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Ellis S. C-1002

Dear Dr. Wallace,

Sir, I want to congratulate you and your associates on a fine piece of work. The entire Neo-Tech package is a precise tool for prosperity and power, now and in the future.

When I first purchased your package, I was shocked at what I read. At the same time, I was pretty much into church. Your package has described different people, that I knew, with amazing accuracy. It even described a lot about myself and the way I felt about things. But still I had put your information aside because it shook my beliefs.

Some time later, I picked up your package again. I began reading more with an open mind. I began to understand how and why things happen. I also began to see the truth and honesty in your work.

During the last several months, I have begun studying your work again (Neo-Tech I-V). I guess, a little older, and a little wiser, I now understand the power behind your work. You have truly created a masterpiece.

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