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Christopher L 795140-13

Because of Neo-Tech, I have experienced amazing and startling changes. It's like waking up from a could I have not known this all along? I will forever be grateful for buying Neo-Tech, as it has changed every aspect of my life, and I continue to grow every single day! I actually wake up every morning and jump out of bed to face another exciting day. What I once thought was impossible is now common place! I had a year-long marijuana habit. The drug itself caused me no ill effects, as I believe it to be more benign than not. But the fact that I was turning to a substance instead of to face truth became obvious to me. Life is wonderful now that I have read Neo-Tech. Dr. Wallace is a genius, not for believing what he believes, but for presenting it in such a way that the reader must either acknowledge the truth and grow or choose the lazy way out, to ignore it. Surely, if this were a book written on any other subject, Dr. Wallace would be a strong contender for the Pulitzer. But they can keep their fame and their 'rewards'; we have the true reward...Life!

Plus, my business is growing now. I wish I did not have to sleep, because I want to keep on going...I want to continue to produce values. Since integrating Neo-Tech, I get a much greater deal of attention from people. Anywhere I go, even on the street, many people's eyes are drawn to me. They are not focussing on my looks...I can tell that they are curiously wondering what I've got. I've got Neo-Tech, the ultimate secret of secrets.

I will forever be grateful to the Neo-Tech Publishing Company, to Dr. Wallace and to the entire NTP staff. You are the ones who labor to produce such monumental values, and, as such, I will hold you all in such a great degree of esteem.

Thank you and be well.

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