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C. Z. R-3866, NIGERIA

Very attractive, stimulating and useful...and not only from the linguistic point of view. Its purpose is much broader; it helps to create a real human being, a highly civilized person.

It has injected me with confidence, and courage, and instructed me to develop the art of self-control, and freed me from Neo-cheaters, mysticism, and external authorities. Throughout the months which it has occupied, not one minute do I regret. In fact, I would be surprised if anyone could receive so much profit for so little.

I for one, have joined my inner forces with I & O Publishing Company towards the achievement of her goals. This I have started by spreading the good news of Neo-Tech discovery through verbal advertisements to friends.

I should like to send my congratulations to Dr. Wallace for the Neo-Tech Discovery and his entire staff working for the mending activities of I & O Publishing Company.

Remember to include me in your mailing list.

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