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Craig C. 2921-6

To say thank you for what Neo-Tech has meant to me would not even skim the surface of my gratitude. I instead acknowledge your work as one of the highest forms of accomplishment that man has ever achieved.

I am 28 years old and am a product of the confused and confusing educational system that our country is mired in. I attended a Catholic high school and was considered a renegade in any religious class and religious discussion. Like most young people I had an insatiable hunger for pure, factual, objective knowledge. The Catholic Church and the school believed in "gray areas", not black and white. Therefore, my hunger was served unleavened obscurities and I as left frustrated and, a lot of times, without hope.

I firmly believe that all men strive and are committed to do what is morally "right" at the beginning of their foundation forming. They are met with so much outright brainwashing that many are duped from the start. Neo-Tech, for the first time in my life, fed my hunger with the ambrosia it was meant to ingest. I can honestly say that I was in agony for the first two years after reading Neo-Tech Discovery. I could not get enough of Ayn Rand, logic and any business related literature. I finally feel clean with my every thought and action. I have now embarked upon a business venture that I know will be very successful and earn me great wealth. I can add thanks to Neo-Think for that. My knowledge is ever increasing and at a rate that even I am impressed with.

I regard your work as inestimably important and valuable. I would be honored if ever I could be of service to you as an employee in any regard.

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