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Bruce W., 595102-21

I wish to thank you for providing the information in my ZONPOWER manuscript. I have lived a life of confusion and repeated failure until now. I have understood and espoused many of the principles you have so clearly described, for most of my life. I had diagnosed mysticism as a major problem, but I did not have all of the pieces of this complex problem or a way to integrate what little I did have. Thank you for providing the rest of the pieces, the mechanisms and linkages necessary for me to begin becoming whole for the first time in 51 years.

Although I am only a beginning student and my integration processes have only just begun, I have already experienced success in entrapping and shutting down a couple of mystic neocheaters who had been draining us for years. One of these was a Minister/Psychologist who had been "treating" my pre-adolescent son for a number of years, and bleeding us to death financially and emotionally, in the process. What a thrill if was to calmly confront this individual with Neo-Tech principles and watch him literally squirm in his seat, loose his ability to speak fluently, and absolutely turn pale when I explained my new understanding of mysticism, consciousness, the Long-Wave, and the absolute dis-proof of the God Concept and exactly how he was an agent of mystical manipulation to his own benefit (to the benefit of no one else), that he produced no real values, what his exact methodology was in doing this, and that I was withdrawing myself, my wife and my son from his influence.

While all of this gave me a sense of control and self empowerment that I had not experienced before, the true reward was when, on the way home, my 9 year old told me that he didn't believe in "God" either, because, "I can't see god, Daddy, and I don't think he's real." He then asked me to explain again, why I don't believe in any god. At that moment it really struck me that my son is, was, and always has been, OK. His parents have needed major decontamination!! All he ever needed was Neo-Tech parents!!! He's got them now!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

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