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Gene H. CB-1010

Through the course of my life, I've searched through a lot of philosophies and religious sects. In each one of these confusion and frustration would always surface to the top.

Because I am an achiever, I've read many books on accomplishments of various individuals who have succeeded in life and have built on their successes. Each of their plans for success were inspiring to me. However, after the initial feeling of inspiration left, I was still more confused about what I should do.

When the Neo-Tech technology entered into my life a slow transformation started taking place, within myself. As when a dormant spring flower begins to spread its petals slowly embracing the sun and air. I was gradually released from my self-imposed chains of mediocrity. My strength increased as a new power of self-control flowed through my veins. At first I was like a scared child facing the new world. But as each moment passed I was taken on journey of insight, imagination and glory to the understandings of myself. I then came to the beginning step of my life when I realized that the power I possessed was the simple truth that I was in total and absolute control of my mind, body and soul. I could make happen what I wanted when I wanted by just doing my "will". It is sad that most people have not come to this conclusion in their lives. But as the blinding Neo-Light slices through the darkness of despair, the chains of bondage will crumble to the earth and mankind will be set free forever.

So John, those were my feelings after reading and letting Neo-Tech sink in after a month. You know how things wear off with time, well, the power and exciting feeling is still within me and growing stronger and opening new avenues for accomplishment. I have ordered Neothink and I am sure is will only augment the power of Neo-Tech, probably far beyond my expectations. Your company is a monument of achievement.

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