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Jeff H., 595210-8

At the time when I had first encountered Neo-Tech, I was a young derelict, lost amongst the dense foliage of my own debauchery; I was a drug addict, a heavy drinker, a chain smoker; an inept and impotent chauvinist; I lived off the efforts of my family; I had dropped out of school; had been fired for drinking on the job; I indulged in replete mystical fantasia; I was violent, sadistic and destructive; I would lie, cheat and steal without remorse; I hated others out of envy, jealousy, and laziness; eventually I joined a local Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step "program" to ward off my longing for self inflicted death.

Then a miracle occurred while talking with my brother; upon explaining my "powerless" submission to their "higher" power, he introduced me to the Neo-Tech Cosmic Power manuscript. Until that moment I feared life. I feared responsibility. But as my trembling hands turned each page I became aware of the growing desire buried deep within me to capture life's bountiful rewards. For six months I forced myself to sit down every day with a dictionary and try to comprehend the massive text before me. And with each passing day I witnessed my own psyche resurrection. I felt genuine power flowing throughout my entire being as the burdensome weight of guilt was lifted, layer by layer, from my weary shoulders. Soon after, I left that guilt laden 12-Step program and its neocheating "sponsors" in the dust!. No longer was I seeking rescue from the sea of mystical surrealism in which I had drifted aimlessly like a storm swept castaway, rolling and dipping with the tidal currents of the world around me, for I had become the captain of my own destiny!. Slowly my life began to change forever.

Now, every major value in my life can be directly attributed to the publications an accoutrements of Neo-Tech Publishing Company. After two years of collapsing my personal mysticism's and integrating other Neo-Tech literature, I can honestly say that Neo-Tech saved my life from a stunted, self destruct downward spiral into oblivion. With Neo-Tech, I was able to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in a short amount of time: (i.e. ....I have guit smoking... permanently!, I've shaken off the throes of substance abuse ...forever!, stopped drinking alcohol... completely!, implemented the S.A.C. / carbohydrate free, happiness diet with a simple exercise regime to capture a physically fit and virqorous body!, I've conquered my mentally crippling bicameral tendencies and now enjoy an enlightened, healthy, mystic-free rational mind!, at my place of work I've seized invaluable job power!, I've celebrated the one year anniversary of an intensely satisfying romantic love relationship with a beautiful and sensual woman! ( we will be married within the next year! ), I've transformed my once violent behavior into its natural state of aggressive assertiveness bringing me the real macho-business driven power of an unstoppable Neo-Tech man!, I've abluted all forms of dishonesty in and around myself to wield the iron grip control of fully integrated honesty!, I now respect others for their intrinsic merits as well as feel genuine compassion and empathy for others without experiencing altruistic self-sacrificing guilt!, I've enrolled in a local community college in pursuit of a business degree!. ... With Neo-Tech, I can now stand alone, harboring sincere pride in my accomplishments and in myself without bragging, strutting or leaning upon a martyrs scapegoat-crutch of any sort!.).

Without Neo-Tech, I would only have dim glimpses of the happiness in my life. The future would be bleak, the past a heavy chain of regret, and the present would only serve as a constant reminder of failure and discontent. My life and my youth has truly been rejuvenated with the empowering concepts developed and disseminated by the heroic men and women at the Neo-Tech Research Center and the Zon Association.

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