice that all of the negative comments are religious in nature, and violent. Anyone who wants to see true evil in the world should just do the math Number of people killed in the name of god = millions and millions and millions and millions and more each day... Number of people killed in the name of Neo-Tech = 0

ID#4301 . ., 2006-07-18 [ , ]

With the things that are available on the www, there should be no reason a philosophical website should not exist. Are you an owner.........define owner??? below.

ID#4303 m. ., 2006-07-19 [ , ]

I truly believe that if there is a "god" he would want us to be happy not repressed and restricted. Most people are just to scared to listen to what they hear inside their heads. These thoughts are clear and concise ways of functionting in this crazy world. Why repress them? Years of this has still not revealed why, only continued disregard for human life. This is the true tragedy. If "god" wanted us to live like this we truly would live in hell. Humans are given the ability to function on our own without nature controlling us, why let governments and religions etc. decide what is right from wrong? We know deep down that it is wrong, yet we still vote for "the lesser of two evils." Why? Ask yourself what is right from wrong and you might be surprised by the answer!

ID#4306 . ., 2006-07-19 [ , ]

You guys are predators and should be shut down.

ID#4309 . ., 2006-07-19 [ , ]

Hello Scientology and every other scheme religion out there. This is sadly a money making scheme. I've been to plenty of insperational speaches about how to make your life better and good and more profitable. These people ultimatly, even with their good speaches and very intelligent talk about how to get richer quicker are in it for one reason... Your $$$ Some of it is good positive talk about what you should do. But the people behind are of no value.. It's their own pocketbooks that they care about. So call this a bad or good review of yoursight or whatever. But I got your mailer... And any intelligent person will know that its just something to make you feel like "I've been chosen and I can be the ONE like on the Matrix!!" Please stop harming these people with false information and going off about religion. If you are going to help people just give them the advice that many have givin before just like I saw Rudy, George Forman, Colin Powell, and others give at a few months ago motivational seminar. I'm pretty certain they weren't part of your group. I don't wish you good luck until you take the religious contect out of your dialogue.. As I am a resident of clearwater, fl. I see that stuff all the time and people getting strongarmed by the local scientology group.

ID#4310 . ., 2006-07-19 [ , ]

Hello Scientology and every other scheme religion out there. This is sadly a money making scheme. I've been to plenty of insperational speaches about how to make your life better and good and more profitable. These people ultimatly, even with their good speaches and very intelligent talk about how to get richer quicker are in it for one reason... Your $$$ Some of it is good positive talk about what you should do. But the people behind are of no value.. It's their own pocketbooks that they care about. So call this a bad or good review of yoursight or whatever. But I got your mailer... And any intelligent person will know that its just something to make you feel like "I've been chosen and I can be the ONE like on the Matrix!!" Please stop harming these people with false information and going off about religion. If you are going to help people just give them the advice that many have givin before just like I saw Rudy, George Forman, Colin Powell, and others give at a few months ago motivational seminar. I'm pretty certain they weren't part of your group. I don't wish you good luck until you take the religious contect out of your dialogue.. As I am a resident of clearwater, fl. I see that stuff all the time and people getting strongarmed by the local scientology group. J to the G and R

ID#4314 . ., 2006-07-19 [ , ]

Before I sent anything back to Neo-Tech I wanted to check out the company to see what it was all about. From what I have read on this company, Dr. Wackos wife claims to be a witch and his family is living high on the hog from scamming people that have low self esteem. This is nothing but a cult. I will continue to pray his family and the poor people that are sucked into thinking that this man can give them love, money, and health. The only thing person who can truely give all of the this is GOD.

ID#4317 D.R., 2006-07-19 [ N MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA]


ID#4318 J.H., 2006-07-19 [ Portland, OR]

#0211804976 The Portland Oregon City Council recently shifted the entirety of City funds, away from concrete resources, entirely into cold calculated quackeries. These people area sadistic.

ID#4322 J. ., 2006-07-19 [ , ]

This is cute...I love all the right-wing (religiously fueled) commentary on the "negatives" page. many people so scared to live an actual, free life because they're so scared of what's going to happen when they sad.

ID#4323 g.w., 2006-07-19 [ Lismore, nsw]

nothing i have read before neo tec gives a comprehensive picture that can explain the mess that exists in the thinking of most people.nor gives an alternative that is logical for people to be able to interperate events around them.neotec gives a hope to a world seemly without hope

ID#4324 H.P., 2006-07-19 [ chula vista, Ca]

I`am a owner of the two first books of new-teck.and am pretty happy to know and learn all about it. best books ever .thanks for all that information and teachings Dr Hugo Pretty

ID#4325 B.R., 2006-07-20 [ Clinton , NC]

Nouveau tech opens your mind to many new things. This is the only book that was over 100 pages that i have read. Since i have been out of school. The stories in there I believe to be true. The people who talk negative about them are very closed minded people.

ID#4327 L. ., 2006-07-20 [ Lone Jack, MO]

This book was written by Mark Hamilton, correct? I am somewhat confused, as I have read his Package of Inside Secrets, and there is one huge contradiction between the two books. That contradiction is "God". God is mentioned in this e-book many times, but the existese of God is negated in the inside secrets book. Maybe as I keep reading it will become clear to me, as I have not finished the e-book yet.

ID#4329 A. ., 2006-07-20 [ Portsmouth , Va.]

I own some Neo-Tech books.I feel it is something that I'm over looking to make these neo tech concepts, to open up in me,so they can work for me. I've tried a few times with this ad, but I do not know if you got them or not. I'm ready to read this new information. A lot of people these days don't have time to read big books these days.So I was thinking if we could come with a 21 page manual that can strongly flow into the minds of people like hypnotize with honest focus words that it can stick and open up the right brain functions and fight and knock lazyness right out of us. Awaking the neo tech within up. Plus at the end of the manual the important words in the back pages with the words and meaning to them. Thank you.

ID#4330 T.P., 2006-07-20 [ Lubbock, TX]

It frees the mind to think beyond what is one is taught for a person to be more and do more.

ID#4332 R.S., 2006-07-20 [ Westborough, MA]

This is some of the best philosophy I've experienced.

ID#4333 C.H., 2006-07-21 [ cocoa, FLA]

I recieved a letter, a mass mailed letter from Finn, and so I searched for this site. I am in agreement with the concepts, but I'm still not sure if the letter I got was a pretense scam letter.

ID#4335 c.m., 2006-07-21 [ ottawa, il]

I have studied neo tech for 12 years and love it more now then ever I have a great idea to help humanity against all neo cheaters who leagaly continue to rob fathers of their god given rights to our children that have been taken because neo cheaters continue to try to leagally strip us of what is ours our children with no government interfearence why is there no such thing as a jury trial on a custody case

ID#4349 T.C., 2006-07-21 [ Cleveland, Ohio]

I really like neo-tech,and i want it to stay on the web.It will eventually save existence from ALL suffering,and nullification great site,keep up the good work This is great stuff!

ID#4350 T.C., 2006-07-21 [ Cleveland, Ohio]

I really like neo-tech,and i want it to stay on the web.It will eventually save existence from ALL suffering,and nullification great site,keep up the good work This is great stuff!

ID#4351 J.N., 2006-07-21 [ Blaine, MN]

Hi my name is Jon I think this information is right on. all pepole should be so informed.This is the eye opener. I feel well informed. thank you!

ID#4353 P.D., 2006-07-21 [ Galloway, NJ]

My friend who I recently moved in with has been telling me about alot of things that I never thought about before could you please send me more information.

ID#4354 s. ., 2006-07-21 [ ssssssssssss, sssssss]


ID#4356 J.B., 2006-07-22 [ Mt.Angel, Oregon]

I am a new member of Neo-Tech society, I find the information on this site very helpfull.

ID#4358 d.s., 2006-07-22 [ landsborough, qld]

if this web site was created for the purpose of helping and guiding people towards a happier and fuller lifestyle and showing facts without opinions THIS SITE SHOUD REMAIN

ID#4359 T.J., 2006-07-22 [ Palmer, Alaska]

I Just finished reading the Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets, and can NOW say WOW. If I had to comment about Mr. Mark Hamilton and Nouveau Tech it would be,(PURE Genius). It would be a honor to someday meet Mr. Hamilton. I would like to know when can I order the Third Insight??

ID#4362 d. ., 2006-07-22 [ london, ]

Your attitude to homosexuality is facist & incorrect in your section on LOVE. You fail to mention the writings of Plato in your Ancient Greek section. Thats like writing a history of space exploration & failing to mention Neil Armstrong. Plato's ideas about Love still influence the way European society sees itself. You ignore the developments of sexual minority rights which now include social recognition of the value of same gender love relationships. These long term same-gender loving relationships are not neurotic abnormalities as you state; the idea of which reflects 20th Century's use of Psychiatric language to politically oppress those it did not want to 'include' as equal. They have always existed but they are subject to invisible histories because they have been so successfully repressed by people like yourself. As a gay man i find your attitude purile & at worst concealing / revealing of your own ignorance & insecurities. If you are going to post amateur attempts at what ever this web site is about, could you do so without portraying personal offensive & prejudice views as some kind of objective historical chronology. dt

ID#4363 A.A., 2006-07-22 [ Roanoke, Va]

tell me more

ID#4364 . ., 2006-07-22 [ , ]

astounding display; The evidence is overwhelming and well documented for the recorders too show you and I are the desities of an evil bloodline and the fruits of the assassin dreams of the systematic reassembling of kingdoms and great nations of old.the jigsaw puzzles of illegal acts of demies to all forefathers of the more unjust acts of specialize systematic illegal acts under the llegalize ways. the stuggle too escape the nightmare will soon come to an end let us together foil the untold evil deeds....with Neo Tech.the nation of Kings and Queens will live forever.........aka InkFlow.......South of the capitol..

