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Chalres M., 595102-17

Dear Neo-Tech:

I am writing to let you know the effect your work has had on me. l ordered "The Neo-Tech Discovery " seven or eight years ago and l am sorry to say I had so much mysticism in myself l did not gain much value from the books. I then ordered "The Grand Event" and had pretty much the same reaction to the material. I looked it over, listened to some of it, didn't find anything too exciting, and concluded ya'll were mainly into name calling and repeating yourselves a lot. I saw nothing of earth shaking significance, nothing that would change me, much less the world. I was unimpressed.

I started to realize your ideas had some grounding in fact when I listened to "The Grand Event" again some time in mid 1994. After ordering and reading "Cassandra's Secret" the impact of power thinking and the mini-day scheduling ideas on business began to make sense. Then I started connecting the events around the world like the fall of the Soviet Union, company down sizing, the fall of the Berlin Wall etc. with the Neo-Tech ideas I was reading. I also began to realize one reason why I didn't grasp the importance of the Neo-Tech ideas in the first place. Much to my dismay, I found I had mysticism at work in myself. I think the reality of the concept of Zon reached deep into my consciousness and woke me up to the importance of your work and the forward movement you had going toward the actual accomplishment collapsing mysticism.

For the ten days since reading it, I have felt peace in areas of my being I haven't felt for years and years. I am focused on my job. I have accomplished in that time what it would have taken a month before and I have enjoyed it. Thank you and keep up the good work. I am glad I kept coming back to your works and you kept repeating yourself.

When I first read "The Neo-Tech Discovery" I thought mysticism was out there some where, but now I realize it is in my. I am infected with it. Now I can begin exorcising the demons with the goal of becoming a Neo-Tech / Neo-Think man. I am learning more and more about the depth of thought and relevance of your work. l am excited by the possibilities for a mysticism / neocheating free world. It would be wonderful.

Zon is a powerful tool for pulling people out of mysticism. Consciousness, mass, energy as existence explains everything. I'm with you, but I want to know more as soon as I possibly can. I want the reality of the sunlit world you have described. I want the killing and pain to end now.

Words cannot express my gratitude.

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