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Barbara H. R-7114

Dear Dr. Flint,

I have started several letters to you but threw them away because they sounded so inadequate to express what I feel about Neo-Tech. It is the most enlightening and powerful material I have ever read. It's the philosophy my father raised me by but I got side tracked into the mystical world in high school

I have a marketable value that I have been trying to get patented for 2 years, but am being strangled with government red tape. Since reading Neo-Tech things are starting to move and I see some hope.

With only one reading of Neo-Tech I-V my mind and perception have taken on a new depth that I don't understand yet but am looking forward to a second reading with the Neo-Tech Encyclopedia as an added guide.

I was sorry to have the material end as it's such powerful reading that makes one hungry for more. My mind felt like a thirsty sponge soaking up knowledge for the first time in years. If there is a society growing from Neo-Tech beliefs I want to be a member. If possible I would like to be a part of your organization.

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