ID#4365 . ., 2006-07-22 [ , ]

astounding display; The evidence is overwhelming and well documented for the recorders too show you and I are the desities of an evil bloodline and the fruits of the assassin dreams of the systematic reassembling of kingdoms and great nations of old.the jigsaw puzzles of illegal acts of demies to all forefathers of the more unjust acts of specialize systematic illegal acts under the llegalize ways. the stuggle too escape the nightmare will soon come to an end let us together foil the untold evil deeds....with Neo Tech.the nation of Kings and Queens will live forever.........aka InkFlow.......South of the capitol..

ID#4366 A.W.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-07-22 [ , ]

I have been trying to reach you, please let me know what your correct e-mail address is, you can reach me at the following e-mail address. LILICALLEJAS@YAHOO.COM Sincerely, Angelica Wilson

ID#4367 A.W.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-07-22 [ , ]

I have been trying to reach you, please let me know what your correct e-mail address is, you can reach me at the following e-mail address. LILICALLEJAS@YAHOO.COM Sincerely, Angelica Wilson

ID#4368 R.R., 2006-07-23 [ San Antonio, TX]

I would like to connect with other neo-tech members in my area. How can I do this?

ID#4369 d.h., 2006-07-23 [ Evansville , Il]

I want more info, more comments.

ID#4370 A.E., 2006-07-23 [ Jacksonville, Fl]

I am now a staunch supporter of Neo Tech. Ten year's ago (in my mid-twenties) I was introduced to the first book, and I did not read it cover to cover; I was looking for quick answers to my happiness. However, I was fortunate enough to get another offer in the mail to purchase their literature once again, and took full advantage of it. Bottom line: the more people raise their awareness and take control of their lives, the more happiness ensues.

ID#4371 G.A., 2006-07-23 [ Sutherlin, Oregon]

I literally have been telling people that try to push there religions on me,that I am God! I have tried on many occations to read the luck!the best attempt was three pages.I have resently tried to relate to phycis.nothing,,, not even one thing they said came true.I've tried the wiccan religion,the same there. It is hard to have common sence,but when you read the neotech books it all adds up.they even think as I do.but still I will reserve judgement till the end.I'm on book two now.And it's very good.cannot relate to the mini day stuff as of yet but all else is the best.Very sensible Thanks for your validation of my thoughts.Gary

ID#4374 R.P., 2006-07-24 [ Daly City, CA]

Yes. You guys are great!

ID#4377 M.C., 2006-07-24 [ Edinburgh, ]

I am facinated by neo-tech, even though I am retired I would like to be put in touch with neo-tech groups and individuals in Scotland.

ID#4378 c.f., 2006-07-24 [ baltimore, md]

Just learning to use the computer,looking forward to intergrating more neotech knowlege thank you.

ID#4379 J. ., 2006-07-24 [ Grand Blanc, Mi]

Neo-Tech may seem unreasonable to some, but to me it seems like the only thing that makes sense. You just have to open up and see what lies inside, away from everything and everybody else.

ID#4382 J. ., 2006-07-24 [ Kissimmee, Fl]

I found a couple of things that didn't line up...I didn't really mean to-they just jumped out. The letter I got from you had some mistakes and things as well which did not line up completely with the site. Things like 2300 and 2500. One says 2300 yr old the other 2500 ... I guess it's not a big deal...but to some people that might be a red flag. I personally don't think that Christianity is a bad thing. Islam...well yeah... the quaran and hadith talk about murdering...the Bible...not so much. Whatever...different strokes for different folks. You need a summary page...just have a page that gets to it. No beating around the bush...plain English this what we believe this is what our religion is...done. That's my take.

ID#4384 J. ., 2006-07-24 [ , ]

I already commented it wasn't meant to be positve or negative. It was just what I gathered.

ID#4385 D.M., 2006-07-24 [ Union, MO]

The most important work for mankind. Thank you for your invaluable efforts. Keep up the great work.

ID#4390 J.M., 2006-07-25 [ , ]

This site is a beacon for people who are looking for a truth they feel they need to understand. Anyone who reads between the lines of the negative propaganda will know if Neo Tech can help them or not. Everyone else will simply ignore it, or will be so blind that anything they do cannot hurt it. I come to this site periodiclly just to see whats the latest going on.

ID#4391 J.C., 2006-07-25 [ Champaign, Il]

I"am breily lik it But We need do samthing Make a big PROTEST vs, IRS before them destroy as. GOOD BLES AMERICA. IRS do the rest. They are the REAL TERRORIST of this cauntry.

ID#4393 a. ., 2006-07-25 [ westbury, ny]

i sent for manual 1&2 and was told it was sent out on march 20/06 i have not got them.

ID#4394 J.J.,@NETZERO.COMM 2006-07-25 [ MADISON HTS, MI]


ID#4396 C. ., 2006-07-26 [ Midwest City,, OK.]

I enjoyed reading your books. They gave me the courage to try and start my own business. I just hope I can generate enough money to keep my own business. Please think about me. C Frank

ID#4403 J.T., 2006-07-26 [ Erie, Pa]

You have the right to stay on the net as well as any of the cheating people of our world. And you tell the truth as you see it.

ID#4404 J.T., 2006-07-26 [ Erie, Pa]

You have the right to stay on the net as well as any of the cheating people of our world. And you tell the truth as you see it.

ID#4405 W.D., 2006-07-26 [ Santa Cruz, 95060]

Absolutely, it should remain on the web. I didn't realize that Neo-Tech was forced out of business. Apparently it was seen as a viable threat to the status quo. I wondered why I hadn't received more information after the first two books. Now, I'm wondering how I can get a copy of Immortals and the Neo-Tech Physics.

ID#4407 k. ., 2006-07-26 [ teran, azady]


ID#4408 M.S., 2006-07-26 [ , ]

Although I do not exactly know what it is you are advertising, selling or displaying, it sounds intriguing and possibly close to what the Creator (Mom, I call it Mom) channeled through me a few years ago. Just having a copy of this book might be very interesting and refreshing and no kind of information should be hidden from mankind on the internet or not. Make it available and let the public decide. Most won't understand it anyway, they are all sleepwalkers.

ID#4410 G.B., 2006-07-26 [ New York, N.y.]

You guy's are the best thing that ever happen to me. I was lost and now I found myself with dignity. I have a great Idea patent for the world to benefit from. And let me tell you if it wasnt for you guy's I would still have not done the patent thank goodness for you guy's coming in to my life in time before someone else would come out with my Idea. You guy's keep up the good work.

ID#4412 J.B., 2006-07-26 [ Glen Burnie, MD]

I am really suprised at the content of this site, and the extreme polarity of the responses here. I mean, these people, both positive and negative, they represent so much of what is being described, and yet they don't even seem to realize it. Very clever how you have made this picture for me to see. I am interested in reading "The Book" although I am not in a position to put out so much money. Perhaps If I am meant to have it, the means will be provided by life. I want to understand more about what your intended definition of objectivism encompasses.

ID#4413 G.B., 2006-07-26 [ New York, N.y.]

You guy's are the best thing that ever happen to me. I was lost and now I found myself with dignity. I have a great Idea patent for the world to benefit from. And let me tell you if it wasnt for you guy's I would still have not done the patent thank goodness for you guy's coming in to my life in time before someone else would come out with my Idea. You guy's keep up the good work. Now I have the conference I din't have before and I hope for the best in my future to come. But if this dosn't work out I have other Ideas that the public can benefit from, belive me guy's I'm the man of the future for new inventions to come.

ID#4414 T.C., 2006-07-26 [ Baltimore, Maryland]

I'm a globalization business/financial strategist who has strategies for Bill Gates, Jacob Rothschild, John Rockefellor and others. I like to prove my worth to them and other Illumaniti/The Order Globalist. I want to see what my strategies and the ideas that comes to me when working for an individual.

ID#4415 a.b., 2006-07-27 [ tallahassee, fl]

on july 8th i was sent a personal letter making me aware of your society. i was informed that i was entering my second cycle and instructed to respond immediately or by july 12. awaiting response i decided to persue any knowledge of this association and thus here i have found myself at this site. i cant say that i am for neo tech or against it, but i can say that i was raised up with a belief of jesus christ and nothing can change that,that is not to say that i am closed minded i am interested in learning more about this way o f thinking, this consciousness bubble that is written about

ID#4416 D.M., 2006-07-27 [ Kingston, Tn]

I have been away from my home for a while and upon returning I found a couple of letters from "The Nouveau Tech Society" informing me on valuable information that was available to me but I was unable to respond at the time. Will you please continue to send me these valuable updates? Jack David Melson 119 Overlook Drive Kingston, Tn. 37763

ID#4417 C.A., 2006-07-27 [ Hastings, Mn]

Read both books, was very enlight'n. Limited Heirloom Package #1008468612 The Nouveau Tech Pakage of Inside Secrets "" "" " "" " Inner-Circle Secrets

ID#4418 T.t., 2006-07-27 [ El Cajon, California]

