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Robert C., R-9248

Let me tell you that I am more than satisfied. I believe it is the wisest investment I have ever made. Some of the concepts/advantages were a little hard to accept at first. But, when I began to integrate them, I realized how wrongly I had been taught.

Neo-Tech answered a major question I have always wrestled. That question is "Why has man upset the `delicate balance' of nature?" At first I believed the Catholic mis-belief that God puts us here, then I turned to the stupid concept of an advanced alien race placing man on earth. It wasn't until I read Neo-Tech III that I became aware of man's surpassing nature/evolution with the creation of consciousness.

This led me to realize that the extinction of animal species on earth is completely natural. Since evolution cannot keep pace with man's consciousness, the slowly evolving animals cannot survive. I also realized that any so-called environmental problems can and will be solved with conscious effort, and not neocheating ploys. In fact, as an engineer, I see the environment being the next big playground for neocheating.

I am relieved to know that the front trench efforts of the Neo-Tech Research and Writing Centers and I & O Publishing will be there to combat those neocheaters. I am also most grateful to the same Neo-Tech Research and Writing Centers for their valiant efforts to spread Neo-Tech and cure the mysticism disease. I now know that I had moments of integrated thinking, but because of my Catholic upbringing I could not fully integrate the information around me.

I am looking forward to vast integration's in the future. I am also eagerly awaiting commercially available biological immortality, and information from RIBI. I am beginning to realize the power Neo-Tech has unleashed in me. A power I always new existed, but couldn't utilize because of my mystical ways. Thank you for the opportunity to share in mankind's greatest achievement.

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