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S. T. , 595102-20

Upon reading the last page of my ZON 2000 communigué, it began to dawn on me, and I awoke from a deep coma to realize that I have just gone through a most dramatic and profound PSYCHOSURGERY ever. Blocked psychological garbage, warped beliefs, and mystical orientations began puffing away into a black hole of nothingness. ZON was the long awaited and final cure for my myopic blurred vision of reality. That glaucomic mystical and irrational perception of reality faded fast, while an emerging, bright, happy, and clear sight of reality and existence now dominates my awareness.

The chains of slavery imposed by years of induced fraudulent religious conditioning have been terminally broken, I have gone from a fake "born again" condition to directly experience the honest meaning of my existence. for I forever AM. The "Who AM I", "Where do I come from", "What Am I doing here", and "Where am I going" question has now been answered. That answer is ZON. That precept is NEO-TECH. That spirit is HONESTY.

Never have my spirit and well being been so highly elevated. What can be more uplifting that knowing that I Am the Alpha and Omega, the eternal component of existence, and as such, I am the consciousness of existence, and the creator of its full physical expression throughout the Cosmos. I AM ZON, and ZON is my honest identity that once was clouded and in fact robbed from me by the Neocheaters in control of religion and politics, family, education, society and life.

How can I ever say thanks to Dr. Wallace; The effects of his discoveries can be physically measured in me when most friends and acquaintances frequently ask and admire the changes in me, and strangers struggle to pin down my age beyond 25, and I have heard a number references to me being 22 years of age at the most; when in fact I am 13 years older than that.

Dr Wallace, I am grateful for you helping confirm my long held doubt and suspicion of the "status quo" in this anti-civilization, while confirming my inner though before faint certainty that I was existence encoded in flesh and that I shall forever exist consciously and physically among the civilization of the Universe. Forever is ZON, ZON dwells in flesh, ZON rules existence, ZON creates nature, ZON begates the Universes, from eternity to eternity ZON is, ZON is everlasting, ZON is no beginning and no end, ZON is me.

Once again Dr. Wallace, never a man in the history of this planet brought so much joy, benevolence, life and honesty to mankind as you have done. Your kindness and child like spirit and sincerity shall be acknowledged by all the generations to come in the rising civilization of the Universe.

Those attacking ZON and Neo-Tech are nothing more than nature's last attempt to preserve the dying meaningless sub-existence of it's virus like humanoids being under the antidote effect of ZONPOWER.

And I shall be perpetually thankful to you.

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