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Richard L. R-7827

When I began to read Neo-Tech, I anticipated revelations and newly formed techniques to gain financial independence. You have given to all those who desire to have unlimited wealth, prosperity and happiness, a well-written, detailed publishing of "truth".

Throughout my existence I have held steadfastly to my introspective interpretation of life. There have been numerous attempts by dishonest individuals to extract unearned values. I did not call them Neo-cheaters; but WOW!, what a great delineation. In a sophomoric sense, my inclination and predisposition has always been to reject condemnation of my actions by others.

Guilt and manipulation have been used on a small level in relationships and friendly interactions. It took Neo-Tech to divulge the systematic castigation of individual rights by Neo-cheating politicians, clergymen, and academicians. You have revealed the impersonators of truth for what they truly are: unproductive, impotent, incompetent parasites. Gaining power imperceptibly for countless years, Neo-cheaters have maimed individual rights to the extent that the non-acceptance of specious altruistic principles and non-sequiturs must be our primary goal.

As your pictorial tribute signifies, we must metaphorically open our shirts to reveal the true super hero: Neo-Tech man. woman, and child.

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