This, the following, as well as the "10 second miracle", has been a real sore and in my side-a real irritation about the limitations of consciousness/gravity units and a microscopic computers that can aid on in formulating the realities that one desires. When I was wrestling with the concepts implicit in these thoughts, I found myself wrestling with whether or not these were "mystical" thoughts, abstract and enticing thoughts, or whether or not they're only just "thought problems". I also had difficulties with the concept of honesty. My own as well as to degree of honesty that I subscribed to the writers of these articles. I was not looking for "short cuts" in the normal "traditional" sense of the word, implying that I was trying to be "mentally/physically lazy". I was trying to find demonstrable proof of the concept expressed in the term "you controlled your reality"! I was able to resolve the issues on honesty by reading the various other articles concerning Neo-Tech, at the web site I saw countless examples, some subtle-some profound IE, articles; testimonies; that I was easily able to resolve the issue of honesty for myself. So now I knew. But I suspected that there were degrees of honesty within myself and that these "degrees of honesty" was inhibiting me from making the widest scope connections so that I can use and apply these concepts in an effective rational manner. And I desire that effective and rational manner, instantaneously, immediately, and as easily as was implied/stated in "The 10 Second Miracle" the money involved is merely the least of the applications that I suspect lie within a full knowledge and application of liberating quantum consciousness. Coupling this with the various theories of string theory,[which was unified by the "M" theory-a complex set of mathematical formulation which showed those who could follow the math, that the various theories was different ways of looking at one process of string theory-like light reflected through a prism!], and the Theories of "Dark Matter/Dark Energy",[heard as stated/implied that more than 70% of the known universe is comprised of this dark matter/dark energy that we do not even see nor have instrumentation to detect- at present. This greatly intrigues me! It tells me that there is more than enough energy available-and that consciousness through Zonpower can funnel this energy- to transform one's environment to transcend one's environment-like leaving the planet or to have more than enough energy to run those microscopic computers that our consciousness would have access to! This seems to make sense-and therein lies the short-circuit: I seem not to be able to effectively and dramatically manifests this understanding at Will. Although, I have checked the links within my thinking, is still comes up as being remarkably self-evident. But it does not "click in" the way that it should if it was a logical self-evident proposition. There seems to be some lingering mystical irrationality which I am unaware of that seems to inhibit my application of my understanding the processes that I'm desiring to manifest now. Which is why I write the organization; this is written which written with profound honesty and self honesty. You, the reader of this will understand what it is that I want to manifest now. And now it can benefit myself and the organization. Especially where it is getting dangerous; when Neocheaters and value destroyers are c indiscriminately running roughshod der conscious over this anti-civilization ness as more. I than is merel consider consciousness y a passive r more than eflector of what ever we do define "Reality". For example, people who are currently on the space station have a different reality than I do-who has never been on the space station. But my reality-and their reality can overlap by clearly defined laws of physics. But this overlap is more than just merely psychological or a hodgepodge collection of rules and regulations, because rules and regulations are subjective and are not a fundamental part of existence. Which is what the books of your organization was trying to explain to the readers at large-I get it now! My Experience with Zonpower I have to confess that much of your physics goes over my head. In your writings you make many references to "controlling existence" and even to creating your own universe, and although I did sense that things were heading in that general direction -- of increasing control over everything so to speak -- I don't honestly know if or when such things would be possible or desirable for us. I do take your point about the nature of consciousness, and of the ether field in general, but this is a place where I think you make a leap that may be quite valuable ultimately, but which skips over the more immediate and practical possibilities of Zonpower leaving me, at least, in the dust. From my experience, I found Zonpower not to be control over all of existence, but of only one aspect of existence -- that of events. I had the extraordinary ability to make seemingly extraordinary and highly unlikely things happen. But, I also saw the material world to be even more starkly real and fixed (as you say) than I'd previously perceived it. I certainly did not enter, or turn this one into a kind of dream world where I could transform objects into different things, as might be interpreted from the phrase "you will control existence". Even if thoughts are theoretically transformable into things, my consciousness was still a very long way from wanting, much less comfortably wielding such control over existence. I know you also state that "you will control all that affects you..." and this I can completely confirm. The control that I did gain over the events of reality was quite staggering. I found Zonpower to be a wondrous thing to use as long as I kept it to events that I was honestly comfortable with causing. However, it was easy to become I disoriented and lose my sense of reality when I began experimenting with it out of curiosity, which I did while being drawn back to the anticivilization. Although I didn't question it, and simply accepted Zonpower when I was in the Civilization of the Universe, I now find it a paradoxical aspect as to whether one is actually seeing or causing these events with it, which I do not yet quite understand. From my experiments it certainly seemed like both. What I, personally, would be very interested to see is a more detailed explanation of how consciousness can control events, as I think that would help me to feel more comfortable wielding Zonpower, and returning permanently. The closest that I can get to an answer, is that there is an underlying perfection to the Universe that one wouldn't expect, but which resolves this. I don't know if this is worth mentioning, but the process of affecting events was that I would first wonder what would please me, then realize or become conscious of something that could be and, finally, use a very casual act of will (as if to say "let this be so") to bring it into reality and make it happen. I don't believe that the forcefulness of willing has anything to do with either the speed or magnitude of the event being caused, the only criteria or "limiting" factor seems to be what one is comfortable with. I found that

ID#4419 D. ., 2006-07-27 [ Canada, Sweden]

I you all love!

ID#4420 . ., 2006-07-27 [ , ]

Please define PAX to me!

ID#4425 P.L., 2006-07-28 [ Roswell, GA]

I believe that this site should stand for itself. I am passing it out to everyone that I know. They will enjoy the Boards.

ID#4426 C.J., 2006-07-28 [ Lawrenceville, GA]

After receiving information in the mail from The Nouveau Tech Society and reading the literature, I did a google search for Dr. Frank R. Wallace and then I found this site. Is the Nouveau Tech Society connected in any way with Neo Tech? They referr to the the Nouveau Tech Discovery and the story parrallels some of what I found on your site. Yes, I definetely want to continue to read and learn about Neo Tech. I can't get enough. I know what I am reading is honest and it resonates within me deeply.

ID#4428 H.A., 2006-07-28 [ Dietersburg, Bavaria]

Neo-Tech and Neo-Think has been the missing link from my own discoverys to what it is. Before Neo-Tech I felt helpless as somebody who could see the misery and misfortune that has been and is still given from generation to gerneration. The man who can see is helpless in the world of the blind which is ruled by the rules and regulations of the blind. A world of the blinds. I tried to help them to get back their eyes but found out that they did not want to see because it has been forbidden them by their mind print. Now can I see what it is I have been fighting against all my live and still keep on doing that. It is Mysticism! We gotta stop it if we want to survive and get the lucky live we deserve! Neo-Tech tells us how to succeed! Thank you!

ID#4429 I.S., 2006-07-28 [ Bournemouth, Dorset]

I read today (28th July 06) of the loss of Frank Wallace in January of this year, a great loss to society to die is sad but to to die as he did thats terrible. I offer my sincerest condolences to his family and Kin. Neo-Tech has changed my life, no im not a millionaire, neither have i many material possesions but what i do have is the great gift of Neo-Tech and NO Mysticism in my life, the money would be nice but what i have is worth more than money could ever buy. My life has gone in leaps and bounds since being exposed to Neo-Tech and i for one now realise that my problems are my own and i can change them, friends want to be around me and yes i get my fair share of offers from females intrigued i think by my confidence in life and where i am heading. I would be interested in helping to further Neo-tech in anyway i can, i see the future and it excites me and sadens me at the same time but i want to be a part of that future and share the knowledge in the Neo-Tech Literature. I play online in a game called where i truely believe the values given in the neo-tech literature could be introduced and i see an area where sales could be made and closed in a virtual enviroment in which i have spent the last 8 months building my reputation as a person who uses Fully Integrated Honesty in all things, thanks to Neo-Tech. I would be happy to speak with someone via email at first to perhaps discuss my vision of disseminating the Neo-tech literature to another marketplace. If not i do need some ideas from you as the publishing company as to how i can possibly achieve this and raise the level of awarness of Neo-Tech in this new groundbreaking technology. I have been involved with the internet for some 27 years now so am not a newbie, and the game i play now is what i saw would happen 27 years ago so based on the bigger picture i really feel that i could help diseminate the information through this medium as its going places :) I have read extensively online the good and the bad about neo-tech, the bad bits in my mind being the people that cannot shake off the last vestiges of the Bicameral mind from themselves and it excites me to the core that mankind is on the verge of a huge change and shift in thinking i sincerly hope im around to see that change, if not then its my responsibility as a father and grandfather to help make the changes now for the future of those that will come after me. I have not ticked the info box for more info as i already own some Neo-Tech literature and if i require more then i will ask, tho please add my new address below to your database :) I look forward to a reply in the very near future and i remain Yours Sincerly Iain PS: The email address below is my in game name, should you decide to take a look, please make sure you look me up in game as i am a Mentor within the game and would be happy to discuss this or any other matters with you further.

ID#4430 B. ., 2006-07-28 [ Saudi, Sweden]

Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.

ID#4431 W.J., 2006-07-28 [ Jacksonville, Florida]

I am interested and have been selected but I am so broke I can't even afford the discounted price for the manuscript. As I have been reading my Nouveau Tech Orientation Booklet I see where many others have been given the Manual with out charge. I would like to move forward but as I don't have the money and can't raise it in the short time that you have stated I am in my cycle I will be left behind. I feel you should remain on the net. We still have the right to free speech and I will defend that right to all persons who wish to speak. Those who son't approve have the right not to listen. Thank you for the invitation I already feel a kindredness even if I don't move to the next level. Bill Carden

ID#4433 . ., 2006-07-28 [ , ]

Our future depends on it.

ID#4434 P.W., 2006-07-28 [ Tucson, AZ]

I have purchased the 1st part of neo-tech books and promised the second part but have a couple questions first. The first being the whole first part of the book seems to be bashing God, and I know why I am here and where I am going because of my belief in God, and if that is a problem I wouldn't want to join. Also how much are the yearly dues. If you could please answer quickly as today is my last day which I can join according to the letter I received. Thanks Pauline Witbeck

ID#4438 a. ., 2006-07-28 [ Malaysia, Sweden]

This site simply ideal. Success in work!

