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Garrett T. L. CB-1004

I have realized some major things about myself since I started this manuscript. When I was 16 years old I hit and killed a pedestrian with my Dad's automobile. That was 21 years ago. It happened in a very small town in northern Vermont where everyone knew everyone else's business. In essence, I lied about the events that took place that night. Little did I realize that it would take me 21 years and the reading of Neo-Tech to sort it all out. I lived a lie for a long time. My deceit led me into the land of mysticism in an attempt to hide from the repressed feelings I had and to try and find an answer to the pain of confusion in my soul. So for so many, many years I have pursued the path of the mystic. I was always conscious of myself as someone who had an intellect many would marvel at, but I was always busy trying to find myself. My judgments and decision-making were blurred at best as I have been through three marriages and many careers.

Alternately, I knew that there was something dramatically wrong about modern society. I became a philosopher, of sorts, of the persuasion that one must "rise above" the inequities of modern, physical plane living. In fact, for the past 4 years, I have been "hiding" in semi-retirement fashion, meditating, getting in touch with myself and finding my inner source of all-knowingness. And becoming more and more unhappy all the time.

I knew that I would find the source of my discontent eventually. Every night I'd go to bed hoping that by this time the next night I'd have the answers to my confusion. Frequently during the years I'd fool myself into believing that I'd finally stumbled upon "the truth", usually from some sort of deep inner meditation, or a hallucination as I now recognize. My goal has been realized at long last, like I knew it would be when I found Neo-Tech. I simply lacked an appropriate philosophy from which to gauge my life.

I cannot thank you enough for this technology. I will do what I can to spread the word and get this material into the hands of others.

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