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Richard Z. R-7470

The reality of Neo-Tech and the accessibility of Biological Immortality boggles the mind. All of my life I have felt that external `authority structures' drained a person of his or her uniqueness and ability to achieve `honest' greatness.

Even as a child the thought of living forever seemed a possible reality to me. However, it never seemed like anyone else wanted immortality. I always wondered why. Now, through Neo-Tech, I understand. How could anyone want to live with himself knowing how dishonest and irresponsible he is to himself.

I am presently a Junior High School Biology Teacher and even with my elementary knowledge of the growth and aging of the human body I know that Biological Immortality is a possibility. Until now I never thought that it could be achieved in my life time. Whenever I would read medical reports on how the average life-span of the human being is getting longer I would cheer, hoping against hope that I could hang on long enough for the experts to discover what I already know.

However, people die hoping and life is brought about by action. I want to be a part of that action, as well as a product!! I firmly believe that it is my duty to myself and my family that I be an integral part in the actualization of Biological Immortality, NOW!! When you are ready for my help, I am here.

I also think that you could add a sixth route to the list on page 142:

6) Retention of I-consciousness in the original container.

I eagerly await hearing from you soon.

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