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D.H.J. C-50

Thank you, Dr. Wallace, for this work, which is enormous in scope and value -- a great contribution to the advancement of mankind. It will help man's understanding of himself and his fellows.

Neo-Tech will, undoubtedly, change the world for the better by advancing man's thinking. It is about time that our politicians were exposed for the manipulators and neo-cheaters that they are!

You have been successful in cutting a swathe through the altruism, mysticism and nonsense to expose the bare truth and to get rid of the confusion. Now the fog is lifted, I can see and think more clearly.

John K. RP-106

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying how much I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy Neo-Tech. When I read my first copy at the "tender" age of twenty, I instantly appreciated, but completely misunderstood the basic message of Neo-Tech and attempted to convince others of the rightness of my new-found philosophy by "preaching" to them about it instead of demonstrating by becoming successful. Now a scant two years later (two years of pervading poverty and unhappiness) I have reread the material and it is as if I had read it upside-down the first time! Now I understand the message and have begun to rearrange my life. I will be attending a recording school in the fall.

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