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Donald R. R-4444

"Every day acquaintances, authoritarian bureaucrats, manipulated by parents, drained by bosses gypped by merchants, intimidated by pushy or moneyed people, misled by professional people, stunted by dishonest and incompetent educators, used by friends, abused by strangers, fouled up by bureaucrats, fooled by mystics, and hurt by government--"

Yup--I have been "sandbagged" by all of these neocheaters from day one until recently.

Just to know that I was not alone, and that others were in the same situations is a horrible comment on our Western culture, a culture based on a subtle, and pervasive use of the bicameral mind of man.

Frank R. Wallace, the firms he has organized, the Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center, and allied companies, have supplied the mental tools (detection and solutions) by which the "regular guy", producers and employees from corporate president to garbage man can foil and turn aside the neocheaters: identify them, watch their operations (and best of all) render their "put-ons" harmless. Platonistic philosophy has been secretly used by neocheaters for years; Aristotelian philosophy has been suppressed by neocheaters for centuries.

Thanks to Neo-Tech R. and W Center for its complete "history" of how Dr. Wallace came to realize and understand the "game world of poker" and evil parallels in the world in which we live. The producers, no matter where they are or what they do, are no longer defenseless with the knowledge of Neo-Tech. "Go, go, Neo-Tech!!!"

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