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REN 2921-10

I lent volume I to V of the NT Discovery to a pensioner at an old-age home. The physical changes in him was truly dramatic. His complexion became radiant and his wrinkles became less pronounced. His posture became less bent, his shoulders seemed broader and he generally appeared more youthful. His paunch shifted from his pelvic area to below his rib-cage and his body seemed firmer.

His voice changed from a squeaky, nervous, apologetic whisper to a deep, resonant, confident boom. His eyes changed being evasive and shifty to becoming piercing and hard.

Does Neo-Tech facilitate glandular changes, especially the liver? If all these changes occurred to his body, imagine how his thought-processes must have changed! Is this what is meant by physical-mental-emotional integration with reality?

If a 70 year old can personify such remarkable changes, then all I can say is: VIVA LA NEO-TECH!

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