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Ernie S., 690706-1

Dear Mr. Wallace

First of all, I would like to say that finally "Cassandra's Secret" is making a lot of sense to me. I've found a whole new understanding about society and life itself. Through my own foolishness (mystical behavior & beliefs), I actually thought that much of Neo-Tech was evil. I therefore returned the manuscript back to Neo-Tech. That was three years ago. And back about 7-8 years ago I did the same thing. I really wanted lo help myself but as soon as I read about reality, my mind did all sorts of loops to reject REALITY! I really never got anywhere with the Zon & Neo-Tech Manuscripts because I wouldn't allow myself to believe in reality.

I kept the Cassandra Secret Manuscript, and have read it over and over. What brought me to realization was a couple of things. First, through mysticism I have denied reality for a long, long time. I had an especially closed mind if I heard anything adverse to my own beliefs about Religion. Second, if my beliefs were so strong, why did life continue to deal me one bad blow after another?? Where did I benefit by choosing not to read Zon and Neo-Tech?? I didn't benefit! You see, Mr. Wallace, the way I was taught has had much - too-much influence on my decisions.

In addition to the above, I have been making identifications with the propaganda (lies) and the stretching of truth coming from the media. The media can actually make-or-break an individual or business by blowing the truth out of context.

And, in regards to the Mush-Mouth movie stars, you are "right on target", Mr. Wallace. I really feel that most of these people survive on the "spotlight" and publicity. Many of them, like the parasite politicians, will do anything for money or a free ride.

In closing this letter, Mr. Wallace, you can feel free to use any or all of it as a testimonial for your brilliant works. I really believe that you are not only brilliant, but honest. Thanks again for the insight that I received in "Cassandra's Secret". I really wish I had kept the Zon and Neo-Tech Manuscripts, for they could have opened my eyes even wider. When I get the funds I will order them again, but this time I will read them with an open and clearer mind. "All the best to you, Mr. Wallace".

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