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Allen M., 699201-21

Neo-Tech has changed How I view many things in life and more importantly has taught me how to identify neocheaters, destructive people, productive people, integrated honesty, how to eliminate neocheaters, how to be more productive and be paid for it, How to use and understand integrated thinking and much more.

The long and the short of it is the NEO-TECH Publishing Company delivers far more information and value than any other package I have ever read. The fair market value in my mind for the types of products you and your company produce should be 100 times or more their current values. At the same time I understand why you market your products the way that you do; to get Neo-Tech information out to as many people as you can as quickly as you can. I know that if I had to pay the price I just suggested there is no way I would know Neo-Tech today.

I am currently a collage student in a business administration program, as such I am surrounded by professional value destroyers all day long. It is fun to change their destructive "teaching" messages into productive ones by being very active in class discussions using Neo-Tech advantages.

I would like to thank you Mark Hamilton, Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Eric Savage and all the other people involved with the production of Neo-Tech product development and distribution. Keep up the good work!!! Together we can reclaim our world.

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