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Greg B. P1-005

To: Value Destroyers integrated with the Neo-Tech matrix:

Having finished listening to the Ultimate Battle tapes, I now possess the power to identify value destroyers everywhere. Now, I'm withdrawing my support of their unearned livelihoods. If there is any attempt to usurp my individual rights or property, I will be prepared to strip them of their unearned power, undermine their fake self-esteems and source of "happiness."

But I am writing to you because I feel sorrow for the soul mates of the November 3rd Empire. I imagined what it would be like to be in your shoes, confronted by Neo-Tech individuals; I felt confused because I held contradictory values. Fear, even terror, emerged. I could not look into the eyes of the Neo-Tech individual. I turned to alcohol and loud music to soothe the mind. My hair turned gray and fell out. I was too lazy or dishonest with myself to think clearly, until I considered the suicide option.

It was a rather sickening and uncomfortable experience. However, please don't let my emotions fool you into thinking that I will help you continue your value destruction's. I do not let emotions guide my actions.

Please consider that the only hope you have in the Ultimate Battle is to become a value producer and return all usurped values belonging to all value producers. The alternative is suicide (or an accelerated "natural" death). Also, consider that millions of value producers anxiously await the collapse of the mystical superstructure, so that man can move rapidly towards biological immortality. You can no longer just fear I & O Publishing Company, your fears will now originate from the public.

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