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George H. C-111

Dear Dr. Wallace:

Neo-Tech has provided me with the missing pieces to the puzzle of why peoples, governments, societies and religions act the way they do.

Frankly, without using Neo-Tech as a guidebook, mankind will continue to wander in the fog of unconscious confusion and death.

In the course of my continuing search I found Neo-Tech and with it my findings were confirmed and the "Big Picture" emerged.

It is extremely valuable to have so much concentrated truth contained within these few publications and (as you well know I'm sure) to have access to even a portion of this information without Neo-Tech would require shelves of books (some of which might only have a few pages of useful information)!! But, with Neo-Tech, all your readers have the concentrated truth readily at hand for review and reference.

I can go forward and look towards a productive, fulfilled life. Thank you for a product of great and perpetual value.

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