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J. P. NT-6


Like a startling awakening from a deep slumber Neo-Tech saturates our senses with light. Pillars of light focus upon our consciousness and we are dazed. Slowly at first, and then in rapid currents we become aware and accustomed to reality.

The clearer state fades and the images blur and become vague, as a sharp, clear, objective world impinges upon our consciousness, and we are left wondering what the dream was all about.

A new dream develops, based on reality. Wishful thinking changes into hopeful thinking, irrational thinking changes into rational thinking, irrational determination changes into rational determination.

The true solid light of reality burns bright in our thoughts and emotions, coloring our desires with a new, greater vision. An exciting, thrilling, wonderful vision of a world so different, so astonishing, yet so entrenched with purpose it leaves the mystical world in darkness.

The petty insignificant world of mysticism fades into yesterday's unconscious dreams, whilst the Neo-Tech world becomes the conscious dreams of today and tomorrow. We awake from dead dreams, to living dreams, from thinking in reverse, to thinking in forward gear.

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