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Barry S., 499080-12

This is just to say thanks. And congratulations. Neo-Tech has done the seemingly impossible: it has actually saved my marriage. Neo-Tech information forced me to see that I was essentially neocheating my way through my relationship with my love/life partner. What a shock to my psyche to discover that I was trading on predominately abstract values and "big ideas" in exchange for tangible, objective, day to day services and support.

With that bulwark of mysticism dissolved, I was able to move from the brink of divorce to a passionate re-commitment to honest work and caring for the needs of my wife and family, and we are all reaping the rewards. By taking Neo-Tech control of my role in my family, everyone is benefiting. My energy level is higher than ever, yet not manic in nature. By exposing my own personal mysticism and its' resultant dishonesties and laziness, I have lifted a 2000 lb. weight off my being which was dragging everyone down around me, and am instead delivering honest values to myself and my family, and am beginning to experience the meaning of psychuous love.

Ironically enough, I believe it was my wife's' own mysticism and its' resultant co-dependency which allowed us to stay together this long. Having been raised a Baptist, she until now has refused to read any of your material because it attacks the God concept. And she voiced that my determination to integrate Neo-Tech into my thinking. -- thereby turning my back to God -- was the reason why she couldn't stay married to me. The truth was, of course that I was not delivering my fair share of objective values to the relationship, and it was only after enough of my repeated vocalizations of rational, Neo-Tech Concepts sunk in that she was able to make the only rational decision, which was to leave me. Now with the obvious changes in me as the mystical clots in my mind dissolve, she has recommitted to the marriage and is, as I write this, laying on the bed quietly reading Zonpower 2000.

So you were right. Neo-Tech is inevitable and unstoppable, because it is totally beneficent. Don't ever doubt that your efforts are having tangible and dynamic effects on your customer. They are. I shutter to think what my future would have been without your eye-opening materials. The effects are tangible and measurable. Keep up the good work.

I am now awaiting arrival of Neo-Tech Control and Cassandra's Secret, and look forward to continued release of energy and happiness as I root out the disease of mysticism in myself and work toward its' world-wide collapse.

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