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Mary M., 690706-2

When I first read Dr. Frank Wallace's treatise, The Neo-Tech Discovery: Zonpower, in June 1995, I was extraordinarily impressed after having run a long course of mystical pursuits for the previous four and a half decades. At age 48, I was facing the painful fact that I was not at all pleased with my life, with my physical, monetary, emotional, educational, resource and social investments. I say the seemingly unattainable gap between what I had once imagined I would do and the little I had achieved.

Even after my first "inoculation" with Neo-Tech, I continued to operate mystically. I say Neo-Tech as a new hope to "get involved" (since there was nothing left to live for in my own life), to do something "meaningful", to solve all the world's problems and suffering before "it was too late," to meet and be inspired by Dr. Wallace and other "heroes" in a Nevada-based "Mecca", to evangelize about Neo-Tech, to have the entire world experience the benefits of the Neo-Tech critical mass breakthroughs, to enjoy worldwide "fellowship" and business relations with other Neo-Tech people. Looking back, these notions were grounded in wishful, lazy thinking, a fantasy that "following" Neo-Tech would be easier than directing myself for the rest of my life through down-to-earth efforts to produce genuinely useful products and services, to market them despite a world full of people diversely affected by numerous strains of mysticism, to survive without getting eaten alive, and to go further than mere survival toward thriving in this world, a competitive business jungle.

Nevertheless, I continued to read more Neo-Tech literature -- The Protection Kit and Iron Grip Control. I learned that I and O stands for "Individualism and Objectivism". ...Individual efforts, self-responsibility, rational, integrated thinking. I gradually realized that I was not signing up to "crew" on the "Neo-Tech Ship" with Dr. Wallace at the helm to guide me through the fog-filled atmosphere and mucky waters ahead. Disappointed, I realized that I would not be joining a marvelous community of Neo-Tech people already in place to create instantaneous wealth, happiness and love in my life and the rest of the world.

Up to the time of reading my first Neo-Tech book, I simply knew that all that I had believed and pursued so far was not producing the results I anticipated and I didn't know why. Accepting my "karma" and delving into "past lives" and "reincarnation" didn't dispel the poor returns on all my "investments" from two masters degrees, three marriages (all ending in divorces), separation from my son, several careers, thousands of hours "meditating", failed financial ventures, money loaned to others in good faith and never paid back, appointments with medical doctors, psychologists, astrologers, palm-readers, channels, "New-Age" healers and therapists.

I cringe to remember that I once wrote to President Clinton and other Washington D.C. politicians asking them to investigate so-called cover-ups about ETs supposedly infiltrating our government and wreaking havoc with the economics and politics of planet Earth! Perhaps those "ETs" are simply neocheaters.

Not practiced in scientific methodology, it never occurred to me, before reading Neo-Tech, that I would have to make constant, consistent, deliberate, integrated ACTIONS based on constant, consistent, deliberate, integrated THINKING to acquire the knowledge and skills to create values, to market them in the world, as it is now, to earn money, to manage and defend resources. In my mystical state, I did not see these as the logical antecedents of the self-esteem and happiness for which I long and sorely yearned. No wonder I could not achieve "greatness". I was not doing the things that yield genuine self-esteem, happiness, and wealth. Reading the Neo-Tech publications, Cosmic Business Control, A Global Business Empire and The Self-Leader further confirmed by flawed thinking and actions while providing practical remedies!

It is difficult to become aware of the hazy habits, dizzy delusions, idiotic illusions and irretrievably wasted time characterizing most of my life. The definitions of "success" which others pinned on me and I adopted did not give me value and joy. Soon to turn 50, I am still wrestling to transform my own thinking, behaviors and laziness (masquerading as "a hard working person" and reinforced by approval from mystical-minded people around me). As I learn to rout out my own mysticism and protect myself from the neocheating and mysticism of others, my outlook, health, earning power, romance and general efficacy are improving. Now I realize that recurrent feelings of hope and happiness are attainable (as natural by-products) for those who operate according to Neo-Tech/Think principles.

Today, I no longer dream about meeting Dr. Wallace, even though his and his associates' contributions are infinitely valuable to the positive evolution of consciousness in humans on planet Earth. I no longer plan to devote time or money to a trip to Nevada which is better spent on learning more about computers, new technologies, science, business and marketing. I can't afford to dream about the joy and comfort of doing business only with wonderful Neo-Tech people as clients and customers; rather I must make the far greater efforts to fight my own mysticism and overcome my laziness-engendered resentments at having to make these constant, uncomfortable survival efforts! I can't spend hours playing and sequencing music if and until I figure out how to sell it and support myself from it. 1 am better off upgrading my administrative, accounting, technology and business oriented writing, computer applications and domestic management skills to EARN the fruits of a solid, workings relationship with my common-law husband by contributing to the efficient running of a home-office computer business.

It is no mystery that biological immortality could and probably will become a scientific reality on this planet one day (assuming that the net effects of value-producers continue to out-compete the behaviors of value-destroyers). Until I become a better net value-producer, there is little reason for me to be preoccupied with immortality right now. However, the more I become competent to create and protect marketable, technological advances, improved life experiences, positive explorations, value reflections of beauty and love, the more I feel eager to live, explore, push forward my individual consciousness and voluntarily exchange products and services with other value producers.

In constantly improving myself and being motivated by healthy self-interest, I will contribute to making this tiny planet Earth, swirling in an infinitely evolving universe, a better place than it was when I arrived.

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