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George M., MS, C-1030

54 years of my life gone down the drain, or has it? Being a pay and pray Catholic all my life; council President, Finance Chairman, School Board President, and you name it, I've been there (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised in development programs and my own contributions) and now I find Dr. Wallace grabbing me by the ear, just when I thought I had earned the right to get into you know where. It's mind boggling just to think where my family and I would be if all this time and energy was invested in our happiness instead of so much sacrificing.

After venting my anger at Dr. Flint and Dr. Wallace for putting a knife in me, I settled down and re-read my manuscripts. While doing so, I asked myself, "Is it not reasonable and logical to evaluate all the material before making any decisions as to what's right or who's wrong"? Yes, it's the logical thing for any reasonable person to do. Still studying Vol. 1 thru 5, my Neo-Think tapes, and Reference Encyclopedia I can summarize it all into one sentence: Pure and simple "common sense" backed with facts and evidence!

For the past four months, since getting into all this knowledge -- let me tell you, it is delivering a quality of life that has already made up for the past 54 years! And it gets better each day. It is really great to wake each morning excited about life and living and going through each day with a different perspective and much greater insight. I do not think anyone should take my word for it. They should "check it out" for themselves.

My business has skyrocketed. Running three businesses and now am caught up by noon each day. My Neo-Think mind is just an infant and at this stage it sometimes scares me how rapidly it moves me through mazes and centers my thoughts at my objectives like a rifle bullet penetrates a target. After twenty five years of marriage, I have finally fallen in love with my wife and we both are suddenly free. How sweet it is, to live each day completely "guilt free". In all my years involved in church and projects, this never came to me.

I have always felt that we all are going to die someday. But as Vol. #2 of Neo-Tech proves, that is not the sad part -- it clearly shows that the sad part, is what dies in us while we are still living, because of mysticism. Sorry for getting off on a tangent, but it has never made sense to me, to spend my whole life from birth, preparing to die!!

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