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Barry C. C-1017

Neo-Tech is the best thing to happen in my life. After reading the Neo-Tech I-V it has really opened my eyes. I no longer feel the guilt that the mystics and Neo-cheats have thrust on me over the years. The bonds of slavery to these people have been broken.

After reading Neo-Tech and having time to reflect on all the principles in the volumes it is the only logical way people can live and survive by being prosperous and happy.

I have read many self help books some of which were by some religious mystics who use faith and positive thinking as their principles which never washed for me and now I realize how they were draining me of values and made me feel guilty about being productive and selfish, but no longer.

I am now looking forward to a long and prosperous life with the help of Neo-Tech. I read from the Neo-Tech volumes everyday and figure ways to use the advantages daily.

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