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Jason P. P1-003

Dear Mr. Flint:

Neo-Tech knowledge was known to me about one year ago. My eldest brother (Jeremias P) purchased Neo-Tech not knowing what to expect. At my first reading of Neo-Tech in June, I turned to the negative testimonials. Now being brought up Christian for most of my life, it made me nervous to see how mystics were reacting to Neo-Tech. I felt frightened and that it was offending God, I thought it was evil. But totally the opposite was true! Neo-Tech has given me new direction to the way I will handle my future.

Ever since the age of 13, I realized that I didn't want to live a mediocre life. I wanted to excel far beyond average, but I was lacking the proper tools. I looked to external sources such as God, astrology, and other mystics. I always felt guilty and obligated to sacrifice myself to these sources and at the same time began to realize that none of this was working to my expectation. But Neo-Tech was much different. It's like the more I read the more I began to see everything as it should, in accordance to reality. I never knew how much psychological trash and mysticism was inside my mind until fully reading through Neo-Tech. I've read through Neo-Tech II about five times already and use it consistently for reference.

The last 10 months of my life was spent in the country of the Philippines. Without Neo-Tech knowledge, it would of been like walking into a mystic death-trap! The power mysticism has over these people is tremendous. If only they knew that their mystic beliefs allow master Neo-cheaters to usurp literally all good values created. The country is in serious turmoil and only Neo-Tech can put a stop to it. It's very sickening and sad to see how people's lives are being drained allowing themselves to become brain-dead.

Now at the age of 18, it feels good to have control over all my surroundings and future. Neo-Tech puts you in a one way elevator to prosperity and happiness. At the present, I am now taking the actions which will soon allow me to be permanently self-employed. To produce values and create my life is all I look forward to now. And to become Biologically Immortal is one event I look forward to with great excitement. Frank Wallace is a true genius!!!!!!

I also have a brother who is just beginning to grasp the Neo-Tech concepts. As a team, we intend to build a very strong company using Neo-Tech as our foundation. There's no stopping us now! I would like to express my most sincere thanks for paving the way.

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