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D. G. 2921-22

It's been two years since I first received the Neo-Tech I-V information packages. It's taken me that long to get over the initial shock and amazement. Having spent the previous 15 years wallowing in mysticism and other Plato based epistemologies. Neo-Tech was the silver bullet of emancipation. I now know what Shubshi-Meshre-Shakkan, a feudal lord under Tukulti (circa 13230 B.C.) must have felt like when he spoke:

"My God has forsaken me and disappeared. My goddess has failed me and keeps at a distance.

The good angel who walked beside me has departed."

I however, am not lamenting the loss of my Gods. I am learning instead how to exorcise personal mysticism by utilizing Neo-Tech techniques, thereby effectively short circuiting Neo-cheating external authorities.

Although I am still plagued by many tenacious bicameral tendencies, I am confident that by utilizing the Neo-Tech principles of integrating discipline, thought, and control over my life, I will soon rise from the ashes of altruism and self sacrifice to take my rightful place amongst the Titans of mankind. Those whose visions of a rational and productive world, free of mysticism and associated guilt, must be realized if we are to survive the next millennium without destroying ourselves through guilt ridden collectivist ideologies.

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