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Orion H. P1-006

In my lifetime search for knowledge, I have pursued religion, the occult and many positive-thinking books without finding the key to this understanding. I sent for Neo-Tech with trepidation, assuming that it would be another self help book along with the previous ones that did not work for me. Neo-Tech revealed to me that I was immersed in mysticism!

Most of my life was lived as a Christian Scientist and I finally became the First Reader in the branch church, but finally resigned because of jealousy and back-biting. I then tried the occult with much confusion and consternation. A brief sojourn with a Pentecostal church and their "Born Again" dogma revealed to me that the pastors were getting wealthy by milking the congregation. Finally, I tried Scientology and soon found out that this organization has a most lucrative method of stripping away your resources. All the while I was reading Norman Vincent Peale, John Randolph Price, Dr. Wayne W. Dryer and many more inspirational books that seemed to work for others, but I found no improvement even though I applied the methods diligently.

With my first reading of the Neo-Tech Discovery I was chagrined to be informed that the God I worshipped was a superstition of the Bicameral man and that this hallucination has been perpetuated to this time by mystics!

Dr. Frank Wallace has earned the gratitude of this world with the courage that he fearlessly displayed in exposing the machinations of the money/power empire. I & O Publishing Company is the salvation of mankind by fearlessly following this revelation with their efforts to bring the message to every corner of the globe.

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