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J.V. and B.H. R-3359

Dear Doctor Flint,

We have been studying the Neo-Tech Discovery and most of your other products for 2 1/2 years and feel that we are overdue in expressing our gratitude and giving you our comments.

We are a couple in our mid-thirties with three young children. We have found the Neo-Tech concepts to be invaluable in our child rearing, romantic relationship and careers. We can now confidently deal with any person or situation knowing that our guidelines are integrity, the pursuit of happiness, and the avoidance of Neocheaters. Tremendous amounts of money and time have been saved by the avoidance of guilt-induced `charitable' donations and so-called `duty' to one's community.

The Neo-Tech writings were particularly gratifying in that neither one of us had previously found religion to be of any value. It is incredibly encouraging to find an oasis of sanity in this mystical world. We are finding evidence of bicameralism at every turn but we are optimistic that I & O Publishing will succeed in its goal of making this world a more rational one.

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