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Joao B, 795140-1, Brazil

In the past I was strictly educated and dominated by my parents within the Catholic religion. I was never given the right to question any of its teachings. I have followed those dogmas throughout the 52 years of my life.

I was a member of every congregation and convention in the religious arena. I helped with mass, I lived my life totally engaged in the Catholic religion, so I renounced every type of pleasure and wealth as that represented evil and sin. I lived a mediocre life and I always tried to go to confession at even the slightest thought of sin, as I knew I needed to repent.

That was the world I lived in. The Bible was the only book I ever read. I was never happy and I was always poor.

Then I read the Neo-Tech books and I felt the foundation of my life was distinctly shaken. I felt afraid of committing a sin so I took the book to a priest, he told me the book should be destroyed because it was an evil book, he said it would destroy my life. I tried many times to destroy the book, but my curiosity got stronger each time a read some of its chapters. I finally decided to read it all, and the ties were broken. I now feel free of that past 'limited' life.

The knowledge I acquired reconstructed my life and prepared me to live my life as I always wanted to live. I read and read again the 114 concepts of Neo-Tech, and I benefited from it. Especially concept 58. I used to weigh 116 kilos, now I weigh 84 kilos and I continue to improve my appearance. I was totally dysfunctional as a husband and father, but now I have control of my family and my house. I feel free, happy with life, and have more disposition to live life. I am now living the most exciting adventure of my life.

The Neo-Tech knowledge is exactly the passport that I needed for that trip of no-return. The trip to the world of Power, Wealth, and Happiness. The world I never dared to have nor even dream of before. Now I will conquer all things, without that terrible guilt feeling.

Dr. Frank Wallace, to reach what I am right now was not easy. I wish I had known and understood Neo-Tech sooner. I thank you for everything you did to me. My life has changed 100% and I am very happy being a Neo-Tech Man. I am very thankful to you for all the information you gave me through Neo-Tech. I am glad my life was transformed because now I have control of everything and I can plan my tomorrow.

I am now thirsty for success, power, love, riches, and happiness. And I feel excited with this immense power that I discover within me. I am a new man.

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