ID#4439 B. ., 2006-07-28 [ Zealand, Sweden]

It\'s a great and valuable site!

ID#4441 R.H., 2006-07-29 [ Pocatello, Idaho]

I have not read all of your literature. I am not sure I agree completely with what I have read. You do appear to be on the right track as far a religion goes. Modern man has not used common sense to modernize his thinking. The religious and political dogmas of the day have forgotten the basics of God's teachings. There are ONLY TEN COMMANDMENTS. If those ten are lived by, and honestly followed, the only other law required is of honoring our mother EARTH. WE defile her daily. If there had been a need for more laws, and there was the intelligence to follow more, I'm sure they would have been made available. (please don't print me info, as I do like my privacy, thank you)

ID#4442 J.F., 2006-07-29 [ Westmoreland, ny]

Keep up the good work.

ID#4443 A. ., 2006-07-29 [ Newport Station, Nova Scotia]

NT is the best thing anyone Can and Should invest in for self and family EVER !

ID#4444 D.G., 2006-07-29 [ , ]

I find the point of view of the site to be pretty much the same as mine. I like the truth, particularly concerning the origins and practices of religion and domination.

ID#4445 A. ., 2006-07-29 [ Zealand, Sweden]

Your site is very convenient in navigation and has good design. Thanks!

ID#4446 J.J., 2006-07-29 [ Concord, NC]

I am really excited about the idea that has been globally presented thru the vehicle of neo-tech.I have definitely embraced the idea of allowing people to have their own experience and control their own destiny in the life without the mysticism of something outside control them.Thanks Neo-Tech for confirming the ideas of a young brother in a totally different state who understands what you are speaking about.KEEP IT GOIN' AND I WILL DO THE SAME ON THE SIDE UNTIL WE MET!!! J.Johnson North Carolina

ID#4450 T.K., 2006-07-29 [ Salt Lake City, Ut.]

I need to change my address. 000004612 NC# NC100076-4183 I tried this several weeks ago, but didn't recieve any confirmation. Would it be possible to, either mail, or e-mail me ? Thanks.

ID#4451 A.B., 2006-07-29 [ Felton, DE]

the best reading I have ever spent money on! thank you for everything.

ID#4454 D. ., 2006-07-30 [ Malaysia, Sweden]

Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.

ID#4455 M.H., 2006-07-30 [ Hampton, VA]

I don't need you to send me literature, I have already purchased the book. I just want to say thank you for giving the book at a reasonable price. I look forward to learning more about your company and the people that are involved in the company. I feel that I will be able to apply the information I have learned from you very well. (I found the "secret" in the material and I already know the benefits of "hypnosis" so I believe you will be able to show me the way to get the full benefit from this all the time by reading the book.) You have worked hard to keep your place on the internet, you don't need to leave. What is life about if you can't help anyone? That is what you are trying to do here right? So stick around.

ID#4457 B. ., 2006-07-30 [ Paris, Sweden]

Thanks for your project. I like this site. KEEP IT UP..

ID#4458 J.S., 2006-07-30 [ Willoughby, OH]

Subject: Fw: a new math learning system called Funforms Dear Dr. Sirs: I saw your article on NUMERATION. It made me think I need to tell you about Funforms. Let me tell you who I am, first, please. I am a physician with several specialty areas of certification. I am not a crank. I have clinical appointments at CWRU School of Medicine, and years ago, when I lived in Atlanta, I was on the full time faculty there. I have no real background in math or in teaching primary or secondary grades, however. [Nor do I have any connections with someone who does.] Some years ago, along with a colleague, I invented a math learning system that uses an iconic, ultra simple notational system. That system leads to making all the simple operations happen mechanically, and visibly, so that students can see and understand what the operations actually do. I think it's great for negative numbers and for fractions as well as 3 of the 4 basic operations ... [I'm not as happy about division, but it does work and does clarify that division is just serial subtraction.] There is a website where the powerpoint presentation can be downloaded, []. I write you because I hope to find someone with access to the educational system to teach it to one [or a few graduate students] and then to study the effects of teaching Funforms [Functional formulae that are fun to work with, and the name of the system] to a study group of students and compare the results of that to a control group. I hope you might have an interest in such a proposal, or if not, you might know someone who might have such an interest. If you have any interest, please visit my website, Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this email. Joel S. Steinberg, M. D. 5370 SOM Center Road Willoughby, OH 44094 440 946 5004

ID#4460 w.l., 2006-07-30 [ middlesboro, ky]

please keep this site on the web,it has the most informedinformatiom of god man concept needed for todayspeople and how past history has infected our values.we could all work so much better with the truth reather fears and faith.

ID#4461 R. ., 2006-07-30 [ Brazil, Sweden]

Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!

ID#4462 d. ., 2006-07-30 [ Amityville, NY]

I can't believe you guys turned from Ayn Randyan Liberarians to pathetic Bushies. He is the worst president that this country has ever had. Don't you know that he just vetoed stem cell research that can help cure cancer and help bring about this "biologial immoratility" that you are always speaking about? Does it occur to you that GWB is an intolerant right wing christian Yahoo? you need to rethink your priorities!!!

ID#4463 S.G., 2006-07-31 [ Dunmore, PA]

I am having a difficult time locating the proper procedure to locate the Neo-Tech Networking Boards. I am a novice with a computer, and so would appreciate assistance in accessing.

ID#4464 a. ., 2006-07-31 [ Saudi, Sweden]

Your guestbook is example of middle-class guestbooks. Congratulation! I’ll show your site and guestbook to my friends.

ID#4465 Y.C., 2006-07-31 [ , ]

I belive that there are many truths that where attempts are and continue to be hindered. I belive that which is to be revealed cannot be stopped.

ID#4466 B. ., 2006-07-31 [ Paris, Sweden]

Very good site. You are doing great job. Please Keep it up! My site is

ID#4467 c.K., 2006-07-31 [ , ]

PAX has always had roman catholic connotations. NOW, a "turn- off" word. WHY use such a misleading term. I cringe when I read that,coming from YOU! Too much JUSTIFICATION going on. Iv'e been reading for months {getting blood shot eyes} , and I still haven,t found anything I can use for personal prosperity. {as contracted on the last few months on my credit card} so...I'm supposed to say I still have MORE to learn??? before a few hundred more dollars are freely authorized to you. When does my 25 yr.established business ever break free. the internet has not provided a cost saving for my products as you contend. The scam only expands! When do you cut to the chase???

ID#4469 B. ., 2006-07-31 [ Saudi, Sweden]

Your site is very interesting and useful

ID#4471 . ., 2006-07-31 [ , ]

mortgages lenders properties commons of intelectual intrest most general concepts of mind generations of mutual trusts and holdings in national current events to make more efficient capital holdings of intrest members who value time vs mental holdings of future generations to come into a current place of intrest of all global idealistic manners. to make a positive change to every time of day, moment by moment. i thank you for taking the time to read this comment to help make change a possable reality.

ID#4472 S.S., 2006-07-31 [ , ]

I am so sad for our world. People are cruel and dieing every day because they believe in some type of god when what they should be thinking about the mind. Of late I can not stop thinking of my mortality. What scares me the most is that I would never think aqain or love or laugh. I want to save my self from eternal nothing. I also want to save my family and loved ones. I want to learn more on how to acheive this. I am young but my parnets are getting older and I do not want to put them in the ground. It seems too easy to understand that there is no after life and how hard everyone makes life by cheating, stealing, and most of death. I still have a hard time grasping living forever since our natural life span is short. I want to length it and live a happy prosperous life and stop feeling sad that one day I will not ever think again. Death consumes my thoughts and want to think about life not my end. So please send me information on how to end this cycle.

ID#4473 S.S., 2006-07-31 [ Modesto, ca]

Deeply motivating reading. Approaching life with honesty and accountability keeps focus away from harmful influences that waste time and money. After a year without new information from Neo-Tech, I am wondering if am I getting too far behind in gathering more knowlege. Will I be left out if I don't have the ability to keep up? After the unfortunate passing of Dr. Wallace, can we regroup and continue accelerating knowlege?

ID#4474 m.l., 2006-07-31 [ manahawkin, New Jersey]


ID#4478 T.f., 2006-07-31 [ fairford, manitoba]

back in 92 i had a failing buisness and the old man that i met gave me the neo-tech manual discovery, i read it for twelve hours non stop three days later my buisness rock bottom to one hundread percent improvment. I phoned the old man and he said it works and that was the last time i used it but now i would like to use all the information. thank you Tony flett, fairford manitoba, canada. oh ya just to let u know i live on an indian reserve. bible belt.

ID#4479 j.k., 2006-07-31 [ newark, ohio]

it is biggest problem is. If this group knows of the special trait in certain folks,then they must also know that there are a few of us that are way down on our luck.out of work,facing ewviction,an utillity shut offs. then how can we aford to buy any wonderful book to better ourself? thank you. john

ID#4480 M.W., 2006-07-31 [ Planet not you, normal]

Ok So it seems this is a cult and i do not want anything to do with you or your site. in brief I will not drink the kool aid

ID#4481 c.w., 2006-08-01 [ hughes, ar]

Have not received my package or heard from you in four months. is it too late? Charles Wise

ID#4482 N.B., 2006-08-01 [ Montverde, fl]

I have found the books to be liberating. My questions on religion have been answered and I feel excited about what is going to happen in the future. I want access to the latest writings of neo-tech.

ID#4484 E. ., 2006-08-01 [ New, Sweden]

A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.

