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Jan G. R-3856, NEW ZEALAND

I always dreamt of success, to have the things I wanted out of life. I read many self help, positive thinking type books. And when they didn't work, I thought there must be something wrong with me! I was also a very emotional person, and spent a great deal of time feeling sorry for myself. But I was able to pump up my false ego by reading the tarot cards, it gave me this invisible power that made me feel special.

Then I sent away for my Neo-Tech package. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it would involve a `selling of the soul' experience, along with other preconceived notions.

When I received my Neo-Tech package, I was confused to say the least. I was expecting to be told what to do -- from getting out of bed on the right side, to manipulating people for my own profit. I searched the pages for the `magic words' or instructions -- but there was nothing. Instead I was shown how to THINK for myself. WOW! As I read, it was like looking in a mirror and I didn't like what I saw. I saw my life for what it was -- I was doing `nothing" and going "nowhere".

But with the knowledge and the understanding of Neo-Tech, I truly have direction, and a certain self-satisfaction in everything I do. I used to think financial security was what I wanted but now I'm looking forward to financial abundance and the time to enjoy it!

I always used to say that the world is my oyster. All I have to do I find out how to open it! And Neo-Tech has proven itself to be my opener!

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