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Becky W. 795140-5

When I first read Neo-Tech I knew I should have felt joy. Instead, I felt a lot of fear and depression. Instead of being honest with myself about how I felt, I tried to ignore and even deny it. That was very stupid of me. I caused a lot of unnecessary misery to myself.

Just a few weeks ago I finally faced myself. I cried so much, afraid of what I might see. Now I am amused as I look back, not because I was unhappy, but because there was not much to be afraid a comic routine with the person hanging-on for dear life to a branch, when he is only a few feet from the ground.

I am not sure why it did not sink into my head that Neo-Tech/Zon is not about condemning me as a person for who I used to be. Your work is about Curing A Disease called irrationality. When that finally sunk in, after just a few days of conscious, focused examination, I relaxed and let go, suddenly everything snapped into place.

The second coming has occurred all right. The great physician is back as a chemist named Dr. Wallace.

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