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I have recently received and read Neo-Tech I-V. As a long time member and recruiter for the Church of Scientology who resigned from the church over policy five years back. Neo-Tech was a vital slap of reality which I have found most rewarding. Of course it's difficult to dismiss a deep held belief in one's spiritual nature instantly. However, the practical benefits of being a Scientology "Clear" is minimal, when compared with the real benefits I've achieved just from reading through the Neo-Tech discoveries. I know this Neo-Tech viewpoint should stand me in good stead. The few dollars paid are nothing, considering the many thousands I'd spent in the church over many years. Neo-Tech was undoubtedly the best investment I've ever made, and I mean ever!

Does this mean that I'm standing on my head? Well I want every Scientologist to find out about Neocheaters, Neo-Tech, and Biological Immortality, these radical ideas, with the logical approach must be the way ahead.

To me and I don't want to seem funny, it's like meeting Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Asking him how Vulcan's changed from savages to a logical and highly respected race. I'm sure he'd say Dr. Wallace's Neo-Tech!

I wish you every success. And as a freelance writer in the U.K. I'm at your service.

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