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S.B. D., 590260-4, South Africa

It is with great excitement that I received the Zonpower Discovery Package, and I used every opportunity to read through it, finding it most enlightening.

At first I had some trouble accepting the fact that the God concept is a product of imagination, and that absolutely nobody had the right to wield any authority over me.

Surely nobody with a rational mind could fail to appreciate the soundness of the Neo-Tech concepts and embrace them with great enthusiasm. I am slowly and surely disposing all the beliefs in God and gurus, and all the mystical garbage that has accumulated in my mind. As I do so, I find my outlook is changing -- I feel more cheerful and it is as if a burden is lifted off my mind. I have developed a new zest for life.

I now endorse all 114 concepts and advantages, and I find by re-reading and re-studying them, they are starting to integrate into a powerful matrix in my mind. Although a lot of points are still unclear to me, I know these will become transparent with time as I diligently and relentlessly focus myself on the solution.

What I really found of great value so far was the lifting of the feeling of guilt that I had inculcated due to my religious background and training. It was quite a shock to realize that the Bible was not in fact a book of truth, but was instead a tool of destruction and disinformation used by neocheaters to pursue their evil ends.

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