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B.F. C., 595102-5

I think that Neo-Techers socializing on a local basis is an excellent way to strengthen them emotionally and intellectually. And it can be a powerful tool in helping create a denser, thicker Neo-Tech / Neothink web.

I think what Dr.. Wallace has done, i.e., the gathering of specific information on integrated honesty, integrated thinking, value production, self-responsibility, reality, happiness, biological immortality, etc., and getting that info. into the hands and minds of many of people throughout the world is the greatest heroic act ever performed in the history of this planet.

The human potential using Neo-Tech / Neothink concepts is staggering. Yet, it is available right now. Biological immortality can be an earthly reality, and soon. I am beginning to learn that this is what real consciousness is like. It feels good to think with an uncluttered mind.

Thanks again,

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