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Raymond V., England, 3901-C7

Having read the NEO-TECH DISCOVERY by Dr. Wallace and now having almost completed NEO-TECH COSMIC BUSINESS CONTROL, I feel that I must write to you to express my deep felt joy.

Because my busy work schedule, I found myself getting up very early in the morning and reading your publication for about 1-1/2-2 hours before going to work and it was so important to me and so fascinating to read about mysticism.

Since my introduction to NEO-TECH, I have started my own business (but still remain in my `normal' full time occupation) and I am continuing to build it up.

I have totally changed my views about the "authorities", although I have never thought too much about politicians, but your publications have really opened my eyes to the NEOCHEATERS, and it all makes so much sense now.

I congratulate you all on your fantastic achievements and as I continue to eliminate my personal mysticism (and also help my wife to do so), I look forward to further publications and more information.

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