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Obie W. R-7468

Upon reading Neo-Tech the first time, I was shocked at what I was reading -- especially the God concept. I was a regular devotee to Bible study with the Jehovah's Witnesses, and 1/2 of my family members are baptized members of the congregation. I have never been sold completely on the God-Satan war as being the cause of all our problems, and I have read every self help book imaginable, but Neo-Tech is different. I didn't understand the concepts at first, and I was also afraid to some degree to try and understand (because of mystical notions about Satan, demons, etc. But I finally persuaded myself to give it a second reading and I have begun to get excited about the possibilities. I have ordered the Neo-Think release and "Taps" and I am now dedicating the next few months of my life to becoming all that I can be -- without guilt.

Now, I feel like I've been set free. Monumental amounts of energy are energizing.

I'm two-thirds of the way through Neo-Tech II (I've completed I-V) and love it! I can hardly wait to get home from work daily and tackle it again. Already I see what's happening in my surroundings from a fresh perspective. ...All my life I've been called a "leader", "organizer", etc. Really a lot of that is nothing more than my searching for love & care taking. It's affected everything from a (now terminated for 6 yrs) 23 year unhappy marriage to non-romantic relationships, professional and community work.

I've run the gamut in my search and discovery process -- Christianity, Scientology, transcendental meditation, est, psychology, countless self-help books, sales books and courses etc. What a waste!

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