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I have had the NEO-TECH I-V information package now for about five months. It had been a very interesting and exciting time as I have based my attitude and thinking around Aristotelian values and Neo-Tech guidance. The advantages accumulate very quickly! The self confidence, the clarity of thought, the ability to make value decisions based on what is good for the business or what is good for me. The most amazing thing is how easy and obvious it all is now and how ridiculous have some of the decisions I have made in the past been, due to a totally bemused and confused thinking process based on mysticism, religion and what other people think.

I have just received three further copies of the Neo-Tech I-V information package that I am going to give to new business partners who I think will benefit most from the amazing discoveries within. Having recently acquired a 30% share holding in their Computer and Software company, I feel that it is of the highest priority that any decisions they have to make whilst I am not around are based on the right kind of objective, value producing thinking as promoted by Neo-Tech.

I am fortunate indeed, that I had the opportunity to read and understand the Neo-Tech concepts. My ignorance has been lifted and I feel the power of the concepts growing within me every day. I also note with some satisfaction that my business, my finances, and my self esteem is growing commensurate with the application of my new knowledge. Finally the happiness within my own family unit, my wife and 13 year old son, is now as intense and wonderful as it has ever been. All this good fortune, and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty! Producers of the world Unite!

Victor O. C-1025, Chile

I have read Neo-Tech and for me, it is the most extraordinary and wonderful discovery, incomparable with anything else. To me, it is the best event of my life. Neo-Tech gave me back my freedom and independence. I have back my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Neo-Tech made me more strong to confront the reality of life. Now, I am free of the disgusting mysticism which made me lose 30 years of my precious life, and perhaps my entire life had I not found Neo-Tech in time to wake up.

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