ID#4485 B. ., 2006-08-01 [ Saudi, Sweden]

Hi. May I aks you who did design for this site? I have my own sites ut I do not like its colors at all. Yours looks much better I guess. Im trying to find someone who are really great designer.

ID#4487 m.g., 2006-08-01 [ kano old city, kano]

it bring people people to reality rather then aloud unhearted people to countinious burren people alive for the past 000s.yrs.and it is not accidental, to see the web rather then effort and understanding truth that bring the point.

ID#4488 B. ., 2006-08-01 [ , ]


ID#4489 E. ., 2006-08-01 [ Zealand, Sweden]

I have loved your site for its useful and funny content and simple design.

ID#4491 T.B., 2006-08-01 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

It is my opinion that Neo-Tech provides the viable vehicle necessary to cure the ills of our society and the world over. Request that the 96 page Golden Helmet publication be forwared to the address below.

ID#4492 D.H., 2006-08-01 [ carlisle, pa]


ID#4494 A.D., 2006-08-01 [ Woodland Hills, CA]

Those of us who will use the information, need the website.

ID#4495 M.C., 2006-08-01 [ , ]

Free Speech! It's as simple as that. Freedom and the liberating knowledge to live ones life on his or her own terms.

ID#4497 P. ., 2006-08-01 [ Brooklyn, NY]

How i can help from objective law if i need for court trial, even how i find out lawyer who support 'the' point law? Or automatically support to court system if some one read 'the golden helmet' section? Can i get any answer from you please. Thank you.

ID#4498 B. ., 2006-08-02 [ Saudi, Sweden]

Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.

ID#4499 J.B., 2006-08-02 [ Raleigh, NC.]

Member#NC10 0015-3493: I have been a member since 2005,and I have finally been presented with options-open end information on a veriety of subjects and ideas/theorys. I would say the most difficult part of excepting my new found knowledge is the right/left brain hemispheres. Which causes one to rethink their belief in their "gods"/mystical systems. I patiently wait for my third package,as well as meeting you soon.

ID#4500 d.c., 2006-08-02 [ muskogee, ok]

i got a letter in the mail about it,and got really curious about it,sohere i am.wondering what i should do.

ID#4501 k.w., 2006-08-02 [ Santa Cruz, NM]

Is it OK for me to (1) refer people to the various web sites, and (2) to quote some of our materials in one of my web sites? thx Kenneth, e-mail

ID#4504 J.M., 2006-08-02 [ Coweta, OK]

I have just finished reading the book. It was very enligthening. I have realized what big government has done to society for years as I am a business owner. Also, I know what mysticism especially through religion has the world so screwed up. I am a previous minister in a church. I have been through several different belief systems, from Penecostal, to the Jewish system, to protestant. What you are teaching through Neo-Tech goes along with what I have come to believe. I would like to know more about the Chuch of God-Man.

ID#4507 J.G., 2006-08-02 [ Revere, MA]

I've read The Neo-Tech Discovery 3 times, Cosmic Business Control 2 times, The Neo-Tech World 3 times, and The First Immortals 1 time... I'm at the development level where knowledge comes before power...If there is any other Neo-Tech Literature I must learn from, I would like to advance my knowledge...Thanks Neo-Tech... R.I.P. Dr. Frank R. Wallace...You will never be forgotten...

ID#4511 G. .,@yahoo,com 2006-08-02 [ Dallas, TEXAS]

Thank you for sending me a letter let me know that you hadnt for gotten about.I am still wateing to get the benfites.

ID#4512 D.N., 2006-08-02 [ Lake Wales, FL]

You should remain online, everyone has the right to be heard. I haven't read all of your info on line, but have found what I have read to be interesting.

ID#4513 A.S., 2006-08-02 [ Montreal, Quebec]

Well I Like to Know That the World Will be in Peace Not War in the Midle East And other Places, Dr Walace If you can Please Email me a message at ( ) Thank you |||

ID#4515 B. ., 2006-08-02 [ Cisco, Tx]

having hard time putting the book down,just start reading the book about 3 months ago.Wow!!! want to read and learn more,just a beginner Betty

ID#4517 G.N., 2006-08-03 [ Petaling Jaya, Selangor]

Please carry on the good work. Is First Immortals ready? Any other publications of interest we could read? How to be in touch with Mrs Wallace and the other "brains?" Regret that Dr Frank is no longer with us. He has unfinished business. What a great man! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

ID#4518 E. ., 2006-08-03 [ Israel, Sweden]

Excellent site, added to favorites!!

ID#4521 J.H., 2006-08-03 [ Portland, OR]

Member # 211804976 Any of you would like to read my lyrics, log into click on search, type in the name: Joseph Huffman (remember it will take several weeks until all of my material with me is on this site)

ID#4523 L.S., 2006-08-03 [ Germany, CA]

Hello there, I would like to offer an exchange of links between your website and ours, which have excellent Google rankings. If you find such a proposal interesting then please send me details of your sites. However, if you are not interested please accept my apologies for taking your time. Attention! We can write an article for you to place there. We'll write this article specially for you to fit in the theme of your website, and in exchange we ask only for attribution in the form of a link from the article to our site or sites as the authors. If you'd like more information, just reply to this mail. Best regards, Lidia Sadlowski

ID#4524 . ., 2006-08-03 [ , ]


ID#4525 . ., 2006-08-03 [ , ]

Every person is allowed freedom of speech. I do not understand how this website is violating that right. Therefore, it should remain on the web. And as for the people who think it should be taken off;are you so afraid of a different way of thinking (that is not that different from most educated people) that you will write it off as a the Devils work!!?? Come on. I am embarassed to be living in a society that, in the 21st century, lives in such fear and unwillingness to change that they would rather give up their freedoms (of speech) than accept that not everyone is christian.

ID#4527 L.V., 2006-08-03 [ san diego, CA]

very interesting and valuable information. let us know more about yourneo tech business manual

ID#4529 a.k., 2006-08-03 [ , ]

unlike the other "negative feedback" i actually would prefer that you guys reply and get a dialog started.

ID#4531 R.C.,@COMCAST.NET 2006-08-04 [ SACRAMENTO, CA]


ID#4532 . ., 2006-08-04 [ , ]

The web is the perfect place for nutty theories like these.

ID#4533 l.m., 2006-08-04 [ austin, tx]


ID#4534 J. ., 2006-08-04 [ Israel, Sweden]

Excellent web site I will be visiting often

ID#4535 c.c., 2006-08-04 [ , ]

freedom of speech....... that is right with in the system every human has that right to speak there mind no matter what it is so yes leave it up, but i must say that many things are very questionable i must say ,but that is a right that we all cherish very much without it alot of us would be in a great deal of trouble

ID#4538 J.H., 2006-08-04 [ Spokane, 99206]

found yoyr site when searching for Nouveau Tech

ID#4540 j.y., 2006-08-04 [ bellingham, wa]

i have been a prisoner of mysticism since the age of seven. i'm 45 these days, but since discovering neo tech, i sometimes feel like i'm 8; as though i'm picking-up where i left off 37 years ago. three months ago i was born anew -- physiclly, mentally, spiritually. i have learned to incorporate the numbers, and as a result, my artistic production is over the top -- in all mediums i practice: in writing, painting, and in music. neo tech has shone the light and exposed me to the false truths i no longer need -- or condone. this website is a bridge to that freedom, and all who want freedom from authority should have access to this site. with neo tech, we shall live, love, and create forever.

ID#4544 k. ., 2006-08-05 [ lusaka, ]

on earth its impotant to know positve & negative aspect , any way thus my belief. thanks.

ID#4545 N.S., 2006-08-05 [ London NW10 4EX, ]

Probaly the most rivetting read of my life is The Neo Tech Discovery, I'm taking my time, since there is SO much to absorb. Its changed my thinking quite extraordinarily about almost everything,though I continue to struggle with some of the concepts, I'm determined to persist and achieve a free individual consciousness.

ID#4546 M.E., 2006-08-05 [ Coeur d'Alene , ID]

neo-tech has changed my out-look on life, myself, and the world around me, I don't know much about neo-tech or its origins, however I recommend this material to all that have a desire to change their out-look as well.

ID#4552 .L., 2006-08-05 [ Lisbon, Iowa]

I haye read two of the manuscriptsso far and have learned alot from them already&have started my own business now.Iwant to learn more about neo tech and maybe someday talk to Mark Hamilton.

ID#4556 x.a., 2006-08-05 [ mpls, mn]

neo tech is a very unique way of thinking, pure and honest I will love that people,really help each other as a group more when other are in need, to create a neo sociate, My wish is to go to school and be productive, unfortunely, I do not know nobody, but if somebody there gives me a hand I will take me...xavier

ID#4557 J.H., 2006-08-05 [ Bullhead City, AZ]

Thanks so much for putting such a bevy of lucid, informative, thought provoking and uplifting stories together. There have been times when I felt I was alone in thinking that there were so many living off so few producers. I am definitely in your corner.

ID#4558 N.B., 2006-08-06 [ Riverside, CA]

I think you should stay on the web, know questions asked!!! You have changed my life for the better, keep it coming!!!

ID#4561 a.f., 2006-08-06 [ odessa, tx]

Yes I would like to continue to read about Neo-tech on the web. I have 2 books that I find very intresting. This books are very good and I enjoyed reading them,but I am not finished with them. Also the Information about Neo-Tech is exellent and it brings a different point of view in our media programmed minds. I suggest you keep Neo-Tech on the web forever, so people can beging to think for them selves and believe their own believes "not" believe what other people believe. Or have their own opinion... not give some body ealses opinion as theirs. the books are great. thank you.

