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Roy W. R. C-1905 ENGLAND

My first reading of Neo-Tech has been the most enriching and enlightening experiences of my life. It has fully opened my eyed to reality and given me a clear-thinking mind. I am now an atheist, and will always fight mysticism from within and without.

Health and fitness has always been important to me, mainly to help slow down the aging process. Neo-Tech has certainly helped and corrected me there, especially regarding food and diet. I have slowed down on growing my own food (time wasting!) and stopped sugar and caffeine intake. I now have a copy of Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution and Dr. Cooper's book, Aerobics. Already I feel much fitter, stronger and have much more energy. I feel youthful again! I am of course very interested in achieving biological immortality.

Although I am 67 I have been attending some business training courses with the intention of starting my own business. Reading Neo-Tech has rapidly increased my enthusiasm to start a business, and the Neo-Tech concepts will be my guidance and will greatly affect my future.

I am proud and thrilled to be an owner of Neo-Tech and have just started my second reading.

I am excitedly looking forward to all the years that lay ahead, thanks to you Dr. Wallace. My kindest regards and thanks to all your co-workers at the Neo-Tech Center.

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