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Leslie C. C-96

Dear Dr. Wallace

The Neo-Tech Discovery really does seem to work, and coming from me that is saying something, me who has read so many books on positive thinking, psychology, philosophy and related subjects.

I have been meaning to write a letter to you for some time but I decided to wait until receiving "RAPID POWER and WEALTH" because some of the things I have to say I am not exactly proud of and I cannot be sure of your response.

The bad news is that I have discovered that I have been cheating myself. My family, my friends, people who I work with, I have been cheating them and not even realizing it. I have been living the life of a mystic and hating almost every moment of it. I used to search for perfection without thinking of or considering other people as separate individuals, as though individual life did not exist, only life in general; and yet I was more concerned for the general people than even for myself so my own identity was like swallowed up and lost all meaning.

The good news is that I have got very positive results, better even than I had dreamt of. It is eight months now since I received the "Neo-Tech I-V Information Package" and at the time I was looking for something magical, some instant solution to my problems, what I did not realize though is that things do actually take time to happen and to develop, and that it is sometimes necessary to be patient while waiting for the better opportunities to present themselves before making a move.

The best thing that has ever happened to me has happened in these past 8 months. I have found a girl-friend someone who seems to have most of the things that I lack, the very person I have been searching for. Our relationship is still young but it seems really promising and I have never met a person quite like this girl who has such extraordinary insight into my personality yet she is more than 6 years younger than me. We are like almost total opposites in so many things, (we do both share a love for water though), I'm sure I have never loved anyone so much!

There are more good things I could speak of but at the moment they seem to pale against what I have just said so I would like to reserve further comments for future letters.

By the way, my wages have increased by an average 35 sterling a week since receiving the Information Package, so that's good too!

Nathen W. R-7058

I'm a financial planner -- 57 years old. A dramatic change has taken place during this past year. Growth in areas of: Economics (income), spiritual, physically and mentally have helped me to grow romantically!!

My income has gone from $50,000-yr to over $200,000-yr and growing. My life is "prospering" gracefully in all areas mentioned above.

I see no conceivable limits and I intend to put together relationships and businesses (plural) that will continue to grow excellently. The next 20 years will be the most productive years of my life. Romantically, I share love as never before. Can't wait to continue my studying.

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