ID#4562 T. ., 2006-08-06 [ Largo, Fl]

First and foremost the reading has really encouraged me to finish reading the book but not to look at everyone as a bad person just that it's the way their upbringing has been the way where today we need to change and meet our dreams for a better life. I for one have had many espiodes dreaming about controlling the world, in my dreams which may be weird but everyone is "deaf" unable to hear! Everyones' language is sign language where no one hears bad "words" like those negative comments say. I do believe someday we on this earth will live longer for a better life than how our grandparents and out parents had to live. Do not let our future children suffer anymore. Neo-Tech is here todat and I'm grateful understanding about the whole complex world we live in. Thanks to people like Dr. F. Wallace and Mark Hamilton. Last but not least, Just wanted to share this message or comments with anyone understanding I AM DEAF. with a wide smile.

ID#4563 M.L., 2006-08-06 [ Beech Mountain, NC]

Recently found my God-Man book back and re-read it (yes, the entire book) and was wondering what you all were up to. Did not realize so many in the world condemns Neo-Tech - Boy, are they asleep - Keep the site up. I've bookmarked it and will print all of the Pax NeoTech info that is listed so I can catch up and if there is anything else such as updates to my original book, please forward so I may order. Thanks Much. Melanie L. Schmidt

ID#4564 G.J., 2006-08-06 [ Springfield, CO]

Of course you should stay on the web. Why not?

ID#4565 R.S., 2006-08-06 [ Sugar Creek, MO]

I like the idea and concept. I am learning from my heirloom books.

ID#4566 H.Y., 2006-08-06 [ Surabaya, ]

Make me and our network open mind

ID#4567 H.F., 2006-08-07 [ Port St. Lucie, FL]

I have always known from a very young age that the religious doctrines and the concept of god were hoaxes. No one told me this . I figured it out by logic and science. What I could not recognize, is that our religious leaders could be such hippocrites, and deceivers...opposite to the very things that they taught. Now I understand that their vested interests in their way of making a living caused them to lie !!! How do I show people the empirical reality? I have not been able to convince one religious person that god is a hoax. They dismiss Neo-Tech honesty as the work of the devil, or as a hoax itself, or just plaiin refuse to accept it. They just smille at me and change the subject. Wasn't there a point in your life when you would have done the same? I am so glad I did not waste my life on all that dogma !!! What can the Neo-tech people do on a large scale to reveal empirical reality to the masses on Earth? Do you see the negative reaction "The DaVinci Code" received? Any anti-religious information is quickly dimissed, chastised, or supressed.


I am a New Member and I read the first text and I am on a new journey and the road seems so straight and easy to follow. By the time I reach the end of the road I will be knowing and free. PHT

ID#4570 e. ., 2006-08-07 [ bremerton, wa]

i have had it for mouths now i was and still im confused a little but not about being suck in to the lies of religion belifes i do belive in the consepte of being in controle of our lifes and haveing pese in our life and being kind

ID#4571 W.T., 2006-08-07 [ Idabel, OK]

I, personally, feel that Neo-Tech methods can truly benefit a person if he/she will only be willing enough to put their full effort(s) into learning all that Neo-Tech has to offer & they'll succeed @ whatever it is they're wanting to accomplish in their life

ID#4574 M. ., 2006-08-07 [ sasolburg, ]

after 50 years practising what i was taught.aspiring to be the best what i can be and not succeeding in what i believe in was mindboggeling to be shown what is realy happening after reading your manuscript it was easy to understand what was explained due to the fact that most surcumstances were experienced !!!many questions in my life was unanswerd and brought me to believe that this is the way my life is going to be due to my religious upbringing.THANK YOU ERIC KEEP IT UP MORE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS.

ID#4576 . ., 2006-08-07 [ , ]


ID#4577 A. ., 2006-08-07 [ Fort Lauderdale , Fl]

If I could I will fill this page with the word YES. The Neo-Tech technique is an open minded sistem that really breaks from the ignorance and stagnation to a thrue and complete life. It breake me free!!! Thanks

ID#4578 C.W., 2006-08-07 [ New York, NY]

If you could please send me a new copy of the Neotech Discovery I would be grateful. I loss my 1000 page secrets in a flood at my home last year. Right now I can't afford a new copy. Please help me! get my secrets back please. Thank you

ID#4580 J.B., 2006-08-07 [ Woodleaf, NC]

Neo-Tech must remain on the web until the War of Two Worlds has concluded with honesty prevailing as Victor!

ID#4581 A.P., 2006-08-07 [ Snyder, NY]

This site is important because it gives people unfamiliar with Neo-Tech access to the information and resources which, in time, will hopefully result in societies built on honesty and understanding. As evidenced by current world events, our world is in desperate need of these right now.

ID#4582 G.H., 2006-08-07 [ Ralston, NE]

Total enlightenment! You guys might be the first true patriots of the 21st century in revealing the truth about our country and the state we are in on the world platform regarding the escalating problems that I have witnessed in my lifetime. The military mindset of this generation is no different than the peoples of all nations or kingdoms that felt that they had justification for proving their power or right to destroy the enemy that is not of the same beliefs or traditions of the present ruling class. The one sad fact that has proven true since the beginning of time or man-made history is that there is no winner in the case of war to decide these disagreements. Might does not make right and the others who lay down for their cause to prove a point regarding passive resistance are not helping to fix the situation at hand. One has to make a stand in trying to repair the damage that has been done to this country as you plainly point out with your writings and literature. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, and I will not continue to watch from a distance as this country declines from the very roots it was founded on. Your knowledge of history is accurate in the attempt to help others to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of the teachings of the past few decades that have been clouding the very purpose of our existence. Life is an incredible journey if you live it and learn from it during your time here on Earth. There is is no benefit to wars or conflicts in trying to express ourselves to each other on this planet. It is my hope that we all can make an effort to explore the possibilities of a better world and work together to eliminate the very real threat of destruction that looms over us all in the event of the collapse of humanity through the sad effects of nuclear war. There are no winners in this scenario! Think about this, all you Christians,Jews,Muslims,Hindus,athesists or otherwise connected to your faith of choice. The end result of all this hostility towards one another is the very thing that is being discussed in this literature that is being read right now by all of you that care. I hope that you can see the difference upon exploring these very open documents that are being shown here by the I & O Publishing Company. America was founded on these exact principles of free speech and press to make sure that the issues that were evident to the Fathers of our country after all they had been through, were a promised gift to the people as well their families to come in this land that we all call home. We are not the first to go through the trial of independence and free thought. Anyone who has studied history knows the very roots of what this country stands for and will stand up for his opportunity to pursue a better life. This is the very foundation of what this country stands for and I commend the efforts of this source of enlightenment.

ID#4583 P.S., 2006-08-07 [ Olean, NY]

I received a letter from you recently. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the letter until after the deadline imposed. It stated that you would like me to join your society, which is something I am very interested in doing (if the opportunity for me to do so is still open, I would love to do so). I have always been in pursuit of enlightenment and universal truths and was very happy to hear from you. I googled your name today and was very pleased to find a wealth of information about you on the internet. I would very much like to receive literature from you and would like the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with you. Thank you.

ID#4584 S.F., 2006-08-07 [ Brooklyn, NY]

Yes, Neo-Tech should remain on the web, as Neo thinking is on the rise, and at an all time high. We see it everyday in the movies we're watching, the television programming, the books being published, and more and more people are beginning to see the "light".

ID#4587 G. ., 2006-08-07 [ , ]

Can you please enlighten on the latest update. I am looking for the Zon discovery.

ID#4588 J.F., 2006-08-07 [ St Louis, MO]

I find it quite interesting and true. Things I accepted but never understood are becoming crystal clear.

ID#4590 G.B., 2006-08-08 [ New York, N.y.]

The more I read the Inner-circle Secrets the more I see life as is in the real world not in the mystical world I use to live before.

ID#4592 f.j., 2006-08-08 [ houston, TX]

reading a book

ID#4595 a.e., 2006-08-08 [ westbury, ny]

the stuff on the net is good,but the topic at hand it i payed for the 1&2 books and was told that they were sent on march 20th 2006 they have not come and i lost the phone nuber to call, could some one e-mail me and let me know somthing.

ID#4597 . ., 2006-08-08 [ , ]

Please send me latest info on Neo Tech. Thanks.

ID#4599 P.L.,@AOL.COM 2006-08-08 [ Roswell, GA]

NC10 11-4860 I would like to see the boards that are at the end of book that we can get the growing on track.

ID#4600 G.V., 2006-08-08 [ Little Egg Harbor, NJ]

Just found out about this and Im very interested in all the writing so far.

ID#4601 P.W., 2006-08-08 [ Stamford, ]

So far I haven't read anything on your site that I disagree with. I had received your letter some time after we moved due to someone holding our mail, so I was too late to consider your literature as it was very spacific about a five day deadline. Never the less I am still curious and was pleased to be able to read acticles on your site.

ID#4603 E.M., 2006-08-08 [ fuckoff, OR]

You dont know the first thing about anything.

ID#4604 E.D., 2006-08-08 [ , GA]

All I have read on the web report the good people of NeoTech as being evil, money grubbing demons.. I never had anything good in my life. I didn't even own an automobile, basically the clothes on my back.. A friend of mine helped me get involved with NeoTech.. She gave me the material to read and study..After several months I started seeing how my life didn;t have to be the way it was..Yes even after being loaned the materials for guidance, when my life situation changed I sent them money for their materials..just to support the very people who had helped me in so many ways.. Thanks to NeoTech I now live a decent if not comfortable life..and have the real peace most people will never know..

