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Brian B. 2921-8


The "Tech" in "Neo-Tech":

1. Accept what you know in your heart: that human beings are by nature good, rational, productive, competent to fill their needs and achieve happiness, able and willing to serve themselves and society without force or coercion from any authority outside of themselves, capable of knowing reality.

2. Let go of habits engendered by outside authorities: obeying outside authority without question; relying on outside authority as a source of expertise or truth; ingesting caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or other addictive substances that dull one's rational abilities; accepting the necessary "reality" of death and disease, sacrificing oneself to a "higher cause".

3. Consciously strive for self-honesty in all situations regardless of the views and opinions of others or one's own feelings.

4. Accept emotions as real, valuable assets. Enjoy positive emotions as experiences of fulfilling life's purpose. Use negative emotions as indicators of actions contrary to one's nature. Recognize that emotions never have to be acted upon, and so eliminate fear of irrational emotions. Since irrational fears cause inaction, take a rational action that is feared and so dissipate the fear.

5. Act only on independent judgment, based on self-honesty and creation of value for oneself and others.

6. Build long-term relationships based on exchange of value, fostering honest communication and growth, and avoiding compromise and sacrifice.

The Cosmology of "Neo-Tech"

* the universe is dynamic, unfolding, eternally present both forward and backward in time as it explodes and implodes.

* matter and energy are eternals, in dynamic balance, constantly evolving into life forms.

* consciousness is the constant and necessary product of all evolving systems.

* consciousness is universal and cosmic, the source of new matter/energy relationships.

* the highest cause in the universe is the well-being and development of conscious individuals.

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