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Greg S. R-7315

When I sent for Neo-Tech I was not quite sure what I ordered. I have been a devout student of the Bible for the past eight years. (I am thirty-five now.) I have had no ties with denominational religion but became involved with a small group of believers in America who "rightly divide the word of truth", and believe the King James Bible is, without any questions, the perfect words of God.

When I received the Neo-Tech package I was excited. I had started into the financial services business part time one-and-one-half years ago and was always looking for motivational material and things that might help me make money, even though "the love of money is the root of all evil".

I was shocked when I received and read Neo-Tech. I wanted to send it back, but I just kept reading the concepts and couldn't stop. The rational presentation of the concepts slowly began to penetrate the mystical layers of deception which had piled up in eight years.

The Bible speaks of "freedom from sin", but Neo-Tech is the ultimate freedom.

The road from here on will be one of great responsibility on my part as I begin to become conscious and "the child within" discovers reality. I thank you at I & O for my own sake and that of my two children. Neo-Tech is of great value.

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