ID#4605 S.S., 2006-08-09 [ EAST BRIGHTON, VIC]

It is vitally important that Neo-Tech keeps going. As I have read and bought a numebr of your publications, I have been able to revise my thinking on many matters. I am not atheistic BUT I have no doubt that regardless of what man made religion a person follows it does no good. I suspect that there may be more than we know due to the order of the universe but the prelates have no answer and use the mystic to there own political power and nothing else There is no doubt that we are entering a catastrophic period in planet earth history, for the mystics now have the power to destroy all in the name of their God's.

ID#4607 L.V., 2006-08-09 [ Anchorage, AK]

Am still reading the two editions you sent me it is already changing my life. I have quit smooking after 35 years and am on my way to new beginnings.I just wanted you to know I'm still here but am slowley absorbing new tech.Iam sending my new address. Thank you Lorin P.S.Ijust put this computer on line from where I work, I'm a security guard in Alaska.

ID#4608 D.L.,@YAHOO.COM 2006-08-09 [ long beach, ca]

I want to learn more

ID#4609 o.b., 2006-08-09 [ Rockhampton, QLD]

Dear Neo-Tech RE:- Members number 1900 93 009 I advise in writing through the internet that our details of our address have changed as of February 2006, we no longer live in Canberra Australia but now reside in Rockhampton QLD Australia . Any correspondence to our account should be sent to our new address as written below . Yours Sincerely Olha Benny

ID#4611 D.F., 2006-08-09 [ , ]

Hello, I strongly support the Neo tech movement, it is revolutionary and promising, we must work together to continue the progress of Neo tech and Neo Think,I enjoyed reading abour all the visions and other ideas,I will work to promote these ideas further. WE SHOULD HAVE A SCHOOL OR EVEN A UNIVERSITY TO DISCUSS TO CONTINUE THE STUDIES. Dr Frantz Delva

ID#4612 A. ., 2006-08-09 [ Seattle, WA]

One has to excuse the negative comments.They're usually the reaction of non-thinking ignorant people.Most folk are generally lazy and only spout forth religious garbage foisted upon them by their preachers.It is sad that they are too lazy or ignorant to do the research themselves. I think we also have to recognise that to some folk,religion becomes the comfort in their life; it's tough to move outside your "comfort" zone. It answers their questions without them having to make a lot of effort or to do a lot of 'soul searching'. They only look to see the good,not the 'realistic'. I think they miss much in life.

ID#4614 N.K., 2006-08-09 [ Winona, MN]

If we all here about it there is going to be a lot of bashing about the book. Because they don't want to know the secrets of the unknown. Keep writing to people, that makes them feel special. If it on the www, it is not a secret. I know putting it on the web will save you guys or ladys a lot of money, but the reality is, it is a SECRET that should be past to the indivisuals who need to be uplifted.

ID#4618 D.S., 2006-08-09 [ Nashville, 37209]

I read your literature and i recieved your invitation and I could only come to one conclusion. YOU GUYS ARE WACK!

ID#4619 S.G., 2006-08-09 [ Dunmore, PA]

I am not very computer literate, and so have experienced difficulty in locating the Neo-Tech Networking Boards.Any asssistance would be greatly appreciated.

ID#4621 K.F., 2006-08-10 [ , ]

Although I did not have time to skim through everything you had on your site in this first visit, I can clearly see your way of thinking is parallel to some things I see in myself I never try to explain to most. It is nice to find there are others like myself out there. If you took the site down, you would still have all the crooked opportunists preying on those less fortunate, twisting and distorting it without the benefit of seeing your clear cut stance. Keep up the great work and leave your facts attainable for those intelligent enough to do a little research.

ID#4623 A.J., 2006-08-10 [ JHELUM, Punjab]

Please send me most recent money/power/Romantic-love information,it interests me. Arslan Jamil Dar Pakistan

ID#4626 J.C., 2006-08-10 [ Rapidan, VA]

Ok Ive read both books. Agree with the concept and now am ready for the next stept. Where do we go from here. Is there a web site with a discussion page where we can meet and determine the next phase. John J

ID#4628 F.L., 2006-08-10 [ Williamston, N. C.]

With just a little fanancial help I will have Neo-Tech Party all over my 1979 Dodge truck in a few days. Everywhere I go it would get people's attention. We can put a Neo-Tech president in office this coming election. We start now. All we need is an annointed speaker for the Neo-Tech Party, Carla Santana, Chicago, and maybe a few more positive bands at the convention. The movie, " The Head Of The State " showed us how we can win. I'm 59 years old and the masses of people do not see as yet that rock and roll music is nothing but the best religion out there. Ray Charles is a good example and I'm outta here. p.s. I am one of those annointed speakers. I know I'm qualified because I have been in two pits; pullpit and streets.

ID#4630 M.B., 2006-08-10 [ , ]


ID#4631 m.w., 2006-08-10 [ santa cruz, ca]

this doesn't look like a secure site!

ID#4633 r.t., 2006-08-10 [ whitehouse, OH]

its valuable information for people to better their lives

ID#4636 E.P., 2006-08-10 [ , ]

I'm still waiting to go to my first meeting, because just by reading the books it has already changed my life for the better. I can't wait to meet my sponcer and people that thinks and feel just as I do.

ID#4637 M.F., 2006-08-10 [ Jacksonville, FL]

I also got your stupid mail telling me I was "Special"...well....I had no compuction in Googling the Web to find out about your company.....All I got was "Scam Warning" many people can't be wrong...

ID#4638 M.Y., 2006-08-11 [ Beaverton, Michigan]

August 10, 2006 Are there any Forums left on-line??? I haven't heard from NTP, since I bought "Inner-Circle Secrets". Why??? I was very sorry to hear of Dr. Wallace's demise. Is his death the end of NTP? Or was it over before that, and I'm just too late? If anyone reads this, PLEASE e-mail me!!!!!

ID#4643 d.m., 2006-08-11 [ Redding, Ca.]

I can see no valid reason to attempt to muzzle what appears to be a viable alternate to the madness we (ie. the human race) are current indulging in and perpetrating upon ourselves. If you disagree change the channel! D.A.M.

ID#4644 L.V., 2006-08-11 [ Anchorage , AK]

Wow, I can't believethe amount of people for and against this I do know this is the future. they can say what they want,the battle has begun. you know already how it will turn do I.

ID#4645 J. ., 2006-08-11 [ , ]

Most interesting, good info to know for future reference thank you

ID#4648 r.f., 2006-08-11 [ rehoboth, de]

good morning; my neo-tech no#isnc-10-1015-9605 Idont know who I'm restudyiny the work Ihave already recived,I'mnow waiting for my final fouth step from mr hamilton but have not recived it yet,why thank you ronald f.andrieux,srronald

ID#4649 s. ., 2006-08-11 [ , ]

I am extremely attracted to the material on your site. I wish I had bought them some years ago when I received your letter in the mail.

ID#4650 T.M., 2006-08-11 [ Green Bay, Wi]

I received the 56 page orientation manual through the mail. I then ordered the 1000 page manual for tips and techniques on improving my life here on EARTH. Currently, I am waiting for the manual through the mail, and three good things to happen in my life from reading the orientation manual which I have about 1 week left for them to happen. In the meantime,I found your website and I continue to study it to the best of my ability. The journey ,right now, to fortune seems like it could be a very long one for me. In my mind I have given all I have to WORK AMERICA and nothing positive has come out of it.

ID#4651 T.M., 2006-08-11 [ Green Bay, Wi]

I received the 56 page orientation manual through the mail. I then ordered the 1000 page manual for tips and techniques on improving my life here on EARTH. Currently, I am waiting for the manual through the mail, and three good things to happen in my life from reading the orientation manual which I have about 1 week left for them to happen. In the meantime,I found your website and I continue to study it to the best of my ability. The journey ,right now, to fortune seems like it could be a very long one for me. In my mind I have given all I have to WORK AMERICA and nothing positive has come out of it.

ID#4653 B.W., 2006-08-11 [ , ]

I received the letter telling me how special I was. Maybe I AM special because it didn't take thirty seconds for me to figure out why I got the letter. The Bruce Berman website sold/gave my address to you. I guess the "religion" angle works for you, but it was a big turn off for me. However everyone should be allowed a fair shot at suckers. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your letter seem more realistic. First, don't talk about how exclusive it is but then use your bulk rate postage. Sure it costs more, but might increase the numbers that fall for it. Second, eight pages (four front and back) is WAY too much if you are shooting for the "mysterious letter" feel. Anyone who has to explain their "exclusive" invitation at that length comes across as a salesperson. Face it, we have all seen the Berman and others informercials and they all have the exact same feel to them....the feel that you projected in this letter. Not good. Third, yes I understand you mass mail these, but if you are NOT going to have someone ACTUALLY sign a supposed "personal" letter, don't include a cheesy computer generated signature. At LEAST try and make it look better, you know like those credit card companies do when they send you their "exclusive platinum card" offers. With all that being said, could you please remove me from your mailing list? It will save you some cost on future postage, ink, paper, etc. Since I will not be buying any of your products (not even if you send me a personal letter from a secret celebrity that wants me to join! hehe heard about that already.) I will give you my name and e-mail, since you have already been provided it from the Berman site. Do yourself a favor and delete them from your database. Ok, well good luck with the business. Hope my suggestions help!

ID#4657 . ., 2006-08-12 [ , ]

Very,have the free book It is a leader into Neo-Tech but the real information is in #2bookof which I cannot afford I am am 80 years old liveing on S-S and I cannot spend on Extras.Seniors at a lose to get it and that is a shame Thank you .

ID#4658 P. ., 2006-08-12 [ Brooklyn, NY]

How nt. protection kit work for any nt. readers for subphoena,if some one need any help so how they can get help from NT.Even any negetive situation they facing at a time so still they can get any help from NT.Can you respond to following e-mail address please.

