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Mark G., New Zealand, 590260-12

Please find below my personal definition and uses of Cassandra's Secret.

Zon is the personal and unique spirit within each of us. Our Zon is our natural self, free from the irrationalities that have been foisted knowingly or unknowingly onto our conscious minds by our parents, government programs, and religion.

Rediscovering Zon for oneself allows the happiness and rationality of childhood to return and offers the prospect of continuing life according to ones true nature.

The revelation of Cassandra's Secret is useful to today's civilization in providing the catalyst of change in individuals and ultimately society. Cassandra's Secret is the tool for a sustainable future on this planet free of violence, irrationality and mysticism.

Instead of stagnation and decline of our current civilization based on mysticism, Cassandra's Secret opens the way for every man and woman to "take stock" and get back in contact with the natural child inside.

The action of "taking stock" is an inescapable look at the natural person inside oneself. This may cause distress to many innocent people as they realize their lives have been spent following a path of ultimate unhappiness and destruction caused by mysticism.

Once an individual comes face to face with his or her wide eyed natural self (their Zon) they can begin to change their attitudes, actions and circumstances -- or parish. Those with bogus jobs will realize they have been wasting precious time that can never be bought back and will leave those jobs. Others who work productively will refocus and will become aware of the endless opportunities available. Those who live by acting dishonestly through force or fraud at any level will feel the walls closing in and will begin to panic. These people pose the greatest danger to our planet but with the majority of society educated they will be laughed at and dismissed without further thought. Change is possible for these people but if they ignore their Zon then ultimately they will be ostracized by the Neo-Tech matrix.

The solution to our current mystical world is quiet revolution through education.

The new generations living in accord with their Zon (true nature) will be equipped to build new tradeable values confident that their world is secure from neocheaters. Children will retain their Zon upon physical maturity and will not feel the need to "search" eternally for the reason for their existence and to control others in the quest for an ego. Life will be free from perfunctory attitudes. Societies will naturally return to individual responsibility -- ultimately through integrated value production

Once the new world emerges values will build upon values exponentially through the dynamics of business. Immortality would be obtainable for those that want it. People will be free to live in happiness in accord to their Zon.

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