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Robert P. R-1231

Before I received and read the Neo-Tech information I could honestly say that I was walking around in a trance. I was existing but I was not really living life as I wanted. I was doing things because other people thought it was the right thing for me to do. I seemed to be existing for other people and I wasn't very comfortable with that.

However, throughout my life, though brief at 27 years of age, I had always questioned everything. I didn't know the answers to many of these questions but I knew within myself that I would find the answers to these questions somewhere, someday. The Neo-Tech information has answered these questions and many more. Institutions I was taught to believe as right and positive (i.e. religion, government) are negative, very destructive forces which must be eliminated from society so that man may live as he should. It is easy to recognize and control the Neo-cheaters, to my advantage. It is done so easily, naturally! It is easier to think, reason naturally, and make logical, competent decisions now than before.

As I began to read and assimilate the material a transformation began to take place. I had always felt an unnatural tension or pressure flowing through me. As I began to understand the material this tension gradually disappeared. My body and mind felt natural to me for the first time in my life. My whole physical and financial outlook has changed. And I know its going to get better!!

In closing let me express my thanks and appreciation for making available this information to me. The Neo-Tech package, along with the supplemental reading material, are the most important experiences I have ever had. It has changed my life for the better! I can't understand how I survived this long without it. Thanks again.

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