ID#4659 J.V., 2006-08-12 [ Vista, CA]

Where may I view "The Neo-Tech Discovery" (1000 pages)? Or, is reading Pax Neo-Tech enough?

ID#4661 y.f., 2006-08-12 [ , ]

I think u people are really selective in who you correspond to, it seems that u do not desire to sell any of your information to me. Perhaps it is because my email moniker is PSI_FORCE 1 and u think I am a mystic that would waste your marketing efforts, or perhaps your mailing team has dropped the proverbial ball, either way I am not impressed with the professionalism that your organization is displaying. Also it seems that your spin off neo warriors is very incompetent in the manner in which they manifest there said marketing stategies. Is this endemic with NEO-business? If the bottomline is so critical in neo theory why would your said team choose to behave this way? Would Dr. Wallace approve of such behaviour? He may be dead and his vision unmanifested nay even reverse manifested, but you could still honor your association with the man and respond to emails and snailmail with honesty. I will probably not get a response as the person who reads these emails is probably some hourly lackey looking haphazardly thru hundreds of emails on a irregular basis but that is ok because at least I have done my part in trying to establish a link to neotech, sincerely

ID#4662 R.C., 2006-08-12 [ Round Lake, IL]

I have enjoyed reading the Zone power manual. Once I have started to read I was unable to put the book down........Thank you.

ID#4663 P.E., 2006-08-12 [ NORH HARROW, ]

My name is Paul Erhabor. I have been a member for about 9 months now - 1702114-9297871. Neo-Tech should always remain on the web. Infact, Neothink should be in every conscious beings house who loves life. Once a non-force philosophical system takes over this planet (Neothink), every productive individual conscious human being will flourish has the living organism is intended to flourish. Force - the prime-evil for over 2000 years will be eradicated forever. Many thanks to the value-producers of this world. I Love you Dr Wallace, Mark Hamilton & others. Paul Erhabor.

ID#4664 P.E., 2006-08-12 [ NORH HARROW, ]

Neo-Tech should always not only remain on the web, but should also be governing the Earth as i speak with a non-force government. Important question? I know their are a lot of mighty-men within Neothink. How come those mighty-men with the tools they carry (mystic-free tools) out-compete those non-producers in government power? I also know that we are actually fighting the battle as i speak (Producers vs. Non-producers, The mystic-free mind vs. the mystic mind). Those nonproducers are backed by force & coercion. Neothink doesen't need for or coersion to win the battle. Now, the whole point of winning the battle is to change civilization into a healthy, productive, happily, prosperous society - forever! For that to happen, its obvious that the philosophical system changes to a non-force philosophical system. But our present philosophical system has dominated our planet for over 2000 years & nearly all civilization is under the spell of mysticism. And mysticism now, is very, very dangerous & even getting worse by the second especially in government power. Which Neothink man (Leader) is going to stand before all Neothink people to take over this present government power to change the whole civilization into a non-force philosophical system? Time is very precious to us, as i speak, thousands even millions of conscious beings are dying every second of the day & those younger ones only turn into mystics & neocheaters in the long-run - then into comprachicos. How long do we mystic-free beings have to continue suffering in silence concerning what is going on in the world today with the cruelest of things been done to innocent children & adults as i speak. Time is very precious here, lets make no mistake. Who comes out now to stand befofe all? This present evil philosophical system needs to be squelched immidiately. ...Obviously whoever stands out needs to come through government power or powerful force, That mystic free person needs to out-compete all government power combined all over the world. That mystic-free person needs to take control of all government power on Earth in order to control all civilization. Who is that mystic-free person?

ID#4666 a. ., 2006-08-12 [ Melbourne, Vic]


ID#4667 j. ., 2006-08-12 [ phoenix, az]

i like to read about all the illuosion we are faced with every day and what we can do get rid of them all. so we dont get taking advantage of so just keep inform us of all the bad stuff going on in the world. thx john

ID#4674 J.F., 2006-08-13 [ St. Louis, MO]

I find the philosophy of NeoTech to be quite enlightening and true. It has helped me to overcome my feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness that was cultivated by my Catholic upbringing.

ID#4679 G.A., 2006-08-14 [ San Antonio, TX]

please send me all the NT links not attached to this site.... like where to get LEGITIMATE NT material from you guys, not the people stealing your good name. thank you. Garrett PS if you send something to my email address below, please let me know via email that (insert title here) is a legitimate NT product.... THANKS! :)

ID#4680 T.S., 2006-08-14 [ S.Euclid, OH]

I ordered the books,read them, and was promised access to the meetings but I never heard from anybody in the organization..what happened? Why did you take my money and abandon me?? member# NC100823 8817

ID#4681 K.B., 2006-08-14 [ Blackpool, Lancashire]

I have read Neo Tech Parts I and II and found them very liberating. I could feel my brain sparking with ideas as i read. How can I help?

ID#4687 J.G., 2006-08-14 [ St. Stephen, S C]

This should definitely stay on the web. I would like to hear from other members. Julie

ID#4695 D.W., 2006-08-15 [ Sarasota, Fl]

Yes, I would like to see your site expand. History proves that mankind has yet to figure out a system that works. Your organization has obviously done extensive research and your concepts have definitely opened my mind to new thoughts. I would like to learn more about what I have to do or put into action in my life to achieve money, power and romantic-love and how to prevent other peoples greed, jealousy and simple narrow mindedness to cause misery in my life.

ID#4696 S.G., 2006-08-15 [ Dunmore, PA]

I hope to navigate more information more readily as I become more famliar with computer usage. I would like to find the Networking Boards operating. I believe the Neo-Tech website will be extraordinarily valuable to many,many people in the very near future.

ID#4697 b. ., 2006-08-15 [ , ]

i think this site is dumb and very evil it souldnt be on the web

ID#4700 N.P., 2006-08-15 [ Las Vegas, NV]

Since I started reading the neo-tech books, my life has change 360 degrees. I can't wait or book three to be released. But, there is some thing I need and as of yet I have not been given the information, so that I could attend the private meeting or have not to this date be introduced to any other member. can someone please get back to me either by phone or mail, or email me. Here is all of my information. Nathat Pressley 3001 Lake East Dr. apt 2189,Las Vegas, NV 89117. (702) 349-1698 e-mail

ID#4701 V. ., 2006-08-15 [ chicago, Ill ]

Hello. I am waiting for imformation on a meeting . Maybe I this is a good place look. I did enjoyed the two eye-opening books I did read.

ID#4702 L.P., 2006-08-15 [ Brooklyn, NY]

I miss my neo-tech books. I need all the latest info... is there a way I can get a list of all the neotech books so I can get what I'm missing... thanks... Liza...

ID#4703 J.R., 2006-08-15 [ Bedford, Tx.]

The web site is mentioned in the final pages of the 2nd book I received from Neo Tech. I continue to be engaged by the information.

ID#4705 C.B., 2006-08-15 [ Crockett, Ca]

Because it's the right thing to do, people need to know about it or we will go on believing that it's ok for some small group to have power over the people. The time is right. What's happing now is getting old and I feel many are just plain tired of it. We need to wake up now!

ID#4707 S.R., 2006-08-15 [ MASSILLON, OHIO]


ID#4708 S.R., 2006-08-15 [ MASSILLON, OHIO]


ID#4709 S.R., 2006-08-15 [ MASSILLON, OHIO]


ID#4710 N.V., 2006-08-15 [ Oklahoma City, OK]

I have a mailing from Neo-Tech and will be sending it back for my free information, now that I've seen some testimonials on the website. Looking forwarding to receiving the info.

ID#4711 S.P., 2006-08-15 [ Miami, 33187]

I am really impresed.

ID#4712 s.e., 2006-08-15 [ georgetown, ohio]

I wonder if the latest information includes any recent (2006) opinions of the author's regarding president bush or the Iraq war. Your literature is interesting and I laugh sadly at the negative comments, some of them are really extreme... But for myself, the impact of your ideas is diluted by soo much to read, where is this "evil" book available? I'd like to take a look at what could possibly have such a scary effect on some of the negative commentators.

ID#4713 r.f.,@boy.com363 2006-08-15 [ rehoboth beach, de.]

to whom ever I'm adressing after all the books and other pices of mail I recived their is no doubt in my mind that your way life should be in are world,where one should have what they were meant to have and be, but I really do belive were to late with the theory which NEO-TECH has as the chile is read we are a day late,I only wish by faceing reality and honensty and being a god man I will go down fighting against this system for which we let get away from us by trusting are way of freedom to the wrong people I only hope you will take this statement I'm writeing to mind and give me some kind of reply to why I'm wrong with my way of thinking, from whiching wats going on around the world today I'm sure you can understand why my out look is the way it is thankyou

ID#4715 A.s., 2006-08-16 [ , ]

I totally love this site it is fresh and most stimulating, please send me information on how to purchase neo-tec. Thankyou most sincerely

ID#4716 . ., 2006-08-16 [ , ]

It's time for a new civilization - JB

ID#4720 N.M., 2006-08-16 [ Glen Burnie, Md.]

keep information flowing.

ID#4722 P.G., 2006-08-16 [ Bishop, GA]

Most enlightening material I have ever read! Very thorough and thought provoking or should I say conscious provoking!

ID#4723 e.b., 2006-08-16 [ hoffman estates, illinois]

Yes and no. If it is a legimate, yes,not legimate, no. I do not know what to believe about this stuff. I don't know which of this stuff is the real one. On the other hand, I don't know if I should believe the real Nouveau Tech or not.

ID#4725 w.b., 2006-08-16 [ , il]

I am a noveau tech member. I got proff that what thy say is real.

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