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David H. R-4015, New Zealand

In my first 30 years of life, I created just enough values and applied just enough effort to convince family and work mates that I was competent, however, in relation to a very incompetent society.

In the depressing moments of more objective self examination I was painfully aware that life was daily becoming unattractive and the future rather hopeless. Alcohol protected me from looking too deeply at the possible outcome to the way I was living, until Neo-Tech.

Neo-Tech united many concepts that I had a vague awareness of, into a logical concise and surprisingly obvious text. No longer was there a need to avoid reality. No longer did I require alcohol -- and haven't since.

I gained, as I read, an exciting realization that anything I would contemplate for the future was possible if I continued to develop and integrate the realizations of the reality around me. A reality, the objective reality, of what actually is. A reality that sadly few are aware of.

Neo-Tech has opened my perception of what is required for a creative, innovative, challenging life.

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